Bryan Adams / Shine A Light

Signed CDs now sold out.

After the news of Dido yesterday, another signed CD bargain available today with rock star/photographer Bryan Adam‘s forthcoming album Shine A Light also being offered as an ‘exclusive signed edition’ via Amazon in the UK.

You can preview the title track from the album below. It was written with Ed Sheeran. Adams calls the record a “good blend of rock and pop and R&B”. Another track, ‘That’s How Strong Our Love Is’, features Jennifer Lopez.

Shine A Light comes four years after the Jeff Lynne produced Get Up and is released on 1 March 2019.

Shine A Light CD

1. Shine A Light
2. That’s How Strong Our Love Is ft. Jennifer Lopez
3. Part Friday Night, Part Sunday Morning
4. Driving Under The Influence Of Love
5. All Or Nothing
6. No Time For Love
7. I Could Get Used To This
8. Talk to Me
9. The Last Night On Earth
10. Nobody’s Girl
11. Don’t Look Back
12. Whiskey In The Jar

Shine A Light Vinyl LP

Side A

1. Shine A Light
2. That’s How Strong Our Love Is (feat. Jennifer Lopez)
3. Party Friday Night, Party Sunday Morning
4. Driving Under The Influence Of Love
5. All Or Nothing
6. No Time For Love

Side B

1. I Could Get Used To This
2. Talk To Me
3. I Hear You Knockin’
4. Nobody’s Girl
5. Don’t Look Back
6. Whiskey In The Jar

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Also a bundle with the signed CD and an unsigned cassette.

Julian H

It’s sad to hear that the Edsheeranification of pop music is continuing. Now Bryan Adams is singing his dirge. As if there aren’t enough Ed Sheeran songs out there already…


Maybe the cover artwork was inspired by his work for Status Quo’s Aquostic I album in 2014. He shot the photo with Rick (R.I.P.) & Francis naked…

Dereck Jowa

I’m so happy for the Bryan Adams Award’s. I like the music of this guy for a long time. Now it’s my pressure to hear this…..


Every single time I see this album cover I think it’s Billy Bragg.


I was a big fan and he is still great in concert, but as far as his recorded output of the last decade goes, it is looking worse with every release. His last decent album was “On A Day Like today”. Room Service sounded like a collection of B-Sides and 11 was boring adult contemporary pop. Get up sounded like ELO leftovers and was like 20 mins long. The new single is his worst lead single ever.And for that duet with Jennifer Lopez, what was he thinking?
The only good songs of the last twenty years were: “You walked in”(B-Side to flying), “Tonight we have the Stars”(11), “She Knows Me”(from Tracks of My Years) and “Ultimate Love” from the best of cd.
What a shame, because he still has a great voice.


@Gildas: I agree. He has mellowed quite a bit in the last decade or so.


The very mention of those two names on this album puts me off big style in the same way Coldplay did years back trying to appeal to the kiddies. Then again i haven’t bought a Bryan Adams album since Into The Fire more than 30 years ago.


And the award for the creepiest, worst album cover of the year (likely a reflection of the music inside), goes to . . .

Saar Freedman

Trying again because my comment did not go through :(

according to CD japan the Japanese edition will have an exclusive bonus track important info to weigh against the wonders of the signed edition..

Martin Kilroy

It looks like the “extra” track is the one that’s on the vinyl and not CD.
I’ve never understood how messing with the number of tracks and/or running order counts as “marketing.” Adding tracks is one thing, but why is one song more appropriate than another in the album just because I’m listening in a certain format makes no sense.
You don’t buy limited edition Mona Lisa prints with bits added or missing!

PS Disclaimer that (given the comments) I’m not suggesting that this album is on a par with the Mona Lisa


Only a LOT more expensive

Phillip Fogel

I guess I’m in the minority but as a longtime fan, I love he new song and can’t wait to hear the full album. Confused, there are exclusive songs to both the CD and the vinyl? So you can only get both by buying both formats, that a bit annoying.


He played I Could Get Used To This the last time I saw him live and I loved it so I will buy the album for that alone – I have all his albums and am loyal to a fault.
I have cancelled my previous pre-order in favour of this signed one though, so thanks Paul!

