Chicago / five-disc collector’s edition

Chicago‘s self-titled second album (generally referred to as Chicago II) will be reissued as a five-disc collector’s edition in August.

This set will include Steven Wilson’s 2016 stereo remix of the 1970 album on CD and double vinyl LP, along with last year’s Live On Soundstage performance (recorded at WTTW-TV studios in Chicago) of the entire double album on both DVD (with a 5.1 mix) and CD. The latter is also being made available separately at the end of this month (both as a CD+DVD combo pack, or standalone CD).

Surprisingly, this Collector’s Edition does not find a place for the Quad mix which was included with the now expensive-to-get-hold-of Quadio box. For the price being asked, a separate blu-ray with the Quad mix and perhaps a hi-res stereo version of both the original and Steven Wilson remixes might have been in order. Note, the original mix of the album doesn’t seem to be included anywhere!

So what you have here is a collector’s edition that really brings together individual elements that are all available separately, albeit the vinyl version of Steven Wilson’s remix isn’t widely available. There is no audio or video exclusive to this set.

This Chicago II collector’s edition will be released on 31 August 2018.

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Chicago II - collectors edition


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Chicago II - live on soundstage CD+DVD


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Chicago II - live on soundstage CD


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Chicago II - Steven Wilson remix standalone CD


In the box

Chicago II CD – Steven Wilson remix
Chicago II 2LP vinyl – Steven Wilson remix
Chicago II: Live on Soundstage (2017 live performance) – CD
Chicago II: Live on Soundstage (2017 live performance) – DVD

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Thank you for presenting links to the separate elements along with the box. Good work.

[…] five-disc collectors’ edition of Chicago II is coming at the end of August and includes this performance (recorded at WTTW-TV studios in Chicago) from 2017 of the whole […]

Mathew Lauren

I, really, don’t like how this SDE is being presented.

It would behoove the band to commission a 5.1 or ATMOS mix from Steven Wilson of the original album and couple that with the 2016 2.0 he remixed on one Blu or 4K Blu. Offer the ‘03 John Kellogg 5.1 mix, the quad mix and original 2.0 @24/96 on a separate Blu, and MAYBE the 2017 C II concert with video on another 24/96 5.1 & 2.0 Blu-ray Disc. Bundle all that with cds of the original 2.0 mix, SW’s 2.0 mix, and the concert in 2.0, and you’d have a packed 6-optical disc BOOKSET!

Add ALL the vinyl for an SDE-extravaganza, 10-disc BOXSET and/or offer the ALL the vinyl à la carte, along side the separate 6-optical disc BOOKSET.

I’m ambivalent about the 2017 concert, so 1 or both those discs could be axed and it’d be, fine by me.

As is, I’m not interested. Seems a waste and a missed opportunity.


Why do so many SDE’s like this miss the mark?! All these so called compilation experts should consult Mr. Sinclair on how to do it right!!

Chris Squires

I used to have a good mate (lost touch) called Dermot who used to do just this for a living and he went through how difficult it is when you know the band intimately as a major fan. It’s almost impossible if you are given the task as a kind of intern plus. I could think of only two acts that I could compile a decent compilation, box set or SDE after 38 years of serious collecting and listening. So how doling it out to an employee, even one with a massive general interest in music, is the last thing you want to do. How often are fans consulted, not all of them obviously, but I reckon most acts would know who their biggest fans are. Just bloody ask them. It’s cheap because I can guarantee that if any fan was asked about remixes and b-sides they would help FOR NOTHING.
Even as a second-level major fan of groups like ELO, ABBA & TFF I wouldn’t know where to start. You have to think these things are compiled by “employees” doing a job, without a hope of even getting close to what a primary or secondary level fan would wish for.

I could have a stab at what I would think was a pretty good All About Eve collection that would be torn to pieces by those who actually know. So why not ask those who actually know?


I agree with EVERY comment. This soooo misses the mark. Nobody wants to here a cover band play Chicago II. Everybody wants to hear the original mix, Wilson mix, Quad mix, 5.1 mix, and any outtakes or alternate versions available. I’m also sure everyone would like to hear live performances from the band from the early 70’s. I’ve never been in the music business but I think I could have put something together that would sell much better than this. This is so bad that I would not buy it as a $10 cutout. Absolutely ZERO interest. What shameful treatment of a classic album.


