Bryan Ferry / Live at the Royal Albert Hall 1974 issued on CD and vinyl

Vintage live performance • Vinyl with SIGNED print available 

Bryan Ferry / Live at the Royal Albert Hall 1974

BMG will issue Live at the Royal Albert Hall 1974 in February a Bryan Ferry live album that was recorded 45 years ago at the famous London venue.

This concert saw the setlist built from Ferry’s first two solo albums, 1973’s These Foolish Things and Another Time, Another Place from 1974. Both albums saw the Roxy Music frontman cover other people’s songs (with the exception of Another Time, Another Place‘s title track).

The 14 track selection on this new live album includes the likes of ‘A Hard Rain’s A-Gonna Fall’, ‘The ‘In’ Crowd’, ‘Smoke Gets in Your Eyes’, and ‘I Love How You Love Me’.

Bryan Ferry / Live at the Royal Albert Hall 1974 signed posterFor a limited time vinyl orders from the official store come with a signed poster

The CD edition comes packaged as a ‘casebound book’ while if you order the vinyl from the official Bryan Ferry store, a limited quantity come with  a reproduction of the original tour poster signed by the man himself. The store is also offering early pre-sale access to Ferry’s 2020 UK tour.

Update: A box set edition has now appeared which offers the vinyl, the CD, a signed and numbered art card, a replica programme, replica letters, replica ticket stubs and eight postcards. This is £120.

Live at the Royal Albert Hall 1974 is released on 7 February 2020 via BMG.

Live at the Royal Albert Hall 1974 vinyl LP

Side 1

1. Sympathy For The Devil
2. I Love How You Love Me
3. Baby I Don’t Care
4. It’s My Party
5. Don’t Worry Baby
6. Another Time, Another Place
7. Fingerpoppin’

Side 2

8. The Tracks Of My Tears
9. You Won’t See Me
10. Smoke Gets In Your Eyes
11. A Hard Rain’s A-Gonna Fall
12. A Really Good Time
13. The ‘In’ Crowd
14. These Foolish Things

Live at the Royal Albert Hall 1974 casebound book CD

1. Sympathy For The Devil
2. I Love How You Love Me
3. Baby I Don’t Care
4. It’s My Party
5. Don’t Worry Baby
6. Another Time, Another Place
7. Fingerpoppin’
8. The Tracks Of My Tears
9. You Won’t See Me
10. Smoke Gets In Your Eyes
11. A Hard Rain’s A-Gonna Fall
12. A Really Good Time
13. The ‘In’ Crowd
14. These Foolish Things

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Picked up copy today vinyl LP signed by Bryan on the front of the sleeve at Reflex Records Newcastle . £21.99 Absolute bargin

Natale Oranger

All right, just the dvd and a night in Rome. thank you, Bryan.

Tim Barton

Opting for the CD. The box is pretty pricey here in Japan. If Amazon gets the boxes and the price is lower than a HMV Japan (over ¥40,000 at HMV Online!), I might consider it.

Until then, the CD will do.

[…] Bryan Ferry / Live at the Royal Albert Hall 1974 […]

John Rea

I ordered Roxymphony set a few days ago and had a premonition that something from BF was going to pop up…weird.I don’t buy modern vinyl but have a useful collection of original vinyl..Many of which were signed for me..also cds and boxsets..

Mainly buying for the poster! I will frame it and maybe pop in my ticket for the RAH gig in early 1977…

The set list is not really to my taste and agree that a full length Roxy set of that vintage would be brilliant!

I remember being surprised at walking past John Peel at the RAH…he had discovered punk was erasing the past by that point!

Realised that I can’t get to the Scottish BF gig for medical reasons so this is compensation!

Thanks again,Paul..

John K.

Fantastic news! I didn’t know this recording existed until a few days ago. Great setlist, the album is pre ordered & I’ll be going to the Manchester date of the tour in March. P.S. how about less negative comments everytime there’s some exciting releases on S.D.E. If you don’t like something, then don’t bother moaning in print. It’s simple – buy it or leave it. & thanks for keeping the vibes alive Paul.


What’s it sound like?
If this is so good why wasn’t it released earlier than 45 years after it was recorded?

Chris Squires

I’m tired of art cards, posters and prints. It really is the lowest amount of expended effort.

Bryan has form of course as it was a signed poster with the Roxy Music box set. It is obvious that the artist never comes into contact with the actual material. The company posts out 600 or 1,100 art cards and the artist spends a couple of days putting their scrawl on those and posts them back. These are then slipped into the box, record or parcel.
The Blancmange ones were terrible, OK the art card in The Blanc tapes was down to the available size and kind of forgivable but the “signed print” that came with the Blanc tapes LP Box set was appallingly thin and nasty to say nothing of the added mess they made of the actual music.

