China Crisis reissues delayed

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Caroline International’s three China Crisis deluxe reissues have been delayed by two weeks and will now be released on 15 September 2017. Not big news as such, but this does give SDE the opportunity to bring you some exclusive images that give you a better feel for the packaging and presentation…

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As revealed a few weeks back, 1982’s Difficult Shapes & Passive Rhythms and Flaunt the Imperfection from ’85 will be issued as a two-CD sets, while the album issued between those – 1983’s Working With Fire and Steel – is a triple CD package. Bonus tracks include B-sides, non-album A-sides, remixes, demos and radio sessions.

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These images reveal digipack-style presentation and the booklets all feature new interviews with the band by Daryl Easlea.

These three reissues are released on 15 September 2017.

Difficult Shapes & Passive RhythmsSome People Think It’s Fun to Entertain (2CD deluxe edition)

CD 1

Difficult Side

  • Seven Sports for All
  • No More Blue Horizons (Fool, Fool, Fool)
  • Feel to Be Driven Away
  • Some People I Know to Lead Fantastic Lives
  • Christian

Entertainment Side

  • African And White
  • Are We a Worker
  • Red Sails
  • You Never See It
  • Temptations Big Blue Eyes
  • Jean Walks in Freshfields

CD 2

  • Paula and Patricia – Demo
  • lowlands – Demo
  • African And White – Demo
  • African And White – B-Side
  • No More Blue Horizons (Fool, Fool, Fool) – B-Side
  • No Ordinary Lover – B-Side
  • Watching Over Burning Fields – B-Side
  • Scream Down at Me – non-album A-Side
  • Greenacre Bay – B-Side
  • Performing Seals – B-Side
  • Cucumber Garden – B-Side
  • Seven Sports for All – John Peel Session
  • This Occupation – John Peel Session
  • Be Suspicious – John Peel Session
  • Some People I Know to Lead Fantastic Lives– John Peel Session

Working With Fire And Steel – Possible Pop Songs Volume Two (3CD deluxe edition)

CD 1

  • Working with Fire and Steel
  • When the Piper Calls
  • Hanna Hanna
  • Animals in Jungles
  • Here Comes a Raincloud
  • Wishful Thinking
  • Tragedy and Mystery
  • Papua
  • The Gates of Door To Door
  • The Soul Awakening

CD 2

  • Jon and Van – Demo
  • Tragedy and Mystery – Demo
  • When the Piper Calls – Demo
  • Fire and Steel – Mix
  • Dockland – B-Side
  • Forever I and I – B-Side
  • Tragedy and Mystery (5.28)
  • A Golden Handshake for Every Daughter – B-Side
  • Wishful Thinking – Edit
  • Some People I Know to Lead Fantastic Lives – B-Side
  • This Occupation – Extended Mix
  • Some People I Know to Lead Fantastic Lives – Extended Mix
  • Hanna Hanna – Extended Mix
  • Here Come a Raincloud – Live
  • African And White – Live

CD 3

  • Hanna Hanna – Kid Jensen Session
  • You Never See It – Kid Jensen Session
  • Animals and Jungles – Kid Jensen Session
  • Reflections – Kid Jensen Session
  • A Golden Handshake for Every Daughter – John Peel Session
  • Wishful Thinking – John Peel Session
  • Here Comes a Raincloud – John Peel Session
  • Greenacre Day – John Peel Session
  • Papua – Kid Jensen Session
  • No Ordinary Lover – Kid Jensen Session
  • When the Piper Calls – Kid Jensen Session
  • The Soul Awakening – Kid Jensen Session


CD 1

  • The Highest High
  • Strength of Character
  • You Did Cut Me
  • Black Man Ray
  • Wall of God
  • Gift of Freedom
  • King in a Catholic Style
  • Bigger the Punch I’m Feeling
  • The World Spins, I’m Part of It
  • Blue Sea

