Caught Beneath The Landslide: The Other Side of Britpop and the ‘90s

Lost tracks, hard to find versions, B-sides, remixes & more • 4CD or 2LP packages • 500-only limited editions with Kevin Cummins signed print

Demon Music will issue a new Britpop-era compilation curated by legendary music photographer Kevin Cummins called Caught Beneath The Landslide: The Other Side of Britpop and the ’90s.

Available as a four-CD set or a 2LP vinyl package, Caught Beneath The Landslide offers classic tracks, lost gems, live and alternate versions, B-sides and single edits from the Britpop era. Acts include Oasis, Blur, Pulp, Suede, Elastica, Radiohead, Lush, Supergrass, Menswear, Gene, The Auteurs, The Charlatans, Echobelly, Ash and Sleeper.

Kevin Cummins was chief photographer at the NME for more than a decade and was witness to – and documented the musical and cultural phenomenon in the first half of the ‘90s, that was variously tagged ‘Britpop’ or ‘Cool Britannia’.

His photo-book While We Were Getting High: Britpop and the ‘90s, was published last year and now Kevin has compiled this companion collection. The four-CD package contains 71 tracks, which the 2LP vinyl set offers 26.

In-depth sleeve notes explore the bands, their influences and features contributions from producer Stephen Street, DJ Steve Lamacq, Johnny Dean (Menswear), Math Priest (Dodgy), Kevin Miles and Matt James (Gene) and Jaime Harding (Marion) and contain original photos from Kevin’s collection

Kevin Cummins says: “It was always my ambition to have a companion album to the book, a chance to enjoy the music of that era, music as timeless as the images. When I was selecting photos for my book, I took to Twitter to ask fans if certain bands could be considered part of the genre. Several musicians joined in to deny they were ever part of Britpop. The Manics were never considered part of the genre, nor Primal Scream, and much as I would have like to include them I chose not to. So it pleases me that we can feature both bands and many more in this collection, with its broader take on Indie music in ‘90s Britain.”

The Amazon-exclusive 4CD set with signed print is now sold out, but Rough Trade in the UK have an exclusive 2LP black vinyl edition also with signed print (it’s also available in the USA). This is also limited to 500, like the CD set. There is also a clear vinyl indies-only exclusive (also available at Rough Trade)

The four-CD set of Caught Beneath The Landslide: The Other Side of Britpop and the ‘90s is out on 30 April 2021, with the 2LP version following on 14 May.

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Various Artists

Caught Beneath The Landslide - standard 4CD set


Compare prices and pre-order

Various Artists

Caught Beneath The Landslide - 2LP black vinyl


Caught Beneath The Landslide 4CD set

CD 1

1. Blur – Young And Lovely / 2. Suede – He’s Dead / 3. Huggy Bear – Her Jazz / 4. Cornershop – England’s Dreaming / 5. The Fall – Lost In Music / 6. New Order – Regret (New Order Mix) / 7. James – Sometimes / 8. Elastica – Pussycat / 9. The Auteurs – Lenny Valentino (Original Mix) / 10. Saint Etienne – Pale Movie (Lemonentry Mix) / 11. Inspiral Carpets featuring Mark E. Smith – ‘I Want You’ / 12. Terrorvision – The Model / 13. S*M*A*S*H – Barrabas(Piloted) / 14. Shed Seven – Dolphin / 15. Catatonia – Whale / 16. Echobelly – Today, Tomorrow, Sometime, Never (Live, Wetlands, New York) / 17. Gene – Be My Light, Be My Guide / 18. Manic Street Preachers – The Drowners(Live)


1. Primal Scream – Jailbird (Dust Brothers Remix) / 2. Paul Weller vs. Portishead – Wild Wood (Sheared Wood Remix) / 3. Radiohead – Planet Telex (Hexidecimal Mix) / 4. The Cardigans – The Boys Are Back In Town / 5. Menswear – I’ll Manage Somehow (Original Single Mix) / 6. Powder – 20th Century Gods / 7. The Lightning Seeds – Lucifer Sam / 8. Pulp – Razzmatazz (Acoustic Version) / 9. Duffy – London Girls / 11. Heavy Stereo ‘Sleep Freak’ / 12. Supergrass – Just Dropped In (To See What Condition My Condition Was In) / 13. Feeder – Rush (Live) / 15. Northern Uproar – Rollercoaster / 16. The Wannadies – Lee Remick / 17. Kula Shaker – Tattva (Lucky 13 Mix)


