Brooklyn Bowie exclusives now available online with worldwide shipping

Brooklyn Bowie Exclusives now available online with worldwide shipping

The David Bowie Is exhibition reached the end of the road last month in Brooklyn. The exclusive vinyl records – ‘Time’/’The Prettiest Star’ silver vinyl seven-inch and David Bowie Live in Berlin [1978] orange vinyl – were only available to visitors who turned up in person at Brooklyn Museum, which of course created a burgeoning resale market on sites like eBay. The good news, if you’ve been after these, is that they are now available online via the Brooklyn Museum website, and they will ship overseas!

Head here for the offering (which also includes both of the records above and the red vinyl iSelect Bowie, which was also available in Brooklyn, although wasn’t a location exclusive). Shipping overseas is not particularly cheap, but this option is still much cheaper than paying the extortionate prices being asked on resale sites.

Parlophone will release the next Loving The Alien, the next David Bowie box set in October. A seven-inch picture disc of Zeroes (2018) is due in September.

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David Bowie

Loving The Alien - 15LP vinyl box


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David Bowie

Loving The Alien - 11CD box set


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David Bowie

Zeroes (2018) (Radio Edit) (Picture Disc) [VINYL]


Bowie Live in Berlin [1978] orange vinyl

Side 1

Be My Wife
Sense of Doubt

Side 2

Breaking Glass
Alabama Song
Rebel Rebel

Time/Prettiest Star 7″ silver vinyl

iSelect Bowie red vinyl

Side 1

Life On MarsP
Sweet Thing/Candidate/Sweet Thing (Reprise)
The Bewlay Brothers
Lady Grinning Soul
Some Are

Side 2

Teenage Wildlife
Fantastic Voyage
Loving The Alien
Time Will Crawl (MM Remix)
Hang On To Yourself (Live)

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Same here, they still have not responded to my mail (three days now) but I received a partial cancellation notice and a refund for iSelect. I paid a steep price for Priority Mail Express International shipping (3 items : Time’/’The Prettiest Star’ seven-inch, Live in Berlin and iSelect) and now, after 3 weeks, they cancelled iSelect and I’m still waiting for my package and an answer to my mail (just wanted to know the status of my order and a tracking number if it was already shipped). I will never buy again from the Brooklyn Museum, that’s for sure !


Had to chase them up, and today they informed me they’d sold out of iSelect. And would I like 2 copies of ‘Live in Berlin’ and ‘Time’? No thanks! Poor.


After ordering as soon as the news was published, and without information since, today refund of a part without any precision ! Thank you for the ebay vultures who will still have good days in front of them.


I placed my order on august 13 and I still have not received my package although I selected a faster shipping option and higher shipping fees ! I contacted the Brooklyn Museum shop by mail two days ago and I’m still waiting for a response ! The only mail I received from the shop was when I placed my order to inform me it was accepted That’s all. No mail to inform me the items were shipped or cancelled or anything else !

Can people who ordered Bowie items tell me if they have received their order ? Thanks.

Don Lambert

Got Berlin record today but had to pay royal mail delivery office £11.87 before they would give it to me. Supposedly a customs charge but £8 of that was a royal mail handling charge. Makes it an expensive purchase!


I received an email this evening advising that I’ve been refunded for iSelect album. Presumably no stock left, although there is no explanation.

Not sure I now want to pay $22.33 for delivery of the other album I ordered (Live Berlin) that is apparently still in stock…especially having just read what appears to be in store quality-wise when it does arrive ☹️


Got my copies of Berlin/iSelect today. Damaged corners and seamsplits galore. Paid $30 for postage *!@#!@*-


Anyone ordered Time 7″ at https://shop.brooklynmuseum.org/collections/david-bowie-is/products/bowie-time-7-excl?variant=6886946504738 ? I see “restocking” and no “add to cart” at this link.
Though other items have “add to cart” button.


I decided to cancel my order and it was no problem to do so.
Bit worried about the LPs arriving damaged from USA to Ireland.


Be prepared to receive bad quality vinyl.
I got iselect LP and I have never seen such a warped record! Also it has scratches and the sleeve has a seam split!
So disappointing!

Ed Jones

Rather splendid that they have made these available to people who did not make it to the exhibition. I don’t recall the V&A doing the same thing (although I may be mistaken).


There was nothing interesting that was unique from the V&A, the cynic in me tells me. That was because Bowie was alive at that time.

Michel D.

Here is the list of all the special releases from the Bowie is… exhibition around the world (there was 2 of those at the V&A):


Another Bowie Live release… BORING!


“restocking” so there’s more on the way? great

Stephen Tomlinson

All 3 Bowie vinyls now show as restocking…don’t know if more will be available at a later date or all sold out.

Cosmo Castanza

I think my 3 biggest outgoings are



Bowie new releases


Also ordered the 3 vinyls(now all I need is a record player).

The website is warning that they are experiencing an extremely high volume of orders and is asking for extra shipping time. Let’s hope they don’t sell out soon…

thanks Paul for the info!