CD 2

  • Wall of God – Demo
  • Black Man Ray – Demo
  • Bigger the Punch I’m Feeling – Demo
  • Animalistic – B-Side
  • Christian – B-Side
  • You Did Cut Me – B-Side
  • Seven Sports for All – B-Side
  • King in A Catholic Style (Wake Up) – edit
  • Animalistic – B-Side
  • It’s Never Too Late – B-Side
  • 96-8 – B-Side
  • Orange Mutt – Mutt Dance
  • Gift of Freedom – Janice Long Session
  • Strength of Character – Janice Long Session
  • Wall of God – Janice Long Session
  • King in A Catholic Style (Wake Up) – Janice Long Session

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This means that with the demo only tracks of Paul and Patricia, Lowlands and Jon and Van with no information on them in the notes we don’t know if they were instrumental tracks (likely for Jon and Van I think) or songs with the vocals missing.

In summary I think the positives outweigh the negatives but it is still a bit irritating that they could have been complete and had more detailed information with just a little extra attention to detail.


I doubt if anyone is reading these comments anymore but to put in my 5 penethworth on the deluxe editions:
– the remastering is absolutely amazing. It’s like listening to totally newly recorded tracks, there is so much I can hear now which I never could in the original cds. This is what remastering should be like, expanding the sound not just making it louder. The guy who did these deserves an award
– you get all the b sides and bbc radio sessions recorded around Working With Fire and Steel and Flaunt the Imperfection
– there are previously unreleased demos including tunes not recorded later
– The bbc radio sessions include some completely different arrangements to those released eg No Ordinary Lover and Soul Awakening.
– The sleeve notes are minimal. There is an interview with Gary and Eddie where they discuss the albums but the information on the b sides, demos and radio sessions is a bare minimum, a real disappointment for an audiophile like me who is interested in who produced what and when they were recorded. This is of particular significance with China Crisis as some b sides for the Fire and Steel singles were recorded before Difficult Shapes and one Flaunt b side, Never Too Late, was a Fire and Steel outtake ( which I only learned through a comment Gary Daly put on the Pledge site in August).
– The Difficult Shapes era tracks have omissions; Be Suspicious b side, No Ordinary Lover Steve Levine produced version, This Occupation b side version ( yes it was the b side of Wishful Thinking but was recorded before they signed to Virgin) and the original single version of African & White ( which is particularly pecular as in the interview notes Gary states he doesn’t like the remixed version but then doesn’t include the one he does). It would have meant adding extra tracks onto the album cd (something reissue companies seem loath to do for some weird reason) but would have meant the reissues were totally complete. There are also single edits missing, which is less of an issue but would have been nice to make it complete.
– there are two tracks on the Fire and Steel set which are incorrect or unnecessary. They have a track titled as Wishful Thinking (edit) when in fact it’s the album version again and Some People I Know which, though it was on the 12” of Wishful Thinking, is just the album version from Difficult Shapes, while This Occupation (non extended version) which was on the 7” b side and has never been released on cd is missed off. So rather disappointing. It appears theses releases took 3 years to pull together yet nobody spotted this rather obvious mistake.
– not sure if I can really complain as it’s just the way they did it but from the demo examples here it seems obvious that China Crisis never recorded any vocals on their demos

RobbiS from Germany

The version of “Wishful Thinking” on disc 2 is not the edit version. It’s the same version like on disc 1, the album version. Both has the same length – 4:40 min. The original edit version has a length of 4:08 min !!!

Martin D.

Hi Paul. I’ve received my discs and I’m very pleased so far. They’ve even managed to get the extended mix of King (In a Catholic Style) on the bonus flaunt disc. Will you be doing a review?


Why is this not listed on US Amazon? Will it be sold there???
Thanks for any info you can give.


I am interested in something that Simon Taylor wrote: “Really can’t wait to see them play again in October. They were superb live last year. This time I will buy the cd of Autumn in the Neighbourhood to replace my CDR copy and get it signed. As already mentioned they come out and sign at the end of their shows, which are usually small venues so every chance of getting them signed and meeting the guys.” I was under the impression that “Autumn in the Neighbourhood” is well-near impossible to purchase now, for whatever (good or bad) reason… but if the album is for sale at shows, then how does someone who doesn’t live anywhere near a venue on the upcoming tour go about getting their hands on a copy? Help, please!

