Bros: Gold / 3CD and gold-coloured vinyl

“The only Bros compilation you’ll ever need”

Demon Music continue their popular Gold series with a new Bros compilation, available as a cheap-as-chips three-CD set or gold-coloured vinyl LP.

Bros were massive teen sensations in the UK in 1988 and all five singles from their debut Push reached the top five of the UK singles chart. The album went quadruple platinum, selling well over 1m copies in the UK.

By the second long-player, 1989’s The Time bassist Craig Logan had left and twin brothers Matt and Luke Goss carried on as a duo. The hysteria had calmed down a bit by this stage, but the album still delivered three top ten hits (‘Too Much’, ‘Chocolate Box’ and ‘Sister’) and the fourth, ‘Madly in Love’, peaked at a still respectable number 14. Third album Changing Faces was all but ignored and Bros split soon after.

Bros have been back in the spotlight recently as a result of the superbly enjoyable Bros: After The Screaming Stops documentary, which followed the brothers as the got back together in 2017 for a UK tour (which, in the end, was only three dates). The documentary was screened on the BBC in the UK over Christmas 2018 and became a trending sensation thanks to sheer ridiculousness of the talking head interviews, Matt and Luke’s occasionally explosive relationship and the non-stop words of ‘wisdom’ (“Rome wasn’t built in a day. But we don’t have the time Rome had”, “You can’t play conkers in England” etc.).

Broadly speaking, the three-CD version of Bros Gold offers all the big hits on disc one, the not quite as big hits on disc two and then a selection of mixes, edits and alternative versions on the final disc.

The coloured vinyl  keeps things very simply by featuring all the 12 singles from the original era (including ‘Silent Night’ which was the AA-side on ‘Cat Amongst The Pigeons’.

Bros Gold will be issued on 27 March 2020 via Crimson/Demon Records.

Bros Gold 3CD set

CD 1
1. When Will I Be Famous?
2. I Owe You Nothing
3. Drop The Boy
4. It’s a Jungle Out There
5. I Quit (single mix)
6. Ten out of Ten
7. Cat Among the Pigeons
8. Liar
9. Shocked
10. Love to Hate You
11. Money
12. Black & White
13. The Big Push Overture
14. Silent Night
15. When Will I Be Famous? (Acapella Mix)

CD 2
1. Too Much
2. Sister (single mix)
3. Chocolate Box
4. Changing Faces
5. Life’s a Heartbeat
6. I’ll Count The Hours
7. Are You Mine? [7″ version]
8. Try
9. Streetwise
10. Madly In Love (Joe Smooth Mix)
11. Club Fool
12. Astrologically
13. Space
14. Don’t Bite the Hand
15. Shelter (7″ Version)

CD 3
1. When Will I Be Famous? (Infamous Mix)
2. Are You Mine? (12” Mix)
3. Drop The Boy (The Shep Pettibone Mix)
4. Try (Extended Mix)
5. Break My Silence
6. Don’t Go Loving Me Now
7. Chocolate Box (Rap Mix)
8. Leave Me Alone
9. I Quit (Acid Drops)
10. Shot In The Back
11. Never Love Again
12. You’re My Life
13. Just Another Tear
14. The Boy Is Dropped
15. I Owe You Nothing (The Voice)

Bros Gold vinyl LP

1. When Will I Be Famous?
2. I Owe You Nothing
3. Drop the Boy
4. I Quit (Single Mix)
5. Cat Among the Pigeons
6. Silent Night
7. Too Much
8. Sister
9. Chocolate Box
10. Are You Mine? (7″ Version)
11. Try
12. Madly in Love (Joe Smooth Mix)

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Christophe Delannoy

Superbe best of, c’est vrai que “too much” extented est manquant, la version album de “madly in love” est mieux, manque la phase b de Sister: ” i’ll count the hours”

Julian De Backer

Got an e-mail yesterday saying my £5.99 preorder of the ‘cheap-as-chips’ 3-CD set got even cheaper and, eh, chipsier: just £5, so £0.99 was added back to my bank account. Never before has a “new” 3-CD compilation been this affordable.