1. Marion – Let’s All Go Together (Slide Mix) / 2. Dodgy – Grateful Moon / 3. Ride – Black NiteCrash / 4. Fluffy – Husband / 5. Lush – Ciao! / 6. Electrafixion – Sister Pain (Acoustic) / 7. Out Of My Hair – Safe Boy / 8. Spacehog – In The Meantime / 9. Space – Neighbourhood / 10. Whipping Boy – Fiction (Live – The Furnace In Dublin) / 11. Plastic Fantastic – Complimentary Electron / 12. Longpigs – On And On / 13. Dubstar – Elevator Song / 14. Jocasta – The Land Of Do As You Please / 15. Sleeper – Atomic / 16. Ash – Does Your Mother Know / 17. Ocean Colour Scene – Travellers Tune (Original Version) / 18. The Supernaturals – Smile


1. Super Furry Animals – Something For The Weekend (Rockfield Version) / 2. Silver Sun – There Will Never Be Another Me / 3. The Boo Radleys – What’s In The Box (See Whatcha Got) / 4. The Bluetones – Marblehead Johnson / 5. The Charlatans – The Two Of Us / 6. Me Me Me- Hanging Around / 7. Shampoo – Cars / 8. Babybird- You’re Gorgeous Too / 9. Salad – I Want You / 10. Bis – Wee Love / 11. Kenickie- In Your Car / 12. Speedy – Boy Wonder / 13. Reef – YerOld (Young Version) / 14. Electronic – All That I Need / 15. 60Ft Dolls – Pretty Horses / 16. These Animal Men – Wichita Lineman / 17. The Aloof – One Night Stand (7” Version) / 18. Oasis – Champagne Supernova (Brendan Lynch Mix)

Caught Beneath The Landslide 2LP vinyl

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Rudi Urban Rasmussen

Great idea, and a fantastic set of tracks.
Would love to have it all on a vinyl box set. The double LP is just not good enough.


If it is a representation of the 90s, where are U2? Some Achtung/Zoo rarity would have been ace. They were everywhere again after Achtung Baby’s release. And if the Cardigans can be on there, so can U2. I think 90s and I think U2 and Nirvana as well as Oasis and Blur.

Nathan Thomas

Eh? He clearly states that the set represents his selection of British Indie music from the ‘90s – since when were U2 an indie band ? Technically they’re not even British as they were formed in Dublin & are considered an Irish band even though 2 members are English (& have been registered in numerous tax-havens through the years including Malta, Lithuania & Guernsey so are they even Irish any more?! Lol)


This a joke, right?

Dag Rune

The amazon item does not ship outside UK..at least not to Norway. (I tried putting in a uk postcodeand that worked) Is this because of Covid restrictions do you think?

Robert Lett

Another banger! (that’s how you Brits say it right) Just keep taking my money Demon!


Only bangers & mash!

Robert Lett

:-) Ha!


Oh. I mistook it to be about the Brit scene only.


One question I have is why The Cardigans are included, being a Swedish band covering an Irish rock band. Just actually curious about the reason they might be here.


Indeed and also because they are Britpop! Yes, no. British bands also made britpop. And some had Dutch singers like Salad. Or Danish bass players like echobelly.


Super Furry Animals – Something For The Weekend (Rockfield Version) – is that the Fuzzy Logic version or a different recording? (I know there was the slower take issued as a single, but that was retitled Something 4 The Weekend.)


Kevin Cummins is a genius (nuff said). This companion compilation is a personal selection, which I’m glad to say doesn’t go for the obvious songs. There are bands I’ve never heard of and looks like a good representation of one part of the 90’s.

Cherry Red have been putting out some similar quality comps from the 70’s, 80’s and electronica.

