Book of Love / The Sire Years 1985-1993 / newly remastered CD anthology

The Sire Years 1985-1993, a new CD anthology of music from US eighties synth-pop band Book of Love, will issued later this month.

Formed in 1983 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (and later based out of New York City) Book of Love gained exposure in the early days (1985) by supporting Depeche Mode in 1985/6 and some of their music seeped into public consciousness via tracks being used on film and TV, notably when the fabulous Modigliani (Lost In Your Eyes) was featured in John Hughes classic 1987 film Planes, Trains & Automobiles. Despite a few club/dance hits, Book of Love never really crossed over and enjoyed mainstream success and they remain a cult band of the era.

Last year, Rhino issued MMXVI-The 30th Anniversary Collection a 19-track compilation that ‘celebrated’ the band’s 30th anniversary, but disappointingly, was just a digital release (although all the tracks were marked as 2016 remasters).

For 2018, Note For Note Music have licensed the material for this new The Sire Years CD release which has been produced in conjunction with the band (keyboardist Ted Ottaviano has co-compiled it). The track listing is similar to – but not the same as – Rhino’s 2016 compilation and the 20 “newly remastered tracks” are from all four of the band’s albums: Book of Love (1986), Lullaby (1988), Candy Carol (1991) and Lovebubble (1993). It has to be said that this new Sire Years anthology is light on any kind of rarities – for example it contains nothing from the bonus disc of Noble Rot’s 2009 two-CD deluxe of the debut, which featured demos, live tracks and instrumentals.

To support this new release, Book of Love is also embarking on a 2018 The Sire Years Tour in which the band will visit cities across the U.S., Mexico, and Canada.

The Sire Years 1985-1993 is released on 19 January 2018. Note: This appears to be a US/Canadian-only release at present and right now Amazon in the UK have an erroneous listing that goes nowhere!

The Sire Years 1985 – 1993 

1. Book Of Love (4:34)
(Theodore Ottaviano)
From the 1986 album “Book Of Love” – Sire / I-Square 9 25355-2
Produced by Ivan Ivan
2. Boy (2:57)
(Theodore Ottaviano)
From the 1986 album “Book Of Love” – Sire / I-Square 9 25355-2
Produced by Ivan Ivan
3. I Touch Roses (3:25)
(Theodore Ottaviano)
From the 1986 album “Book Of Love” – Sire / I-Square 9 25355-2
Produced by Ivan Ivan
4. Modigliani (Lost In Your Eyes) (3:59)
(J.Lee / S.Ottaviano / T.Ottaviano)
From the 1986 album “Book Of Love” – Sire / I-Square 9 25355-2
Produced by Ivan Ivan
5. You Make Me Feel So Good (3:58)
(S.Ottaviano / T.Ottaviano)
From the 1986 album “Book Of Love” – Sire / I-Square 9 25355-2
Produced by Ivan Ivan
6. Yellow Sky (4:42)
(S.Ottaviano / T.Ottaviano)
From the 1986 album “Book Of Love” – Sire / I-Square 9 25355-2
Produced by Ivan Ivan
7. Tubular Bells (3:03)
(Mike Oldfield)
From the album 1988 album “Lullaby” – Sire / I-Square 9 25700-2
Produced by Flood and Ted Ottaviano
8. Pretty Boys And Pretty Girls (4:24)
(Theodore Ottaviano)
From the album 1988 album “Lullaby” – Sire / I-Square 9 25700-2
Produced by Flood and Ted Ottaviano
9. With A Little Love (3:50)
(Theodore Ottaviano)
From the album 1988 album “Lullaby” – Sire / I-Square 9 25700-2
Produced by Flood and Ted Ottaviano
10. Lullaby (7” version) (4:04)
(Theodore Ottaviano)
Remixed by Book Of Love and “Doc” Dougherty from the 1989 Sire / I-Square 7” single 7-27667-A
Produced by Flood and Ted Ottaviano
11. Witchcraft (3:40)
(Theodore Ottaviano)
From the album 1988 album “Lullaby” – Sire / I-Square 9 25700-2
Produced by Flood and Ted Ottaviano
12. Alice Everyday (3:41)
From the 1991 album “Candy Carol” – Sire / I-Square / Warner Bros 9 26389-2
Produced by Ted Ottaviano and Ben Grosse
13. Counting The Rosaries (3:41)
(L.Roselli / T.Ottaviano)
From the 1991 album “Candy Carol” – Sire / I-Square / Warner Bros 9 26389-2
Produced by Ted Ottaviano and Ben Grosse
14. Sunny Day (3:50)
(Theodore Ottaviano)
From the 1991 album “Candy Carol” – Sire / I-Square / Warner Bros 9 26389-2
Produced by Ted Ottaviano and Ben Grosse
15. Miss Melancholy (3:25)
(Theodore Ottaviano)
From the 1991 album “Candy Carol” – Sire / I-Square / Warner Bros 9 26389-2
Produced by Ted Ottaviano and Ben Grosse
16. Sunday A.M. (2:55)
(Theodore Ottaviano)
From the 1993 album “Lovebubble” – Sire / I-Square / Warner Bros 9 45280-2
Produced by Ted Ottaviano
17. Hunny Hunny (4:05)
(Theodore Ottaviano)
From the 1993 album “Lovebubble” – Sire / I-Square / Warner Bros 9 45280-2
Produced by Ted Ottaviano
18. Sound And Vision (3:45)
(David Bowie)
From the 1993 album “Lovebubble” – Sire / I-Square / Warner Bros 9 45280-2
Produced by Ted Ottaviano
19. Boy Pop (4:04)
(L.Roselli / T.Ottaviano)
From the 1993 album “Lovebubble” – Sire / I-Square / Warner Bros 9 45280-2
Produced by Ted Ottaviano
20. Chatterbox (Pt. 2) (3:33)
(J.Lee / T.Ottaviano)
From the 1993 album “Lovebubble” – Sire / I-Square / Warner Bros 9 45280-2
Produced by Ted Ottaviano

