Chicago / VI Decades Live: This Is What We Do / five-disc anthology

Unreleased live performances • Full Isle of Wight Festival • DVD

This April, Rhino is to release VI Decades Live: This Is What We Do, a five-disc Chicago live anthology consisting of previously unreleased concert recordings.

This is a 4CD+DVD package and features songs recorded between 1969 and 2014, including the band’s entire performance at the Isle of Wight Festival in 1970 (which takes up the first two CDs). The remaining audio discs include live performances selected from six decades, including Paris in 1969 (Poem For The People), Australia in 1972 (Now That You’ve Gone), LA in 1978 (Hot Streets) and Atlantic City in ’94 (Don’t Get Around Much Anymore)

The DVD features 19 tracks from a concert that was originally broadcast on the German music television show Rockpalast in 1977. The same disc also features a bonus performance of of What’s This World Comin’ To, from the 1973 ABC television special, Chicago In The Rockies.

The set comes with a 24-page booklet and is released on 6 April 2018.

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Chicago: Vi Decades Live (This Is What We Do)


Track Listing:

Disc One: Isle Of Wight Festival (8/28/70) *
1.    Introduction
2.    “South California Purples”
3.    “Beginnings”
4.    “In The Country”
5.    “Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is? (Free Form Intro)”
6.    “Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is?”
7.    “Mother”

Disc Two: Isle Of Wight Festival (8/28/70) *
1.    “It Better End Soon”
2.    “Ballet For A Girl In Buchannon”
3.    “25 Or 6 To 4”
4.    “I’m A Man”

Disc Three *
1.    “Poem For The People” (Paris, France, 12/8/69)
2.    “25 Or 6 To 4” (Paris, France, 12/8/69)
3.    “Liberation” (Paris, France, 12/8/69)
4.    “Goodbye” (The John F. Kennedy Center For The Performing Arts, Washington D.C., 9/16/71)
5.    “Now That You’ve Gone” (Hordern Pavilion, Sydney, Australia, 6/26/72)
6.    “A Hit By Varèse” (Chicago Stadium, Chicago, IL, 8/13/73)
7.    “If You Leave Me Now” (Oakland Coliseum, Oakland, CA, 12/1/77)
8.    “Takin’ It On Uptown” (Oakland Coliseum, Oakland, CA, 12/1/77)

Disc Four *
1.    “Hot Streets” (Greek Theater, Los Angeles, CA, 8/11/78)
2.    “Little One” (Greek Theater, Los Angeles, CA, 8/11/78)
3.    “Forever” (Pensacola Civic Center, Pensacola, FL, 3/21/87)
4.    “Medley: In The Midnight Hour/Knock On Wood/I’m A Man/Get Away” (Pensacola Civic Center, Pensacola, FL, 3/21/87)
5.    “You’re Not Alone” (Starplex Amphitheater, Dallas, TX, 5/30/92)
6.    “The Pull” (Caesar’s Palace, Las Vegas, NV, 3/20/94)
7.    “In The Mood” (Caesar’s Palace, Atlantic City, NJ, 7/28/94)
8.    “Don’t Get Around Much Anymore” (Caesar’s Palace, Atlantic City, NJ, 7/28/94)
9.    “Look Away (Acoustic)” – A&E Network, Live By Request, 9/5/02)
10.  “America” (WHYY, The Grand, Wilmington,  DE, 5/7/14)

DVD: Rockpalast (2/12/77) *
1.    “Anyway You Want”
2.    “Saturday In The Park”
3.    “Skin Tight”
4.    “Just You ‘n’ Me”
5.    “Hope For Love”
6.    “You Are On My Mind”
7.    “Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is?”
8.    “Ballet For A Girl In Buchannon”
9.    “Beginnings”
10.  “Scrapbook”
11.  “A Hit By Varèse”
12.  “Call On Me”
13.  “Takin’ It On Uptown”
14.  “If You Leave Me Now”
15.  “Once Or Twice”
16.  “(I’ve Been) Searchin’ So Long”/”Mongonucleosis”
17.  “25 Or 6 To 4”
18.  “Got To Get You Into My Life”
19.  “I’m A Man”

Bonus material

“What’s This World Comin’ To” from the 1973 ABC television special, Chicago In The Rockies.

* Previously Unreleased

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Very much worth it for the complete Rockpalast ’77 show in official release quality, the Isle Of Wight ’70 set, Poem For The People ’69, the 3 trax from Chicago V (especially “Goodbye”!) from ’72-’73, and “The Pull” featuring the great DeWayne Bailey on guitar! I think that song may be the only one on the entire set featuring Jason Scheff on lead vocals. All the others from that era are sung by Bill Champlin.

