Chris Difford / 3LP signed vinyl box

Signed editions available. Two albums new to vinyl

Chris Difford‘s solo album are now being reissued as a 3LP vinyl box, which shares the same title as its CD cousin, Chris To The Mill. The first 500 of these come with a print signed by Chris.

Of the Squeeze songwriter’s three solo albums – I Didn’t Get Where I Am (2002), The Last Temptation of Chris (2008) and Cashmere If You Can (2001) – only the first has ever appeared on vinyl before. The inner sleeves of these reissues feature all the lyrics and track-by-track sleevenotes from Chris (presumably taken from the CD box).

This is released on 1 December 2017. Once the exclusive versions with the print sell out, then you can order a print-free standard edition.

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Chris Difford

Chris To The Mill - Signed 4LP vinyl box

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Chris Difford

Chris To The Mill - Standard 4LP vinyl box


LP 1
1. 1. Tight Rope
2. For A Change
3. Cowboys Are My Weakness
4. No Show Jones
5. A World That Passed Me
6. One Day
7. Playing With Electric Trains
8. Lamas Fayre
9. Trafalgar Square
10. Parents

Disc: 2
1. 1. Come On Down
2. Broken Family
3. Battersea Boys
4. On My Own I’m Never Bored
5. Julian And Sandy
6. The Other Man In My Life
7. My Mother’s Handbag
8. Fat As A Fiddle
9. The Gates Of Eden
10. Reverso
11. Never Coming Back
12. Good Life
13. The Party’s Over

Disc: 3
1. 1. 1975
2. Like I Did
3. The Still And The Sparkling
4. Back In The Day
5. Sidney Street
6. Cotton Tops
7. Upgrade Me
8. Who’d Ever Want To Be
9. Passion Killer
10. Goldfish
11. Wrecked
12. Happy Once Again

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Murray Robbins

Hi Kevin,

I would if I were you!

After all the signed print as opposed to just a print is used as a major selling point of the set according to the the Amazon marketing. Ergo it should contribute some value to the aggregate price of the set.

It’s a shame that the artist does not take more care over autographing what is a solo career summation. It smacks of a lack of respect for the work which is a crying shame as it is wonderful!

I have a huge collection of music related autographs and that it the most careless and least legible. Second worst is not even close!

Amazon will only respond (i.e. demand higher standards from artists / record companies) if people complain. Remember “A New career in a New Town”. Which reminds me….what is happening about those replacement Heroes discs?

Good luck!

Kevin S

Thanks for the advice. It was worth contacting amazon.
24.99% discount given back to my preferred payment method.
I’d still have preferred a smudge free signature.

Murray Robbins

Well done Kevin. A great, and more importantly fair, outcome.

I totally agree with your sentiment about wanting a nice signature more than the refund. It is such a shame as it is a really lovely set of albums . The art-work with the Penguin/Pelican books is really one of the best conceived sleeves in many a moon.

My late father was a huge bibliophile and we still a shelf that looks just like that image that Chris used. It makes me very tearful! He was also a huge Hancock fan so I’m never going to be able to play those records without welling up.

Sentimental old fool I guess!

All the best Murray

Murray Robbins

This beautiful set was delivered by Amazon today! I had to follow it up with them though and the previous remarks left by Kevin S. made me laugh out loud. Here’s why:

The “signature” Chris has added to the print is, indeed, his usual scribble. I suppose one might JUST term it a “monogram. The example on my print was also smudged.

I decided to request a call from Amazon in order to make a few observations about the state of the print. I managed, in the end, to obtain a £10 partial refund. I must admit to having total respect for Samantha, the Amazon call centre operative, as it was a hard situation to clarify. There were a series of long periods when I was on hold and I could imagine her trying to describe my observations to a bemused supervisor.

A £10 voucher was offered initially but I held out for a refund to card.

I pointed out that no image of the “Diffordscibble” was shown at the point of sale

It’s not for me to tell other SDE subscribers what to do, but if you bought through Amazon……

Kevin S

My copy arrived today.
The same smudged scribble as yourself Murray.
Reminiscent of the Kevin Rowland ‘mark of Zorro’ on his ‘Dexy’s Do Irish’ set.

Do I dare try for the £10 partial refund?

Kevin S

Signed copies of the vinyl box are at the time of typing £10 cheaper than the unsigned boxes on Amazon uk. Looks like Chris scribbling on them makes them less valuable :)


Got the double vinyl press of the 1st album signed by Chris – was filled out with some demos. Hopefully the other 2 will see a seperate release

Mar Wolfgang

Thanks, ordered!!

Ian Hartley

Don’t ask me how I know this but there are less than 200 of these left, so be quick if you want one ! Incidentally, I am half way through the great man’s (signed) autobiography- what a top read it is and so well written as you would expect. I recommend the read to go with the tunes !

Andrew Hall

These really are terrific albums, well worth a punt if you haven’t heard them.


One of the best singer songwriters of the last 30 years! Another ‘Amazon Exclusive’ that will sell out quickly no doubt. FACT ALERT! Only related as it’s about signed exclusives but did you (SDE and it’s public) know that Mickey Dolenz (of The Monkees) has his own ebay account where he sells signed items. Just thought i’d mention it.