Brian Eno / Music for Installations

Bespoke high-concept 6CD box • 9LP vinyl set • standard CD edition

This May, Universal Music will issue Music For Installations a Brian Eno super deluxe edition box set of “new, rare and previously unreleased music.”

This is a six-CD set and the music in question is from Eno’s audio-visual installations which have been exhibited all over the world and covers the period 1986 until the present day (“and beyond”!). Half of this music is previously unreleased with the other half only ever had a very limited “direct-to-consumer” release.

As is clear by the image above, this box is not your normal run-of-the-mill SDE and has been designed by Brian and long-time collaborator Nick Robertson. It’s a limited edition numbered super deluxe with a 64-page Plexiglas bound book featuring rare and unseen exhibition photos and a new essay written by Brian Eno. This is housed in an outer rigid 12″ x 10″ box.

This will come with a download card. For the very expensive price – see below – they really should have revealed how many are being produced, but this is undoubtedly a special item, and is perhaps comparable to some of those even more expensive Vinyl Factory limited box sets.

As an alternative to installing the highfalutin mega-set into your record collection, there is also a ‘standard’ 6CD version available around the £70 mark in the UK, although Eno fans may want to jump on the fantastic Amazon US pre-order price which is less than half that!  A 9LP vinyl version is also being released.

Music For Installations will be released on 4 May 2018.

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Brian Eno

Music For Installations - 6CD Plexiglas super deluxe


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Brian Eno

Music For Installations - 6CD standard edition


Compare prices and pre-order

Brian Eno

Music For Installations - 9LP vinyl edition


Detail on Audio:

Music From Installations (previously unreleased):
(Premiered at the Asif Khan-designed installation ‘We Are Energy’ in the UK Pavilion at Astana Expo 2017 in Kazakhstan)
‘The Ritan Bells’
(Premiered at an installation by Eno at Ritan Park in Beijing, China as part of the British Council’s ‘Sound in the City’ series, 2005)
‘Five Light Paintings’
(Premiered at an installation by Eno called ‘Pictures Of Venice’ at the Gallerie Cavallino, in Venice, Italy, 1985.)
‘Flower Bells’
(Premiered at an installation by Eno called ‘Light Music’ at the Castello Svevo in Bari, Italy, 2017)

77 Million Paintings: (previously unreleased):
‘77 Million Paintings’
(Premiered at the inaugural exhibition of ‘77 Million Paintings’ at La Foret Museum Tokyo, Japan, 2006)

Lightness – Music For The Marble Palace: (previously only available as a limited-run CD, via Enostore only):
‘Atmospheric Lightness’
‘Chamber Lightness’
(Premiered at the Eno installation ‘Lightness in the Marble Palace’ at The State Russian Museum in St Petersburg, Russia, 1997)

I Dormienti / Kite Stories: (previously only available as separate limited run CDs, via Enostore only):
‘I Dormienti’
(Premiered at an eponymous installation by the Italian sculptor Mimmo Paladino at The Undercroft of The Roundhouse in London, 1999)
‘Kites I’
‘Kites II’
‘Kites III’
(Premiered at an installation by Brian Eno at the Kiasma Museum of Contemporary Art in Helsinki, Finland, 1999)

Making Space: (limited-run CD previously only available at Eno installations and on the Lumen website):
‘Needle Click’
‘Light Legs’
‘Flora and Fauna’ / ‘Gleise 581d’
‘New Moons’
‘All The Stars Were Out’
‘Hopeful Timean Intersect’
‘World Without Wind’
‘Delightful Universe (seen from above)’
(Compiled by Eno for sale exclusively at his installations, this was first made available while guest artistic director of the Brighton Festival, 2010)

Music For Future Installations: (previously unreleased):
‘‘Unnoticed Planet’
‘Sour Evening (Complex Heaven 3)’
‘Surbahar Sleeping Music’

6CD box sets

Disc: 1
1. 1:Kazakhstan ( 20:33 )
2. 2:The Ritan Bells ( 17:05 )
3. 3:Five Light Paintings ( 19:56 )
4. 4: Flower Bells ( 18:49 )

Disc: 2
1. 1: 77 Million Paintings ( 43:57 )

Disc: 3
1. 1: Atmospheric Lightness ( 30:40 )
2. 2: Chamber Lightness ( 25:00 )

Disc: 4
1. 1: I Dormienti ( 39:42 )
2. 2: Kites I ( 8:07 )
3. 3: Kites II ( 14:29 )
4. 4: Kites III ( 7:34 )

