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Companion album to forthcoming biog offers unheard demos

Bruce Springsteen’s forthcoming autobiography (due in September) will be called Born To Run and The Boss has decided to put together a selection of his songs on a companion album called Chapter and Verse.

The 18-track album will be released four days before the book and amongst its songs – all handpicked to reflect the themes and sections of Born to Run – are five previously unreleased tracks

The compilation traces Springsteen’s musical history and begins with two tracks from The Castiles, featuring a teenaged Bruce on guitar and vocals, and ends with the title track from 2012’s Wrecking Ball.

Chapter and Verse will be issued on 23 September 2016 as a single CD and double LP and the package will include lyrics and rare photos. Note, if you’re ordering the book, other countries will have it printed in other languages!

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Springsteen, Bruce

Chapter and Verse CD


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Springsteen, Bruce

Born to Run - Autobiography



1. Baby I — The Castiles (recorded May 2, 1966, at Mr. Music, Bricktown, NJ; written by Bruce Springsteen and George Theiss; previously unreleased)
2. You Can’t Judge a Book by the Cover — The Castiles (recorded Sept. 16, 1967, at The Left Foot, Freehold, NJ; written by Willie Dixon; previously unreleased)
3. He’s Guilty (The Judge Song) — Steel Mill (recorded Feb. 22, 1970, at Pacific Recording Studio, San Mateo, CA; previously unreleased)
4. Ballad of Jesse James — The Bruce Springsteen Band (recorded March 14, 1972, at Challenger Eastern Surfboards, Highland, NJ; previously unreleased)
5. Henry Boy (recorded June 1972, at Mediasound Studios, New York, NY; previously unreleased)
6. Growin’ Up (recorded May 3, 1972, at Columbia Records Recordings Studios, New York, NY; previously appeared on ‘Tracks’)
7. 4th of July, Asbury Park (Sandy) (1973, ‘The Wild, The Innocent & the E Street Shuffle’)
8. Born to Run (1975, ‘Born to Run’)
9. Badlands (1977, ‘Darkness on the Edge of Town’)
10. The River (1980, ‘The River’)
11. My Father’s House (1982, ‘Nebraska’)
12. Born in the U.S.A. (1984, ‘Born in the U.S.A.’)
13. Brilliant Disguise (1987, ‘Tunnel of Love’)
14. Living Proof (1992, ‘Lucky Town’)
15. The Ghost of Tom Joad (1995, ‘The Ghost of Tom Joad’)
16. The Rising (2002, ‘The Rising’)
17. Long Time Comin’ (2005, ‘Devils & Dust’)
18. Wrecking Ball (2012, ‘Wrecking Ball’)


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Was American Beauty ever released on a proper CD? I know there’s a promo CDR.


Nope. Not that I know. Just vinyl and digitally. I guess maybe in a future SDE.


This isn’t something I would buy, but the main thing that I find troubling is that the Boss is in the midst of an on-going reissue campaign. Why weren’t these new songs put on some other reissue, such as the Born to Run anniversary CD? I’m cool with buying reissues but it pisses me off when within the next couple years after a reissue we are seeing yet another reissue with more “found” tracks. Nobody is worse than Elvis Costello when it comes to this, but I’d like to see Springsteen avoid this shenanigans.


Why would the 5 appear on the Born to Run box set? They all were recorded before his debut album?


5 Unreleased tracks & 3 vinyl rarities, that’s good to go.


Or £18 to get some of the hits on vinyl (all my Bruce is on CD) with five unreleased tracks as a sweetener.

Paul Wren

So that’s £18 for five unreleased tracks on the vinyl version. Not for me, but for Springsteen completists it is surely a must and not too expensive for what is a double vinyl job.


There is a coloured vinyl version available on Barnes & Noble


If it’s the soundtrack to the book it should have been called Born To Run. That title is just confusing.

Paul Murphy

After the Fabs’ latest, we’re lucky the album’s not got ‘A Simon & Schuster Book’ plastered all over it.


2 albums named Born To Run? More confusing.

Alan Boyd

This is interesting an enticing set for new fans with some interesting selections for us oldies! Personally I think Bruce is one of the greats and gladly he’s still with us unlike Bowie, he should be treasured as there are few to match his passion and enjoyment of music!


This is just silly. No justification for this release. Why not put the unreleased tracks on a cd and give it away with the book? Springsteen is losing any credibility with stunts like this. On top of the European leg of “The River” tour being sold as “The River” played in its entirety but then not, you start to wonder just how much he actually cares about his fans. Wonder if the “rare photos” will be from the book? As for the cover photo, it is genuine. In “Songs” there is a double page spread of the picture and you can clearly see Bruce’s legs reflected in the bumper chrome.

Record Collector

Yeah, $25 from Amazon.uk (shipped UK to USA) is OK with me for 2-LPs.


I’d rather see the second volume of the remastered CD box set or a Nebraska SDE.


I can’t see too much material to do a Nebraska SDE unless some live stuff is thrown in.

Mike the Fish

Is that a composite picture? Something doesn’t look right with his legs and the way he’s sitting against the car.


It does look a bit odd but it appears to be original. If you use the Chrome browser, do a Google image search for the original full sized photo.

Mike the Fish

Thanks :)


There will be fans who will buy this record for the first five tracks. I am still waiting for a deluxe version of “Born in the U.S.A.” and “Tunnel Of Love”.

Thomas Braun

WHO Needs this? …. No one

Ben Williams

The 5 unreleased tracks are very tempting but I agree.. Another compilation of hits is not something anyone needs. Should have released Tracks 2 instead.


Too busy with these box sets. BitUSA should be next.


Not quite the right car for his working man Image, me thinks.

Stevie B

Why should the working man not have a cool car. Blue collar workers have got a much to right to save up and buy one as anyone else?


Believe it or not, pre-1963 Corvettes were not so incredibly valued by the world at large back in those days. It probably wasn’t the most practical car to own in Jersey, but it didn’t cost an arm and a leg to acquire especially if willing to fix yourself (easy to find parts for it).

Paul Murphy

Might not be his car. Maybe there’s a chapter in the book dealing with his Random Automobile Ass-Humping Syndrome. [It’s early, I’m in a silly mood].


Maybe “he” rebuilt it…