Bob Mould / Distortion 2008-2019

Next vinyl box, plus 4CD and 2CD ‘best of’ compilations

Demon Records will release the third (of four) Bob Mould Distortion vinyl box sets in April and also offer fans a cut-down ‘best of’ Distortion on both CD and vinyl.

Distortion 2008-2019 is a 7LP vinyl collection that includes six studio albums: District Line (2008), Life And Times (2009), Silver Age (2012), Beauty & Ruin (2014), Patch The Sky (2016), and Sunshine Rock (2019). A bonus vinyl record, called Distortion Plus, offers Mould’s collaborations with Foo Fighters and Butch Walker plus the 2019 single ‘I Don’t Mind’.

Distortion 2008-2019 is a 7LP vinyl box set

Each record in the box is presented with brand new artwork designed by illustrator Simon Marchner and pressed on 140g clear vinyl with unique splatter effects. The bonus LP is a is clear vinyl pressing with an etched B-side.

Audio is mastered by Jeff Lipton and Maria Rice at Peerless Mastering in Boston and the vinyl box set comes with a 28-page booklet featuring lyrics and memorabilia, sleeve notes by journalist Keith Cameron and contributions from J Mascis and Shirley Manson.

In addition to this new vinyl box comes Distortion: The Best Of 1989-2019. Given that last year’s Distortion CD set ran to 24 discs, more casual fans will be pleased with either a 2CD or 4CD summaries of Bob Mould’s career both as a solo artist. There’s also a 2LP black vinyl edition as well.

The big vinyl box and all three ‘best of’ variants are released on 19 April 2021. Full track listings below. Signed copies of the 7LP set are available from selected independent record shops, including Rough Trade in the UK.

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Bob Mould

The Best of Distortion - vinyl box set


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Bob Mould

The Best of Distortion - 4CD edition


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Bob Mould

The Best of Distortion - 2CD set


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Bob Mould

The Best of Distortion - 2LP vinyl


Distortion (2008-2019)

LP 1 – District Line (2008)

Side A

  1. Stupid Now
  2. Who Needs To Dream?
  3. Again And Again
  4. Old Highs, New Lows
  5. Return To Dust

Side B

  1. The Silence Between Us
  2. Shelter Me
  3. Very Temporary
  4. Miniature Parade
  5. Walls In Time

LP 2 – Life And Times (2009)

Side A

  1. Life And Times
  2. The Breach
  3. City Lights (Days Go By)
  4. MM 17
  5. Argos

Side B

  1. Bad Blood Better
  2. Wasted World
  3. Spiraling Down
  4. I’m Sorry, Baby, But You Can’t Stand In My Light Any More
  5. Lifetime

LP 3 – Silver Age (2012)

Side A

  1. Star Machine
  2. Silver Age
  3. The Descent
  4. Briefest Moment
  5. Steam Of Hercules

Side B

  1. Fugue State
  2. Round The City Square
  3. Angels Rearrange
  4. Keep Believing
  5. First Time Joy

LP 4 – Beauty & Ruin (2014)

Side A

  1. Low Season
  2. Little Glass Pill
  3. I Don’t Know You Anymore
  4. Kid With Crooked Face
  5. Nemeses Are Laughing
  6. The War

Side B

  1. Forgiveness
  2. Hey Mr. Grey
  3. Fire In The City
  4. Tomorrow Morning
  5. Let The Beauty Be
  6. Fix It

LP 5 – Patch The Sky (2016)

Side A

  1. Voices In My Head
  2. The End Of Things
  3. Hold On
  4. You Say You
  5. Losing Sleep
  6. Pray For Rain

Side B

  1. Lucifer And God
  2. Daddy’s Favorite
  3. Hands Are Tied
  4. Black Confetti
  5. Losing Time
  6. Monument

LP 6 – Sunshine Rock (2019)

Side A 1. Sunshine Rock

  1. What Do You Want Me To Do
  2. Sunny Love Song
  3. Thirty Dozen Roses
  4. The Final Years
  5. Irrational Poison

Side B

  1. I Fought
  2. Sin King
  3. Lost Faith
  4. Camp Sunshine
  5. Send Me A Postcard
  6. Western Sunset

LP 7 – Distortion Plus: 2008-2019 (2021, first time on vinyl)