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C Klaus

I agree there’s nothing new here, and they didn’t even include the digital-only new track from 2016, “All Girl Band.” It’s also disappointing to me there’s another compilation without “Enchanted” from the “Lovebubble” CD featured in the film “Naked In New York.” So I bought all four reissues, but yeah, a 2-CD set for the first album WITHOUT the original set of 12″ mixes was a real head-scratcher. They should’ve made this a 2-CD set with all those mixes AND the digital-only track to help make up for that terrible GOOF!


what is the point???? i love Book of love!!!
i have all all original CDs and original vinyls and 12 inches
even vinyl before they signed.
and the cd re-releases several years ago.
give me at least one new song!!-all girl band!!
maybe if i voted for hillary they would give me a new song!!
give me a real release
and i won’t buy it!!
i voted for trump!!!
thats’ right i am a huge book of love fan that voted for trump!!!
understand if you don’t give us new releases, we will not buy them!

Cory Eling

If the track timing is indeed correct for Lullaby for this comp, this particular mix was previously only released on the Lullaby CD single Promo and 7 inch. Some confusion exists on the proper title names.
It contains the harp intro before the bag pipe solo
1:40-Harp intro (4:06) version. Also contains an orchestra/string outro
1:48-No Harp intro (4:24) version which is pretty much an album version edit.

Sam Lowry

As mentioned a few times, Book of Love made some amazing 12 inch mixes and I would not think twice about buying a collection of them all. I am keeping my fingers crossed.


I completely agree this band needs a proper reissue from sire/rhino – with extra thick booklets featuring essays, stories, reflections from the members of the band, maybe track commentary, etc. Bonus tracks, remixes, whatever… just so long as the music is remastered with better sound. The printing quality and overall presentation with many warner brothers (rhino) remasters are excellent. Of course, I grew up in the CD age so I want the proper CD editions so I can get rid of my muddy original CD’s from the 80’s.


Something like the Shelley Orphan box would be nice.


Not familiar with this group at all and looking on their wiki page i’m surprised they were allowed to record 4 albums without one of their albums breaking into the US top 100 album charts. Strange album title considering they only released stuff on Sire records.


There was a time, which sadly seems to have passed, when labels would actually put effort into developing their artists. If the first album didn’t get mainstream success, but had some impact somewhere (like the dance charts in this case), then they did another album. And so long as the profile of the band continued to increase, even if it wasn’t to super stardom, then the label continued to stick with them for another album.

Today, if your first album doesn’t do Adelle numbers, you get dropped.

If labels had used today’s expectations back in the 80’s, we never would have seen REM, Depeche Mode, Erasure, Simple Minds, or many, many, many other acts go on to have the careers they did.


Many nights of my youth dancing to the songs of Book of Love in the bars and clubs of my hometown.

This compilation offers nothing new, but I will gladly purchase in hopes of helping to promote re-issues of their other albums.


When I saw the headline, I thought this might be a proper box with all the albums in it in expanded editions. I’m a bit disappointed, but I’ll pick it up because I would like more material from them. All I currently have is the original release of Candy Carol, because the local radio station where I lived played “Alice Everyday” quite a bit when it came out, and I loved that song.

