Bruce Springsteen / vinyl reissues

Two studio albums, one compilation and two live sets • No box

Bruce Springsteen / vinyl reissues

Sony’s Legacy Recordings will reissue five Bruce Springsteen albums on vinyl next month. These albums were mostly originally released early in the new millennium and the selection includes the two studio albums The Rising (2002) and Devils & Dust (2005).

The other albums are 18 Tracks (1999) which offers highlights from the Tracks box set including rarities like the original ‘Born In The U.S.A.’ demo and some exclusive songs; the Live in New York City album (2001) which chronicles Bruce Springsteen and The E Street Band’s much-anticipated reunion tour, recorded over two nights at Madison Square Garden in the summer of 2000, and Live in Dublin (2007).

Apart from Live in Dublin, all these records have been out on vinyl before but the print runs were so small in those days (relatively) that these have been unavailable for many years and all regularly command three-figure sums on discogs and the like. So these reissues should be very welcome.

Sony say that each album “has been transferred from the original source masters, allowing for the highest quality pressings possible”. One presumes this has been done by Bob Ludwig and Springsteen’s longtime engineer Toby Scott (who did all the previous reissues) but there is no mention of the much touted “Plangent Process playback system” or even the word ‘remaster’.

It’s also interesting to note that the record label haven’t bothered with a box set this time around. The Album Collection Vol. 2,  came out as a box with the individual releases following six months later. Like that set there are also no CDs editions which contain these new transfers (although the Vol 2 batch were issued in Japan on the format).

All five albums are reissued on 21 February 2020.

The Rising 2LP

Side 1
1. Lonesome Day
2. Into the Fire
3. Waitin’ On A Sunny Day
4. Nothing Man

Side 2
1. Countin’ On a Miracle
2. Empty Sky
3. Worlds Apart
4. Let’s Be Friends (Skin to Skin)

Side 3
1. Further On (Up the Road)
2. The Fuse
3. Mary’s Place

Side 4
1. You’re Missing
2. The Rising
3. Paradise
4. My City of Ruins

Devils & Dust 2LP vinyl

Side 1
1. Devils & Dust
2. All The Way Home
3. Reno

Side 2
1. Long Time Comin’
2. Black Cowboys
3. Maria’s Bed

Side 3
1. Silver Palomino
2. Jesus Was an Only Son – The Song
3. Leah

Side 4
1. The Hitter
2. All I’m Thinkin’ About
3. Matamoros Banks

18 Tracks 2LP vinyl

Side 1
1. Growin’ Up
2. Seaside Bar Song
3. Rendezvous
4. Hearts Of Stone
5. Where The Bands Are

Side 2
1. Loose End
2. I Wanna Be With You
3. Born In the U.S.A.
4. My Love Will Not Let You Down
5. Lion’s Den

Side 3
1. Pink Cadillac
2. Janey Don’t You Lose Heart
3. Sad Eyes
4. Part Man, Part Monkey
5. Trouble River

Side 4
1. Brothers Under The Bridge
2. The Fever
3. The Promise

Live in New York City 3LP vinyl

Side 1
1. My Love Will Not Let You Down
2. Prove It All Night
3. Two Hearts
4. Atlantic City

Side 2
1. Mansion On the Hill
2. The River
3. Youngstown

Side 3
1. Murder Incorporated
2. Badlands
3. Out In the Street
4. Born to Run

Side 4
1. Tenth Avenue Freeze-Out
2. Land of Hope and Dreams

Side 5
1. American Skin (41 Shots)
2. Lost In the Flood
3. Born In the U.S.A.
4. Don’t Look Back

Side 6
1. Jungleland
2. Ramrod
3. If I Should Fall Behind

Live in Dublin – 3LP vinyl

Side 1
1. Atlantic City
2. Old Dan Tucker
3. Eyes on the Prize
4. Jesse James

Side 2
1. Further On (Up the Road)
2. O Mary Don’t You Weep
3. Erie Canal
4. If I Should Fall Behind

Side 3
1. My Oklahoma Home
2. Highway Patrolman
3. Mrs. McGrath
4. How Can a Poor Man Stand Such Times and Live

