Bryan Ferry / new album Bitter-Sweet

Deluxe packaging • A ‘Bryan Ferry Orchestra’ album

Bryan Ferry will release a new album Bitter-Sweet in November.

Like 2012’s The Jazz Age, this is credited to ‘Bryan Ferry and his Orchestra’ and this new album has been inspired by Ferry’s work on the Sky Atlantic/Netflix television series ‘Babylon Berlin’ – a German period drama based on the books by Volker Kutscher set in the 1920s.

Therefore, Bitter-Sweet takes the musical stylings from that era – ragtime, blues and jazz – and puts a new twist on familiar Roxy Music and Bryan Ferry tracks including ‘While My Heart is Still Beating’, ‘Sign of the Times’, ‘Bitter Sweet’, ‘Limbo’ and ‘Dance Away’. Unlike The Jazz Age, Bitter-Sweet features eight vocal tracks amongst the instrumentals.

We know how Ferry likes a decent presentation (see the Roxy Music deluxe) and so the new album will be available as a CD which comes packaged within a deluxe 18-page case bound book printed on fine linen uncoated paper.

The ‘limited edition’ vinyl format includes an 180g black vinyl LP in a wide spine sleeve with printed inner sleeve, both on uncoated paper with a ‘matte dispersion’ finish and includes a 16-page booklet on uncoated offset paper.

Both are available SIGNED for a limited time (signed versions now SOLD OUT) at the Bryan Ferry official store.

From the official store:

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1. Alphaville
2. Reason Or Rhyme
3. Sign Of The Times
4. New Town
5. Limbo
6. Bitter-Sweet
7. Dance Away
8. Zamba
9. Sea Breezes
10. While My Heart Is Still Beating
11. Bitters End
12. Chance Meeting
13. Boys And Girls

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So the track listing on the standard AND deluxe editions are the same???

jai emmett

Ordered! Was brilliant to see him in “Babylon Berlin” doing his 20’s inspired stuff, really looking forward to hearing this. Can’t believe there’s been no news of the “For Your pleasure” set yet though!


I really didn’t like ‘The Jazz Age’, very disappointing in fact. It sounds too much like a cover band… So, I wonder if I will buy this one… Also, I would like to know which songs have vocals and which ones are instrumentals.

Instead of releasing new versions in this jazz style, I prefer Deluxe Editions, both Roxy Music and solo. Especially the ‘Boys And Girls’ album, including 12″, 7″ and instrumental versions, plus b-sides, the 1986 non-album singles and songs/versions from the vaults…


I think that the last Bryan Ferry album to feature a current/new photo of him on the cover was Taxi in 1993. Not sure why as already mentioned he has age very well and still looks good.


What about “As Time Goes By” or “Frantic”?


The Frantic cover was from an old photo shoot. You’re probably right about As Time Goes By, though.

elliott buckingham

just when I thought the news of katie price re-starting her singing career was the worst it could get. would love a reissue of the album slave to love and don’t stop the dance came from with the brilliant 12″ versions would like a reissue of the 12″ of dance away too

Mike Williams

Does anyone know if he’s signing the CD Disc itself or the book/cover? I only ask because I pre-ordered a signed Sheila E CD and she only signed the disc, not the cover or booklet. I already ordered this but was just wondering…

Mike Williams

I got it! He signed the front hard cover!

Martin Soulstew

Thanks for the info, Paul.

Just ordered the autographed vinyl/cd combo. I hope the cd makes a nice xmas present for a dear friend.

About the Hall of Fame: for me this is a wrong approach to pop music in general. Though we all know that the rebels of yesterday are the new conservatives of tomorrow – this tries too hard to construct a “tradition” of rock (or rather “raaaack”, as some americans would pronounce) that strips away everything that was / is exciting about music in the first place. I’ll pass.

Kevin Brown

I do love Roxy Music’s early work, the first album right through to Siren, and also quite like the New version of Bitter Sweet. Not sure if I will get this album as a lot of the tracks are from his later solo albums which I’m not too keen on. But what I do find strange about the album cover is Bryan Ferry keeps insisting on using a photo of himself which was obviously taken a few years back and he also did this on his last solo album, why he does this does baffle me as I do think he has aged very well for his age………the art work for me would be better with a up to date photograph………….

Steve Bryant

Yes , I was wondering the same , reminds me of Frantic . As you say , he’s aged very well so a new cover shot would be welcomed or maybe another beautiful model cover.

Eric Weinraub

Ordered! A great companion to As Time Goes By and The Jazz Age.

Joe Mac Pherson

Attention, fans and admirers of Bryan Ferry and Roxy Music! This year, FINALLY, they’ve been nominated to be placed in the Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame! BUT: It’s all down to how many votes they receive, if they can make it to the final 5 who will be admitted for 2019. I vote every single day, for them, also Kraftwerk (Another first time nomination), The Zombies, The Cure and Todd Rundgren.
Something is very wrong in this world, when currently, Janet Jackson, Devo, Nine Inch Nails, Def Leppard and others have substantially more votes than Roxy Music. If you care, do your part and VOTE. And, you’re allowed to vote every day, until the final December deadline date.
Obviously, I’m going to buy Bryan Ferry’s deluxe music set. Thank You, Paul!