John McCann

I think the words (flash in the pan) probably sum theas guys up,but for a 1988 teen-ager ,then a reunion would be a great thing,a night out with the girls,forty something now, and to be fair to matt and luke, they have looked after themselves,as I said in a earlier post i was born June 68 they where born a little later,wish I saw the same reflection in the mirror in the morning when I brush my teeth as theas guys do,and I look decent for 51. amen


Even in the UK they were never truly huge. Yes, they had several Top 10 Singles and
the ‘Push’ Album sold a UK Million. However, they only spent 2 Weeks at No.1, in the
UK. That was with ‘I Owe You Nothing’, in 1988. Even their ‘Push’ Album was unable
to get higher than No.2. They were never, (and never will be), one of the: ‘All Time Chart
Acts’. The way the Media went on about their 2016 ‘Reunion’, you’d have thought that
they’d had about 10 to 20 No.1 Hits! The ‘Gold’ Triple CD Series are, (obviously), being
released, to see if a few thousand UK Sales can be ‘squeezed’ out of the most popular ones.
The Gene Pitney one seems to have sold at least 10,000 to 12,000, for a start.


Paul – But, Kate Bush has had several Top 10 UK Albums, of which 11 reached the
Top 5, and 3 of those went to No.1. Bros only had 2 Top 10 Albums and that was
it. Kate has a far, far more impressive UK Chart presence. Like Bros, she only had
1 UK No.1 Single, (‘Wuthering Heights’ – 1978), but by staying at No.1 for 4 Weeks, even that, was twice as long as Bros’s only No.1 Single stayed at No.1. I estimate that Bros sold about 1.5 Million UK Albums. It really is not huge, for all the Media fuss, that was made, when they announced a ‘Come Back’ in 2016. ABBA became only the 9th Act to reach/pass 20 Million UK Album Sales, in 2018. The other 8 Acts are The Beatles, Queen, Madonna, Michael Jackson, Elvis Presley, Rod Stewart, U2 and Robbie Williams. So, Bros are simply far away from the popularity that those 9 Acts have sustained. (Yes, even Elton John has not – quite – reached 20 Million UK Album Sales – yet).

CJ Feeney

Probably more fair to compare them to Wham! (whose shoes they effectively stepped into – the gossip columns needed a new glossy biy band to talk about inb’88). Two big albums and a dominant chart year.

The music hasn’t stood the test of time as well as Wham’s has, but they were huge at the time. They headlined Wembley stadium for goodness sake!

Victoria VEB

I agree, they were huge in that period of time, they were also the youngest band to headline wembley stadium.
You can’t please everyone.
I have been a fan from day one, and let’s be honest, these guys even Craig have had huge success in America as solo careers, in there chosen profession.

Steve Thorpe

Delighted to say the Showaddywaddy ‘Gold’ release that I compiled for Crimson sold well over 22,000 physical (CD) copies as well as entering the Top 40 album charts at Number 15 and remaining in the charts for 9 weeks! This series of releases offers a fantastic overview of an artist’s career – Belinda Carlisle, Leo Sayer, 5 Star, Bangles are also some of the best releases in 2019/2020

Ursula Oner

Is it the album version of ‘I Owe You Nothing’ ? Single mix is a banger, album version not so good!


Do you know which version of these tracks we are getting?
When Will I Be Famous? (Single or Album)
I Owe You Nothing (88 Single Mix or Album)
Drop The Boy (Single or Album)
Love to Hate You (Single or Album)
Silent Night (Single or Full Length)
Try (Single or Album)
Shelter (7″ Version) Was there another version I don’t know of?

Also do you know if any plans for a Singles Boxset with all the mixes from Promo 12″s especially? Would be great to get one done like the Bananarama boxset with pics of all format pics, info & lyrics of course


getting the CD. my favorite from them was the extended version of Too Much – absolute banger. but it’s not included here. can’t complain for the price though.


This is complete Bros and has their complete three albums included with the extra tracks, apart from the usual version of Madly In Love (instead the Joe Smooth one, even though it is shorter than the album version of Madly In Love and longer than the single mix!). It ruins the album ordering you know. But if you don’t have them – own this!

CJ Feeney

Bros were one of the two most “intense” experiences of my time working on the bars at Wembley Arena. The first-aiders and stewards were kept busy all night removing hysterically screaming girls from the arena, at least one was strapped into a wheelchair.