Side 4
1. Jacob’s Ladder
2. Long Time Comin’
3. Open All Night

Side 5
1. Pay Me My Money Down
2. Growin’ Up
3. When the Saints Go Marching In
4. This Little Light of Mine
5. American Land

Side 6
1. Blinded By The Light – The Song
2. Love of the Common People
3. We Shall Overcome

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Ok whilst the subject here is vinyl…Paul do you know about this? or anyone else of this major fire recently in the U.S. involving Apollo Masters, a lacquer manufacturing facility located in Banning, California which sustained a major fire on February 6th and burned to the ground, It was one of only two in the world this horrendous event could affect the worldwide supply of vinyl records going forward, according to industry professionals.
The full story is here…https://www.residentadvisor.net/features/3616

Alan Robertson

WTF is The River……?


one of the Boss’ greatest songs. listen to the live version off of 1975-85. the harmonica intro right after his story on that recording gives me the shivers every time i hear it.


Never ordered from a foreign amazon site any tips. Devils and dust looks a bargain but not sure about postage etc Thanks

Mark W

I’ve ordered form Amazon France and Germany. There is a small postage charge, and always seem to ship from Scotland. I’ve never had any problems.

The Golden Age Of The Phonograph

I`ve ordered The Rising, Devils & Dust and Tracks doubles from Amazon France for just over £55 including shipping. Just like Amazon UK service is good, but if you return anything you have to pay return shipping up front. However as soon as you submit a copy of your shipping receipt you are immediately refunded.

Got Live in New York 3LP for £23 from Amazon UK and stuck with my order from them for the Dublin 3LP (£33) set.

I have all these on CD but some of you will know how it is. You just gotta do it…or not.

Andy D

I cannot believe that Amazon are now charging £30 for the three double vinyl but £23.99 for the triples! No logic there, especially when compared to the other territories, I presume they will probably drop in price but……………… However Rough Trade are £23.99 each for the double vinyl and free delivery on orders over £50

[…] set on CD, Sony didn’t bother to release the last Bruce Springsteen remasters on CD (or the new ones) and last year’s Prefab Sprout reissues weren’t issued on compact disc either! BMG were […]

Wayne Klein

I’m perplexed by these decisions. I would purchase a CD for these albums. Take my money, pleases! Clearly it’s not about serving their customer base otherwise I’d actually be able to buy these. Don’t know where these guys heads are.


How about Sony releasing a vinyl version of The Essential Bruce Springsteen with specially selected tracks from the CD version.

Greg O.

The Darkness remastered CD with the plangent process doesn’t have the audio drop out at the beginning of Badlands that was on the remastered Darkness CD that was included in the Darkness box set.


Does anyone have experience with reissues touting the “Plangent Process playback system”? I know these sets aren’t making that claim but I’m curious if anyone thinks it makes a noticable difference?


Based on what my ears can make out (and not some ‘Hoffman-esque’ graph) my experience of the CD versions issued so far are good.

Greetings from Asbury Park and Wild and Innocent probably benefit most, as the sound on these are a lot clearer and more bottom end too.

Born To Run is not a huge improvement over the 2005 re-master, but still benefits from the clean up it got.

Darkness is similar to BTR in that the improvement over the most recent remaster (2010) is a benefit, but not a massive difference.

The River is vastly improved over the original CD, with a much fuller sound and if you buy one P. Process remaster, it should be this.

Nebraska is a bit brighter, however there’s not a lot you can do to clean up a home recording I guess. Still an improvement though.

Born In The USA sounds quite a bit better. Again a fuller more rounded sound.

I’ve got every CD issue of these albums and the most recent P. Process ones are my go to for listening.


There’s a deluge of expensive new Springsteen tat every Xmas..
This year year I got away with only having to buy my wife 2 CDs and 1 Blu-ray.
Thankfully she was never interested in vinyl,
even back in the early 80s,
when I first discovered she suffered from the incurable Springsteen addiction illness..
Please let’s hope the Springsteen industry don’t start reissuing cassettes…

David M

Is February Christmas?


I really hope there is a Nebraska special edition in the works for release in the near future.

It is a very haunting album and I would love to see what they put together for a special edition.

Joseph Bartram

Yes i would love to see something like the River boxset or darkness on the edge of town.


There is a River Box Set. Released in 2015x, it was remastered with tracks added.

