Chicago / Quadio / 9-disc surround sound & stereo blu-ray audio box


Immerse yourself in the remastered high-resolution 192/24 DTS-HD Master Audio sound of Chicago with Quadio, a new nine-disc blu-ray audio box, that delivers stereo and original quadrophonic mixes of their first eight studio albums (1969-76) plus the 1975 greatest hits compilation.

This June release by Rhino Records will cap a momentous couple of months for the Windy City’s finest during which they were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Chicago reunited with founding drummer Danny Seraphine to play at the induction ceremony in Brooklyn on 8 April, and this collection, featuring much-loved songs such as Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is?, Make Me Smile, Saturday In The Park, 25 or 6 or 4, If You Leave Me Now and many more hits will roll back the years for the band’s legion of fans.

After naming themselves and their 1969 debut studio album ‘Chicago Transit Authority’, the actual Chicago Transit Authority took legal action against the group, leading to them shortening their name to simply, Chicago. Thereafter, to be on the safe side, the kinda jazzy soft-rockers largely abandoned the frivolous use of words other than ‘Chicago’ in their subsequent album titles, instead adopting a Roman numerical system. There was Chicago (1970), Chicago III (1971) and Chicago V (1972). And who could forget Chicago VI (1973), Chicago VII (1974) and Chicago VIII (1975)? Then they snuck in the relatively extravagantly named Chicago IX: Chicago’s Greatest Hits (1975) before Chicago X (1976). Yep, they bloody love their home city.

All the above went at least platinum in America first time around, most went double platinum and the greatest hits collection went quintuple platinum Stateside (and triple platinum in Canada) and all are included in this set. The only omission here from that hugely productive 1969-76 period is Chicago at Carnegie Hall often referred to as ‘Chicago IV’, released in October 1971.

Each album has remastered in both quadrophonic and stereo, and the cover artwork (such as the glorious Hershey chocolate bar-style cover for Chicago X) and packaging details of the original release are said to be replicated to the last detail, including mini-posters and the iron-on that came with Chicago VIII. The quad mixes obviously require you to have an appropriate surround sound set-up, but the hi-res stereo mixes can be enjoyed by anyone with a blu-ray player, an amp and two speakers!

The official press release and other sources only list the albums included in the set not the tracklist on each, so we assume that there are no bonus tracks. If we find out different, we shall update this post accordingly. However, in excess of 120 remastered tracks by the ‘rock band with horns’ should satisfy all but the most demanding of longtime fans.

Quadio is released on 17 June.

In the box:

  1. Chicago Transit Authority (1969)
  2. Chicago (1970)
  3. Chicago III (1971)
  4. Chicago V (1972)
  5. Chicago VI (1973)
  6. Chicago VII (1974)
  7. Chicago VIII (1975)
  8. Chicago IX: Chicago’s Greatest Hits (1975)
  9. Chicago X (1976)

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[…] does not find a place for the Quad mix which was included with the now expensive-to-get-hold-of Quadio box. For the price being asked, a separate blu-ray with the Quad mix and perhaps a hi-res stereo […]

Boudewijn Korsmit

Listening on a good volume, makes you feel being in the studio. It’s a special experience, hearing them after so many years in such a sound quality, amazing. Only technical, the dvd’s make a noise in the player……..


Thanks Paul Sinclair. You rock!


I live in USA but ordered Blu-Rays from Canada Amazon. Does anyone know if these will play on USA player or will they be PAL?

SDE Hall of Fame

These are blu-ray audios with no video content, so PAL / NTSC is not relevant.The discs will play on any blu-ray player.


when I’ll have some money this boxset will replace fanmade bootlegs dts of quad8 tapes and lp’s

never too late !

peter chrisp

Not sure but if it’s confirmed but there is a fatal error on the first disk one if anyone has a copy can you let us know the outcome, i understand the box set will get a relaunch in August.


It’s a quad set. Play it in quad! … and yes, only playable in DTS.




Are the Quad mixes only accessible/playable in DTS?


Not all the reviews are positive… There have been numerous reports already that some of the “stereo” mixes contained on a few of these disc’s are actually in mono. Anyone who has not purchased yet may want to wait until the dust clears on these discrepancies before you do so.


Have listened to the entire set 2X so far in 2.0 and 4.0 and with the exception of one album (Chicago V) I think Rhino did a fantastic job with packaging and most important sound quality. They even packaged each disc in plastic inner sleeves to prevent scratching the Blu. Anyone who has been waiting on reviews before making a decision, this set will please any hardcore Chicago fan as well as some casual fans. Reviews are all over the Net and positive.

Jim Galvin

I Pre-ordered this 3 weeks ago when I first saw it online, the Amazon U.S. Price is listed as $159.99 though. I’ve got the Rhino DVDA Quad Disc of CTA already which sounded amazing. Looking very forward to this release.


Hmmm… amazon.ca shows $155.55. You got my hopes up!

peter chrisp

I have no doubt Paul with give us the info when the set becomes available outside the US. Let’s hope there is a UK version soon


I know I’m going to forget about this coming out. Would be nice if SDE could give me a nudge when the pricing wars are complete and I can get this for the best price! Really looking forward to the Quad mixes.


