Bruce Springsteen / Album Collection, Vol. 2 1987-1996 / 10LP vinyl box

Vinyl box set • Tunnel of Love/Human Touch now 2LP sets • Remastered.

This May, Columbia/Legacy Recordings will follow-up Bruce Springsteen‘s 2014 Album Collection box set with a second volume, The Album Collection Vol. 2, 1987-1996.

This box consists of ten vinyl records and includes four studio albums: Tunnel Of Love (2LP), Human Touch (2LP), Lucky Town and The Ghost of Tom Joad. The mathematicians among you will note that that is only six records. Accounting for the other four are a double vinyl MTV Plugged (from 1993), the Chimes of Freedom EP on 12-inch vinyl (issued in ’88) and the debut on vinyl of 1996’s Blood Brothers EP.

All the audio has been remastered (by Bob Ludwig and Springsteen’s longtime engineer Toby Scott ) from the original analogue masters and like the previous box they’ve used the Plangent Process playback system (designed to give optimum results). Tunnel of Love and Human Touch are pressed up as double albums for the first time.

As before, original packaging is recreated and this set comes with a 60-page book featuring rare photos, images of memorabilia and original press clippings. This box set is a ‘limited edition’ and is numbered.

The Album Collection Vol 2, 1987-1996 will be released on 18 May 2018. The lowest price by some margin is Amazon Canada almost £90 cheaper than the UK price. British purchases should bear in mind the costs associated with getting that to the UK and the fact that I think that UK price will drop to some degree before release. There is no mention of a CD version at this stage from the record label.

Compare prices and pre-order

Springsteen, Bruce

The Album Collection Vol 2, 1987-1996 [VINYL]


Albums included:

Tunnel of Love (1987)* (2 LP)
Human Touch (1992)* (2 LP)
Lucky Town (1992) (1 LP)
In Concert / MTV Plugged (1993) (2 LP)
The Ghost of Tom Joad (1995) (1 LP)
* expanded across two LPs to maximize audio quality

12” EPs included:

Chimes of Freedom (1988) (1 EP)
Blood Brothers (1996)** (1 EP)
** first-ever vinyl release

Tunnel of Love (1987)* (2 LP)

Side 1
1. Ain’t Got You
2. Tougher Than the Rest
3. All That Heaven Will Allow

Side: 2
1. Spare Parts
2. Cautious Man
3. Walk Like A Man

Side: 3
1. Tunnel of Love
2. Two Faces
3. Brilliant Disguise

Side: 4
1. One Step Up
2. When You’re Alone
3. Valentine’s Day

Human Touch (1992)* (2 LP)

Side: 5
1. Human Touch
2. Soul Driver
3. 57 Channels (And Nothin’ On)

Side: 6
1. Cross My Heart
2. Gloria’s Eyes
3. With Every Wish
4. Roll of the Dice

Side: 7
1. Real World
2. All Or Nothin’ At All
3. Man’s Job

Side: 8
1. I Wish I Were Blind
2. The Long Goodbye
3. Real Man
4. Pony Boy

Lucky Town (1992) (1 LP)

Side: 9
1. Better Days
2. Lucky Town
3. Local Hero
4. If I Should Fall Behind
5. Leap Of Faith

Side: 10
1. The Big Muddy
2. Living Proof
3. Book Of Dreams
4. Souls Of The Departed
5. My Beautiful Reward

In Concert / MTV Plugged (1993) (2 LP)

Side: 11
1. Red Headed Woman
2. Better Days
3. Atlantic City
4. Darkness On the Edge of Town

Side: 12
1. Man’s Job
2. Human Touch
3. Lucky Town

Side: 13
1. I Wish I Were Blind
2. Thunder Road
3. Light of Day

Side: 14
1. If I Should Fall Behind
2. Living Proof
3. My Beautiful Reward

The Ghost of Tom Joad (1995) (1 LP)

Side: 15
1. The Ghost of Tom Joad
2. Straight Time
3. Highway 29
4. Youngstown
5. Sinaloa Cowboys
6. The Line

Side: 16
1. Balboa Park
2. Dry Lightning
3. The New Timer
4. Across The Border
5. Galveston Bay
6. My Best Was Never Good Enough

Chimes of Freedom (1988) (1 EP)

Side: 17
1. Tougher Than The Rest
2. Be True

Side: 18
1. Chimes of Freedom
2. Born to Run

Blood Brothers (1996)** (1 EP)

Side: 19
1. Blood Brothers
2. High Hopes

Side: 20
1. Murder Incorporated
2. Secret Garden
3. Without You

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[…] interesting to note that the record label haven’t bothered with a box set this time around. The Album Collection Vol. 2,  came out as a box with the individual releases following six months later. Like that set there […]


I just received my box and it does not have the stickers on it. I mean the ones of the albums pictures that appear in the unboxing. It is sealed but no stickers. Just the blue one and the Springsteen text one.

