Budgie / The MCA Albums 1973-75


The MCA Albums 1973-75 is a three-CD box set containing a trio of albums by Welsh hard rockers Budgie.

The three-disc collection contains the following long-players recorded for MCA in the early seventies; Never Turn Your Back On A Friend, In For The Kill and Bandolier.

These audio has been re-mastered (for the first time from the original tapes) by Andy Pearce and this includes a booklet containing a new essay by Classic Rock’s Malcolm Dome.

The MCA Albums 1973-75 will be released on 3 June 2016.


Disc: 1
1. Breadfan
2. Baby Please Don’t Go
3. You Know I’ll Always Love You
4. You’re The Biggest Thing Since Powdered Milk
5. In The Grip Of A Tyrefitter’s Hand
6. Riding My Nightmare
7. Parents

Disc: 2
1. In For The Kill
2. Crash Course In Brain Surgery
3. Wondering What Everyone Knows
4. Zoom Club
5. Hammer And Tongs
6. Running From My Soul
7. Living On Your Own

Disc: 3
1. Breaking All The House Rules And Learning All The House Rules
2. Slipaway
3. Who Do You Want For Your Love?
4. I Can’t See My Feelings
5. I Ain’t No Mountain
6. Napolean Bona – Part One
7. Napolean Bona – Part Two

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Vicente Olaso Sendra

I’ve read there’s no bonus tracks in this box set, which is a shame because the previous reissues came with three of four extra tracks each. Can’t understand why.

T Miller

There appears to be a Japan box version of this as well.

[…] Budgie box set, The MCA Albums 1973-75 is a new entry at number 34. It’s a fine set at a great price, but […]

Rick Marino

The first 2 albums (Budgie & Squawk) were worthy of this deluxe edition treatment as well. No word on those?


I finally bit the bullet last year and bought these 3 albums as imports on CD. Got tired of waiting for them to be issued domestically! Each disc cost as much as this whole set :(

However… those claim to be remastered as well (on the Noteworthy label, I believe) and have bonus tracks! (Mostly live cuts — some of which appear on Budgie live lps and comps).

For the price I have no choice but to buy these and compare!


Shocked. But my greedy side wants the rest of the MCA albums as well. Dare we hope for more? At the same time, is it cynical to assume the band members don’t see a dime from this? At least, not directly as a result of sales. Curious as to what prompted this ***me looking gift horse squarely in mouth***

steve johnson

Fantastic value for these 3 great Budgie Albums,can’t wait.

Paul Wren

It would be nice if they were to also release vinyl versions as well.

Adam shaw

Great price , compared to their other albums.
I paid £15 for If I Were Britania…. When it came out on cd