I’d like to see a Kevin Cummins Post Punk compilation as he photographed all the shakers and makers in the early 80’s!


If it’s about British music the 90s, why no Second Coming era Stone Roses? The ‘clean’ single version of ‘Ten Storey Love Song’ or its B-Side ‘Ride On’ would be ideal. Considering how Britpop was inspired by them and the Mondays, the lack of Roses and Black Grape is pretty glaring.


No Boo Radleys, Dodgy, Cast, Seahorses or The Verve?


And Cast!



Dr Volume

Britpop wasn’t a musical genre like say Chicago House or Doom Metal. It was a media invention by Select Magazine and NME journalists (who drank in the same Camden boozers as a lot of the banss) to describe the co-mingling of Lad/Ladette culture, casual fashion and Football going mainstream into Pop culture and a an identifiable seam of mostly indie pop bands harking back to a sound influenced more by Mod, 60s beat groups and early 70s glam with a dash of sharp suited new wavers and stuff like early Wire. It was all Adidas trainers, TFI Friday, Fantasy Football. Tony Blair etc.
Most bands of the era would rush to distance themselves from ‘being Britpop’ and as Kevin’s comp shows it’s just a flavour of what was in the air at the time…he’s not claiming these artists for Britpop. It’s a setlist for an Indie Club night rather than a defined set of musical parameters. My 90s comp would have lots of Drum & Bass, Ambient, Warp Records and Post-Rock. I’m sure everyone has their own soundtrack that would be different to this one.

thomas solimine

An entire era of music that just completely bored me. After the greatness of the early 90’s British music scene this was hard to like. The first half of the decade with MBV, Swervedriver, TFC and all things Creation Records we get a 3rd rate Beatloes re-hash of of Oasis, Blur.

Nathan Thomas

Love when people take time out of their lives to tell everyone else about the things that bore them or they personally don’t like, as if anyone else is really interested. We all have bands/genres/periods that we don’t like but most of us just keep it to ourselves & post about the things we do like or are enthusiastic about ! ( if it helps Thomas, I had zero interest in Creation records & have never heard of any of the bands you mentioned – you’re welcome !)

Kevin Cummins

If it bores you, why even read about it?


Personally, I found the post-Madchester British music scene quite drab until Suede came along and Blur got their act together. (For every MBV or Primal Scream, there seemed to be an awful lot of Northsides and Kingmakers.) The abundance of classic albums and singles that followed in the mid-1990s – whether you want to call it “Britpop” or not – made for a remarkable period for the UK music scene and one well worthy of an imaginative retrospective, which this release certainly is.

I appreciate that the shoegazers and grunge copyists have their aficionados but if a compilation of music from that era were announced, I expect I’d give it a miss – and probably without feeling the need to express my indifference to it on here.


Some good stuff on there, very tempted. Supergrass and Reef being almost across the way from each other amuses me because Reef did a really good version of I Just Dropped In, too.

Rare Glam

I pre-ordered the signed edition and am very much looking forward to it. This now seems to be unavailable (I’m in UK) but is also showing as £3 cheaper than the standard edtion though this is yet to be reflected in the price on my pre-order list. I often wonder about these Edsel / Amazon signed prints. They sell out quick as you would expect if only 500 are made, but often they become available again later on. I wondered if that is because some people pre-order two or more for whatever reason then ditch one or more of them nearer the time of release so they become available again?


Ordered yesterday. Looks interesting. Loved all things Brit pop. Some stuff on here lve never heard of, will be interesting. Also nice to hear from Kevin on here. He is right, if you don’t like the look of it, move on. Stop complaining. Eddie Pillars Mod Revival box set weren’t all predominantly Mod bands, but as with Kevin’s comp, is a reflection of what was around at the time.


Great to see Spacehog appearing on there.
Mostly forgotten / unnoticed band, but well worth checking out if you’re not familiar with them.


Looks great but the signed set is currently unavailable per Amazon (maybe because I’m in the USA?). Especially disappointed after reading Mr. Cummins spot-on comment below. Oh well.