Disc: 5
1. 1: Needle Click ( 4:09 )
2. 2: Light Legs ( 3:38 )
3. 3: Flora and Fauna / Gleise 581d ( 3:56 )
4. 4: New Moons ( 4:03 )
5. 5: Vanadium ( 1:56 )
6. 6: All The Stars Were Out ( 3:53 )
7. 7: Hopeful Timean Intersect ( 5:13 )
8. 8: World Without Wind ( 5:24 )
9. 9: Delightful Universe ( seen from above ) ( 7:33 )

Disc: 6
1. 1: Unnoticed Planet ( 7:45 )
2. 2: Liquidambar ( 6:55 )
3. 3: Sour Evening ( Complex Heaven 3 ) ( 8:12 )
4. 4: Surbahar Sleeping Music ( 18:16 )

Music For Installations 9LP vinyl box

LP1 : Music From Installations
1 A1: Kazakhstan ( 20:18 )
2 B1: The Ritan Bells ( 16:45 )

LP2 : Music From Installations

1 C1: Five Light Paintings ( 19:50 )
2 D1: Flower Bells ( 18:44 )

LP3 : 77 Million Paintings

1 A1: 77 Million Paintings – Part 1 ( 21:29 )
2 B1: 77 Million Paintings – Part 2 ( 22:43 )

LP4 : Lightness – Music For The Marble Palace
1 A1: Atmospheric Lightness – Part 1 ( 15:56 )
2 B1: Atmospheric Lightness – Part 2 ( 15:12 )

LP5 : Lightness – Music For The Marble Palace
1 C1: Chamber Lightness – Part 1 ( 13:38 )
2 D1: Chamber Lightness – Part 2 ( 11:48 )

LP6 – I Dormienti
1 A1: I Dormienti – Part 1 ( 19:23 )
2 B1: I Dormienti – Part 2 ( 21:41 )

LP7 – Kite Stories
1 A1: Kites I ( 8:03 )
2 A2: Kites II ( 7:12 )
3 B1: Kites III ( 13:57 )

LP8 – Making Space
1 A1. Needle Click ( 4:09 )
2 A2. Light Legs ( 3:38 )
3 A3. Flora and Fauna / Gleise 581d ( 3:56 )
4 A4. New Moons ( 4:03 )
5 A5. Vanadium ( 1:56 )
6 A6. All The Stars Were Out ( 3:53 )
7 B1. Hopeful Timean Intersect ( 5:13 )
8 B2. World Without Wind ( 5:24 )
9 B3. Delightful Universe (seen from above) ( 7:33 )

LP9 – Music For Future Installations
1 A1: Unnoticed Planet ( 7:49 )
2 A2: Liquidambar ( 7:00 )
3 A3: Sour Evening ( Complex Heaven 3 ) ( 8:12 )
4 B1: Surbahar Sleeping Music ( 18:09 )

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Trevor King

#Me too. Boo!


BOO! BOOO!! September 7th. Just been notified that my Canadian Amazon order for SHM ‘Music For Installations’ has been cancelled. Reason given: it is out of stock. It wasn’t when i ordered it. Oh well. It was worth a punch.


Same for me – not fair!


Had mine cancelled too.

Mad Earwig

I cancelled mine when I saw UK standard edition dropped to £31.99 so ordered and it is a lovely set even in standard edition. It came in 2 days too.

Amazon Canada quoted me delivery of November 9th so didnt want to wait.

Michael Chapman

Just got my JCP copy posted in a soft envelope…clever.
The box spine is consequently dented. First and last time I deal with JCP.
Waiting on the one I intentionally ordered from Amazon UK.

wolf k

just for the record… (didn’t read all comments):
ordered the big box on amazon.de when it popped up there on march 15th
(it wasn’t up yet when paul sent out his sde notification earlier).
the big box had the same asin as on co.uk but the standard box price €62.22,
iirc that offer was rejected/corrected same day.

received the big box on release day may 5th.
plexiglass & all, #594/1500. nice.
also received a refund of €0.01 on my preorder later. hehe

i didn’t bother to order this from jpc.de, who i’d prefer otherwise.
no way they’d honor THAT deal,
also i wouldn’t want to screw them for their mistake.
had no qualms staying with amazon & taking advantage though…

Alan Wilson

Nice to see that someone else got the deal as well.