The elephant in the room big omission is that they skipped over the excellent Chicago 16 and 17 tours from ’82 & ’84/’85. The 1982 tour especially was somewhat of a comeback and it was (I think) one of their best. My biggest complaint (if proved true) is that by my tally, discs 3 & 4 will each clock in at under an hour, leaving plenty of room for more material (and tours) to have been included.

Chris S

Excited about discs 1-3. Lukewarm about disc 4, and would prefer to have just CD audio of what is on the DVD.

Wolfgang Mintrop

For me, every announcement regarding the issue of live recordings of CHICAGO are good news – but this set is a missed opportunity – where are the eighties??

Kenneth Tilley

pre ordered, looks good. it’s good another complete set from isle of wight 1970 is being released, i would love to see the full video of their set, if it was filmed in its entirety, hopefully yes and hopefully a stand alone dvd or bluray at some point.

Tom Richardson



Tom Richardson

I love all the various Chaicago releases over the years but they do appear to have airbrushed a lot of their AOR/MOR Cetera and Lamm era material out of their history – shame as I love all that stuff!

Ron Martin

GREAT NEWS!!! Thank, Paul!

I’ll take any professional live recordings of theirs I can get (especially from the Kath years and from their 2014 “Now” tour. And ANY video I can get from the same years.

I hope this sells well so it will increase the chance of Rhino releasing more from the vaults. There are FM broadcasts from around the world from every Kath tour, PLUS video footage from every Kath tour (except for 1975) that has been traded on the internet. The 1975 Largo show “might” be on video, as Largo videotaped many of their shows.

Anyway, this is exciting. Thanks again, Paul.

Nanette Haynes

Ron, I was intrigued by your comment…the Kath era videos you speak of from every tour….these are not “out there” in the public arena…such a limited amount of video of Terry’s shows have been shared. Do you have a source for them?


Where’s the video from Isle of Wight- like I have for the Moody Blues, The Who, and soon the Doors???


I am surprised they have never really issued a really good recording live or studio of “got to get you into my life” which I would swear up and down to have heard regularly as a child around 1976/1977. I had assumed it was on one of their albums or their greatest hits until I discovered they never released a recording of the song at all!
Not related to Chicago, but it looks like the 10 year war deal is over. Also, unrelated, I think it would be a really cool addition to your site if you have access to what reissues are about to go out of print, and have a list or something. I tend to gave a long list of things I am interested in, somtimes I go back, only to find the item is no longer available, not sure how easy it is to find out that info, Or if the labels issue a deleted titles list anymore.


Maybe you remember hearing the Earth Wind and Fire version from the Sgt. Pepper soundtrack?

Bill Brown

Actually, the original version of “Got to Get You Into My Life” was re-released in 1976. This is, of course, the Beatles version.


That is the most likely what I heard, and my untrained ears thought it was Chicago, still I’d swear the Chicago version was slightly different. I actually saw Sgt Pepper in the theatre when it came out, no mistaking the Earth Wind and Fire version for Chicago. Interesting though, in my research In trying to track down that song, it turns out the sound of “Go To Get You…” was initially the inspiration that the band credits for the Chicago sound with horns etc… They really should have recorded a studio version and they did play it regularly in the mid 70’s.

Chris S

Blood Sweat and Tears did the Beatles classic…..on their New City album in 1975


I saw Chicago perform “Go To…” at the Chicago Stadium, when they were touring behind Chicago VII. It was a surprise!


Sorry, “Got To Get You Into My Life.”


Looking forward to this release, I have a boot of the Germany show, however maybe a 5th generation copy at best, be nice in DVD. Quality. Would love to see DVD quality of Tanglewood, the Japan shows, one in 72, I believe, same tour as the Live in Japan album came from, there is a live show in Sidney , Hot Streets Tour, The Pine Knobb (Chicago 13), Japan 1984 (16) right before 17 came out they also did Sweet Maria I think was the song that was never released. There is a show from 1989 or so that is out there as well as Japan (Night & Day). All these shows and probably a few others that where professionally filmed and of course the Dick Clark produced shows shoeuld see the light of day in DVD quality, I have copies of all these shows I’ve collected throughout the years BUT I will buy them if they are ever released officially. Lots of live audio shows through. The years also. the Hot Streets & Little One is very good versions, from the LA shows 1st shows after Terry… Donny Dacus actually got the part due to “nailing” Little One at the audition I read somewhere once. So have 2 gots from Terry’s last show and 2 from the 1st after Terry.