My only concern is the DR’s. There’s nothing more irksome than 24/192 HD that’s brickwalled/clipped. Rhino did loudness-war masterings on the Chicago CD’s, but I would hope for better here.
In the meantime, there are the old Columbia CD’s and the three glorious MoFi SACD hybrids.


These aren’t brickwalled and sound great with wonderful DR numbers. I think the recent MoFi discs sound dull and lifeless, nothing like the MoFi of days of old. These new Rhino masterings blow the MoFi out of the water.


Paul, I’m not sure whether your widget is Amazon-only but Spin CDs is offering this set for £79.99 in the UK which is £30 cheaper than the current US price and includes shipping.


Years ago Rhino issued a DVD-A of “Chicago Transit Authority” in a 4.0 Surround mix. It went out of print quickly, and is now insanely expensive on eBay.

Hopefully with the release of this box, some more of those old Rhino CTA 4.0s will go on the market and bring their prices down. I really only want the one album, not the whole box.

Mike the Fish

That’s pretty much where I stand at the moment too.


Quadio, kind of a clever name in a slightly dumb way! I an glad that we’ll be getting the original quad mixes rather than a 5.1 mix from the original stems or upmixed from stereo. Its my preferred mix format as a listener.

I wonder if the quad mixes are vinyl rips like the ones from Rick Wakemen are?


I couldn’t resist waiting on sound quality reviews and went ahead and pre-ordered from Amazon.com. I was telling my wife that although I have a HUGE music collection on various formats and many SD box sets I still haven’t listened to everything,, this box set will remain in regular rotation for months if not more.


Really looking forward to this set.

peter chrisp

Thanks for the details Paul look forward to the UK update soon appreciative, leave it up to you i have the track listing.


Do wehave details for amazon.co.uk yet? Would love to buy this but only have a bog standard dvd player; – so is it still worth my while purchasing the box set? thanks

SDE Hall of Fame

Because it’s not on amazon uk (yet). As soon as it’s available the price comparison widget will automatically update :)


Looks like a monster box set ! :)
And a very desirable one. I want it already ;)


I would’ve preferred SACD.


I agree. Hybrid SACD’s would be the way to go but ultimately happy to have this pkg in any format.


Re your comment about preferring SACD’s. Isn’t it annoying that now more of us have the equipment to play them on, we have to go and pay silly prices on Ebay and the like for something the record companies could easily repress and make money from? They really are clueless!

Philip Cohen

It’s fortunate for fans that Chicago’s 1969-80 catalog reverted back to the group, making this boxed set possible. Columbia/Sony(the group’s original label) has rarely(excepting Pink Floyd/Roger Waters) supported Blu-Ray audio, which is unfortunate, because Columbia/Sony owns the biggest Quadraphonic back catalog of them all: Santana.(at least 10 group or solo albums that I know of, likely more)


Philip, it seems Columbia has been pretty far behind most labels in issuing any type of bonus tracks, let alone things like this.

dennis f.

what’s the likelihood that they’d do something like this for, say, the partridge family?


I don’t like Chicaggo, but let’s hope other groups consider this kind of release: HD stereo and Quad/5.1 plus faithful artwork.
Surely XTC releases also add loads of bonus.

Wayne Klein

Yes, themXTC albums include music videos, one includes a behind the scenes video,shot by the late Gus Dudgeon during the recording of Nonsuch and they often include the b-sides, out takes and the original mixes for the Albums. They are the stand IMHO.


I don’t understand the $109.83 price shown above. I pre-ordered this from Amazon USA for $159.98 and it is still at that price.

Anyway, very much looking forward to this. I have the very few quad releases already, and I have listening to CD-R copies of all of the quad recordings taken from the reel-to-reel and 8-track tapes for years, but this will, of course, be even better.

Wish Chicago XI (1977) had been included. I know the studio quit quad 8-track tapes that year, so Columbia had no reason to get the album mixed this way, but I liked every track on the album, and it was Terry’s last ablum. Also, it was the last album with their original producer, and he knew how to record those horns.


SDE Hall of Fame

109 is the pound sterling price not the dollar price.


Thank you, Paul.

Michael Fortin

Hi Ron, the 109.83 is actually British Pounds, you need to toggle to US Dollars and it comes to the price you ordered for.


Thank you, Michael.


9 (mostly double) albums remastered in hi-res stereo and original quad mixes from an all-time great band, from their greatest period of creativity, with near-exact replica covers, for under $18/blu-ray? Are you KIDDING me?

Take my money, please!

Larry Mac

Although they ended up that way, it’s not quite fair to refer to them as “the kinda jazzy soft-rockers”, especially for their first few albums. Of course after the untimely death of Terry Kath, everything went downhill (IMHO).

Mark Hanson

Agreed. They were “jazzy rockers” until Kath’s departure.

Mike the Fish

Any word of separate disk releases?

DJ Control

Been waiting for something like this from an iconic artist and here it is. Have the dvda of II and V which are sensational. Ordered 25 or 6 2 4….