Bread / The Elektra Years / 6CD box

The six studio albums of American ‘soft rock’ group Bread are collected in The Elektra Years: The Complete Albums Box which is due out in October.

The band issued five albums in a busy four-year period from 1969 to 1972 including Baby I’m-A Want You, whose title track reached number three in the US singles chart in late 1971. Bread split up after 1972’s Guitar Man but returned successfully five years later with Lost Without Your Love. 

For this release, these albums are packaged in the familiar vinyl replica card sleeves and are packaged in a clamshell box. There is no booklet.

The Elektra Years: The Complete Albums Box will be issued on 27 October 2017.

CD 1 – Bread (1969)
1. Dismal Day
2. London Bridge
3. Could I
4. Look At Me
5. The Last Time
6. Any Way You Want Me
7. Move Over
8. Don’t Shut Me Out
9. You Can’t Measure The Cost
10. Family Doctor
11. It Don’t Matter To Me
12. Friends And Lovers

CD 2 – On The Waters (1970)
1. Why Do You Keep Me Waiting
2. Make It With You
3. Blue Satin Pillow
4. Look What You’ve Done
5. I Am That I Am
6. Been Too Long On The Road
7. I Want You With Me
8. Coming Apart
9. Easy Love
10. In The Afterglow
11. Call On Me
12. The Other Side Of Life

CD 3 – Manna (1971)
1. Let Your Love Go
2. Take Comfort
3. Too Much Love
4. If
5. Be Kind To Me
6. He’s A Good Lad
7. She Was My Lady
8. Live In Your Love
9. What A Change
10. I Say Again
11. Come Again
12. Truckin’

CD 4 – Baby I’m-A Want You (1972)
1. Mother Freedom
2. Baby I’m-A Want You
3. Down On My Knees
4. Everything I Own
5. Nobody Like You
6. Diary
7. Dream Lady
8. Daughter
9. Games Of Magic
10. This Isn’t What The Governmeant
11. Just Like Yesterday
12. I Don’t Love You

CD 5 – Guitar Man (1972)
1. Welcome To The Music
2. Guitar Man
3. Make It By Yourself
4. Aubrey
5. Fancy Dancer
6. Sweet Surrender
7. Tecolote
8. Let Me Go
9. Yours For Life
10. Picture In Your Mind
11. Don’t Tell Me No
12. Didn’t Even Know Her Name

CD 6 – Lost Without Your Love (1977)
1. Hooked On You
2. She’s The Only One
3. Lost Without Your Love
4. Change Of Heart
5. Belonging
6. Fly Away
7. Lay Your Money Down
8. The Chosen One
9. Today’s The First Day
10. Hold Tight
11. Our Lady Of Sorrow

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H. Wong

An error in packaging, mine came with an extra “Baby I’m A Want You” cd inside the “Lost Without Your Love” sleeve. So, I’m missing “Lost Without Your Love” cd.

Mark Goodwin

Does anyone know if this set is limited edition or will it be around for some time?

wayne klein

It’s not a limited edition but these do occasionally go out of print after a few years.

Mark Goodwin

Thanks Wayne


i just bought it now on itunes for 29.99

Paul Baldry

I’ve just got my Copy & the Albums sound much Sharper then the original 5 Album box set .especially BIAWY & the Guitar man Albums it doesn’t mention remastering but the sound is far better . & the way the Albums are done like the originals is good . but no Booklet missed a trick . but worth buying for the much Clearer sound

Wayne Klein

I agree and these aren’t quite as bright as the 5 CD set.

Mark Goodwin

Do you think the 5 album box sounds better Wayne?

Paul Baldry

I just Brought the 6 CD Set & I would say 2 Albums On The Waters & Baby I’m A Want You stand out as much Sharper Wayne . & the others too a bit to. & the original Album covers too .But know Booklet is a big Shame . not a bad buy . but wouldn’t off paid anymore

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[…] albums will come packaged in the usual clam-shell box in vinyl replica card wallets. Like the forthcoming Bread box set, there doesn’t appear to be any booklet and mastering for each disc is unknown and presumed […]

Paul Baldry

Feel it’s a great shame if there isn’t remastering done on all these Albums a real pity . As the Baby I’m a Want you Albums on CD needs a good remastering job . & it deserves a Booklet . the band were very Varied & great songs they deserve better as do the Fans !! I have ordered this now I wonder if I did the right thing .