I recall they did a decent cover of Stevie Wonder’s “Higher Ground”.

Mr P

when i worked at a record store, the sales rep gave us a 12″ white label Bros mix which included the (up to then onl)y Bros Hits and the flip side had a chart mix, which mixed in all the current hits by other artists in with the the Bros track at the time.

we had so many offers to buy it or orders for it, but it could never be released.

strange, strange mix!

Robert van Dam

“The only Bros compilation you’ll ever need” – The question is : Do you really need a Bros compilation ? I never liked Bros, so I am not interested in this compilation.


And here I was, worried I was the only person who wasn’t interested in things they didn’t like….

John McCann

Me and the goss brothers where born within a couple of months of each other,im sitting in a van outside a health center in Glasgow in the freezing cold waiting for someone to arrive and sign for a letter, I presume that they are not, so all credit to them, they are probably great guys and maybe we are all just a little bit envious of them as we make our way thru our humdrum life’s,amen.

Paul Taylor

Love it. I know what a freezing Glasgow is like so you paint a vivid picture.
Thanks for brightening up a freezing Friday


“Everyone has to be on the same page, otherwise you don’t get to turn the page. Because somebody gets left behind otherwise and then somebody has lost the page of the story, which may be the key to the ending.” – Matt Goss

Wayne Olsen

The first album made it to #171 on the US charts, so they were more successful than Suede or Dollar over here.


Also weird that the track listing switches the single release order for the first four tracks. Correct order is Famous, Drop, Owe You and I Quit.


I’m disappointed that the 12’ inch version of ‘too much’ has not been included in this collection.

Peter Hogg

I was curious about the amount of GOLD collections I had seen in recent months, so a quick trawl of the internet, has resulted in finding another 32 GOLD releases. A mixed bag of artist to choose from.

Ace Of Base
Average White Band
Andy Williams
Bay City Rollers
Belinda Carlisle
Boney M.
Brotherhood Of Man
Chairmen of the Board
Charlie Landsborough
Chas and Dave
David Soul
Five Star
Gene Pitney
Gladys Knight
Hank Marvin
Jackie Wilson
John Denver
Johnny Mathis
Justin Fletcher
Kiki Dee
Labi Siffre
M People
Michael Bolton
Mungo Jerry
Perry Como
The Tremeloes
Village People


Plus …
Leo Sayer
Val Doonican
Daniel O’Donnell

Stevie B

I blame ABBA!

Dave R

Add Kiss and Rush to the Gold collections. Both excellent value for money with all the best stuff included.


Those old Kiss and Rush compilations may be titled “Gold” but aren’t part of the Demon Music 3CD series which only started a couple of years ago.
Incidentally, there was also a Joe Brown Gold set announced as due this month but Amazon UK are now showing it’s release date as Feb 2021.


All adds to the value of my Matt Bianco collection…

Tony walton

A understand people likening different kinds of music….but bros can’t imagine this been a multi selling CD…..a wonder if you get a free golsh beer bottle top with it….bubble gum pop at its worst…

Victoria VEB

I don’t really think they care, Matt headlines Caesar’s in Las Vegas.
Luke is an successful actor and director.
Craig is a successful manager for the likes of pink etc.
It might pay there shopping bills but I don’t really think they want to win an Emmy for this one.


For the first time I’m a little annoyed at these Gold series. At that price there is not much to complain of course but they could have made this more special. Rather than adding all the songs they ever released (3 albums), they should have put the best songs on disc 1 and 2 and use disc 3 for the remixes only. There are not enough remixes on this collection. They did a better job with the Five Star, Shalamar and Village People releases.


There are so many remixes to go for, Chocolate Box would fill an album. However given the interest in Bros currently, I would wager at least a new 2cd set of The Time this year?

Julian De Backer

Beggars can’t be choosers, but it would have been nice if they had included the ‘Love Can Make You Fly’ download-only single from 2017.