Do you know what may be the issue?


I know they are trying to create the best sound possible, but “Tunnel of Love” is not a double album. It wasn’t originally released as a double album on vinyl either. That album, by the way, might be the most underrated “big” album of all-time. I think it’s a better record than USA, and I rank it right there with BTR, Darkness and Nebraska. Brilliant, brilliant album. Better relationship album than Dylan’s Blood On The Tracks. I played the song “Cautious Man” at my friend’s dad’s funeral.


It will be interesting if they follow this up with remastered CD’s. The remastered CD’s from “Greetings” to “USA” are brilliant. Superb sound. Hey, and where’s that Nebraska/USA box set? That’s one where Bruce and Landau need to consider putting out super deluxe and budget versions of the box set. I’ll pay for a super deluxe. There are something like six pro shot concerts from the USA tour. There are nearly 50 completed songs in the vaults, many of them recorded by the E Street Band and seriously considered for the “Tracks” box set. You have the Electric Nebraska songs. You have unreleased songs from the Nebraska demo tape like “Losin’ Kind.” And then you have the inevitable documentary and countless media items. They really need to pull all the stops out on this baby because USA was his biggest record ever, and because there is so much material. USA was really the last album where Springsteen recorded way, way more songs than were used on the album. Most of the Human Touch/Lucky Town leftovers have been released. Leftovers from “Tom Joad” were put on “Devils and Dust.” He has several unreleased albums, however. I doubt we will see a separate Nebraska box set. There was no tour to support it, and really, Nebraska and USA were the same project. It’s just that the songs were different. In fact, in May 1982, Springsteen considered releasing a double record of the Nebraska demo tape (sides 1 and 2) and the rock songs he had recorded with the band (sides 3 and 4 – songs like “Glory Days,” “I’m Goin’ Down, “Darlington County,” “My Love Will Not Let You Down,” “Murder Inc.,” “This Hard Land,” etc.). But the projects were too different.

Joe Morgan

Are they all individual numbered as Hmv uk have told me there boxset isn’t numbered can you help please Paul ?

Joe Morgan

Thanks Paul

Emilio Lafarga

Cd Japanese edition now available to order on amazon.jp. I have just preordered it for about 150€ including 2-3 day delivery shipping cost and all duty and import expenses. I cancelled my cdjapan order which was 133€ with registered airmail but no import deposit fees so it might end costing me more money if it was stopped at customs.


John DeLaurentis

No CD release in America means no purchase by me at all. I don’t want vinyl. I grew up with it and I was glad when CDs came around. Bruce is making a mistake if this is not released on CD, too.

Jacques Mailhot

I have just seen on CDjapan.co.jp, that they will release in Japan in June, the vol.2 box set in mini LP.


With postage it comes to £100 from Amazon Italy.

Joe Embleton

Amazon UK is down to £153! (3:30pm, 3rd April)


UK Amazon has dropped to a much more appropriate £153.24 now…


Regarding the bad reputation of Human Touch and Lucky Town among his fans Springsteen said: “I tried it [writing happy songs] in the early ’90s and it didn’t work; the public didn’t like it.

Personally i don’t see the point now to pay for expensive reissued vinyl albums that weren’t good, the same applies to U2 Pop but whatever…

CJ Feeney

I think Lucky Town and Human Touch were a new way of dealing with an old problem – too many songs. With Darkness on the Edge of Town he took the darker themed songs for the album and let others have the happier tunes or left them in the vaults until the Tracks and The Promise. With The River he almost did the same thing with a single album release, but decided eventually to put out a double. There is a “serious” album in there amongst the old fashioned rockers and ballads.

With the Lucky Town/Human Touch albums, in my opinion, Lucky Town is the “serious” album with a core rock band, and the lighthearted stuff is on Human Touch with a more Rock’n’Soul orientated band (including Sam Moore of Sam and Dave).

On Lucky Town, the title track, “If I Should Fall Behind” and “Living Proof” are among the best songs he ever wrote. As I said downthread the album is in my Springsteen top 5.