Joe Mac Pherson

I truly regret that no one at Electra thought it worthwhile to include a booklet to accompany this box set. There was a time in the USA, when Bread were prominently heard on the AM stations across the country. Their pristine production values gained them airplay on FM, too. Today, no one could imagine that AM radio absolutely ruled, until 1975-1977 and beyond.
For all their success, I can’t recall a single write up ANYWHERE, regarding Bread when they were releasing music. Rolling Stone, Crawdaddy, Cream ignored them. Across the pond, Melody Maker, New Musical Express and Sounds also gave no print space to the band. And yet their music sold, and sold. And no one could actually tell you anything about who they are.
My guess is, no scandals, no drug busts, no controversy, no wild stage antics, no trashed hotel rooms during tours, no erratic behavior gave the media nothing to write about. A real shame. Bread just went down their musical road, creating some sterling music. I really would have liked learning about who they were, song production, what studios they used (The magnificent Wall Of Sound acoustics at Gold Star on Sunset Boulevard?), songwriting ideas, photos!! I’ll buy this but honestly, Bread deserve better.
Thank You, Paul, for the write up!

Neil R

Agree with P Kollender – no re-master, no booklet = no buy for me. For a box set that is currently 30 pounds + on Amazon UK, you should expect re-mastering and some sort of booklet – we’re not mugs. The Jethro Tull book-set reissues at 19 pounds are a fine example of giving the fans good value for money.

p kollender

no remaster…no buy

Mike the Fish

Which singles are different, and in what way?

Wayne Klein

There were some minor variations na as I recall between the single mixes and album versions. They weren’t dedicated mono mixes just folds for the most part with some having slightly different edits.

I would be onboard if they used the latest HD Tracks remasters from 2015. I do wish that Rhino would throw in a rarities disc as well into these collections with single edits, etc. it would May these more worthwhile.


Make It With You (which is mono on the commercial 45) runs a few seconds longer and has an additional line of vocals from David as it fades – very cool.
Mother Freedom (which is also mono) is mixed a little differently – the solo guitar jumps out more in a couple of places that aren’t heard on the album version.
Truckin’ had the string intro edited off for the b-side of Baby I’m-A Want You, and starts with the guitar.
The most important single version in the Bread world is “Clouds” by David Gates from 1973, which was a stand-alone mix not available on any album until the 1996 Retrospective.

Ken Croteau

I have the original Guitar Man CD release and always thought it could benefit from a good re-mastering. I would be in if that turned out to be the case.

Pieter van der Velde wzn

I’ve got the Original Album Series and play them quite often. Bread is not always soft. Compare Tecolote from Guitar Man with 16th century greensleeves by Rainbow and you’ll be amazed. I’m still looking for Lost without your love on a separate CD.

Mark Hanson

This will also bring new dimensions to the question, “Is it bigger than a Bread Box?”

Colin Harper

It’s a shame that David Gates is seemingly against the added value aspect in terms of demos and live recordings (because they’re not perfect in the sense that the – brilliant – originally released studio recordings are). For that reason it’s unlikely there will be a more extensive Bread boxed set. But coming after the individual albums on CD in the 90s and then the c.£12 5-CD ‘original albums’ set I fail to see the attraction of this 6CD set at c.£20. With no new mastering as a hook nor even the added single version of ‘It Don’t Matter To Me’, why would anyone bother?

Mark Hanson

Now what we need is a “Singles A’s & B’s” disc to capture the somewhat different single versions of some songs.

Terry Edwards

I bought the 5 CD set and I wont pay out for the one missing CD unless it drops to a really low price.

Jim H.

hmmm, isn’t this essentially the same as the “Original Album Series” from Rhino a few years back, minus one cd? I wonder what is different, if anything?


At least it makes the 1977 album available again on CD. The US Wounded Bird CD release from 2007 is long time OOP. This album has previously never been released by Warner on CD till now. And it’s about time!

I wonder whether this concept has been remastered. Any information on that, Paul?