Boney M / Complete: 9LP vinyl box

In July, Sony will issue Boney M. Complete, a new nine-LP vinyl box that brings together all the studio albums from the massively popular band.

The vinyl box will contain 180g pressings of the following albums: Take The Heat Off Me, Nightflight To Venus, Love For Sale, Kalimba de Luna, Boonoonoonoos, Oceans Of Fantasy, Eye Dance, Ten Thousand Lightyears and the Christmas Album. Also included is a a 50-page photo book.

Boney M. Complete will be released on 7 July 2017. The pre-order price in Germany appears to be the best deal right now.

Side 1
1. Daddy Cool
2. Take the Heat off Me
3. Sunny
4. Baby Do You Wanna Bump

Side 2
1. No Woman No Cry
2. Fever
3. Got a Man on My Mind
4. Lovin’ or Leavin’

Side 3
1. Ma Baker
2. Love for Sale
3. Belfast
4. Have You Ever Seen the Rain
5. Gloria, Can You Waddle

Side 4
1. Plantation Boy
2. Motherless Child
3. Silent Lover
4. A Woman Can Change a Man
5. Still I’m Sad

Side 5
1. Nightflight to Venus
2. Rasputin
3. Painter Man
4. He Was a Steppenwolf
5. King of the Road

Side 6
1. Rivers of Babylon
2. Voodoonight
3. Brown Girl in the Ring
4. Never Change Lovers in the Middle of the Night
5. Heart of Gold

Side 7
1. Let It All Be Music
2. Gotta Go Home
3. Bye Bye Bluebird
4. Bahama Mama
5. Hold on I’m Coming – Boney M. feat. Precious Wilson
6. Two of Us
7. Ribbons of Blue

Side 8
1. Oceans of Fantasy
2. El Lute
3. No More Chain Gang
4. I’m Born Again
5. No Time to Lose
6. Calendar Song (January, February, March…)

Side 9
1. Little Drummer Boy
2. White Christmas
3. Feliz Navidad
4. Jingle Bells
5. Winter Fairy-Tale
6. Mary’s Boy Child / Oh My Lord

Side 10
1. Christmas-Medley
2. Petit Papa Noël
3. Zion’s Daughter
4. When a Child Is Born
5. Darkness Is Falling
6. I’ll Be Home for Christmas

Side 11
1. Boonoonoonoos
2. Silly Confusion
3. Ride to Agadir
4. Jimmy
5. African Moon

Side 12
1. We Kill the World (Don’t Kill the World)
2. Homeland Africa (Ship Ahoi)
3. Malaika
4. Consuela Biaz
5. Breakaway
6. Sad Movies
7. Goodbye My Friend

Side 13
1. Happy Song
2. Going Back West
3. Barbarella Fortuneteller
4. I Feel Good
5. Consuela Biaz
6. Jambo – Hakuna Matata (No Problems)
7. Jimmy
8. The Calendar Song (January, February, March)

Side 14
1. Kalimba De Luna
2. Felicidad (Margherita)
3. Living Like A Moviestar
4. Gadda-Da-Vida
5. Somewhere In The World
6. African Moon
7. Children Of Paradise
8. Boonoonoonoos

Side 15
1. Exodus (Noah’s Ark 2001)
2. Wild Planet
3. Future World
4. Where Did You Go
5. 10.000 Lightyears
6. I Feel Good

Side 16
1. Somewhere in the World
2. Bel Ami
3. Living Like a Moviestar
4. Dizzy
5. The Alibama
6. Jimmy
7. Barbarella Fortuneteller

Side 17
1. Young, Free and Single
2. Todos Buenos
3. Give It Up
4. Sample City
5. My Chérie Amour

Side 18
1. Eye Dance
2. Got Cha Loco
3. Dreadlock Holiday
4. Chica Da Silva
5. Bang Bang Lulu

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Eric L

currently @ EUR 59,57 on Amz.es but not sure if it is worth ??


