‘Booth and the Bad Angel’ coloured vinyl

1996 album • First time on vinyl • 180g coloured pressing

Tim Booth and Angelo Badalamenti‘s collaboration Booth and the Bad Angel is released on vinyl for the first time in May.

In 1996, the James frontman took a break from his day job with his band and worked with the American soundtrack maestro (best known for his collaborations with David Lynch) on this 11-track album. Guitars are provided by Bernard Butler, who had found himself freed from his day job after his acrimonious split from Suede in 1994.

‘Believe’ was issued as a single at the time and a couple of years later ‘Fall In Love With Me’ was also issued. However, there was no follow-up album and Booth And The Bad Angel remains a delightful one-off curiosity.

Not only is this its first vinyl issue, but it is available as a heavyweight translucent red vinyl pressing. Booth and the Bad Angel is released on 10 May 2019, via Demon Records.

A1. I Believe
A2. Dance Of The Bad Angels
A3. Hit Parade
A4. Fall In Love With Me
A5. Old Ways

B1. Life Gets Better
B2. Heart
B3. Rising
B4. Butterfly’s Dream
B5. Stranger
B6. Hands In The Rain

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Wes Headley

So I just received my copy from Amazon UK on May 14th– it was jammed sideways into a too small box and once opened, was heavily warped. Sigh. The other problem is that QC at Demon Records has been going south for a long while now. Remember their recent Suede box set on colored vinyl? A disaster with regards to vinyl quality. They sent replacements and all but Night Thoughts was still pretty horrid. They sounded decades old even after thorough cleaning. On Booth and the Bad Angel– the mastering is el cheapo– side two containing nearly 29 minutes of music. The pressing quality is mediocre as well– far too much surface noise. And did they master this from the CD file? It sounds rather compressed and has a certain dullness. I have the original CD and will eventually compare it. This was a lost opportunity.


Is this amazon only? Anyone know of other retailers?

Will W

Will it be remastered on cd in the near future?


I hope not as no album from 1996 needs remastered. The sound is fine on the original.

Will W

It’s just very hard to get at the moment. I assume it’s out of print?


You can buy it used for a couple of pounds but looking about it does seem to be out of print to buy new.

Jorje Chica

Agree with Neil, no need to “remaster” it. But a deluxe 2-CD reissue with a nice booklet and the 2 b-sides, the long version of I Believe, the remixes of the 2 singles, plus the 4 evening sessions tracks and anything from the vault would be nice to have. My original copy of the CD is a promo I got at the time and the insert is a little worse for wear…

Right and wrong

Funny how you claim to support the industry and you promote breach of copyright laws at the same time by using an unlicensed publication of the music. Essentially stolen goods you’re showing off there.

Right and wrong

1. Talking to whomever embedded the video above.
2. The comment is self-explanatory.

mick tormey

You have got the award for the biggest load of bullshit I’ve heard on here this year..it’s a sample promoting the album. Paul could very well not bother his ass.

I just don’t get your angle here. I’ve no doubt TB BB DL etc would totally appreciate the effort bringing this to people on the SDE blog like me, who bought it and never heard of it before and would never have considered it otherwise. Just be clear if you going to call people out like that.

Sid Ceaser

I worked for record shops from 93-2000 so I remember when this originally came out – I still have the promo cd!

I always thought it was just a weird release. What a bizarre team-up. I remember playing this a lot in-store when it arrived.

Thanks for the flashback!

Cornelius Harvey

HEAVEN what a top album can’t wait to buy it on vinyl…..

Mark S

Seem to remember that one of the Cd singles had I Believe listed as “Edit” when its the same length as the album version.
The “ long version” is only to be found on the single.
I.e The album version is the edit.
Always found that a bit odd.

Jorje Chica

Agreed, the longer single only version should have been on the record. Strange choice. Decent video for that single, if memory serves.


Never knew this even existed, though tbf I wasn’t that aware of James’ back catalogue until recently, which I now love. I’ve pre-ordered, thanks Paul


Tim Booth has just tweeted that he knew nothing about this until today. Record companies, eh?

A fine album, of course.

Jorje Chica

Ahhh, I have been waiting for this fantastic record to be released on vinyl.

Now if Demon would get around to reissuing the second McAlmont and Butler album and the unreleased third album BB hinted at when the first album go a reissue, I would be happy as a clam.


I didn’ t know or remember the project and am listening to it right now.
I will say something well known to James fans but the vocals are really impressive, that I really did not remember (not much James here in Italy I’ m afraid…): a mix between Neil Tennant, Freddie Mercury and the theatrics of Marc Almond…
And the songs are quite consistent as well.
My sincere compliments, it could be worth the purchase.


Totally forgot about this! Excellent record, a must have…

Marc in Arizona

I’m glad that this album had an impact on as many people as it did.

Imagine blasting ‘Old Ways’ at full volume with the windows down… as you drive through the Rocky Mountains of Colorado in Summer 1996!

That, my friends, is the kind of epic scenery that was truly worthy of this creation from the hearts and minds of Booth and Badalamenti! – thanks Paul for the heads up.


Good Album although I feel Badalamenti’s input is either minimal or low in the mix at best, not exactly Twin Peaks meets James

Mark S

To be fair, he co-wrote every one of the songs too? I’d say that’s quite a bit of input.
Brilliant album.


I absolutely love this record. Am ecstatic it is finally getting a vinyl release!


This is one of my all time favourite albums. Never had it on vinyl, so it is a no-brainer for me.


I just had a discussion with someone on a James fan page that I was hopeful this would come out on vinyl, which they laughed at. Guess who was right? This guy!

Neil Kelly

They shouldn’t have laughed at you in the first place, Mr Booth!