I notice the price on this is still better than the Roxy Music set !

Henry Taylor

Would DVD be NTSC format buying from Amazon U.K.?

Randy Layton

Fillmore footage? That would be great..


Since its early days, the Carnegie Hall was famous for its mediocre acoustics.. Although a couple of restaurations has been made, still not the best acoustic hall… nevermind the fame… so debatable choice to record an official concert in the first place…


Why none of the 80s Peter Cetera hits?

Tom Richardson

Yeah very strange…


I will order this but with the knowledge that the original issue of Carnegie Hall sounded awful, Live in Japan (original Japan CD issue) sounded very good, XXVI had an uninspired selection of tunes and Live in ’75 was horrid. I’m really, really hoping this is at least good.

And I am curious to hear “Little One” performed by someone other than Terry Kath. I saw them on that tour and I do not recall them playing that.

Dom Anicola

Go to dominic Anicola on YouTube and look for my cover of me singing it.my YouTube channel is dedicated to Terry and Chicago.

Jim C

Have seen them twice recently and have also enjoyed the Steven Wilson remix of II. Looking forward to this but hopefully I can pick it up somewhere at a lower price! :-)


i ordered mine from Amazon uk for $53. USD includes shipping, thx Paul


Only $54.97 at Bull Moose, US sales only. http://www.bullmoose.com/p/26841539


But Amazon is $46.75

John Manning

No so-called “Beachago” gigs? I do hope the shows performed with The Beach Boys get a fittingly deluxe release someday.


Isle of Wight : very nice

DVD : very nice too

Other tracks : promising more archival releases (like Largo 1975 some years ago) ! Fingers crossed

I’d be very curious to hear something from the Street Player tour !


This is exciting, I shall celebrate by playing my LP of XXXVI.


To BritinDetriot…

I agree with your discontent in the sound quality of the original IV: Caranagie Hall release. However if you havent heard this, you may have a change of heart… read the following Wiki entry….

“In 2005, Chicago at Carnegie Hall was remastered and re-issued on three CDs by Rhino Records with much improved sound quality, a bonus disc of eight tracks of alternate takes and songs not on the 1971 edition, plus recreations of nearly all the original posters and packaging.”

It’s not only expanded song wise but audibly as well! The re mixing made the show finally cone to life!! I highly recommend this deluxe edition upgrade! Please check it out. …

Mike the Fish

I think the original Carnegie Hall album sounds okay: not great, not dreadful, but fine enough. That’s a UK cut though, so maybe they EQ’d it differently.


Hmmm. Don’t know. All the songs I like are not on these cds – like “Questions 67 and 68”, “Baby what a big surprise” or “You are the inspiration” etc.

Philip Birtwistle

……and ordered!!! Apparently the DVD is mono, despite may Rockpalast releases getting the 5.1 treatment.


I like how IV of the decades are represented by only 8 songs…nonetheless I’ll still pick this up for the Isle and Rockpalast shows.


OMGoodness Yes!!! I just watched their recent documentary Now More Than Ever and this will be the perfect fix for my Chicago craving!!! Day I !!! Pardon the pun, but I am a Happy Man!

This article does not state whether or not the DVD has any 5.1 soundtrack with it. However if it did I wish that it would be on Blu-ray instead of DVD to support a full uncompressed 5.1 96/24 audio bitstream. Otherwise completely elated!

Thanks for breaking the news to me Paul!


Chicago IV (Carnegie Hall) introduced us to Jazz Fusion overindulgence long before Spinal Tap. It is arguable that it set the low bar for live recordings although the packaging was fab, like all those roman numeral Chicago albums.

So I have generally nodded in the direction of this release, and wonder where IV is hiding in the basement.


Hi, BritinDetroit. Chicago IV (Carnegie Hall) was released by Rhino back in 2005 as a 4-CD remastered set in a mini-LP embossed slipcase box complete with perfect replicas of the artwork, booklet and posters. I pre-ordered it back in 2005 on the Rhino website. It sounds and looks incredible, as everything does from Rhino. It was a limited edition item, but I saw there are one or two new copies still available on eBay for around $95 USD.


Never really understood why that album is treated with such derision. I had purchased it as a teenager when it came out, and it was on heavy rotation for years (often through my dad’s Koss headphones). I get that even the band hated it, but I found the live sound thrilling, and think the album still holds up.