David M

And a Darkness one!

David M

Oops misunderstood the comment. Ignore above please.


Echoing the sentiments of a few other commenters here, I would have loved a third box to put next to my other Bruce boxes. Big fan of Springsteen, so excited for ‘Live in Dublin’ on vinyl (one of his best concert registrations ever, love the exciting renditions of his own work. E.g. ‘Open All Night’ is arguably better in the Seeger mix than on the original ‘Nebraska’. Blasphemy, I know). Bought the 2 CD+DVD package back in 2007 for a very affordable € 7 just two months after release, which delighted me to no end.

I’d like to pick up ’18 Tracks’ and ‘Live in NYC’, but I know that – as a Springsteen fan and collector – I’d prefer to have an original pressing. They’d look weird and out of place. So I’m holding my breath for finding an affordable pressing at some point (not bloody likely, but one can hope).


Hard to say why there is no Vol.3 Box Set first for this. But good to have the choice and have them available on quality Vinyl LPs (I prefer LPs). No need for new CD Editions as they are all available and don‘t need a remaster.

Tim South

Love vinyl, please buy if it’s your thing. Love CD , please buy if it’s your thing. Love Download, please listen if it’s your thing. Love music, please stop fighting the formats and let us ALL stick together. My respects to all, now and always

Matthew Culver

I totally agree with your assessment about CD getting overlooked. Being from generation X, CD is my preferred format for physical media. But here in America anyway, we often get passed over in favor of the Boomers, (vinyl) and the Millennials, (streaming).


Vinyl, records, LPs, call them whatever you like, I think the point is just they’ve become mere collectables rather than what they were supposed to be, i.e. supports for music fruition.

Been caught myself into all this vinyl-revival-nonsense for a few years, but I recently sold off my entire collection and went back buying exclusively CDs.

Why? Because they’re still the most direct and straightforward media to listen to music, the easiest. CDs do not require any maintenance, nor CD players do. I need to listen to music, and enjoy the listening experience, not hoarding objects or owning the very same music on multiple formats.

Just my two cents.

Mister Stick

I’m with you lot: Mouth not watering for any of this.

This seems like a class-one mistake on the part of Bruce’s team. Obviously, they should continue the box set series. Offering a ‘volume 3’ with these records is far more enticing and garners much more attention than just randomly issuing records. This is not the first time they’ve blown it, either. Years ago, they licensed a special “best of” CD to Wal-Mart, exclusively, and got crucified for it. The World’s Biggest Chain Of RV Parking Lots isn’t exactly known for fair wages or decent pay to vendors, the kind of thing that Bruce likes to stand up for. Eventually, Jon Landau had to apologize for the whole debacle and disavow that The Boss knew anything about it.

But let’s allow some benefit of doubt… Could it be the last Bruce Box, with the 80s albums, didn’t recoup its production investment? I know I didn’t pop for mine until the price dropped by half. Is this a real calculation that they will sell more with this approach? Or could it be that they know 2020 will be a big spend year for The Bruce Army, what with a new album, a tour, and the Nebraska box set all expected by many in the next 12 months? And, as such, they’re not keen on a big-ticket item when people are still paying for Christmas?

At least these aren’t excessively priced… Most new vinyl here in the states seems to trade for 22 to 24 bucks for a single-record release. That can be understandable considering inflation since the 1970s heydey of records, but hard to see from a value perspective, against CDs or streams. So, $30 for The Rising as a 2-LP release is a decent deal, one might say. Popular 2-record reissues are priced at $40 or even $50 sometimes.

Paul: Enjoyed today’s “Format Wars” email. CDs, at 10 or 12 bucks, still remain high-value – In my world, anyway. It also seems like, lately, they sound better than they once did. Like the ‘loudness war’ era might be over at last. I’d be curious of other people’s opinions on that.



I like cd’s!

Peter Yarrow

Re Paul’s email, I stopped buying CDs (other than bands I collected) about 10 years ago. I’ve never looked back and while collecting vinyl is more expensive I get much more pleasure than I ever did from a CD.

If anyone is interested, visit my Instagram … social_media_disco … to see how much pleasure I get from my record collection.

Richard Fenick

how do they play in the car?