Auntie Sabrina

Rob C

There are a number of comments both good and bad regarding Pledge on the thread here


Simon Taylor

I’m inclined to stick with amazon, 1 – as prices may well drop before release, will keep an eye out, and 2 – don’t get billed until dispatch.


Amazon better get those prices down before release date or i’m cancelling my order.

Cal M

Looks good from here, the b sides for us collectors, the remixes and the other stuff… Excellent

Rob C

I’ve preordered thru Amazon UK – are they cheaper as a set through Pledge? Shipping to Australia.

I hope the missing tracks are added in the end – and we get What Price Paradise soon as well.


Hi Rob C. I live in Australia too – “Are they cheaper…?” – that really depends…

I almost got caught out by Pledgemusic on the PSB reissues. I had pre-ordered them (CD editions) from Amazon but noticed the ‘set’ was cheaper on Pledge so I spent 10 minutes faffing around, setting up a Pledge account and placing my order. Then at the VERY LAST MOMENT, they added the postage cost! I had always assumed that the prices on the Pledge pages INCLUDED postage (there is no indication otherwise – VERY sneaky!) It ended up costing more than the Amazon order. Luckily I spotted it BEFORE I clicked, so I quickly cancelled my Pledge order.

My suggestion – keep the Amazon order (make a note of the total cost) then make a ‘test’ order on Pledge. Go far enough to get a total-including-postage, but without actually ‘completing’ it. Then compare prices/orders and pick the one you like (and remember to cancel the one you don’t like).

It can be tricky, because Amazon prices fluctuate. So I also suggest waiting until a few days before the Pledge campaign finishes or before the Amazon order starts preparing for dispatch.

And hopefully, someone on SDE can explain my idea a helluva lot better than I did! :)

Stephen K.

Beautiful. These look beautiful.


Oh man that Fire and Steel is mine. Cannot wait.


How much is the postage with pledgemusic ?

Simon Taylor

So pledge music un-signed editions is the best price for the three? I pre-ordered via amazon, was just about to cancel and re-order as have an amazon voucher to use. But Pledge might be the best way, what else do you get via them?

Really can’t wait to see them play again in October. They were superb live last year. This time I will buy the cd of Autumn in the Neighbourhood to replace my CDR copy and get it signed. As already mentioned they come out and sign at the end of their shows, which are usually small venues so every chance of getting them signed and meeting the guys. Steep signing charge is not cool.

Also pleased to see that Record Collector doing the liner notes, hoping that they’ll get some decent coverage/promotion for these in the next issues of the music monthlies – Record Collector / Uncut /Mojo. Certainly deserved.


I ordered the Alison Moyet reissues through PledgeMusic and then Amazon dropped their prices, so they were cheaper. I did get an exclusive print, though (which went straight in the bin!)



You’re aware that you can lower your cost by selling the print via ebay or other marketplaces instead of binning it, are you?

Larry Davis

Well no prob with this delay cuz it gives me a breather between my vacation and the release… I also saw the price dropped…

elliott buckingham

i was wondering where feels like heaven was then realised that was fiction factory. always get these 2 mixed up

Mark T.

….as an aside I’d like to mention that I bought one of the signed illustrated lyric sheets through Pleadge Music when China Crisis were working on their last album, Autumn In The Neighborhood. I see they’re offering them again, and wanted to say how cool they were. Gary Daly handwrites the lyrics, and does a color illustration. He and Eddie signed it. It’s a really unique collectible, and I’m thrilled with mine.

Mark T.