I jumped on that as well soon as I seen the price, the deal only lasted for around an hour and a half then it was quickly removed. I ended up with number 458 and also the bizarre refund of €0.01. I think Amazon.de had initially price matched the incorrect JPC price which caused a bit of confusion then quickly thought better of it and withdrew the deal very quickly.


So happy to see that amazon.com honored the USD$35.98 preorder price!! Now the box is in my hands =)
Thanks Paul as allways!!!

Michael Chapman

The reply!!
“Dear Michael,

thank you for your reply.

I have checked the article and your order, but we have never advertised
that the
article is a deluxe edition. N or have we confirmed it in the order

How do you know that other people have received a e-mail concerning wrong

Best regards,

Tracy Rider
Beraterin Kundenservice

Michael Chapman

…further to my earlier post I emailed jpc.de complaining my pre-order was for the Deluxe plexiglass set and they had not alerted me as others have been, that it was “not available” and refunded etc
The response was we advertised the item at 42 euro and have charged you that.
It has shipped and can not be cancelled.
The person responding didn’t differentiate “when and “what”. I offered my interpretation and timeline. Wonder if anyone here can corroborate that for WEEKS they had the Deluxe set advertised at the standard price.
Hands up who thinks I’m going to be delivered a plexi deluxe box.

Stevie B

Well now the Brian ENO and Bryan FERRY(Roxy Music) box sets ARE price matched on AMAZON UK.
Pre-ordering is becoming a farce… £130 down to £55 for the Roxy Music and £70 down to £53 for the Brian Eno (as of 4/5/18). What’s the point of pre-ordering and ‘deal’ alerts? Any Tom Dick or Harry can and usually will get it cheaper in the long run.

Andy P

It’s been £52.99 for weeks, plus if you pre ordered Amazon will always charge their lowest historical price when it’s released.

Michael Chapman

Oh well that’s just great jpc.de AND Amazon UK have both debited my account!!
Like most people here I preordered the deluxe set at the “wrong” price but everybody got emails saying cancelled…except me. Now I have 2 copies coming of the standard set. I can’t afford this!


Can anyone tell me how to cancel an order with JPC?
I’m asking this because I didn’t get any email from them saying the deluxe version was not available and I ‘m worried they’ll charge me for the regular version …which I also pre-ordered from Amazon UK, thinking the JPC pre-order would be cancelled like most here have been saying.


Hello Paul,

Have you heard any update about this appearing in the U.S. Amazon site? I’d prefer to order it from there to avoid hefty shipping costs.

Beat Regards, Scott


I have no idea if this deal will stick, but PopMarket is listing the Deluxe plexiglas book CD version of this set for $62.99 USD. Yes, they list the MSRP at $87.98, but they show the image of the Deluxe CD set and mention the plexiglass bound book in the description. It’s still $5 less than the Amazon US price, so I decided to roll the dice.



Agreed… or the orders will be cancelled. The UPC listed is also for the standard version. Oh well. I can dream, though. :)


Why are JPC still advertising the box for 49.99 if they are cancelling all orders. Surely this is very deceitful.


Glad I jumped at the US Amazon pre-order price, since it’s more than twice that amount now. Thanks, Paul!

Michael Chapman

Amazon de still has the “wrong” price up! I pre ordered the plexi set…no email yet…
Pre ordered standard 6 cd set from Amazon UK too as I’m pretty sure the German site will co tact me soon.


Just want to clarify my last comment: I meant JCP not Amazon.de.


JPC just cancelled my order for the SDE version that i was able to order for $59….knew it was too good to be true…

Robert Morgenstern

Today i got the e-mail from JPC that the Limited Edition i ordered is canceled. So this was a bug or only wrong listed. By the way, at the time the Limited Edition is not to order there, but a good price for the standard edition.


JPC have refunded me 44 euro for my cheeky order of the 6cd super deluxe edition via paypal .
Seems they have spotted their mistake.
Only refund email from paypal, nothing from JPC , Whom I’ve used before and gad goid service from .


JPC was cancelled my 6cd plexiglas superdeluxe edition


those of JPC have said that he has dealt with an error. :-(
In all cases I will not buy from them since they have not honored the commitment


Well, just had my JPC cancellation email.
Was worth a shot.


I just had my jpc order cancelled

We regret to inform you that the following items are
not available for delivery:

Item deleted,misstatements Manufacture
1 8186813 Eno,Brian Music For Installat 49,99

Amounts paid in advance will be refunded
We apologize for the inconvenience.