Very nice set capturing the essence of the British Indie 90s…I’m looking forward to adding this to my collection.

Shame there wasn’t room for Morrissey (an influence on many of these bands and still quite active om the charts in the 90s) or anyone from the Sarah stable but otherwise hard to quibble with what’s here.

Well done!


I’ve tried constantly today to order this (cd from Amazon) and it’s constantly saying unavailable… :(
Can someone outside of the Uk confirm they were able to order it from Amazon?

Thank you


Have now confirmed it… Can’t order cause I’m in Southern Ireland :(
I changed my address to a Parcel Motel postal address in northern ireland and it will allow to pre order.
Unfortunately I can’t use that anymore as Parcel Motel’ no longer accepts uk deliveries, but when I change it to my actual address it says… “This product is not deliverable to this address” :(
Looks like another post Brexit disappointment for us in the Republic of Ireland :(


Wot! No Glitterbox or Starfish or She or…?

Kevin Cummins

People are hard to please aren’t they. Where does it say it’s all Britpop? It doesn’t. It says ‘the other side of Britpop and the 90s’. It’s a personal selection, so I can put music I enjoyed – and still enjoy – on it. I also say that I can broaden the selection here because my book was purely Britpop. A lot of hard work has gone into securing the rights for many of these tracks. It’s a nice eclectic mix of stuff I think. However, every single person in the world would probably choose their own mixed bag, and that’s part of what we all like about music. So send me a note when you release your compilations and I’ll ‘review’ them on a similar website to this ☺️. Please note: it’s not obligatory to buy it, so if you don’t like the music on it, you don’t need to slag it off. Just go listen to what you like. That’s what I generally do. If Ted Nugent or NKOTB want to release a 10 CD boxed set each, l’m not going to froth at the mouth at the temerity of these people. I probably just wouldn’t buy them. Someone will though and that’s good. We all enjoy our own thing, and it shouldn’t upset anyone else. Diversity should be celebrated. I hope everyone who buys it, likes it. It’s a great mixture of music and really captures the flavour of the period. If you enjoy it, tell your friends and we’ll all be happy. Life’s tough enough as it is without complaining that New Order aren’t Britpop – despite no claims being made in that direction. Peace and Love and Manchester City for the title.

Kevin Cummins

Thanks x

Stuart Ansell

Very well said Kevin. Very much looking forward to this, and even if I weren’t I’d like to think I’d restrain myself from being snide about it.

You have a good weekend sir, see you at the cup final. You’ll probably annihilate us.

John MC cann

How you gonna c him at the cup final?


This just might be the best comment I’ve ever read on this site (apart from the Man City bit).

Ally Wolf

Kevin it looks brilliant. I was just thinking how refreshing it was there were songs I didn’t know or expected and can’t wait to listen. Thank you.

Julian John Hancock

I have ordered on the basis that there are lots of things I haven’t heard, or in some cases even heard of. And because it seems very good value for money.


Kevin, seeing Kenickie’s “In Your Car” followed by Speedy’s “Boy Wonder” took me back immediately to my own mix tapes of the time.

It’s an interesting tracklisting you’ve put together, always nice to see people take less obvious paths through familiar artists.

Stephen Gershon

I am super excited about this. Babybird’s “You’re Gorgeous Too” is majestic—I love the bit of “July” there in the outro. Shockingly, I’ve never heard the Manics’ cover of “The Drowners.” Remedying that now. I’ve ordered the vinyl with signed print from Rough Trade US.

Brad B.

Mr. Cummins thank you in advance, this does look like a very good collection of music from a period in time more interesting than many might remember, and also nice to read feedback from its creator as well!! Not seeing easy availability to the US yet but I’ll keep checking on it closer to its release date.


Delighted to see Saint Etienne included in something, but reviewing the overall tracklist, I am realizing that I am FAR more out of touch with 90s British music than I thought I was. Tempted to buy this just as a “primer.” At the same time, trying to also limit how many new box sets I buy, as I am running out of shelf space and running out of space for new shelves (so time for a new house, I guess).