…. you don’t have to buy the signed editions. I bought the 3 CD package for less than the cost on Amazon UK -( Amazon US doesn’t list them as available yet). $41US + $8 postage. Certainly no complaints on that price…

Harry Williams

My thoughts exactly. Some people will never be happy. Living outside the UK and not being able to rock up to the nearest pub to get the lads to sign – I, for one, am ecstatic!


better make that two of us Harry :-)


The band place them through pledgemusic….


I’m surprised that they have neglected the b-side of Be Suspicious on Difficult Shapes. They only include a John Peel Seasion version. Maybe that version is the B-side of Hanna Hanna. I’m not sure. I have the 7″ and 12″ singles. I’ll order one and find out.


CORRECTION: Be Suspicious was not the b-side of Hanna Hanna. It’s the b-side of Christian. My mistake.

Wax Monster X

Pledge music just got their thieving mitts on these as outrageously overpriced signed editions. There’s your delay. So that they can get a crack at sucking up some dough. Ecch. And since Eddie and Gaz will sign anything at a show makes this even more of a money grab.


Amazon Germany listed “African and White” on disc 2 as “Original Extended Version”.


Yes you are right (yippee). Also “King in a Catholic Style” (yippee again).


The thing about submitting track listings to Amazon is anybody can do it so let’s hope the listings on Amazon Germany are not incorrect in the sense that someone has put on there believing these to be correct if you know what i mean. Those track listings on Pledgemusic aren’t correct as well.


Signed bundles, lyric sheets and even your very own China Crisis gig (if you have a spare £5k and live in the UK) available on Pledge Music

Richard L Harrison

You can get signed CD packages from here:


£28.30 for their autographs!


The signatures must be done in gold ink! It does seem a massive premium for signed copies. Just as a comparison Feeder have signed copies of their 3CD Best Of on their own Store’s website for only £1.25 more than the standard 3CD version is on Pledgemusic. I don’t have an issue with say a 10% increase for signed copies. As I appreciate the time it must take to sign the copies, but when you are looking for near double, you are taking the pee.

adam shaw

Think I’ll choose the band coming to my place for a gig £5000 !!!!
Wonder if you get the cds as well?

Richard Cosgrove

China Crisis releases in crisis….. ;-)


David M

Is this related to the North Korean Crisis? ;-)


I notice the Extended Versions of “African And White” and “King In A Catholic Style” have not been included and yet loads of Demos, Live Sessions and even Extended B-Sides have been – BOOOOO!

Auntie Sabrina

HMV also have Flaunt.. at £9.99 and Working… at £14.99.


delighted to see the packaging & they are digipacks instead of jewel cases! more importantly, Paul, how about the omitted & missing b-sides & extended versions? We are awaiting anxiously for any good news…


Are the original albums remastered?

Why can’t they just release single CD versions of these things?

B-Sides? Sure. But, I’m tired of hearing three versions of the same song that are barely any different.


Paul…Will these be sold on United States Amazon?
I want them as imports but I want to purchase them on US Amazon.
I also wonder if they will be versions that are made in Japan?
I am really looking forward to these and I think that it is great we are getting deluxe editions. I have been waiting for these for years.


Probably because people have been waiting for over 30 years for most of these tracks to appear on CD and it’s no is if they are expensive for what you are getting is it ?


Of course you have a right to your opinion. But you do know this is SuperDeluxeEdition.com implying that the website promotes expanded editions of albums in a way. In any case the person who remastered these is supposed to be very good so I don’t think you will be disappointed if you are a fan already. Plus I have heard some of the different versions and they sound unique. Now all we need is is a release of Autumn in the Neighborhood and expanded versions of their later albums. If a dvd or additional demos cd came out I would not complain but that would be being greedy. Well wishes to all…JW


Paul my post was a reply to:
Darren says:
August 10, 2017 at 12:42
Are the original albums remastered?
Why can’t they just release single CD versions of these things?
B-Sides? Sure. But, I’m tired of hearing three versions of the same song that are barely any different.
So Paul if yah don’t mind please put it under that comment…Thanks..Joshua


Just a pity you can’t see the back cover to see the actual track listings.