Agreed, the Ed Sheeran monstrosity is shite though.


I don’t care if it’s signed given away free or even gold plated with embossed lettering with a hand written note by Bryan himself…because of the 2 tracks already on YouTube “Shine A Light”and “That’s How Strong Our Love Is” with Jennifer Lopez are anything to go by This IS NOT going to be a very good album and nowhere as good as his last decent album 2008’s “11” which had some very good strong songs on it.
These new songs are so bland, flat, lack lustred and extremely uninspired and boring with no sign of decent lyrics or anything that rocks out with Mickey Curry on drums or Keith Scott on guitar they are nowhere to be heard on these new songs…Anybody else who’s heard these and thinks the same or even disagrees honestly you need to go and listen to one of his 1980’s contemporary’s Rick Springfield who still makes far better, rocking anthemic songs/albums than the load of old tosh Bryan seems to churn out nowadays…sorry but it’s very true.


Yup. Every time that shine a light comes on the radio I have to change it over. Its like a Eurovision entry from 1980.

Ryan Adams

Such a lazy chorus….


Thanks for the info. Ordered my copy right away


Many thanks for this great info Paul!
I’m a huge french fan and it’s awesome for me to buy a signed copy :)
You’re too kind, thanks again!!


Thanks for this Paul….bought 5 copies…but do you know how many signed copies Amazon UK are doing? If not could you please find out….IM SURE OTHE ENQUIRING MINDS would like to know as well :-)

Steven Roberts

Does this album really have a different track listing between the CD and the vinyl?

(track 9 CD vs track B.3 LP)

bon scott

i wonder if bryan knows the title is slang for something which actually sums up his new single…


Nice price with signature.
Excellent work SDE

Francis Maher

Macca needs a Jeff Rosen , and not the current “team” . If it is you Mr. Mc. with the final say say say . Should there not be a bottle of Whiskey thrown in with “Egypt Station”


Cheers Paul! Yet another signed CD! Love these alerts :)


Won’t buy any more of his stuff after he ruined Mandy Moore…


Yes Jason , he was horrible to me as well signed right across Mel C on my cd when I mentioned it, he said “ that’s alright !


No way!

Saar Freedman

Jason ..you meant Ryan Adams… not Bryan. Totally different Singer. Never understood the hype about Ryan. And Mandy’s way out of his league. Amanda Leigh is one of my all time favorite albums.


Oh I knew who I meant…sarcasm ;-)


That’s Ryan Adams. Different dude.


Noted ;-)


Mandy was ruined by RYAN NOT BRYAN!!! Wake up!!!!

I too found the first two tracks disappointing but im still hopeful there might be atleast a couple of good ole fashioned Bryan Adams signature rock tunes thrown in,fingers crossed.


that is RYAN Adams, not Bryan Adams, I believe.


I’m thrilled Bryan is still making albums. I’m getting this for sure. Still haven’t forgiven Jeff Lynne for turning Bryan’s last album (one of his best recent batch of songs) into Traveling Wilburys Vol 4.

Another side note, I hope BA puts out more deluxe editions of his catalog. The Reckless package was fantastic, with the extra tracks plus 5.1 disc. Would really love him to do that for his other 80’s albums.


I got all excited when you categorised the last album as a Travelling Wilburys album, but when I got around to listening to it and realising only a couple of tracks have some musical similarity (definitely no vocal similarity) to that super group, I was disappointed.


I got one….too bad there is not a signed vinyl version.
You’d figure an artist born in Kingston, Ontario, Canada
would release a signed version with Amazon Canada.
I’ll bet he isn’t a Toronto Maple Leafs fan either.

elliott buckingham

turned off straight away with the mention of ed Sheeran. the last great adams album was 18 til I die


Oh man, how good was 18 Til I Die? Love that album! The Underwear song I don’t think aged very well, but the rest of that album is absolute gold!


I thought the “underwear” song was a misstep when it was new. Not the age, bad out of the box.


Brilliant, thanks Paul. It’s incorrectly listed as Shining Light on amazon so I wouldn’t have found it without your link!


Yes, thank you Paul….keep finding, and listing these great deals.