For me in this day and age an LP (on vinyl) should come with a download code so i can enjoy on an ipod on the go. Mp3on WAV i dont care as i put mp3 on my ipod. If i want real digital quality ill buy the CD. But i want to be able to choose. Forcing formats is not right.

Michael Clark

No, the dumb thing is calling a record “a vinyl,” or collectively, several “vinyls.”

Antonio Cunha

Of this lot I only have ‘Devils & Dust’ double vinyl. So, I must grab all of the others! :)


Personally I think we will see a vol. 3 box set. It was a 4 or 5 year gap between vol. 1 and vol. 2 so I think we will get a box set in maybe a couple of years time. I imagine it’ll have these releases plus the Seeger Sessions and probably Magic. Maybe also a box set exclusive release. This is what I’m betting on anyway.


I agree with Paul and his email about the treatment of cds and so called vinyl revival.

It seems that the record companies are extorting money out of overpriced vinyl with £25 a disc that used to cost £7 in the late 80s. Add some colour to make it seem rare and they are quids in.

The way the Conversation Piece box by Bowie was handled was outrageous. Release 3 7′ vinyl boxes at £35 a piece plus an eye watering £86 12″ mercury demos then announce the Conversation Piece box containing this all on cd and a Space Oddity 12″ album release with a lottery for coloured discs.

Record Store Day is a frustrating time with limited exclusives on vinyl and no cd version usually.

I don’t get this audiophile vinyl release with MP3 downloads – surely that is a contradiction?

Marshall Gooch

Records were collectively referred to as “vinyl” long before the 2000s. But calling an LP a “vinyl” is a modern thing. It’s dumb. Records = LPs = albums = vinyl.

David Bly

Slight disagreement with you on the names.
While ‘originally’ albums referred only to things made on vinyl (and also shellac!), in the first go-round, albums were called albums because they were collections of 78 RPM records in one “album”, so-called because they resembled photo albums.
Eventually, with the arrival of 45 RPM sets (by RCA) and 33 RPM discs (called Lps by Columbia), the name of “album’ transferred to both of these, until RCA gave up with the 45 RPM boxes and went with Columbia’s Lps.

Having said that, since neither of them resembled photo albums by that point, there’s no reason that then a CD or cassette containing those songs couldn’t be called an album, because by then the term refers to a collection of songs or music, not a particular physical description of the item. When LPs were lone gone in many (especially chain) stores and CDs were the rule, nobody thought one was talking about vinyl albums if they asked for the new album by the XYZs, but rather the CD version of the album (I did work in both chain and indie stores, by the way).

Also, vinyl does not just mean LPs, but also singles and EPs, but I agree calling albums pressed on vinyl “vinyl” IS dumb.

Phillip Wiens

I think it’s great they’re individually released. I had thought about vol.3 boxed set and didn’t want certain things, like LINYC. Also, Seeger Sessions is already out. I held out hoping for American Land edition but Dublin is even better. Not getting 18 tracks either. A complete Tracks box would be nice though. One complaint though about recent pressings. Gotj is noisy. Magic doesn’t sound very good and even the Blood Brothers ep kind of disappoints soundwise. Seems like albums originally released on CD disappoint when released on vinyl. Is it digital mix that should be redone for Vinyl?

graeme ewan

The quest for vinyl , ie unwanted plastics. no need , hi res dowload if need be, if not MP3 and deal with it, our ears will cope but ye olde planet wont. hi res B.S. If we’re buying old copies to stop them going to land fill then thats awesome, BUT why are We still printing nEW plastic? download boxsets with the booklet being sent on recycled paper. signed by the artist even, hy not? Wouldnt bother me, probably make it “Vintage Styled” at some point. Imagine a 100 page book, on recycled print and a download for like |£30 or £40? Be like the best Magazine subsciprition in the World.

graeme ewan

No Paul I am not “coming to a site ” and I am a regular to this site. I am an advocate of “new” physical media, ie, something that has something new to bring to “the party”. I purchase from the SDE Store and love physical product. my point being, if a vinyl release or cd release is bringing nothing new to fruition then what is the actual point in that release? You are the first one to point out the lack of value/relevance in a release which offers nothing new. I merely am voicing my opinion. Imagine a physical product of a big book , recycled paper, autographed, numbered etc and a cd or vinyl of actual “worth” instead of the re-treads that get done. Gene Clark, all the audio and visual could be on one DVD Blu Ray with the rest of the work gone in to a fantastic book for example. Dont see how that is me being against physical product.

graeme ewan

Yeah, on your point there I agree. If a new release takes it out of the hands of profiteers/racketeers on resale sites then that’s not a bad thing.