Nice to see recognition for the mighty Whipping Boy but the Irish Sea separates them from the Brits pop…


A bit like the North Sea for The Cardigans and The Wannadies.


Just in case you hadn’t seen, Needle Mythology appear to be doing a reissue of ‘Heartworm’ with bonus material. Can’t wait.


Love the Portishead remix of Wild Wood, I still play it regularly.

Melvin Lead

Thanks Paul, order placed.


The track listing reminds me of one of those Volume magazine Cd’s or one of those Select Magazine “Secret Tracks” cassette compilations… the 90’s were a great time for music.


New Order is Britpop?????

Paul R

Some interesting track selections here.
If Out of My Hair and some others lesser known bands made the cut surely Whiteout should have been on there? Nothing against Out of My Hair I remember them well.

Wolfgang Mintrop

No delivery to DE possible. As German customer sometimes the item is not possible for ordering (“CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE”).


Shame it’s the Hexidecimal Mix of Planet Telex rather than the Hexidecimal Dub version from the 12″ which is much rarer. To my knowledge it’s never been on CD, though the Mix was mislabeled as the Dub version on a compilation CD once.

The Golden Age Of The Phonograph

I`m looking forward to playing my Nirvana 6LP Box tomorrow Paul!

The Golden Age Of The Phonograph

Thought there was a delay whenj I didn`t receive any shipping notification.

What am I going to play instead?


Here’s hoping it is the Brendan Lynch Mix of Oasis’s – Champagne Supernova. A brilliant remix, only available as a promo 12″.
The incorrect version was put on the triple reissue of Morning Glory.


Not on my version!!

The Golden Age Of The CD Player

An interesting collection. Bands like Oasis, Blur, Ocean Colour Scene had appeal for me at first. I had all the albums but I tired of them after a while.

Ordered the Limited Edition 4CD set which will be great for dipping in and out of.

Gareth Jones

During the first lockdown, I went through all my old CDs from the 90s to compile a 3-CD set of bands who NEVER had a UK Top 40 single. I also included some album tracks and B-sides, but nevertheless, they were still all by bands who never achieved a Top 40 hit. And each disc kicked off with a cover version of a big Britpop hit.

Obviously this was purely for my own amusement and is not available to buy anywhere, but here are tracklistings. You’ll struggle to find most of this on Spotify btw! The year it was released is in brackets, plus chart positions have been given for any songs that were in the UK Top 100.

1. The Bikini Beach Band – Boys And Girls (95)
2. Half Man Half Biscuit – Four Skinny Indie Kids (98)
3. Terry Hall – A Room Full Of Nothing (97)
4. The Dandys – Drag Queen (98)
5. Thurman – Lewis Brightworth (95)
6. Kinky Machine – Christopher (94)
7. Pimlico – Me And Mr Lonely (95)
8. The Sweeney – The Kazoo Song (97)
9. Coade – Too Young (97)
10. Ruth – Valentine’s Day (96)
11. Fat & Frantic – Last Night My Wife Hoovered My Head (90)
12. Comet Gain – Strength (97)
13. Speedy – Boy Wonder (96 – chart position #56)
14. David Devant & His Spirit Wife – Cookie (Don’t Cry For Me) (96)
15. Grass-Show – Out Of The Void (First released in 96 – chart position #99. Then re-released in 97 – chart position #75)
16. The Young Offenders – That’s Why We Lose Control (98 – chart position #60)
17. The Mystics – Who’s That Girl? (95)
18. Denim – It Fell Off The Back Of A Lorry (96 – chart position #79)
19. Jetsons – Spyder (99)
20. Posh – Mermaid (96)
21. Pullover – Holiday (96)
22. Salad – Cardboard King (97 – chart position #65)
23. Linoleum – Ray Liotta (97)
24. Goya Dress – Crush (96)
25. Vyvyan – Do Me A Favour (99)
26. The Blue Smarties – I Feel Like Ian Beale (99)