Gareth Pugh

Just received a cancellation e-mail from JPC. Not surprised in all honesty.

Martin Pearman

Just had an email from JPC.de

The Ltd Ed is not for delivery. Sounds like they have realised the mistake and won’t be honouring the price.

My email: “ We regret to inform you that the following items are
not available for delivery:

Item deleted,misstatements Manufacture
1 8186813 Eno,Brian Music For Installat 49,99

Amounts paid in advance will be refunded
We apologize for the inconvenience.

Sincerely yours,
Your jpc-schallplatten Team“

Jack Moon

JPC just cancelled my order for the “limited edition” 6 cd set so no great deal there, I’m afraid.

Jan wouter

This not at all about Eno!
Does anyone know why Mccartney doesn’t «  touch@ Back to the egg and London Town for Deluxe Editions ?
My favorites, is it an issue with record label Columbia ?
Would love to hear/ read comments

Jack Moon

Thanks for the price tips, Paul. Scored the cheapest price on Amazon for the standard cd set PLUS thought I’d take a gamble on the JPC price – will they honour it? Is it really the “super deluxe”? Could anyone comment on JPCs track record regarding prices and delivery?
Many thanks again!

andrew s

Also ordered via JPC – more in hope than expectation – looks like they charge straight away rather than bill on despatch?

Has anyone attempted to translate the 6 page PDF that comes with the order ack email? Presumably there is a get in there somewhere?


any news ? I hope in the miracle:if JPC confirmed…GREAT JPC ! :-)


JPC lists the 6 CD set as “limited edition”, not “super deluxe”, and the same price is listed here under “standard edition”, so I have to assume this is a glitch in the price tracking widget.


Signed copies available on the Rough Trade website


It is a little strange that they have not yet corrected the price… I ordered it and I hope in the miracle!!!

DW Smith

They just pulled the LTD CD box from the JPC store… thankfully I got an order in maybe 30 or 40 minutes before that. Fingers crossed.

Mike Hewitt

Just got refund from JPCs


Just got refund from JPCs

Chris Squires

Hmmm can’t see in a blue moon that jpc will honour that price, but it is definitely a separate listing to the standard CD set….Ah, memories of getting the Who Live in Leeds triple for £12.99.
Fingers Crossed but I can’t look anyone in the eye for the guilt….

Michael G

Another order for JPC Germany
Super deluxe Edition
Anybody know if they are obligated to honour this price?


It is not clear if they are obliged to honour the price.
If they don’t want to, they can find a way (they simply can cancel the order saying the product is not available from their supplier).
Even Amazon is not obliged. Amazon.it recently canceled my order of Pete Townshend’s Who Came First Deluxe Edition saying the price (6€ more or less) was incorrect.


just ordered the SDE for $59 on JPC…let’s how that goes….

Oisin Conroy

For £340, I’d want Brian Emo to send someone to my house to install a Super Deluxe Plexiglass boxes in my living room with hidden ceilings speakers.

Tom of FUN

Spot on Oisin. LOL For some twisted reason”madness they called it gladness” chorus came to my mind by, erm, the mighty Madness Another bummer is that vinyl set carved from digital files, does make sense even less.


Ltd edition only 44 euro at jpc right now, got to be a mistake but I’ve ordered it incase.


Yes, that’s a crazy price. I tried it too, just for kicks. We’ll see how it goes.

Benjamin Adams

Glad I grabbed the basic box on Amazon US yesterday, because the price has more than doubled.

Fun fact: It hit #4 on Amazon’s CD sales chart.

Dan T.

Amazon US changed the price to $88 USD for the standard CD set… Bummer. They would have made a sale with me at the $36 USD posted here… I’ll keep my eye on it.

Not Available

I admire Brian Eno a lot, as a musician and as someone who has influenced at least a couple of decades’ worth of other musicians. I’ve bought pretty much everything he’s ever released. To me though, I find this “deluxe” box pretty insulting. I don’t think anyone that can afford almost $500.00 on a 6 CD set are going to be the people who would most appreciate it to begin with.


I’ll record 6 cds of ambient electronic noodling and bung them in a plastic box for £250 if anyone’s interested…?


Eno presents ‘Music for Bank Balances’ (his)

If you do end up with this make sure whilst listening to have some paint available so that you can watch it dry

The perfect visual analogue.