Thanks for your effort! I’m afraid, the whole Hall Of Fame is a joke however – from its inception, European acts have always been ignored, so why even bother?

Mike Williams

I beg to differ. Although most acts inducted have been American, there have been MANY non-Americans inducted. In order of induction: The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, The Kinks, The Who, The Yardbirds, Cream, The Animals, Elton John, John Lennon, Bob Marley, Rod Stewart, Led Zeppelin, David Bowie, Pink Floyd, Bee Gees, Fleetwood Mac, Paul McCartney, Dusty Springfield, Eric Clapton, Queen, AC/DC, The Clash, Elvis Costello/Attractions, The Police, George Harrison, Traffic, (The Pretenders), U2, Black Sabbath, Sex Pistols, The Dave Clark Five, Jeff Beck, ABBA, Genesis, Jimmy Cliff, The Hollies, Small Faces/Faces, Peter Gabriel, Deep Purple, ELO, Yes, The Moody Blues.

Mike Williams

…and now that they have admitted ROXY MUSIC into the 2019 class, they have also added all British Bands this year. The only Americans are solo acts Janet Jackson & Stevie Nicks. The new adds are Roxy Music, Radiohead, Def Leppard, The Zombies & The Cure. So, Christian is mistaken about Euro/U.K. artists being “ignored” by the R&R Hall Of Fame!


“If you care, do your part and VOTE.”

I care about music but not some silly back-slapping induction ceremony. I expect most music fans can find better uses for their time than voting for their favourite nominee everyday for the next two months!!


From something inductees (Lydon and Steve Miller) have said regarded being inducted into the Hall Of Fame it is very expensive for the artist involved: an inductee attending the ceremony has to buy a table and tickets at prices of $25,000+ per table and $10,000 per ticket; meaning a single group plus partners/ spouses/ other will cost tens of thousands of dollars. That doesn’t seem a particularly good reward: artist gets name on the wall of some self-appointed random bloke’s private project, has to pay for the privilege of seeing it done!

It also seems a peculiarly American thing (I may be wrong, and such things may exist in other countries) to quantify, commodify, varnish, and ultimately ossify popular culture before it’s even finished its natural cycle.

Even the name annoys me: surely you don’t need a calfifying entity to tell you something’s famous…. if something’s famous you already know about it; and if you’re told the name of something famous and reply ‘who?’, then it’s not so famous after all!

Johnny Spasm

I don’t believe that Duran Duran has ever even been nominated, which is absolutely criminal. I looked at the list a few weeks back. Not a very impressive list this year. Roxy Music, Rufus, Def Leppard & Kraftwerk are my choices.

Nick Love

I totally agree about the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame’s irrelevance. I live about 80 miles away from it and, after a stroll through in the late 90’s can’t be bothered to go back. Industry recognition would have to be one of the least inspired reasons for making music, and the whole thing, like the Grammy’s, is kind of joke when you look at past nominations and winners (someone who actually cares about the Grammy’s may want to verify this, but I believe Petula Clark was the big winner during the British Invasion, never mind the whole Milli Vanilli fiasco). I loved it when I heard that Rick Wakeman was taking the piss a couple of years ago. I’m paraphrasing, but there was a book I read as a teenager called something like 100 best albums of all times and the writer said if you want your art in a museum, learn how to paint. So true.


Any news on For your Pleasure super box set?

Steve Bryant

Now your talkin’n


I’m going “oooooh…” no I don’t even know what matte dispersion is.

Stevie B

Excellent music from a FANTASTIC TV series. (Actually there’s been two season, sort of ‘Cabaret’ meets ‘Raymond Chandler’ and I’d highly recommend them and the books). I’ve ordered a signed CD and the CD/vinyl/signed Artwork bundle, thanks for the heads up SDE :)


I missed out on the signed version of the super deluxe edition box, so I jumped on this.


No chance, that’s it for me. I would rather he released soundboards from the 70’s (where’s the R.A.H. 74 show?) than listen to him gasp/whisper his way through this pointless tripe. For the first time since 1972 I will not be buying a RM/BF release. Enough, time to pack it in.

Marco De Angelis

Altough I will buy this, I ‘d like to see(hear) the RAH ’74 concert in a fine package…
I knew Mr. Ferry was mixing that concert for a release! Anyone know something about?


Wot ? More Remake remodels of remake remodels! I’m a massive Ferry /Roxy fan,but this constant retro weimar balladry would be better suited to Bernie from Heartbeat,after accidentally seeing him resplendent with tuxedo in an ”old” episode! All of Ferry’s solo work since’ Mamouna ‘ has dissapointed me(I thought that was a really coherent piece of studio sonicry(Is that a word?) but everything since apart from Reason or Rhyme and bits of Frantic seem to be saying thats not me anymore.I thought the Jazz Age was boring,would have been more interesting with futuristic elements; the Bogus Man was nondescript.Maybe Eno’s sonic swoops on Mamouna would wake up a more futuristic bent.After all,isn’t the apex of Roxy the title track of FYP-alongside ‘Wildcat Days’ I really cant see Bernie in his garage frugging wildly to those!!