Agree with CJ. I love “Lucky Town” and don’t get it’s tarnished reputation. If he had taken the best songs (“Gloria’s Eyes,” “With Every Wish,” “All Or Nothing At All”) from “Human Touch” and put them on “Lucky Town” and released just one album, he would have hit it out of the park. Just my 2 cents.

“Personally i don’t see the point now to pay for expensive reissued vinyl albums that weren’t good, the same applies to U2 Pop but whatever…” Smorrissey, it is a matter of taste. I don’t like Pop either, so I’m not buying it. But someone else likes it and will buy it. That is the point. There is a market for these things. Personally, I don’t buy vinyl at all and don’t think it sounds as good as music on CD (there was a reason I ditched vinyl in the first place), but it doesn’t bother me that others want it.

Now smorrissey, please explain those last two dreadful albums of yours…


Good point raised here, where’s the remastered Live box with missing tracks liked Trapped, which only available on the U.S.A. For Africa album and then on the triple CD Essential collection.

Henrik Kirkegaard

Why is the live box excluded?
Makes no sense
No cd realese. Very poor desicion from the management.
Will someone let them know.

CJ Feeney

Like Albums collection 1, there is no bonus audio, just the original tracks. That’s consistent. Maybe Live 75-85 will be next years RSD release!
Personally I’m interested in a CD version of this set. It may be very delayed like the Neil Young original release series 5-8 that took about 2 years between LP and CD sets.


Anyone think that they will re-release the live box? It slots in between Albums 1 and Albums 2.

Philip Cohen

Personally, I would have prefered to hear the new album (apparently shelved by management) which Bruce recorded in 2016.




Would like to see an expanded Live 75 / 85. So many tracks that were left off (i.e. Glory Days, Pretty Flamingo, Thunder Road (band), From Small Things).


Bruce didn’t actually play “From Small Things” with the ESB until 2003, until then it had only been performed in clubs (with Cats on a Smooth Surface, Beaver Brown, Dave Edmunds etc)

The key tracks missing from 75-85 were from his earlier years; For You, Incident, Kitty’s Back,
The box only features one track from WIESS – Rosalita.

John D

This is listed as upcoming on CD on backstreets.co.uk


Where? I don’t see that on the website


No CD no purchase. No matter, the original CDs sound fine. Apart from Tunnel Of Love there’s hardly anything worth bothering with anyway. Modern vinyl is the biggest con going. High resolution remastering for a low resolution format. Why bother. Proves that people don’t care about sound quality.

phil gough

Each to their own; i still buy both formats but prefer the sound of vinyl in the main and I do care about sound quality


but but but they do about vinyl! wee!


Does the “Chimes of freedom” EP have the full versions or the edited versions of Tougher Than the Rest and Chimes of Freedom?


Can see this going cheap for Christmas..
Apart from the brilliant ‘Tunnel of Love’, this box offers a lot of uninspired music..The Boss did come back swinging with ‘The Rising’ though.

John D

I agree that Tunnel of Love is brilliant – but would say the same of Tom Joad.

HumanTouch/Lucky Town would have made a stellar single album.


Honestly Tom Joad is excellent all the others not really not his best périod still got my volume one that s enough


What does ‘limited’ mean? 1,000? 100,000?


Limited to as many as they can sell!


Great material.Now waiting for part III


Whait 4 x-mas >> cd box of this collection??
New album was announced two years ago……
Is this the first step of a new Springsteen era?

Paul Lewis

I see you had it as coming down to £194 on Amazon UK… back up to £210 now!


Surely (hopefully) this will appear on CD, as it makes no sense to incur the cost of remastering only to release it in a limited edition on (what still is) a niche format?

John D

CD please!


I would think if they are going to do anything, they would release Nebraska and Born In The USA together in one box. Nebraska was pretty cut and dry. Don’t think there is a ton of anything from that. The whole point of the Nebraska album was it being put out as it was, early demo takes of songs solo without the band. So if they wanted to include it with BITUSA, would make more sense cost wise and all. I wouldn’t be surprised if they skip an individual release for Nebraska though. Especially because it’s in the Vol. 1 set. The River was different as a solo release after its Vol. 1 remaster. It had so many outtakes that were ready for release when they were making it, and it had it’s own single album at first. The tour was huge as well. They had a lot to put in that box set. I just hope they release this on cd. My Vol.1 looks very lonely right about now.

John Connolly

Odd that they’re skipping 75-85 but including the Plugged live album. And I know it’s pedantic but calling it the Album Collection 87-96 when Springsteen didn’t release an album in 1996 is just annoying. Maybe that’s just me though.