Does anyone in the US remember when it was possible to have a “regional hit”? Back when radio playlists weren’t dictated by some centralized corporate office? There are songs that I am surprised to find out weren’t huge hits across the country when I look into them now, because they were massive on a local level when I was growing up. I miss when radio programmers had more of a say in what they played and there was something more in the way of playlist diversity on each station.


I remember those days, CJ.

Bands like Crack The Sky, The Rayvens, and Facedancer were huge in Baltimore. Don’t think they did well elsewhere.

Charlie Shine

Absolutely agree with you pal! I remember those days at NYC on WKTU 92.3FM with Paco and Jellybean playing his new mixes and productions, i.e Book of Love (Flutter Mix) which he did along Ivan Ivan and is not included in this new compilation. Despite the first original Book of Love album on CD wasn’t remastered back in the days, I really prefer more that original first pressed CD from 1988 with the bonus tracks not available on the original L.P … Peace!

Charlie Shine

I forgot to mention Carlos De Jesus (RIP) at WKTU who passed away in 2012. He was a pioneer and credited as one of the first DJs in promoting and play rap music on a commercial radio station by spinning Sugar Hill Gang’s Rapper’s Delight at NYC in the late 70s. He later said he did it as a joke, but then got such a response that he knew something was happening.
He also hosted the WABC-TV show “New York Hot Tracks,” which played dance videos that had De Jesus announcing from different city clubs.


I’ll agree that this a pretty prosaic track listing, a totally have-it-for-you-by-the-end-of-office-hours job. But this isn’t aimed at those of us who’ve been with the band since “Boy”, so I’m not gonna lose my mind making how-could-they comments. It’s fresh packaging/tour merch fodder to shclep to those who are new to the group through this upcoming tour and young millennial retro-ists who wanna look cool at a New Wave concert. Original followers of Book Of Love weren’t even considered in the compiling of this disc.


Great news for a great band of some very easy going and down to earth folks.
Rhino should rerelease their 2CD Deluxe Editions from 2009 and also consider a RSD 2LP edition of the fan-made “Singles: Mixed” compilation from that same year…

1) Modigliani (Lost In Your Eyes) [I Dream Of Jeanne Mix]
2) You Make Me Feel So Good [Flutter Mix]
3) Boy [Extended Mix]
4) I Touch Roses [Long Stemmed Version]
5) Pretty Boys And Pretty Girls [Extended Mix]
6) Lullaby [Pleasant Dream Mix]
7) Witchcraft [Extended Mix]
8) Alice Everyday [Everyday Glo Mix]
9) Sunny Day [Single Remix]
10) Counting The Rosaries [Happiness And Love Mix]
11) Boy Pop [Go Bottom Go Top]
12) Hunny Hunny [Sweet And Sticky Mix]
13) Chatterbox [Late Nite Chat Mix]

Here’s hoping all four members will go on the road this year (specifically Lauren Roselli Johnson and Jade Lee)!!!


For those of you not familiar with the Band look up their song “Boy” on YouTube, it’s an 80’s classic, along with many other’s of their songs. Then look up the Remix for that track.. “Boy”. I am surprised to hear some people don’t know who they are. Maybe because they were big over here in the U.S. and not over there. The song “Pretty Boys And Pretty Girls” was one of the first songs back then on the radio to address the AIDS crisis of the late 80’s.

The song “Witchcraft” has samples from the American T.V. show “Bewitched”.

Their last few albums were fun, very simplistic in style and lyrics, but fun. They had a slight goth-punk look to them, and they kinda reminded me of the band ‘Anything Box’.

One thing I loved about Book Of Love were their fantastic remixes that accompanied their singles. They were a huge part of the late 80’s synth-pop music scene, and were played a lot in the Dance Clubs back then. I saw them play with Danielle Dax in the late 80’s. It was a lot of fun. I highly recommend giving the song’s “Boy”, “Witchcraft” and “You Make Me Feel So Good” a listen for those of you new to this band.

Robert M.

I have to agree, basic LP tracks but not including any of the extended vinyl-only mixes is a shame.
My personal criticism of the group is that they lost their edge after the first full length CD. When subsequent LPs are named “Lullaby”, “Candy Carol” and “LoveBubble”, you’re sort of asking for trouble.

“Tubular Bells/Pretty Boys And Pretty Girls” (Regan’s House Medley) is still one of my favorite mixes of the 80s.

“Pretty Boys And Pretty Girls” became one of the first songs ever to address the issue of the AIDS epidemic.

Richard John

Wow, was hoping for a full, multi-disc collection, not another “best of”. oh well.

Paul Wren

Never heard of this band before – an American minority interest, I guess. Still, one keeps an open mind etc.

Robert Lett

They reissued all the Sire albums with tons of bonus tracks in 2009, I will still get this though. Hung out with them briefly way back in the mid 80’s when they played the now defunct Pyramid Club here in Richmond, they were very nice.