1. Mogul – Roll With It (98)
2. Younger Younger 28’s – Ginger Determination (99)
3. Boutique – Strawberries & Cream (96)
4. Dex Dex Ter – Another Car, Another Carcrash (96)
5. Happyland – Don’t You Know Who I Am? (98)
6. Dweeb – Theme From Dweeb (97)
7. Prolapse – Killing The Bland (97 – chart position #90)
8. The Delgados – Under Canvas Under Wraps (96)
9. Pink Kross – Scumbag (97)
10. Ricky Spontane – (Never Be A) Milksop (98)
11. Midget – Kylie & Jason (97)
12. Gel – Rosie & Jim (98)
13. Snug – Beatnik Girl (98 – chart position #55)
14. Bellatrix – Jediwannabe (First released in 99. Then re-released in 2000 – chart position #65)
15. Agebaby – We Don’t Care (98)
16. Disco Pistol – Supersexy Revolutionary (97)
17. Mika Bomb – Super Sexy Razor Happy Girls (99)
18. Magicdrive – (I Fell In Love With A) Japanese Schoolgirl (99)
19. Crush – Jellyhead (96 – chart position #50)
20. Charlie’s Angels – The Banana Song (96)
21. Girlfrendo – The Wee Wee Song (97)
22. Pop Tarts – Girlie Pop (97)
23. Oizone – Wannabe (96)
24. Period Pains – Spice Girls (Who Do You Think You Are?) (97 – chart position #87)
25. PinUps – Robbie Left Take That (96)
26. The Yummy Fur – Fantastic Legs (98)
27. Chicks – Daria (98)
28. Helen Love – Long Live The UK Music Scene (98 – chart position #65)
29. Teen Anthems – Welsh Bands Suck (97)
30. Gorky’s Zygotic Mynci – Young Girls & Happy Endings (97 – chart position #49)
31. Angelica – Teenage Girl Crush (97)

1. The Lance Gambit Trio – Disco 2000 (97)
2. The Karelia – Love’s A Cliché (97)
3. Edward Ball – The Mill Hill Self Hate Club (96 – chart position #57)
4. The Pecadiloes – Kirsten’s Beach (98 – chart position #95)
5. 18 Wheeler – Grease (97 – chart position #94)
6. Orange – Judy Over The Rainbow (94 – chart position #73)
7. Mice – The Milkman (96 – chart position #92)
8. Ether – Best Friend (98 – chart position #84)
9. Evil Superstars – It’s A Sad Sad Planet (98)
10. Seafood – Scorch Comfort (98)
11. Fluffy – Hypersonic (95 – chart position #86)
12. Brassy – Straighten Out (96)
13. Voodoo Queens – Kenuwee Head (93)
14. Sexlovebusterbaby – Steve Austin (96)
15. Minty – That’s Nice! (96)
16. Link & Bikini – K.I.S.S.I.N.G. (92)
17. Pizzicato Five – Twiggy Twiggy (Twiggy vs. James Bond) (94)
18. Tip Top Planets – Go Go Pepper (95)
19. Ten Benson – The Claw (98)
20. The Pale – Dogs With No Tails (92 – chart position #51)
21. The Poppies – That’s What We’ll Do (93)
22. Out Of My Hair – In The Groove Again (95 – chart position #79)
23. Nut – Brains (96 – chart position #64)
24. Broadcast – The Book Lovers (96)
25. Velocette – Bitterscene (99 – chart position #97)

Bobby Foster

And very good it is too Gareth ;)

Andy Brookes

love ten Benson had the singles

Darryl Fong

Gareth great effort !

Some sound interesting so I’ll check them out.


It started with Blur and ends with Oasis…….
Ha Ha Ha
Here we are again in the 90ˋs – who is the no.1

Alan M

The Fall. Lost in Music. Absolutely love this cover.


Agreed. Absolute genius!!!!

John MC cann

After his book and CDs, ,hope he drops the oasis lyrics for his next project!
Very cringy,

Stuart Ansell

In what way is using a lyrical quotation from one of the leading bands of the era (and I say that without being a particular fan) as a motif ‘cringy’? It’s a well worn literary trope. In the same way ‘Revolution in the head’ (Beatles book, Beatles quotation) and ‘A new day yesterday’ (prog book, Tull quote) weren’t ‘cringy’. You might call it hackneyed or well worn, even obvious if you were feeling uncharitable, but ‘cringy’ seems very mean spirited and wide of the mark.

