Bob Marley & The Wailers / Kaya 40

Bob Marley / Kaya 40

2-disc set offers original album + new ‘authentic’ mixes by Stephen Marley

Bob Marley & The Wailers‘ 1978 album Kaya is being reissued as ‘Kaya 40’ a double-disc deluxe edition in August.

Kaya contains the Marley classics Is This Love, Easy Skanking and Sun
Is Shining and this special 40th anniversary edition will feature (on the bonus disc) Stephen “Ragga” Marley’s new ‘Kaya 40’ mixes of the tracks

Stephen’s goal, in mixing and creating the Kaya 40 version of the album, was to “create a balance that drew heavily from the original versions” and try and keep things as authentic sounding as possible. He used Bob’s vocals from demos from original Kaya sessions that were recorded at different tempos, and synched them with alternate takes and layered it over different instrumental arrangements. If that all sounds a bit ‘Frankenstein’ then judge it for yourself, by previewing the Kaya 40 mix of Is This Love?, below.

Curiously, according to the label, due to ‘technical issues’ Easy Skanking on the second disc will be the original 1978 mix not a Stephen Marley reworking.

This new Kaya 40 edition of the album is available as a two-CD set and a double vinyl edition and will be issued on 24 August 2018.

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Bob Marley & The Wailers

kaya 40 - 2Cd deluxe


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Bob Marley & The Wailers

kaya 40 - 2LP vinyl


Disc 1 – Bob Marley & The Wailers, Kaya (Original 1978 Version)

1. Easy Skanking
2. Kaya
3. Is This Love
4. Sun Is Shining
5. Satisfy My Soul
6. She’s Gone
7. Misty Morning
8. Crisis
9. Running Away
10. Time Will Tell

Disc 2 – Bob Marley & The Wailers, Kaya 40 (Stephen Marley’s reimagining)

1. Easy Skanking*
2. Kaya
3. Is This Love
4. Sun Is Shining
5. Satisfy My Soul
6. She’s Gone
7. Misty Morning
8. Crisis
9. Running Away
10. Time Will Tell

*Easy Skanking is the original 1978 mix

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I am a huge Bob fan and this is really disappointing. Again! No more Stephen nonsense please


The 7 inch version of is this love , is a different mix to album. Not released on cd.
Crisis. Version b side , unreleased on cd.
Missed opportunities


I thinks its fantastic its got more life, the original that we know did to me always sounded very dull and dry im glad they have added bit more shine to bob marleys music.


another disappointing reissue, a lot of stuff still rest in the Island vaults: ORIGINAL DEMOS, DUBS, INSTRUMENTALS AND ALTERNATES TAKES….why these frankstein remixes ????
especially the tracks from the KAYA LP a have a lot of alternates ….and the KAYA HORNS MIXES sound superb !!! shameeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee


Music as fresh now as it was then

Steve Burke

I wish Universal would get Bob Clearmountain to do 5.1 mixes of all the studio albums, the tracks he did on the 30th anniversary Blu-ray of Legend are just tremendous.

Would easily pull the wallet out for all the Island studio releases done as Blu-ray audio releases with new 5.1 mixes from the original multis. Exodus from Legend in 5.1 is easily in my top 10 surround tracks of all time, a great track to show off surround music.

Still I really enjoyed the Exodus 40 release so will definitely pick up the 2CD set, with Universal you know the chances of the vinyl being mastered separately are slim to none therefore not worth the extra money.

Dave H

Have the demo’s ever been released?

If all the vocals come from demo’s, why not release the demo versions!

Rob Maurer

There’s no doubt – to me at least – that the vocals on the “Kaya 40 Remix” of “Is This Love” posted above are the SAME AS THE ORIGINAL 1978 mix, not a demo.


I totally agree


I didn’t get into Bob Marley until the release of the original Jamaican Catch A Fire mixes in 2002 (superbly mixed in 2001 by Errol Brown). Heard the original version of Stir It Up on the radio and spent ages tracking it down.
Chris Blackwell smoothed out the Wailers’ edges and helped make them huge and accessible, but also somewhat vanilla. That sound is now expected and is mirrored in the new Kaya mixes – vocal reverbs et al.
I much prefer the dry, pure, spikey sound the band made before succumbing to production.

Adam Shaw

And still no “Crisis Version “which was the b side of Is This Love single .


Adam, don’t even get me started on the amount of versions and dubs and even single A-sides, like “Blackman Redemption” and “Rastaman Live Up” (and not the Confrontation versions) that they still haven’t put out digitally, while putting out inessential nonsense like this and Exodus 40. Even something like the slow version of “Smile Jamaica” I’m pretty sure isn’t available in the version that Bob released during his lifetime. Instead of part 1 and 2 of that or even the one they used on the b-side of “Satisfy My Soul”, on the 2001 (?) Kaya reissue we got something called “Smile Jamaica (Version)” that kinda mixed the dub into the main track. Sounds nice, but not historically accurate. So whats the point?

And then, there are all these ones that still haven’t seen a digital release (surely missing a few):
“Ravers Version”
“Rock It Version”
“Stop That Train” (instrumental)
“Knotty Dread” (yes, different version than “Natty Dread”)
“Belly Full” (single version)
“Version” (Belly Full version)
“Punky Reggae Part of Park 1”
“Punky Party Part 2”
“Rastaman Live Up”
“Blackman Redemption”
“So Much Trouble in the World” (Instrumental)
“Wake Up and Live” (Part Two)
“Every Need Got an Ego to Feed”
“Zion Express”

I’m sure there’s more, but yeah. Why not add these onto these “anniversary reissues” and whatever instead of these curiousities that Bob in no way commissioned.

Guillaume Bougard

Thank you
I’ll add to your list
Bad Card + Dub
Coming In From the Cold + Dubbin’ In
Redemption Song Band version on the A side of Zion Express (different from the bonus track on a reissue of Uprising)
I Know 12″
Trenchtown 12″
Ride Natty Ride + Ride Diya Dub 12″
Buffalo Soldiers 12″ + Dub
Lively Up Yourself alternate (maybe reissued already?)
Rebel Music + Dub (7″)
Talking Blues With I Roy
Ambush + Dub (7″)
Belly Full + Dub (7″)
Midnight Ravers + Dub (7″)

I’m sure I’m forgetting some


The Marley family and/or Island are making money by “rehashing” stuff that has already been released and selling it to so called Marley fans who have a copy of Legend somewhere. Hardcore Marley fans are left disappointed every time. With the technology that exists now and the obvious mixing skills of Stephen Marley why do they not “fix” the music that is in the vaults, e.g. All on Board, Bass is Heavy, Wounded Lion, Jungle Fever, Shakeup, etc. and release them as standalone albums? When they do release a rare song, they like to include it on an album that is full of old stuff, e.g Slogans, Keep on Moving, Who Colt the Game, etc.
By the way, whatever happened to BMW in Dub Vol. 2?
What ever happened to the JAD cassette stuff that Stephen Marley was supposed to be remixing?
On a positive note, Stephen Marley’s mix of Satisfy My Soul on Kaya 40 is mighty!


Bobs music n everytin he stands for will never die! WAS IS N WILL always be


Sounds great, but i’ll stick with my original LP and the 2013 Deluxe Edition with the 1978 Rotterdam Concert.


Exodus 40: The Movement Continues was mixed by Ziggy Marley (a great job indeed), Kaya 40 by Stephen Marley. I’m curious!

elliott buckingham

sounds good he did a great job with the new mixes for exodous 40


There’s a green vinyl version too