Side A

  1. Dear Rosemary (Foo Fighters)
  2. Father’s Day (Butch Walker)
  3. I Don’t Mind

Side B – Etching

The Best of Distortion – 4CD edition

CD1 (1989-1993):

  1. Sunspots
  2. Wishing Well
  3. See A Little Light
  4. Poison Years
  5. Sinners And Their Repentances
  6. Black Sheets Of Rain
  7. Stand Guard
  8. One Good Reason
  9. A Good Idea
  10. Changes
  11. Hoover Dam
  12. If I Can’t Change Your Mind
  13. Needle Hits E
  14. Tilted
  15. Feeling Better

CD2 (1994-2007):

  1. Gift
  2. Your Favorite Thing
  3. Gee Angel
  4. I Hate Alternative Rock
  5. Egoverride
  6. Art Crisis
  7. Moving Trucks
  8. Who Was Around?
  9. Sweet Serene
  10. 180 Rain
  11. Sunset Safety Glass
  12. I Cannot Reverse You
  13. Circles
  14. Paralyzed
  15. Days Of Rain
  16. (Shine Your) Light Love Hope (Morel’s Pink Noise Mix)
  17. Hormone Love
  18. Overload

CD3 (2008-2019)

  1. Who Needs To Dream?
  2. The Silence Between Us
  3. Shelter Me
  4. Very Temporary
  5. Life And Times
  6. City Lights (Days Go By)
  7. Argos
  8. Star Machine
  9. The Descent
  10. Keep Believing
  11. I Don’t Know You Anymore
  12. The War
  13. Tomorrow Morning
  14. Voices In My Head
  15. Daddy’s Favorite
  16. Black Confetti
  17. Sunshine Rock
  18. What Do You Want Me To Do
  19. The Final Years
  20. Lost Faith
  21. Western Sunset

CD4 (live):

Bob Mould Live at Cabaret Metro, 14th May 1989:

  1. If You’re True
  2. Poison Years
  3. Brasilia Crossed With Trenton
  4. See A Little Light

Sugar Live at First Avenue, 2nd November 1994: 

  1. Hoover Dam
  2. After All The Roads Have Led To Nowhere
  3. Helpless
  4. If I Can’t Change Your Mind
  5. Explode And Make Up

Bob Mould Band live at The Forum, 29th October 1998:

  1. I Hate Alternative Rock
  2. Stand Guard
  3. Egoverride
  4. Hanging Tree

Bob Mould Band live at Kutsher’s Country Club, 21st September 2008:

  1. Paralyzed
  2. I Apologize
  3. Chartered Trips
  4. Celebrated Summer
  5. Makes No Sense At All
  6. New Day Rising

The Best of Distortion – 2CD edition


  1. Wishing Well
  2. See A Little Light
  3. Black Sheets Of Rain
  4. One Good Reason
  5. A Good Idea
  6. Changes
  7. Hoover Dam
  8. If I Can’t Change Your Mind
  9. Tilted
  10. Gift
  11. Your Favorite Thing
  12. I Hate Alternative Rock
  13. Egoverride
  14. Moving Trucks
  15. Who Was Around?


  1. 180 Rain
  2. I Cannot Reverse You
  3. Circles
  4. Paralyzed
  5. Overload
  6. Who Needs To Dream?
  7. The Silence Between Us
  8. Life And Times
  9. City Lights (Days Go By)
  10. Star Machine
  11. The Descent
  12. I Don’t Know You Anymore
  13. The War
  14. Voices In My Head
  15. Daddy’s Favorite
  16. Sunshine Rock
  17. The Final Years

2LP Best Of:

Side A:

  1. Wishing Well
  2. See A Little Light
  3. Black Sheets Of Rain
  4. A Good Idea
  5. If I Can’t Change Your Mind

Side B:

  1. Hoover Dam
  2. Tilted
  3. Gift
  4. Your Favorite Thing
  5. Egoverride
  6. Moving Trucks

Side C:

  1. 180 Rain
  2. I Cannot Reverse You
  3. Circles
  4. Paralyzed
  5. The Silence Between Us
  6. City Lights (Days Go By)

Side D:

  1. Star Machine
  2. The Descent
  3. I Don’t Know You Anymore
  4. The War
  5. Voices In My Head
  6. Daddy’s Favorite
  7. Sunshine Rock

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Not a huge fan but I have enjoyed some of his solo tracks over the years. A good best of album would have been a great and fun purchase. Unfortunately, the need to poke his fans in the eye. Couldn’t be resisted. Understandable. But I’ll put my limited resources somewhere else Bob seems to be holding back on many of his best solo material. Good luck.