Months passed by yet no package pics! Can anyone share the pics here pls?

John Healy

same here – no booklet and nott sure that this is 180gram vinyl …. very disappointed

Craig L

Just received this box set and little disappointed .Don’t think it is 180gram vinyl as they are a bit floppy and not heavy like other 180gram vinyls. Sound quality ok ,not much difference when compared to originals that I have.Also there is no 50 page photo book as described above and albums have single covers and no gatefolds like on the original Nightflight to Venus and Oceans of Fantasy ,so missing all the artwork from the originals.

Casper Janssen

The booklet was originally planned but then cancelled by Sony Music for budgetary reasons.

Eric L

@gwynogue- yeah was about to mention London boys. I tried with my Russian FB and eBay friends but they said even in brick and mortar stores too,they are quite expensive priced about RUB equivalence of EUR in 30+. Apart from The Maxi Singles, 2012 collectors edition [labelled under Hansa International (2) ] are worth to have- check Discogs about the tracks and versions; the sound quality is nice here too!There is also another Russian made ‘Japanese bootleg ‘ (with OBI strips) of mini-LP ,not listed in Discogs but can be found on eBay. I regret spending some $40 on 4 of these mini-LPs as apart from the mini-LP sleeve ,there is nothing special about it!


Casper Janssen

Yes Howie, Boney M. still has a huge following of very devotated an passionate fans.

Jarle Lilledal Nyvoll

I would buy this if ALL of these albums were compiled – in full! – on ONE Blu-ray. That would make sense.

And it is, of course, never going to happen. Sadly.

Auntie Sabrina

Yes Howie, around 2 million copies of Brown Girl In The Ring/Rivers Of Babylon were sold in the UK in 1978, and 1.8 million of Mary’s Boy Child too…


I didn’t realise Boney M had this kind of following. It’s almost like a Beatles thread.


I already have this CD (+ DVD) box set: https://www.discogs.com/Boney-M-The-Complete-Boney-M/release/1549269 from 2008, but if this release gets a CD version, I will consider it. It really depends on what versions are used. I was born in 1978 so I don’t have any original vinyl/cd versions, so I will have to rely on expert fan reviews/comparisons.

I do have the ‘Maxi-single’ Russian bootlegs (side note/question: are there any Russian CDs that AREN’T bootlegs, lol) Eric L mentioned. I absolutely love them! Sound quality (by bootleg standards) is amazing. (Another side note: there are also ‘Maxi-single’ bootlegs of London Boys – I have one but the other one is impossible to find. The only copy I’ve seen is on Discogs, bloody expensive and from a seller who has blocked me, lol)

Regarding the ‘Diamonds’ box-set from a couple years ago: can anyone who got the 3-DVD set tell me if they have a glitch during ‘When I Need You’ (DVD 2, Live In Dublin, about 17-18 minutes in? I bought the Australian release, I wanted to contact Sony about it but I couldn’t find any way to get in touch with them. I’ve mentioned it on Discogs and JB HiFi but never had any responses.

(yet another side-note/comment: I’ve always had a MAJOR crush on Bobby Farrell so I LOOOOOVE the cover of ‘Love For Sale’!) lol


There were quite elaborate plans for this box, but in the end Sony chose to release a bare-bones version. Instead of the replica of the 1984 “Kalimba” compilation there was supposed to be an entirely new compilation which would have included most of the non-album tracks. Now many key tracks are missing. Also, inner sleeves will be blank, so even the artwork (which was quite stunning on some of the albums) has been scaled down. If only the sound was great but initial reports suggest the opposite. There’s apparently “no bass” – which is quite hilarious for a disco/dance oriented group! Sony has released quite wonderful Boney M. compilations since they aqcuired the rights in 200x, but this is a complete waste of effort.

Eric L

Thanks folks for the information..
I feared this would happen which was ridiculously obvious with ‘Take the heat off Me being’ on Vinyl with 2015 Diamonds box set. Reviewer has made the point which I mentioned here earlier,poor graphics and low resolution artwork. Not sure if these record labels have any kind of quality control ! We should avoid buying this release then!

