Bonnie Tyler / Remixes and Rarities

Cherry Red continue their occasional ‘Remixes and Rarities’ series with a Bonnie Tyler two-CD collection that features hard-to-find tracks from across the Welsh songstress’ career…

I should point out straight away that I haven’t been involved in this (some of you will be aware that I put together the Paul Young and Thompson Twins Remixes and Rarities sets for Cherry Pop in 2013 and 2014, respectively) but it does look very interesting, with radio edits, extended mixes and some collectible tracks only issued in territories like South America or Japan. Many tracks are apparently new-to-CD.

This was compiled by über fan Liam Brigg and has the approval of Bonnie’s management and the booklet includes recent interviews with various collaborators. It has a clean and appealing front cover, which is a big plus.

This Bonnie Tyler Remixes and Rarities two-CD set will be released on 24 November 2017.


1. HOLDING OUT FOR A HERO (Special Extended Remix)
3. WHERE WERE YOU (Radio Mix)
4. IT’S A JUNGLE OUT THERE (Special Jim Steinman Remix)
5. BREAKOUT (Long Version)
6. LOVING YOU’S A DIRTY JOB (BUT SOMEBODY’S GOTTA DO IT) (12″ Version) (with Todd Rundgren)
7. SEM LIMITES PRA SONHAR (Reaching For The Infinite Heart) (with Fábio Jr.)
8. BITTERBLUE (True Blue Mix)
10. REBEL WITHOUT A CLUE (Excerpt From…)
11. BAND OF GOLD (Long Version)
12. SAY GOODBYE (Classical Version)
14. SOLA A LA ORILLA DEL MAR (Sitting On The Edge Of The Ocean) (Spanish Version)
15. HIDE YOUR HEART (A-Side Edit)
16. GOD GAVE LOVE TO YOU (Radio Version)

1. THE DESERT IS IN YOUR HEART (with Sofia Arvaniti)
2. TOTAL ECLIPSE OF THE HEART (Extended Version)
4. TAKE ME BACK (Edit)
5. AGAINST THE WIND (Extended Version)
6. IF YOU WERE A WOMAN (AND I WAS A MAN) (Extended Version)
8. BAND OF GOLD (Dub Version)
9. LOVING YOU’S A DIRTY JOB (BUT SOMEBODY’S GOTTA DO IT) (Radio Edit) (with Todd Rundgren)
10. RACE TO THE FIRE (Race Mix)
12. STAY (Long Version)
13. NO WAY TO TREAT A LADY (7″ Edit)
15. FOOLS LULLABY (Sweet Lullaby Mix)
16. HOLDING OUT FOR A HERO (Instrumental)

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Liam Brigg

Glad to see that there is so much enthusiasm for this release! Excited for when it comes out on Friday. As the BT fan behind the track listing and liner notes I thought I’d chip in to answer a few of your questions and comments.

Indeed both the ‘Total Eclipse’ and ‘If You Were a Woman’ “Extended” tracks are shorter than their full album counterparts. The Total Eclipse version is technically the audio from the music video, but Sony insisted on keeping the name “Extended Version” despite the confusion.

Unfortunately as this album was assembled in collaboration with Sony, this meant that we were not able to use any of her EastWest tracks (owned by Warner). I’m hoping that if it sells well enough, we could do a Volume 2. It’d have been great to release this as an extended box set, but that simply wasn’t the arrangement when the release was first proposed.

The true rarities on this release are “Sayonara Tokyo”, “Sola A La Orilla Del Mar”, “First Love”, “The Desert Is in Your Heart” and “Matter of the Heart” which all sell for a fortune on their original vinyls.

Although I don’t work for Cherry Red, I can say with absolute confidence that they make no effort to hide the fact that some of the tracks are ripped from vinyl. Having heard the audio after mastering, I am happy with all of the tracks. Some of Bonnie’s original master tapes simply don’t exist anymore and so we’ve had to work with what we’ve got. A few international fans kindly donated their collection for the true rarities.