Sarah Pringle

Omg! love bros and it comes out on my birthday happy days


Shame Too much extended version is not on disc 3


They must of had some kind of success in the US (my Mom told me about Bros back in the day!!) and I remember the song “When Will I Be Famous?” but I don’t remember any of the other titles by just looking at the track list. It might be a case of “if I heard them I’d remember” and at this price for the 3CD it might be worth it to find out.

Steven Roberts

Whats ‘Ken’ up to these days, I wonder?

Julian De Backer

There’s a small featurette on his wherabouts on the ‘After the Screaming Stops’ Blu. And, of course, he made it big as a repertoire manager for a slew of artists. He’s probably the richest of all three members, to be honest.

Stan Butler

Ken went on to be a successful music industry mogul. No mug it seems.
He was born on the very same day as my missus.

Victoria VEB

He is a successful manager for the likes of pink etc.
By the way his name is Craig Logan.
He is a multi millionaire.

Andy Robertson

The Shep Pettibone 12″ of IOYN seems to be a glaring omission from ‘The only Bros compilation you’ll ever need’….

jp Sanders

Why did they never release “Drop the boy” with Frankie Howerd doing the “OO-errr”s – would have been a classic !

On a more serious note I was no fan of Bros but enjoyed the hits from the second album but not enough to fork out for this collection.

Am interested to see where these Gold collections go – Hayzi Fantaysee Gold or Amazulu Gold anyone ?


Missed opportunity – where’s the full sde box set treatment? If they’d have issued that I’d have been in especially if it came with replica Grolsch bottle tops that you could attach to your shoes.

Julian De Backer

6 forking pounds?! Wow, a no-brainer if there ever was one. Born in 1984, so missed the Bros mania (they only had 2 hits in Belgium anyway), but big fan since 2006 or so. 6 pounds, darn, what a bargain. If only all greatest hits were this competitively priced.

Funny: 3 CDs is also their entire discography. So they could’ve just reprinted those, and stuck ’em in a box. But of course, the added value here is remixes and longer cuts.

Peter Muscutt

Personally I’d like a CD featuring the aforementioned “words of wisdom” from the documentary, if only to listen to as a form of self-help. “That road-sweeper? He’s a king to me…” etc. Divinely uplifting stuff (in a tongue in cheek sort of a way).


Such a pity they couldn’t include the Frank Sidebottom / Chris Sievey cover when he opened for them at Wembley.

I owe you 50p

Michel Banen

This looks too good to pass on. The 3 CD for that price is amazing. The gold vinyl looks appropriate for the title and although I’m not too familiar with their music I just pre-ordered the 3-CD and the vinyl. Pretty sure I might regret not getting the vinyl when it’s no longer available.

Gareth Jones

Have a listen to Frank Sidebottom’s Bros Medley and you’ll never hear their hits in quite the same way ever again! https://open.spotify.com/track/6ztwzPMhYaddb4ZYg7QSf4 (sorry, it’s not on YouTube. Bobbins!)


Vastly overpriced …


It’s funny, but although I am familiar with the band, looking at that tracklist, I only know two of the songs (my Sister was the Bros fan in our house, being three years older than me). That isn’t a knock at Bros at all, but it’s interesting to me that even a band who only had two songs I actually know are still familiar to me (I know the band members names, I remember a video or two etc). It’s a stark contrast to today’s music – I can barely remember anything new artists who’ve come out in the last ten years, but I can remember a band who had two songs I know 30 years ago.
Now, either new music is terrible and forgettable, or I’m getting old. Or both.


New music is terrible now and it’s nothing to do with getting old either. Likewise my sister was into Bros and although certainly not my cup of tea they were still better than any of the dross about now


Oh come on…. there’s so much to enjoy if you want to. The new Dua Lipa single for example.


Love this compilation series. All the hits plus deep cuts. And 3 discs. Glad to see ‘It’s a Jungle Out There’ included. Will buy this for sure.


As a music fan that likes what he likes – even if it’s deemed uncool, i’ll be getting this. Fun pop music…memory lane tunes at a bargain price. Love this series of CDs.


I hope they’re using the correct single mix of I Owe You Nothing (the version that got to No.1) rather than the album/original release mix which flopped.


The one you’re not supposed to mention?

(I know that’s a different song but I couldn’t help myself… :) )

John McCann

I’ll never need it.


….love it lol !