Bright Eyes / The Studio Albums 2000-2011 / 10LP coloured vinyl box set


Limited, coloured vinyl box set

Saddle Creek Records are to release The Studio Albums 2000-2011 a new ten LP vinyl box set compiling the work of American indie rock band Bright Eyes.

The vinyl box contains six albums (four are doubles) with all audio remastered by Bob Ludwig. Furthermore exclusive to this box, all ten vinyl records are coloured vinyl pressings.

All the vinyl is pressed at RTI and housed in high quality  ‘tip-on’ jackets which reside in a foiled-blocked, linen-wrapped outer box. You also get an essay by Nathaniel Krenkel and twelve 8″ x 10″ photo prints by Butch Hogan. Includes digital download for all six albums.


This is a limited edition of 5000. A CD box set of The Studio Albums is also available, which comes in a mini-me box (foiled-stamped, linen-wrapped etc.). That’s even more limited with just 1000 being made.

For what you get, the 10LP vinyl set is arguably better value than the CD box. Both will be issued on 21 October 2016.


The Studio Albums 2000-2011 contains:

  • • Fevers and Mirrors (2000) (2LP- gatefold Maroon vinyl)
  • • LIFTED or The Story Is in the Soil, Keep Your Ear to the Ground (2002) (2LP -Gatefold – Black & Yellow Swirl Vinyl)
  • • I’m Wide Awake, It’s Morning (2005) (Light Yellow Vinyl)
  • • Digital Ash in a Digital Urn (2005) (2LP- D-Side etching Gatefold – Light Blue Vinyl)
  • • Cassadaga (2007) (2LP- Gatefold Clear Vinyl)
  • • The People’s Key (2011) (Orange Swirl Vinyl)

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Phantom Stranger

Coner Oberst is one of the most gifted singer-songwriters working today. He’s possibly this century’s Dylan. I’m not sure what this set offers for fans that already own these albums.


agree JWL, these are the most known and still available albums from Cnor Oberst, so why republish them without any add on? There is a lot of stuff from CO worth collecting (I love thr John Prine tribute). CO is a love it or hate it thing (especially the voice) so I guess most people interested will have them all (like me). There so much interesting stuff out there this autuum this box without any extras is not that tempting.


60 USD on the Saddle Creek website, plus 25 USD for shipping, not bad I guess but should have had something a wee bit more than remastering, like previously mentioned EPs etc


Is coloured vinyl aimed specifically at children? They would be the only people who don’t understand they’re being manipulated.


This sort of stuff is aimed at people who collect music instead of listening to it!


Agreed Paul, it’s getting boring listening to people whinging on!

CJ Feeney

There will be individual black vinyl releases in Novemeber for those that don’t like novelty colours or fancy-shmansy boxes. Personally I like a good box, I can take or leave the novelty colours.

The existing LPs are still available as well, but these new ones seem to be better packaged and pressed, and have new reamastering by Bob Ludwig, but I’m not sure how that will compare to existing editions.

I’m a bit concerned that these won’t get a UK/EU release. All the above European prices seem to be based on imports.


Shame they didn’t assemble some sort of “Past Masters” compilation too – there’s so much Bright Eyes stuff spread across EPs, split 7″s and random compilations. Would’ve been nice to get everything in one neat box.

Simon F

Who the f— are Bright Eyes? Anything to do with either that ghastly Art Garfunkel song or the nick-name that Zira gives to Taylor in Planet Of The Apes?

CJ Feeney

Bright Eyes are the “main” band of Coner Oberst and Mike Mogis, who I discovered via The Monsters of Folk album and various music magazine cover discs. They also collaborate occasionally with First Aid Kit. A good band if you like countryish Americana. They should be on streaming sites, as I doubt anyone who isn’t already a fan will invest in either of these box sets.

The UK price for the CD set is a bit steep

Paul – it’s four doubles not three.