On another note,I wish it were a Universal release- all of their box sets have decent quality artworks and pressings , for example ABBA or Bob Marley.

Florian M. Kranz

Let’s not call it a band. It’s a project. The maker, Frank Farian, speaks openly about the fact that not all the women sang, that in the classic years the male dancer never did, the deep voice “ma-ma-ma-ma”) was always Farian himself, although Bobby Farell, the strange dancer (very much influenced by the Soul Train dance style) tried hard to get to the mike. Very lately (in 84?) he had his go singing.

Kevin Barrett

Love Boney M. I may get this, yes of course we have some of their stuff from 1st time around, but if the price comes down, I’m in.

Anthony Grice

A bad review of the first three albums:


Auntie Sabrina

Here, here Anthony Grice.

Anthony Grice

We need decent CD deluxe editions of the albums, mainly Nightflight To Venus and Oceans Of Fantasy, with all the different versions on the different pressings. I believe Frank Farian has said the master tapes were destroyed but I’d be happy with vinyl rips if that was the only way. I have them on MP3 files.

Daniel ( from Berlin )

if frank farian need all the versions from the different editions of
“nightflight to venus” / “oceans of fantasy” / “boonoonoonoos” he can call me.
i have all in my archive since years. the best are the 2 different versions of title track
“nightflight to venus” with alternate drums, noises and ( starship pilot ) voice parts.
i heard the mixes last month again and they are amazing!

Anthony Grice

The fans have all these original versions. Vinyl rips were used on Diamonds and other releases. I’d be happy with these if the master tapes are lost. We need decent deluxes similar to ABBA’s catalogue. The Boney M releases over the years are full of over dubbed versions and horrendous edits like on The Magic Of Boney M. Come on Frank. Sort it out

Daniel ( from Berlin )

hi anthony
you write the fans have all these versions.
you have all 11 different versions of “boonoonoonoos” ?
then congratulations !
i have “only” the important 6 versions. ;)

Anthony Grice

I didn’t mean one person has them all. I meant between us fans, all over Europe and the world, we have them. If the record company decides to do decent full deluxe editions, then contact us and we can help.

Daniel ( from Berlin )

i would always help to make a good deluxe edition or a box with my collection!

Eric L

Thanks for the update Paul..
Having owned all unique version albums/compilations/Bootlegs ever released ,I must say it is such a shame that it will be one of those countless re-releases that are being produced by those record labels .
Rather than a Vinyl, Frank Farian would have licensed a 2CD deluxe edition of Major studio and compilation albums (Golds/Remixes/similar to the ABBA one ,including those rare tracks/versions (tracks from Russian bootleg Maxi Singles collection) and albums such as African Gallo label Christmas Album/10000 Light year promo album ..
At least hope the pressings will be OK and album covers are same as the originals ,not as the 2015’s up-scaled/grainy art work ..

@Attila Nemeti – “You are right in a sense but no it is not the first time coz 2015 40th anniversary comp. album called ‘Diamonds’ dlx edit has ‘Take the heat off me’ album in Vinyl


Attila Nemeti

Ah, thanks, Eric L. Completely forgot about the Diamonds special edition.

The album cover of the Nightflight LP I saw form this edition seemed to have reproduced logos and text – looked the same as the original, just even sharper. The bad news is that the front picture was grainy (not pixellized but grainy)… if you look at it from a distance, it is fine :)
The big question is the mastering, and as you said the pressing…might buy one later on to check.




Thanks for That!