Call me oldschool, but if I want to buy a book, I buy a book. If I want to buy music, I buy a CD.

A 100 page book with some downloadable bytes misses the mark for me. In that case the part I am not interested in physical and the part I actually want is not… might as well go fully digital at that point – at a considerable discount at that, as there is a lot less overhead and less middlemen.


The era is also missing The Seeger Sessions [Overcome] studio album. Why is that missing?
All the albums were released in the same era, so a box set could of been possible, but [if I’m correct], the previous box sets didn’t contain any compilations [well, except Unplugged].

Paul Timmis

Just on your first point – it’s already widely available.

Spiral Scar

Maybe when CDs make their inevitable comeback, we’ll be calling them “aluminums.”
At which point, I’ll “urine” myself laughing.

John McCann

And why aren’t tapes called ferric oxides


I think I will pass on this one. Would have been nice have the Complete Studio albums volume two on CD

Cary Wilson

Are you referring to the Bruce Springsteen box set Vol. 2? It is available on CD. It was released through Sony Japan. Nils Lofgren autographed mine.

CJ Feeney

Not widely available, and of a price that attracted import duty+handling fees. I managed to get it with the bonus set of tin badges. I’m very pleased to own it, but agree wholeheartedly that US and European fans should have been able to buy it locally.


Another baffling decision from Bruce Inc. to release these separately after two previous box sets. You’d think there’d be a lot more love for a box set with so much E Street Band material as opposed to Vol. 2 which covers the less than beloved (generally speaking) 92-96 era. The Rising alone, being an Important record in Bruce’s mind, would seem ripe for some kind of expansion. Maybe that’s still to come. Anyway, great to get these on vinyl but it seems like a missed opportunity.


Vinyl exchange in Manchester going over 35 years but wasn’t ever called vinyl lp lol

Shaun Warren

Great records but a shame that there is no box set to fit in with Vol 1 and 2. It irritates me that the companies change their design and formats for such releases (see R.E.M and the Manics re-releases.) Nothing wrong with a bit of uniform and stability.


I just know I’m going to order these and then 3 months later the vol. 3 box set will be announced (these titles plus the Seeger Sessions LP). I’m definitely going to try and hold out for a bit for this reason.


Do I go for it or hope that there’s a box a-coming!?


Can I hold you to that?!!


I dont think that 2nd box sold that well compared to the first because the exclusive extras of those 2 12″ singles wasnt exactly attractive.

And it had Human Touch in it

David M

Ha ha. I got it for a very good price and told myself that the 2EPs together added up to one bonus album (which they did, more or less).


In early 2005 photographer Anton Corbijn had a signing session for his book “U2 & I”. When it was my turn I handed him the Devils & Dust LP, which was recently released and for which he made the cover shot. He looked surprised and said he hadn’t seen it before, only the cd. That’s how rare LP’s were in those (cd) days. They were not even called “vinyl” yet, HA HA.

Random Access Memory

They’ve been called vinyl for decades. I don’t understand your claim.

Ben Williams

I think he means that record companies have clawed onto the term “vinyl” rather than when people just called them ‘records’, ‘LPs’ or ‘albums’.


They were called LP’s (or records) in the 60s-90s,. Naming them “vinyl” started in the mid-2000s with the “vinyl revival”. See also https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Phonograph_record#Microgroove_and_vinyl_era


Exactly! And in those days, we were saying in Quebec in french : « long jeu » for an LP and « 45 tours » for a single. Even today, when I use these terms in a record store, young sellers look at me and don’t know what I am talking about. Or they answer me with the terms « vinyl » or « 7 pouces ». ;-)


This is all very Judean Peoples Front v The Peoples Front Of Judea


Cary Allen Wilson

That’s a great story. I would have liked to have been there to see his reaction.
The ONLY artist I never stopped collecting on vinyl – post-1993 – was Bruce Springsteen, so I have my original pressings of all of these.