A couple of the remixes can be found on a couple of the Retro:Active compilations from the Canadian HiBias label, which I thoroughly enjoyed and wish HiBias had done more of.


They were just vinyl rips put onto CD weren’t they? I can make those myself. I also recall that they weren’t great quality either…

Saar Freedman

I have always loved Book Of love. “pretty boys and pretty girls” was a constant playlist companion in those formative years :). The Noble Rot reissue of the first album was indeed amazing and went out of print real fast. Took me a long time to score a 2ndhand copy. and even that one did not include all the vinyl only 12″ remix from that period. Other albums were reissued too at that time but they were 1 cd editions with 1-2 bonus tracks at best.
Already have everything that was released on CD and this compilation has nothing to offer
Kinda wonder who this is targeted at – nothing here for the avid fan, and I doubt this will expose them to new audience.


OK I will date myself here and say I saw them open for depeche mode on their ‘black celebration tour’, that was a pretty good show overall. I liked their first two albums and bought the remasters from a few years back, but the later albums not so much.


Great band, I saw them open up for Depeche Mode in the 1980s. There is an expanded release (2 discs) of their 1st album:



Yet another BOL release goes by without the best mix of their best song: Lost Souls (Spirited Mix)


I don’t see anything on this release that makes it a required purchase. Really, really hoping for a complete catalog release from BOL–the material is certainly worthy of it!


Pretty much every reissue from Book Of Love has been a disaster. Sorry for losing it here but this is a prime example of how NOT to do reissues. In 2009 they reissued their debut “Book Of Love” as a 2cd with a bunch of demo’s but NO remixes. For the remixes you had to keep the original cd issue from 1988 which contained 5 remixes. No logic at all.
The Lullaby 2009 reissue did have 4 remixes and 1 onreleased song but no demo’s or live material.
Now this greatest hits package with nothing worthwhile on it. What a missed opportunity.


This problem on Amazon is affecting other titles too! I’ve already noticed the same ‘technical error’ for other forthcoming releases on Amazon UK lately, (where a search brings up the product and price but no button to pre-order/buy); for instance the new Darlingside album, ‘Extralife’ is suffering from the same fault on both CD and Vinyl formats and has been like that for some time!

Perhaps someone with a bit of influence with Amazon could point this fault out to Amazon so their IT people can look into it?


I saw them play once Live here in San Francisco. They we’re played a lot on alternative radiio stations and are pretty well known here. I wouldn’t call them a cult band here in the U. S. but maybe they were elsewhere. They were lumped in with the Depeche Mode/New Order/ Danielle Dax/Erasure catergory.

The last year’s remastered release of the Rhino issued “MMXVI-The 30th Anniversary Collection” sounded awful. Way too loud. Brickwallwd. Just horrible. Perhaps that is why they are remastering the singles again. Let’s hope! It’s good stuff!


too light, too poor

Chris Squires

Wow, never heard of them before now, but that Tubular Bells track (spotified) sounded like some kind of Jan Hammer Miami Vice thing. What a strange choice of cover version for a 1980s US group. But I can never get enough of that 7/8 8/8 intro, it’s hooky.


Yes! This is exciting news. Let’s hope it’s remasteed correctly. All past remasters of their stuff have been disappointing.


Paul, i’m selling you a “be” for the first sentence of the article if you like.
Never heard of the band either but according to their choice of cover versions they used to aim high.
Haven’t watched the film either. It’s the one starring John Candy and Steve Martin, right? Is it any good?




Seconded, preferably in Marc Lard Riley style.


If I may vent… This was not needed. Just proper deluxe reissues of the full albums please! sigh. Why is that so hard to get right?


Lanny, perhaps this is a toe in the water for Rhino to see if there is any (Book Of) Love for their material. If it sells, they may do full releases. After all, why go to the trouble to just remaster selected songs, it makes sense to do all the albums.

Never heard of them myself, and based on the Youtube clip Paul kindly posted up, I may well take a punt.

Stephen K.

The type font for the album title is pretty basic. As is the track list.

Still, bring on all the Book of Love releases that can be mustered!

Charles Christopher

I’m disappointed this wasn’t a complete release of ALL the Sire era albums, like some other similarly titled sets. It’s difficult to make a case for greatness for Book Of Love, but you absolutely can’t get any more definitively 80s than this group – and I’d shamelessly buy that to re-live every second of my misspent youth. This one? Maybe I’ll get it……..


The Lullaby album with Tubular Bells and Witchcraft is a classic of the late 80’s! I’m seeing them in Orlando on the 14th!!


I am seeing them also! Got the meet and greet as well. Cannot wait!