Most die hard Eno fans will have the limited release content already. And lets face it some of the other content has been easily available for years. That said, good to see an official release for this material, it’s what Brian does best.
A couple of niggles though … no ‘Compact Forest Proposal’ ‘Quiet Club’ ‘Music for the Long Now’ or the extraordinary ‘White Cube’?
… and around this period Eno was basing his music on just one piece, ‘Ikebukuro’ from ‘The Shutov Assembley’ (‘Kite Music’ being just one example) … of the pieces I’m familiar with here I don’t recognise any others sharing this ‘bloodline’ … but thought I’d mention it.

Derek Langsford

Price of the 6 CD Standard edition at Amazon US jumped from $35.98 to $87.78, about $10 less than the UK cost. But bif you take off VAT from the UK cost and only pay Amazon UK’s incredibly cheap international shipping, currently it would work out less to import to the US from the UK than to use Amazon US. That happens so often these days.

Kudos to the label for not combining CD and vinyl.


Hmm, does the 9LP version come with the special plexiglas-bound book too? It’s considerably lower in price compared to the CD deluxe version, makes me think no.

Larry C.

Already up to $87.78 at the US Amazon.com – thanks to the tip earlier, I ordered it at $35.98!


I got it at $35.98 too – thanks for the tip Paul!


As did I. Thx.


same. i hesitated at first, but when i saw that the PledgeMusic pre-order price was $70 for the CD set, i went for it on Amazon. thanks again, Paul.


Eno presents: ‘Music for Bank Balances’ (his)

If anyone does end up with this do make sure when playing it you do have the requisite wet paint ready so that you can watch it dry.

Benjamin Adams

Great price on Amazon US. Who needs plexiglass anyway?

Jorge S Sampieri D

I do like even more the ‘House of Illustrious’ deluxe box-set, from Vince Clarke and Martyn Ware experiments. Limited to 1,000 around the globe. Plus, got one here in México. It’s obvious that’s not so ‘fancy’ as this Eno’s box, but the audio’s worth than that.

Antonio Cunha

This is the kind of box I like! The only issue is the Plexiglas box price!
I only dream of having those PSB Vinyl Factory boxes!


See those PSB Vinyl Factory releases in Discogs periodic listings of highest price sales on their site.

Miguel Rocha

Bryan will include a pair of Amanda Lear’s black stilettos with the next SDE to compete with Brian’s price.


Does look a nice set from the stock photo’s.

Just not sure the material will justify the cost – Similar packaging with a good chunk of his previous releases remastered etc. and I’d have been tempted.


I saw one of Brian Eno’s installations at O’Hare International Airport in Chicago back in the early 2000’s, presented in a series of corridors leading to the main lobby of the airport. The mesmerizing light show reminded me of the late artist, Dan Flavin’s light sculpture retrospective exhibition I saw at the Guggenheim Museum in New York. I’m surprised, given the high price tag for this SDE, Mr. Eno didn’t include video content of his many installations, wherein the animations of color and pattern could also be appreciated, and IMO bring greater clarity to his ambient music compositions. I’m a big fan of a lot of Eno’s musical output, but in this instance I would prefer just the illustrated book with an inserted blu-ray showing video excerpts of these Eno events.


No 5.1. Very disappointing. Would have bought for sure. Now its a no. This type of music must be heard in 5.1 surround sound.


‘Plexiglass’, eh?

A plastic, when it comes down to it, designed to be anti-glare for use in picture frames. So for an extra £300 give or take, you can see the cover of the enclosed book with slightly less glare than normal. It can still scratch more readily than glass. Otherwise, it’s 6 cds of no-doubt pleasant electronic noodling in an admittedly well-designed box, or ‘printed cardboard’ when it comes to it. But wait – it is all housed in a RIGID box! (ie. thicker cardboard than normal).

Will Eno be hand-writing every book in this super-deluxe edition? Delivering each copy personally on horseback? Maybe this is what is meant by ‘direct to consumer’!

No doubt there will be rich Eno fans who have to have this and good luck to them, each to their own and all that. As far as I am concerned, the last time I remember my jaw dropping with such incredulity was discovering that the vinyl version of Grace Jones’ Hurricane LP a few years ago cost £300 from Vinyl Factory. Plenty of those still available – I wonder why?!


On Brian Eno website in vinyl for 160 pounds…..”None of this work has previously been available on vinyl until now. Designed by Brian and long-time collaborator Nick Robertson, this beautifully bound heavyweight 9LP package comes with a 64-page booklet featuring rare and unseen exhibition photographs and a new essay written by Eno. Also contains a download code.”