I don’t understand this comment at all. What “poke in the eye” are you referring to? You say you are “not a huge fan,” so I would think that having a 2CD distillation of his career at a very reasonable price seems like a pretty decent package for someone like yourself. And then the 4CD more-comprehensive box for someone inclined to dig further, but for whom the 24CD monster was too much, seems entirely appropriate (and again, quite reasonably priced).

The only “poke in the eye” here is that these won’t be available in North America or Australia, so they’ll cost some in shipping for those fans. (And as someone who bought the 24CD mega-box, I’m not bemoaning the “missing” remixes at all – you can buy the release they come from fairly cheap on the used market if you really need them. The 2 CDs full of compilation tracks and guest appearances in the box more than make up for them.)

Mark G

Question for those who know (and for those who would like to)

Do any of these new editions cover his two ‘electronic’ albums?



180 Rain – Modulate
Sunset Safety Glass – Modulate
I Cannot Reverse You – Long Playing Grooves
Hormone Love – Blowoff
Overload – Blowoff

I have not heard any of these, but I think all three of them are electronic-oriented.

Paul E.

If you purchased the “Distortion” 24 CD set and are disappointed by the inclusion of one “new” remix on this 4 disc set…I’d recommend picking up the 2005 “Body of Song” 2 CD Box Set as it actually includes three remixes that didn’t make it on “Distortion”:
(Shine Your) Light Love Hope (Morel’s Pink Noise Mix)
(Shine Your) Light Love Hope (Morel’s Pink Noise Dub)
Paralyzed (LoudBomb Club Mix)

Easily obtainable in new condition for a tenner on Discogs.

Robert Lett

Can’t wait. Just take my money Bob!

Larry Davis

interesting…I have the 24CD box, and I have no problem with another stray track not on the big box appearing here because a concise summary would be fine to bring along to play for others who may not be familiar…and I like good anthologies too…I wonder if there will be a new essay/liner notes & pics as well…will buy the 4CD bookbox if it’s cheap enough…


Weird that “It’s Too Late” doesn’t appear on either the 4CD or 2CD, especially since that was the sole single and video from Black Sheets Of Rain.


I ordered the limited signed vinyl box a couple of weeks ago from Rough Trade. I’ve managed to get all three signed versions so far – chuffed. I think it’s a great series and will obviously be the definitive word on Mould’s post Husker Du career. I like the redesigned sleeves and lovely splatter vinyl, which all sound great too – I’ve kept my original vinyls for posterity so I have the best of both worlds. Now, how about a nice box set for Husker Du to fill the gap between The ‘Savage Young Du’ box set from a couple of years ago and this Mould series.
Also, this brings the Mould story up to date with ‘Sunshine Rock’ (I assume last year’s ‘Blue Hearts’ won’t be included in the series), anyone any ideas what the upcoming fourth box set will comprise?


I’ve been waiting for a good summary of Bob’s solo career on CD, especially for the albums I don’t already own. Unfortunately, even the 4-CD version has a few tracks missing that should be there. Best example: Can’t Fight It, from the No Alternative compilation. So I’m still on the fence about getting this one.

Megan DeMai

Wow, any hint yet as to what will be on box #4?


Yeah, this fourth box is a mystery as this one completes all the solo (and Sugar) releases. Anyone know?


Wouldn’t the fourth vinyl box be all the live material that comprises CDs 19-22, plus the five live tracks from discs 23-24, in the big CD box set? That seems like the most logical thing to me.

Jeff Yutzler

Note that the remix of (Shine Your) Light Love Hope on CD3 of the 4-CD set is not on the 24-disc box. There are two other remixes that were released in the original deluxe edition that are not yet part of the Distortion initiative.

Brad Breault

That is an odd choice there, as someone who already owns the full Distortion CD box along with all the original album CD pressings and I believe all the original CD singles released over time it’s hard to see the rationale with using that particular version instead of the original album version or b-side like EVERY other song selected for the package. I’ve loved Bob over his entire career and he hasn’t ever really done an obvious double-dip temptation to his fanbase like this. I know nobody is forcing me to buy it of course, but still leaving a little sour taste in my mouth & wallet. This’ll be a situation where I’ll certainly watch for a price deal before buying 4 CD’s to get 1 track.