It’s just you. The Blood Brothers EP was released in 1996.

John Connolly

Yeah, I’m aware of that. However, the point I’m making is that if you look at a list of the years Bruce Springsteen released albums, you won’t see 1996 anywhere. It’s not called the Album and EP Collection 1987-1996.


Yeah what about live 75-85? They should’ve included that in volume. 1 and called it albums 73-86…weird.


Been waiting for this since Volume 1 came out. That boxset was what really got me into Bruce’s music. And Tom Joad is one of my favourite albums by Bruce, so can’t wait for the release! Big price differential right now among retailers. JPC looks unusually competitive (they are typically more expensive than all Amazons) and especially convenient if you live in Europe, but the downside is they take your money upfront. But let’s see what happens further down the road.


I’m guessing Tom Joad doesn’t need to be stretched to two vinyls as it’s largely acoustic…would that be right?


I hope there will be CD version of this in the future so I can buy both sets at the same time!


Cool. Comes a bit out of the blue. First box was top. So, this is a must buy for me.

Looks like, really big vinyl-news boxwise are a bit slow so far in 2018. Lots of single-colored stuff, which i don’t need. But I guess we will have a strong rest of the year.


I’ve been waiting for the second albums box since the first one came out, because I’ve wanted a remaster of Tunnel of Love, and now that it’s announced….it’s not going to be CD. Where can I go bang my head now, please? This is seriously disappointing.

Phil Fogel

Why isn’t this being released on CD, I would have totally bought it as I don’t own any of the albums. I was about to try and find a copy of Tunnel Of Love on CD, but now I’m not sure if I should wait.


Bought the first box set on CD thanks to an SDE Deal Alert (£19.36 in June of 2015). Looking forward to doing the same when this comes out on CD and is discounted. I can’t believe this wouldn’t be coming out on CD.


Notify me when the cd version comes out.

Mad Earwig

Hand written letter okay?


How depressing not on CD. Hope this isn’t a trend…

Mike Ragogna

No CD release? Yikes!!!!!!


Is it just me or is there anyone else out there who thinks that Asbury Park through The River are five of the greatest albums ever recorded and that the live Darkness radio concerts are amazing live performances but everything thereafter lacked that spark? I would buy anything Springsteen puts out that was recorded before 1982 but I just feel that I would never play what is in this set, I would always rather play the older stuff.


It’s just you.


It’s not just him!

Amy L

Couldn’t agree more. It all goes downhill after BORN IN THE USA


Surprised we will have to wait for the CD release (there is money to be made it will come). I am suprised as two indie record store owners in the area here have noticed an uptick in CD sales while vinyl, while still selling, remained stagnant for Jan-Mar. Wondering if we will see another sea change in listening again.

Craig B

No CD version… No good to me….. Count me out!


Looking forward to having ‘Human Touch’ and ‘Lucky Town’ on vinyl (but I’ll waiting for them to be separated)

CJ Feeney

My Human Touch and Lucky Town vinyl are worn out. I bought them cheap in Poland. Human Touch is way too long for a single l.p. but Tunnel of Love always sounded fine.

I think Tunnel of Love and Lucky Town are way better than most of the early stuff. Darkness, Born to Run and The Rising would complete my top 5. So I’m a little disappointed not see The Rising in this set. Not that I need another copy, but hey, when has that stopped me buying records.


I have been waiting for The Ghost of Tom Joad.


Thanks for the heads Paul, will add to my Bruce collection when the price drops nearer the time


I bought Vol. 1 from Amazon UK when it dropped down to about £60! I’ll do the same for this, however, the fact that this one is being advertised as ‘limited’ and ‘numbered’ has me slightly concerned that it won’t be around forever.

Any idea how many are being produced?


from the original analogue masters and like the previous box they’ve used the Plangent Process playback system (designed to give optimum results)
No as is cheaper & quicker as requires far less skills than analogue AAA


Will be good to pick up Joad on vinyl and MTV Unplugged as well but think they could have dropped the 12″s and put in the 18 Tracks set as an exclusive to encourage peeps to buy the box set.

Michael Fortin

This is the begining of the end for CD box sets, as labels focus more on vinyl and streaming…


The audio on my original tunnel of love 1 lp Vinyl is superb so cant see the need to spread over two lps
Lot of padding here with eps and doubling up so that we don’t get the rising included
Only missing tom Joad on vinyl and will buy the individual rerelease
Rumour on the web is no cd set coming