There are a number of tracks that I am disappointed that we could not include, as follows;

because Sony did not claim ownership…
“When Love Attacks” with Rick Derringer
“Islands (Demo Version)” with Mike Oldfield
“Into the Sunset” with Mike Batt

because they are readily available on other CDs, or iTunes, and are not out of print…
“Prizefighters” with Chris Thompson
“Gonna Get Better”
“Under Suspicion”
“It’s Not Enough”
“I’m Not Foolin’”
“The Fire Below”
“I Can’t Leave You Alone”
“Sally Comes Around (Unplugged Mix)”
“Call Me (Radio Mix)”
“Call Me (Unplugged Mix)”
“Say Goodbye (Radio Mix)”

because they have never been officially released…
“Endless Night”
“Never Gonna Take No For An Answer”

because we didn’t want to overdo it with too many of the same songs…
“Breakout (Single Version)”
“Breakout (Instrumental)”
“Say Goodbye (Extended Version)”

Sony gave us a deadline by which we had to finalise a track listing. I don’t know too much about the ins and outs of song licensing, but it seemed to take a short while for tracks to be approved for this album, particularly if it meant contacting foreign offices (such as Sony Brazil). As such, a number of tracks were missed from this release quite simply because they didn’t get approval before the deadline passed. These are as follows:

“I Got So Used to Loving You, Baby” from the My! My! Honeycomb single
“Don’t Stop the Music” an alternative version as a B-Side to the German 7″ ‘Here Am I’
“Gonna Get Better” the original version from her 1981 single ‘Sayonara Tokyo’
“Here She Comes (12″ Version)”

I am compiling a list of songs that were “missed” from this release for future reference. As this release was strictly a 2-disc album, we were also limited to the amount of space we could use.

I make reference to a number of other rare tracks from Bonnie’s career in the liner notes, and conducted interviews with some of her collaborators, including producers from some of her 80s B-Sides.

What I will say is that Bonnie’s management loved working with Cherry Red, and that dialogue will remain open after this project concludes. Therefore if this sells well, I’m confident that there will be future Bonnie releases if there’s demand for it. I had a blast working on this and would be keen to work on a Volume 2, hopefully opening up the possibility of using her EastWest tracks and encouraging Bonnie / her management to license some of her unreleased demos (she’s recorded a huge number of amazing tracks that have never been released and are collecting dust at her home).


It’s a shame her final Dieter Bohlen produced single “Back Home” from 1994 wasn’t included. The CD single sells for a fortune on Ebay.


I’m also surprised that they included those two dub mixes and missed that “Here She Comes” mix. Great song that gets missed a lot on compilations. Glad though, that her U.S. “Super Hits” disc includes the 3:48 “Metropolis” version, not an edit. And hello to you Branigan fans…there’s a lot of great mixes, rare and unreleased tracks…she was terrific! Ladies of the (’70’s and) ’80’s…yes, Cara, ONJ, Go-Go’s, Bangles, Sheena, Lauper, Benatar and MUCH more. A real thrill for me was when my youngest niece was in her high school production of “Footloose” singing “…Hero!”


Oh, I was hoping that same “Here She Comes” mix mentioned above would have be located and included on this release! It’s up on YouTube though: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P4wxD_g1Bbc


This looks like a really interesting compilation but there also seems to be some glaring ommissions. I get why there is no East West era material if the licensing couldn’t be secured, but there are some real corkers that would have made this compilation even better:

1983-1988 (CBS-era)
When Love Attacks – with Rick Derringer
Gonna Get Better
Before This Night Is Through
Under Suspicion
It’s Not Enough
I’m Not Foolin’
The Fire Below
Prizefighters – with Chris Thompson
Islands (12” Version) – with Mike Oldfield

1990-1994 (Hansa-era)
Breakout (Single Version)
Breakout (Instrumental)
Against The Wind (Instrumental)
I Can’t Leave You Alone
Sally Comes Around (Unplugged Mix)
Call Me (Radio Mix)
Call Me (Unplugged Mix)
Say Goodbye (Radio Mix)
Say Goodbye (Extended Version)
Back Home (Radio Mix)
Back Home (Instrumental)
Endless Night
Never Gonna Take No For An Answer

Into The Sunset – with Mike Batt

1996-1998 (East West-era)
Sexual Device (The Vari Mix)
Two Out of Three Ain’t Bad (Radio Mix)
Two Out of Three Ain’t Bad (Kobe Edit)
Making Love (Out Of Nothing At All) (Shnauzer Plus)
Making Love (Out Of Nothing At All) (Rescue Edit)
Making Love (Out Of Nothing At All) (Ralphi’s Extended Vox)
Limelight (Radio Mix)
Limelight (Overture Mix)
Heaven (Chamber Mix)
He’s The King (Radio Mix)
He’s The King (Acoustic Mix)
You Are A Woman
Live For Love (Vivo Per Lei) – with Andrea Bocelli
Tyre Tracks and Broken Hearts