Wait. What? Why in God’s name are they not including the 5.1 mix that was done for DVD-Audio a few years ago??


So disappointing! Not only is the Quad version missing so is the 5.1 version of the studio album. Without those I’ve zero interest in this set.

Charlie Waffles

Somebody missed the mark putting this box set together. I take it the box set is a Rhino “mismanagement.” I hope it does not sell.


Steven Wilson’s remix was not supposed to change the mix of the album, he is not that kind of remix engineer. What Steven Wilson did was improve certain elements of the original mix sound. I heard a distinctive difference on my system.
I am surprised they didn’t include a BluRay with the 5.1 remix and the quad mix.
Plus the BluRay could have included some footage from 1970 such as Isle Of Wight and other such TV performances.
This is a waste of a magnificent opportunity to make this an incredible box set. I also have no interest in Chicago in 2018


The Steve Wilson mixes contain vocal and horn parts that have been “auto tuned”, I know this because I know both mixes very, very well and I’m also an audio engineer/mixer/producer for numerous label acts, so I’m trained in this. When I listen to the Wilson mix, I feel it lost some of the nuance of the original. I would have also like it very much if he would have “expanded” the sound a bit more. Wilson “made Chicago perfect” musically, and I doubt that now the band wants the old mix version out there because the Wilson ones make the band sound better than they actually DID on Chicago II. I hear the auto tune, you can’t get past me with that shnit.


It is hard to believe they missed the alternate versions of 25 or 6 to 4 , and, Make Me Smile
found only on the Quad mix. Chicago II without Terry Kath and Peter Cetera is a waste of time.

Mathew Lauren



Sorry, the alternate Quad version Chicago II songs were “25 or 6 to 4” and “Wake up Sunshine”. Worth buying the Quad versions for these two songs.

Bob M

I am a big fan of Steven Wilson and have all of his Porcupine Tree and solo work, but I have to send up a warning signal about his Chicago II remix. I understand that a lot depends on the equipment and the personal preferences of the listener, but I really don’t care for his remix. Comparing it to the Rhino remaster of some years ago, to my ears this is flat and almost too clinical to be enjoyed. Yes, the detail is great, but something is missing for me – an emotional connection with the music. This in no way reflects poorly on the obvious work Mr. Wilson has put into the project, but in the end, it just doesn’t do it for me. I am writing this as an advisory to people who have not yet purchased this release – if at all possible, do a comparison before you buy.

wayne klein

On the other hand, I actually enjoy the remix especially compared to the original muddy mix that we got. It’s a great album either way but I suspect that what you’re listening has more to do with the mastering and not the mix. There are plenty of remixes that, should they not have the “warmth” one is looking for, that can be fixed in the mastering.

My disappointment with this has more to do with it being similar to the Roxy Music set in that we don’t get everything that should come in the set. We get Wilson’s remix for CD but not a lossless version (the opposite of the Roxy Music boxed set). The lack of a high rez release with this is disappointing. If you are going to put a box together like this, you need to go the whole way or not at all.

The fact that the Qudio mix isn’t here along with a 5.1 mix from Wilson was a poor decision. It would have made much better sense to do this with a vintage show (even if audio/video quality doesn’t measure up to high def).

I’d add that I don’t need vinyl AND CD. Give me one or the other. Whomever makes these boneheaded decisions at Warner/Rhino really need to ask the fans what they would want vs. just dropping product without input.

I won’t be buying the set for that precise reason.


More than the lack of the original mix, it’s the whole package that I find quite distubing. Mixing the 1970 album (and that Steven Wilson mix is SO great!) with the now-touring version of Chicago rendering the album makes no sense. I’m listening now to the “Make me smile” version of the concert available on Spotify and it’s just not the same band. There’s a terrible amount of Oomph missing – not even noting that nobody could replace the voice and guitar of Terry Kath… So yeah, a missed opportunity when they could have issued a deluxe edition with a restored / remastered Tanglewood…


I bought the Quadio box and glad I did. Sounds great. No excessive volume.

Probably have 5 of the original quads on lp and 8-track cartridge. Now I don’t have to bother with them anymore.


Great! More Chicago reissues! I for one did not find the Steven Wilson remix all the revelatory so I guess the best that could be said is that now the items are available individually for those who want them. And what’s up with the original mix not being included?

art m

too many versions to buy. i already have original vinyl, Quadio box, Chicago Live box & Steve Wilson cd.