John MC cann

Because I find oasisis lyrics cringy!
I also find the name oasis cringeworthy,, I also find “” well worn literary trope,,Well you guessed it cringy,,is he a oasis superfan?,could have used some pulp lyrics! At least Jarvis could write decent ones

Strangely Brown

ordered with print, done


Is the standard 4CD edition also limited?

Simon Ede

Signed cd on Amazon says currently unavailable. sold out already???


Amazon listing describes the print as being A4 sized. I assume the box set itself is smaller – so hoping there isn’t another Amazon f*** up with sending these out!

Nathan Thomas

This is a hardback book with cds inside, the photo on the amazon listing clearly shows that the print is the same size as the book – which does appear to A4 size

Chris Squires

That is a very interesting tracklisting.

Am as happy as a pig in clover that two Stephen Duffy tracks have made it on to the album, the lead track from the superb “Duffy” album which would do very well to have a Needle Mythology release similar to “I Love My Friends” (can that be two years ago already?) and really if you are going to name an entire record label after a track on an album you really ought to release said album on said label, rude not to.

Also the strange but catchy Hanging Around by the least imposing Supergroup ever formed, Me Me Me. The irony of the group’s name over their musical personalities, priceless.

I get Matt’s frustration (below) the 2 LP is such a poor effort. It’s similar to the Lost 80s that at least went to three LPs (But still missed the best track – Welcome to the Monkey House). but a 2LP version is so sparse one wonders why they bothered. I know the economics matter, but as a consumer it is just a real shame they didn’t pull out some kind of effort. A well curated 52 – 56 track, 4LP effort would have been more interesting than a touch the surface 26 track 2 LP job. Big vinyl sets do sell and one of my favourites (This is Trojan) is a perfect 6LP set to exactly mirror the 3CD version and, possibly, like many I have both because it’s just nice to have everything on Vinyl sometimes. I guess if they were brave enough to say, “fuck it lets do a 6LP version” they might not be employed for too long, but that is a shame.


I might have gone with “Sugar High” over “London Girls”, but the latter does actually use the word “Britpop” even if the song and album are arguably Americana! Me Me Me makes the whole thing legit.


This set seems to be split between documenting the era and collecting remixes, cover versions and rarities that fans of the bands may not own, or possibly even want.

Dennis Wilson

Poor attention to detail. The Charlatans track is not called The Two of Us.

Dennis Wilson

Cheers Paul.


Wow, bar a handful full of artists that’s a pretty damning encapsulation of the turgid britpop/mid 90s indie scene, not sure how much celebration it needs, there were far more interesting things going on in the electronic scene at the time yet it never gets the same focus as this stuff


The Manics playing Suede’s Drowners Live includes Bernard Butler on guitar I believe. That’s if its the same B-Side track. Excellent stuff this. Pre-ordered!

Tim Abbott

Interesting concept, but I’m dismayed/ashamed/happy (delete as appropriate) to say I’ve actually got around a third of the songs here (27 at the initial count).

Some choices are good (Blur probably agree – they eventually put Young And Lovely back in their setlist on their tours in the last decade!), some are less inspired, and some I wish the compilers had stretched a bit further – would’ve been great to include Lush’s version of I Have The Moon (a Magnetic Fields cover which introduced me to the genius of Stephin Merritt), or one of Pulp’s prime mid-90s B-sides (Street Lites, for example) instead of an acoustic version. But it’s all personal preference – this looks like it’ll be a fun collection.


Mark E. Smith britpop?!? He will be spinning in his proverbial – not once but twice…


The limited CD set seems to be already gone. :-(


Just ordered the Cd with print so check again :)


I just managed to purchase it. It’s still there presently.


Woooaaahhhh! “Pussycat” by Elastica. Now that IS a gem of an inclusion!

The tracklisting looks fantastic and not in the slightest bit predictable. :)