Bob Seger and The Last Heard / Heavy Music: Complete Cameo Recordings

Bob Seger & The Last Heard / Heavy Music: The Complete Cameo Recordings 1966-1967

Complete Cameo-Parkway Recordings 1966-67 on CD and vinyl

American singer-songwriter Bob Seger‘s early work as Bob Seger and The Last Heard is brought together by ABKCO for a new single album collection called Heavy Music: The Complete Cameo Recordings 1966-1967.

Seger had been in various bands in the Detroit area in the early 1960s, before scoring a minor success with the single Heavy Music, which was issued on Cameo-Parkway Records. Other singles put out via the same label included the Dylanesque ‘Persecution Smith’ and ‘Sock It To Me Santa’, which is an obvious nod to James Brown.

There never was a Bob Seger and The Last Heard studio album, as Cameo-Parkway went bust and the band became Bob Seger and The System when they signed to Capitol in early 1968. Heavy Music: The Complete Cameo Recordings 1966-1967 celebrates this relatively short period and features the original mono recordings.

Sleeve notes come from Jim Allen and this archival release features rare photos and label art from the Cameo-Parkway vaults.

Heavy Music: The Complete Cameo Recordings 1966-1967 is released on 7 September 2018, on vinyl LP and CD.

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Bob Seger & The Last Heard

Heavy Music: The Complete Cameo Recordings 1966-1967 CD edition


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Bob Seger & The Last Heard

Heavy Music: The Complete Cameo Recordings 1966-1967 (LP) [VINYL]


  1. Heavy Music (Part 1)
  2. East Side Story (Vocal)
  3. Chain Smokin’*
  4. Persecution Smith*
  5. Vagrant Winter#
  6. Very Few#
  7. Florida Time
  8. Sock It To Me Santa
  9. Heavy Music (Part 2)
  10. East Side Sound (Instrumental)

Produced & arranged by Bob Seger and Doug Brown except:
*Produced & arranged by Bob Seger
# “A Hideout Production”

Bob Seger – lead vocal, organ, piano guitar
Dan Honaker – bass
Carl Lagassa – guitar
Pep Perrine – drums, percussion
Additional vocals – Doug Brown, David Whitehouse

Personnel on tracks 2 and 10:
Bob Seger – vocal, guitar
Doug Brown – guitar, organ
Dan Honaker – bass
Pep Perrine – bongos
Bob Evans – drums

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Robert Lett

This is great. I wish they would do a nice reissue of the Bob Seger System record too.


I’d be curious to know whether there was any conversation around “The Ballad of the Yellow Beret,” (1966) which is usually grouped with songs of this era although officially credited to The Beach Bums (and released on the one-off label Are You Kidding Me Records, not Cameo/Parkway).

(“Florida Time,” which was also the flip of “Sock It To Me Santa” appeared on the flip of “The Ballad of Yellow Beret” as well).

I’m sure Seger is embarrassed by it — the sentiment is on the wrong side of history — but I’m wondering if there was consideration to licensing/including it for the sake of comprehensiveness.

Chris S

Why didn’t the pair the songs in the historic order.

June 66 East Side Story/East Side Sound (Original Hideout release date)
Dec 66 Sock it to me Santa/Florida Time
Jan 67 Persecution Smith/Chain Smoking (Original Hideout release date)
May 67 Vagrant Winter/Very Few
Aug 67 Heavy Music/Heavy Music

I have the 45’s (and a 70’s bootleg LP with all these tracks), and will have to hear of a improvement in the release before buying.

Gary Shaw

The UK prices are so high, it’s almost like they don’t want to sell them here. Or don’t expect to sell many, therefore over price those that do.

Paul Wren

£21 excess pricing on the UK version – thanks Amazon for blatantly ripping us off here in the UK. These days the vinyl buyer needs to be a sleuth in searching out the best price deals either here in the UK or around the globe. Which is where SDE comes in, of course, alongside my own knowledge of different international retailers.


It will be nice to replace my needle drop transfers with this. While I enjoy the music, the fidelity of the versions I have now is not that enjoyable. Now on to re-releases of ALL pre-Beautiful Loser albums, “Brand New Morning” included. Sadly Bob and Punch will probably never let that happen.

elliott buckingham

that’s some mark-up on the uk release yet again

Angie Slobodnik

In the ’80 I saw “MY BOB” in Pittsbugh!! “Points of her own sitting way up high!!” Yea..I showed my “D’s”!!! Now going thru breast cancer double mastectomy!! I listen to BOB.. Must play his music at my funeral!!! So many special memories ..his CD is stuck in my 2005 chevy!! I won’t let them take it out!! Love you !!!


Sorry to hear that Angie. Best wishes to you.

Angie Slobodnik

Thank u so much!! Bob’s music always makes me happy!!

Linda Veal

Great thanks for bringing this album out I love you music and I wanted to get all of it thank you


Excellent. Now can we have his early 70’s recordings? He has never been keen to have them reissued, but there is some good stuff there.

Rare Glam

Yes, the post Last Heard and pre- Silver Bullet Band era is his best as The Bob Segar System. I guess the Last Heard’s ‘Heavy Music’ was a precurser to that era. I have three 45s of the BS System
2 + 2 = ? / Death Row
Ramblin’, Gamblin’ Man / Tales of Lucy Blue
Lucifer / Big River

Now you just don’t get a more intense blast of rock lyrically or musically than on 2=2=? / Death Row. They’e all on capital though. ‘Lucifer’ is a great record too