Is Anybody There? – with Rick Wakeman

Vergiss-Es (Forget It) (Radio Version) – with Mathias Reim
Forget It – with Matthias Reim
Si Demain (Turn Around) – with Kareen Antonn
Si Tout S’Arrete (It’s A Heartache) – with Kareen Antonn

Louise (Il Est Mon Homme)

I Don’t Know How To Love Him

Total Eclipse Of The Heart (Radio Edit) – with Only Men Aloud
Cappuchino Girls
Tables Turn – with Mal Pope

Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now – with Albert Hammond
We’ve Got Something Going On

Eternal Flame (Amour Eternal) – with Laura Zen
Under One Sky

Miserere – with Rhydian Roberts

Maybe there will be a second volume but I think a comprehensive box set for all of the rarities would have been a better choice for her fans. I’ll still buy this set though!

Auntie Sabrina


Disc 2, track 8 is the dub version of Band Of Gold which was remixed by Arthur Baker so fingers crossed for the 7.20 remix too



I have 3 all time favorite female singers. 1) Laura Branigan 2) Bonnie Tyler and 3) Irene Cara (yes, I’m an 80s baby). These 3 talented women ruled the airwaves from 82-84 and Top 40 was awesome. So needless to say, I am in my glory seeing this compilation. I am hoping the Band of Gold (Long Version) is the 12″ 7:20 version and Married Men is the 12″ 6:20. This compilation would be PERFECT. But, if not, who cares. I’m still getting it…It’s BONNIE TYLER!!!


Hey Robert, Laura Branigan’s my number one as well! Such an amazing time in music with so much great stuff on the radio and more to be discovered in the club mixes, album tracks and B-sides. Bonnie Tyler and Irene Cara are on my list too, though Pat Benatar is unquestionably up in there (and could do with an expanded remaster or two).

Since first reading this, I’ve been listening to Tyler’s “Band Of Gold” over and over in each version every few days like it was new! Can’t get it out of my head! One of the underrated ’80s gems. The 7:20 Arthur Baker mix, while long, was called “Special Version” on my 12″ so I wonder if this “Long Version” could be one we’re not familiar with.

Speaking of which, can you clear up the “If You Were A Woman (And I Was A Man)” confusion? Am I wrong that the 12″ of that one actually had what Jon calls “the original LP version” which was actually half a minute SHORTER than what we would now call the album version, the 5:17 CD/cassette/iTunes version? Is there really a ~5:47 version?

I’d love to see a Laura Branigan Remixes & Rarities, though I’d hate to see it reduced to just two discs! My dream would be two- or three-disc deluxe remasters of her albums with various remixes, B-sides, soundtrack stuff, collaborations and odds-and-ends from the respective eras.


Interesting that my post, the first one of the lot, is still awaiting moderation. Is it because I had the nerve to point out that this label is known to use vinyl rips and not mentioning it clearly on the release? Peter, you disappoint me. Do you have some kind of deal with them because you were connected to a previous release of theirs? You already have deals with amazon, but I didn’t think you would lose credibility by silencing some comments that would tarnish deals/relationships with labels. Another corporate sell-out? Please say no.

Daniel (from Adelaide)

I’ll be grabbing that one for the Jim Steinman material alone!


For those complaining Warner would not release her EastWest material as well as her most recent albums. The “long version” of “Total Eclipse” is the video edit which is a little over five minutes. This is NOT a hits collection. Bonnie has plenty of those. This is a “Remixes & Rarities” collection. The extended version of “If You Were A Woman” is about 30 seconds longer then the original LP version.

Stevie B

I was at Cherry Red a few months ago as regardscthis release and got to see some of the master tapes that they hold. Many are very delicate and Vinyl has been used for a few of the tracks where master tapes were not available or accessible in time for this release which has been years in the planning.


I’m still waiting for Faster Than The Speed Of Night & Secret Dreams to get remastered & expanded. Those 2 I wouldn’t preordered, this release is interesting but surely those 2 albums would’ve outsold this as reissues

Stevie B

Bonnie’s original record company no longer has many of the original master tapes, any remastering would be from copies (if they have any). You would have to approach the owner of ‘Faster than the Speed of Night’ for a difinitive remaster of that album. Cherry Red hold several master tapes but again they are so fragile that (I believe) copies have had to be made as the originals are SO delicate they could disintegrate or lose more of their coating through further processing. Not the fault of Cherry Red who can only work with the material they have been given access to at the time of compilation.