Marc K.

WoW, I’m a happy Dutchman, thank you for the great news! Ordered all three.

Saar Freedman

Now if only the Japan Exhibition would take a hint and do the same :)


I visited the show in Brooklyn early June after doing V & A twice and picked up i Select , an interesting selection chosen by David formerly as a free cd given with Mail on Sunday. Now anticipating the next box set .

eric Slangen

Many thanks, ordered the 3 vinyls.


Buyer beware on the Berlin LP: It is mastered from a slow tape. All the songs are approximately 1/2 step lower in key than their counterparts on Stage and Welcome to the Blackout. Several people are commenting on it on the listing over at Discogs.



Thanks a lot Paul. I just bought all three vinyl items.

By the way, you are correct about the Live In Berlin (1978), it must be the- 8-track orange vinyl mini-LP.

It’s the true, it’s written “Brooklyn Museum exclusive, orange vinyl EP.” but on the picture, you can clearly see “Live in Berlin [1978] LP” and your link from Bowie’s official web site is quite clear about that : “Also exclusive to the exhibition shop will be an 8-track mini-LP on transparent orange vinyl, recorded live in Berlin at the Deutschland Halle, Berlin on 16th May, 1978. Four of the tracks are completely unreleased and the remaining four were only issued within the last six months, three on a digital streaming only E.P. which was only available for five days and one on the B-side of the 40th Anniversary “Beauty And The Beast” 7” picture disc released on 5th January this year. ”

The press release date is 2018/02/27 so I doubt they made a physical release of that 3-track EP after that date and if they did, it would have been for RSD and we would have heard about it obviously !

It’s quite clear it’s just an error and the offer is for the 8 track mini-LP. And it’s a bargain ! Too bad, shipping to Europe is a bit expansive but it’s totally worth it if you buy all 3 vinyl items. I guess all items will be sold out soon so thanks again !

Stephen Tomlinson

Thanks Paul. Ordered all 3 vinyl. $15.20 shipping cost to Canada.


Gutted for those trying to sell these on Ebay!..#prayforthem


Cheers Paul, excellent spot. Bought the two LPs – hope they’ve got the stock to satisfy the orders (still waiting on tenterhooks for the Eno Japan box set!).

elliott buckingham

will there be import duty to pay on these


Had anyone managed to get clarification. Is it the 8 track LP, or is it a vinyl pressing of the 3 track EP? The price would suggest it’s the LP, but the website does refer to the EP.



Oh yeah. Fantastic news, Thank you for the tip. Ordered all the vinyls.


It’s certainly as you say, Paul…
unless… it’s eventually the physical release of a digital EP which was rumoured would get a phisical release some day… ;)

Gary Heaford

Thanks Paul ordered all 3 vinyl items. Everytime I look on this website more goodies to buy.


Great, thanks Paul, Ebay does make me sick sometimes!


Could the Australian ACMI do the same for the yellow “Let’s Dance” single? ;-)

Martin Power

Brilliant Paul – So many thanks for the heads up

Ordered all 3 for £70 delivered

Bill Thornton

What a break . Thanks Paul, I ordered everything , including a print

Peter livesey

Great news


Made my day with that Paul. Now if Tokyo would only put some extra Lady Stardust picture discs on sale…………….

Peter liveesy

Great news


Thanks for heads up
Live lp and I select ordered
$22 postage so $72 all in
Way cheaper than eBay prices

Bobby Jean

Great news.I wonder how disappointed you have made some ebay seller’s with this news lol


that was on my list of things to grudgingly do this week – glad this happened today!!


Excellent info update paul . I select ordered .
Thank you

Bernard O’Hara

Thanks Paul. Nice companion for my unopened heathen orange vinyl from London

Le Baron

Ordered ! Thanks for the information, Paul !!
Are these as limited as they were claimed to be?

Adam Shaw

Felt quite smug with myself when I got these from the museum, that’ll teach me .


Maybe you were the only one who turned up on the day eh ? Lol

Adam Shaw

Reason being is that I am from the UK and was in New York at the time the exhibition started .

Jonathan Astley

Thanks Paul – been looking at this for ages but eBay prices are pretty high so nice to be able to buy this and the single for just over Usd 60 including shipping.


Why the cover for ‘Live in Berlin’ says LP when it’s only three tracks?


47 usd to France with shipping for the Berlin EP !
and only 3 tracks…
No way !


actually, Paul, when you click on the item, the picture is of the LP, but the caption reads “orange vinyl EP” and lists 3 tracks.

And since there was, indeed, a 3-track EP of the same name released in 2017, it’s not at all clear to me what you’re actually going to get…


it was released in 2017 in order to promote the ANCIANT box.
Same exact artwork and picture, same title, just “EP” instead of “LP”.
You can look it up, it’s everywhere on the web.
It was released digitally, and there were plans for a phisical release – which to be honest I’ve no idea if ever came through.

Paul Herberts

Thanks Paul,
Fantastic News, Berlin, Book & I-Select ordered.


Hell yes!