At least SDE does it right, Stephen Duffy, Ian Broudie, Paul Young (No Parlez) and St. Etienne are four that spring to mind amongst others (and Marillion). I can’t speak for anyone else but I like the cover or box signed, maybe it’s a legacy of what used to happen in the 1970s or 1980s where you took an album to a concert or store and they signed your album cover. They touched it…. Not some random, poorly printed, flimsy piece of paper or card. The lowest of the low I think was Brett Anderson signing a crappy pre-printed and photo-copied lyric sheet for the “Suede” CD SDE. Stunningly inept IMHO.
Signed stuff is meant to get us to part early with our cash for a full priced item that we know will be at 50% in a few short weeks so £60 now, signed, or £30 in a couple of months unsigned, would it kill them to go to a bit of effort?

Andy H

Well said. I would only add that some artists could benefit from learning how to write…Bryan Adam’s, Cardin Copia and BlackBerry Smoke step forward


Ha! Remember getting raidioheads thom york signiature personally at trentham gardens only to recieve aload of drawn circles !!! Whats that about . Strange indeed! Maybe cooool.


Bumped into Richard James once (in the Virgin Megastore Oxford st). Asked for an Autograph, he said yes, I received what I can only describe as a very very dense scribble – it took him about 30 seconds to complete it… (which is a huge amount to time scribbling).

Douglas Deacy

I bought LP & CD Combo and then saw Box Set. Cancelled previous order and purchased Box Set instead.

Noel Fitzsimons

This is superb news. I’ve seen the set list for this concert but never thought it would be released. I’ve gone for the box set as a post Xmas gift to myself. It makes wonder what other live performances are languishing in the vaults from that period of Roxy Bowie et al. The only disappointing aspect of this release are the omissions of some songs as highlighted by another commenter.

From only a few months earlier in 1974 – there is a marvellous Roxy Music concert recorded at (I think) Newcastle City Hall on good ol’ YouTube. Now… I would like to see this be given an official release.


£40 for the signed print, cd and record is a decent price (shame about the postage). It’s a fantastic price for what you get, in comparison to the box set at £120.

Anyone else delighted with the £40 Billy Bragg package with the same vinyl (x 3), cd, print combination as Brian Ferry? The signed print looks excellent. Mine’s a Christmas gift for my son, so I’ll listen to it once he’s opened it. At 18 he’s mad on The Smiths, Billy Bragg and lots of older and contemporary bands. Eighteen’s a great age for everything, including loving music.


All I am looking forward to, for years, is DE/SDE for “Boys & Girls” and “Bête Noire”…


He was doing solo l.p.s at the same time as Roxy Music? I guess I should look back at their history and catalogues, eh?

Jarmo Keranen

These two are my favorite of Bryan’s solo records. Shame there are no filmed concert. Then it would be must buy for me!

Thomas H. Thomsen

“It’s My Party”? “Fingerpoppin”? No thanks!

Glen Buchanan

“It’s My Part”, “Fingerpoppin” Yes please!


The P+P is a Joke £10.00 within the UK for Just the LP and Poster – Let’s hope they are shipped in a Proper mailer and not Flat …..


Many Thanks Paul, Ordered the Package. Great Set & Price. Shame the P&P is So Dear.

John Rea...

I agree that it is a shame that so many special items are slanted towards vinyl these days..
I saw him at the same venue about two years later.


Hard to resist that beautiful, signed poster. Thanks for the alert, Paul!

adam shaw

Thanks Paul , ordered .
Only gripe about buying from his store is that they charge £11.50 shipping to UK so the signed LP and CD bundle comes out at £51.50 !!


Bargain! Shipping to Germany is 21 Euros!

Alan B

Townsend Records have always been a bit naughty with the postage charges when a CD is shipped with an LP compared with LP only. It doesn’t cost any more to ship as the CD will fit in the 12 inch mailer and the extra weight doesn’t put the postage cost up with Royal Mail as the next weight postage charge increase is not triggered. But they add a bit extra anyway. It will be nicely packed though.

Barry Frost

Disappointing that the signed print is only available with the vinyl and not the cd :(


The vinyl is 25 pounds and the CD is half that. So there’s your answer. Money comes first, also for Bryan Ferry. I’d do the same TBH.


Correct. And as an added bonus for Bryan, those that don’t have the means to play vinyl but can’t bear the thought of missing out on his autograph will buy the vinyl and the CD. Quids in!


Great to see this, although a huge shame he’s edited out Help Me Make it Through the Night and Funny How Time Slips Away from the concert.

Blessed Brian

Ok, but How long before we get an SDE of his great solo albums & “Avalon”? In my lifetime? Does anyone here know anything ?