Ian Burgess

Easy way to get all the hard to find stuff. Good. Shame Cherry Red have not gone for the “Complete singles” option, every single with associated b sides, remixes etc, missing nothing. Probably have to be a box set, as if anyone here would buy such a thing.

Extended version – often used, I believe, for the 12″ version of the single mix. So can be shorter than the album version, but will be a different mix.

As She a singer, I did chucle at the final track on disc 2 – Instrumental version. Just my sense of humour.

Larry Davis

A release like this would include all the hit singles too…like the Paul Young box…and I guess it does include RCA material…but there is no complete singles release combining labels which is more than 1 disc on the market…never has been…and a release like this was a perfect opportunity to do one… Very frustrating…


Married Men was an RCA release..

elliott buckingham

no shakey and bonnie duet


I’d love to be proven wrong but I was under the impression that what is called the “extended version” of “If You Were A Woman (And I Was A Man)” is actually half a minute shorter than the album version, “extended” only in comparison to the even shorter single edit, and not otherwise what we think of an ’80s “extended version” with any remix-style elements beyond what was already found on the album.


I would prefer a to have a collection of all her singles, including remixes and extended versions where available, rather than a collection of mostly songs I have never heard of.

Larry Davis

And no RCA material like “It’s A Heartache’???


Exactly! Where are all the hits songs?

Stevie B

On the many ‘Greatest Hits’ compilations… the clue to this release is in the title ;)


I think this is because of the purpose of this set .
It says “Rare and remixes”, not Greatest hits : I don’t remember of an extended version of “It’s a heartache” …


Like Celine Dion. Most of her songs have the word “Love” in them. Or at least her hits. It’s an issue of quality control isn’t it? :)

Mr x

No “lost in France”???



Five different songs with “heart” in the title here and also ‘It’s a Heartache’. Hearty stuff indeed!

Auntie Sabrina

Saar, Discogs lists a UK and Netherlands release of Here She Come, but only the latter release has a timing of 3.21


There is a 12″ of Married Men with a runtime of 6 minutes 20


Saar Freedman

Is it going to be another vinyl-rip-laden collection though?


Waow !
That kind of Thing is really interesting ! I’ve been looking for years to complete Bonnie’s Discography and there are some rare and only vinyle released here !
Good point for :
– Sayonara Tokyo , a very Hard to find track
– “SEM LIMITES PRA SONHAR” but i’m waiting to see if it’s the total English version or the Portuguese/English one…


Worth inserting the usual proviso here when it comes to Cherry Red/Pop – Beware the vinyl rips. Pays to hold-off buying until the early reviews are in I find as I’m sure we’ve all been bitten more than once with their slipshod quality control. See their recent O Records and Bobby O releases on Amazon for customer reviews covering the type of thing we’re all too familiar with.

Saar Freedman

Pretty solid release , many interesting tracks.
I would point out only that Reaching For The Infinite Heart had 2 versions on the 12″ ( english and english/Portuguese) and only one is included, and of course the Merry Christmas/Funky Christmas single from 1989 would also have made a nice inclusion. The UK 12″ for Here she comes seems to feature a 12″ version but I don’t own this and it could be a misprint as they often did and there should be a 12″ disco mix for Married Men if I remember correctly.
Oh well. maybe if they do a volume 2 ;)
will be getting this for sure:)

Steven Roberts

Never knew there was an extended version of Total Eclipse – always assumed the 12″ would have just been the full album version….


It’s the same edit as used in the video. It’s about 5:33, and can also be found on the “Hide Your Heart” CD single.

Auntie Sabrina

6 minute 20 version of Married Men?


Exactly my question, too.


for some people, that’s a long marriage…

Liam Bastick

This looks interesting. It makes me think, will a “complete” / deluxe edition of “Secret Dreams and Forbidden Fire” ever be released? I know many think the songs go on too long but us Steinman fans like it that way. It may not have had the standout two tracks of its predecessor album but I think it was a stronger album overall, clearly represented by the track listing above. I`d have liked to seen “Under Suspicion” on CD or (12 inch) vinyl, but you can`t please everybody as the comments section of this website frequently demonstrates, ha ha.

Saar Freedman

Liam under suspicion was on “the best” cd single. If you’re looking for a cd source



“Under Suspicion” is one of my favorite Tyler tracks. You can find it on CD on the double-disc Bonnie Tyler: The Collection.

Mike the Fish

There’s an extended version of Total Eclipse?! I had no idea. I’m aware of lengthy album version…