Attila Nemeti

Thank you for the info, Paul. I just saw Nightflight to Venus from this edition in a shop, so I guess they are available separately as well.
This must be the first time any Boney M. is re-released on vinyl since the 80s. Worth noting the “high resolution mastering” – I might buy some (or all) of these just for the remastering – it has always sounded great on hifi.
I have a feeling, though, that these will replicate the CD versions of the albums. Which would be a pity since the original vinyl versions of some of these albums have those many alternate pressings that feature different length/mixes of a lot of tracks – they are not easy to hunt down, and many of them are still unavailable since the time of the original pressing.
They could easily make great deluxe editions. Maybe Mr. Farian will one day see the potential…


Ashamed (?) to say I got a cracking CD 9 album (in fact was it 10 with e “live” concert one which was actually a mimed studio tv prog) years ago at Fuerteventura airport! Still tempted but wonder if all the mistakes on the original Oceans of Fantasy cover have been fixed – and are they replicating that amazing double gatefold sleeve?! Of course it all goes wrong after OOF, with a changed line up – tho’ there is some good stuff on 10,000. (Gosh I can’t believe I’m that much of fan!)


I find this sort of thing laughable. Boney M albums haunt most second-hand/charity shops, this collection could be picked up for a tenner.

Steve j

Must agree,sorry who’s gonna fork out £125 for this

Nick Preece

Or even a fiver….. oh my god. What next an Englebert Humperdinck boxset…… have they sold any copies……


Can we not do this please? If you think something’s laughable then feel free to think it but is there any need to post a comment insulting people who think otherwise?

Álvaro Martín Gómez Acevedo

“Nightflight To Venus” has four different versions, being the main difference between them the length of the title track. Wonder which version comes in this set.

Anthony Grice

And Rasputin. I have no doubt this will replicate the current cd version

Daniel ( from Berlin )

“nightflight to venus” was my very first lp ( present on christmas 1978 )
and i loved the space cover very much as a child…
they should kick out the precious wilson track from “oceans of fantasy”
and replace it with the full version of “ribbons of blue”
what a shame to put a one minute track with terrible fade on a lp at the end of side 1.
and later on all cd editions! ( since then a cd had minimum 74 minutes of space )
the only thing the precious wilson track were on the album was to make
promotion to her solo career. nobody needs it now.
and put the original back cover of “boonoonoonoos” on the new vinyl lp.
liz voted against the beautiful waterfall back cover at the very last minute
because of the “half nudity” of her.
( it is to see in a very tiny version on the inner sleeve )
finally the management use the boring members in “full clothes” back cover picture.

Anthony Grice

I have to disagree. Hold On I’m Coming is very much part of the album. You can’t remove it now. But there is plenty of room to include the full length single version of Ribbons Of Blue on a cd, not the ridiculous 1 or 2 minute versions on some pressings. They should have just been left of the original album.


Always thought that “Hold On I’m Coming” was the best track of thal album. Still love it to this day. very well done. I hope they will release a cd box aas well with all the bonus tracks. I believe there is 5 album box but not all albums.

Daniel ( from Berlin )

purchase a precious wilson album if you want to hear her own songs ;)
she would be lucky to get some late money ;)


“Boonoonoonoos” isn’t supposed to be a double album? I see in the tracklist that they skipped the second track (“That’s Boonoonoonoos/Train to Skaville/I Shall Sing”), but even without that, the album would clock in the 56mn area.


Typo error for track2 probably. 2LP was a limited edition,with some extended tracks,with 3 variations. The regular was 1LP and yes, nearly 1hour on one LP when now they barely put more than 15min/side…

Casper Janssen

“That’s Boonoonoonoos/Train to Skaville/I Shall Sing” is on the Boonoonoonoos new vinyl edition

Auntie Sabrina

I wonder if we will ever get the first pressings of “Nightflight…”… and “Oceans… “, many of the tracks were replaced with the single mixes on later releases?


this are the original versions


Not Boonoonoonoos which also came out as a 2LP

Casper Janssen

Boonoonoonoos was released as a 2LP in a very limited edition. The regular LP was a single LP.


That makes two of us. The 1st Pressing of Nightflight To Venus is the best of all and has never been released again (officially).
But I would rather buy that one on CD by the way…