Chris Difford / ‘Chris To The Mill’: Solo Recordings box set with rarities


The solo work of Squeeze singer-songwriter Chris Difford is collected in Chris To… The Mill, a new 4CD+DVD box set that collects albums, rarities and unreleased demos.

Difford’s three solo albums – I Didn’t Get Where I Am (2002), The Last Temptation of Chris (2008) and Cashmere If You Can (2011) – span nearly a decade and all feature here, along with 21 bonus tracks – B-sides, songs featured on compilations and unheard demos.

A DVD features Chris discussing the songs as well as four new acoustic performances, filmed at Elton John’s studio. This set is packaged in a clamshell box (with the discs in card sleeves) and comes with a 48-page booklet with new notes by Chris on each album and a track-by-track annotations.

The Chris To… The Mill box set is released 3 March 2017.


CD1: I DIDN’T GET WHERE I AM (November 2002)

  • Tight Rope
  • For A Change
  • Cowboys Are My Weakness
  • No Show Jones
  • A World That Passed Me By
  • One Day
  • Playing With Electric Trains
  • Lamas Fayre
  • Trafalgar Square
  • Parents


  • Black Coffee [version] – CD single b-side
  • Lamas Fayre [alternate version] – CD single b-side
  • Pole Star – previously unreleased song
  • Under The Moon Over You – previously unreleased song
  • For A Change [demo] 4.59 – Plane Groovy LP – PLG002 (2012)
  • Cathy Come Home 4.28 – Plane Groovy LP – PLG002 (2012)
  • A World That Passed Me By [demo] – Plane Groovy LP – PLG002 (2012)
  • Take Me I’m Yours [Mix 1] – Plane Groovy LP – PLG002 (2102
  • Cowboys Are My Weakness – [demo, sung by Gary Clark]


  • Come On Down
  • Broken Family
  • Battersea Boys
  • On My Own I’m Never Bored
  • Julian And Sandy
  • The Other Man In My Life
  • My Mother’s Handbag
  • Fat As A Fiddle
  • The Gates Of Eden
  • Reverso
  • Never Coming Back
  • Good Life
  • The Party Is Over

Bonus tracks

  • Piece Of Cake 2.51 –  ‘It’s All About Me’ compilation (2009)
  • It’s All About Me 3.27 – ‘It’s All About Me’ compilation (2009)
  • Gates Of Eden [early version] 4.42 – previously unreleased
  • Never Bored [demo] 4.18 – previously unreleased
  • Walrus [demo] 2.42 – previously unreleased song
  • Penny For Your Thoughts [demo] 3.15 – previously unreleased song
  • What Goes On 3.02 (Lou Reed song) – ‘1969: Key To Change’ VA comp for Centre Point (2010)


  • 1975 (CIYC)
  • Like I Did
  • The Still And The Sparkling
  • Back In The Day
  • Sidney Street
  • Cottontops
  • Upgrade Me
  • Who’d Ever Want To Be
  • Passion Killer
  • Goldfish
  • Wrecked
  • Happy Once Again

Bonus tracks

  • All My Loving – ‘ We’re With The Beatles’ Mojo VA comp (2013)
  • Passion Killer [Boo Hewerdine demo] – previously unreleased
  • Upgrade Me Please [Boo Hewerdine demo] – previously unreleased
  • Tears [Boo Hewerdine demo] – previously unreleased song
  • Wonderful Surprise [Boo Hewerdine demo] – previously unreleased song

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[…] solo album are now being reissued as a 3LP vinyl box, which shares the same title as its CD cousin, Chris To The Mill. The first 500 of these come with a print signed by Chris. Of the Squeeze […]

[…] The Mill is released a few weeks later than originally announced on 24 March […]


Does someone know if Francis Dunnery is involved (guitar, production…) on some bonus tracks of the “I Didn’t Get Where I Am’ cd ? Thanks, Phil

Julian Hedges

Rumours abound about Squeeze albums to be reissued, from the horses mouth the rumours are true, late 17 or early 2018. Hopefully with plenty extra tracks, videos and crowded house like packaging.

Wayne Klein

Are these being remastered? The Last Temptation of Chris was brickwalled and I Didn’t Get Where I Am was pretty compressed. Let’s hoping they don’t do that this time.

Paul W

I’ll echo what Paul H said and would recommend this set to anybody who is considering buying it. I listen to his solo albums quite often and I’d go as far as to say that I prefer them to Squeeze’s albums. In fact, I was taken aback by the quality of his solo work, if I am quite honest. There aren’t many people who have released a trio of consistently good solo albums a couple of decades after their band’s heyday.

I’d particularly recommend them to any fans of Stephen Duffy, as the style of song, the clever lyrics and the vocal delivery are very reminiscent of Duffy, to the point that my wife often mistakes them for Duffy songs when they pop up on the ipod playlist we listen to in the car.


@ John lloyd: thank you for eexplaining the hidden (?) pun in this boxed sets title ! When you know it it’s pretty obvious !

Dave Morgan

There were some great songs released as part of the Saturday Morning Music Club downloads a few years back. Thr Trippy version of Take Me I’m Yours with Dorie Jackson is excellent.

Paul H

agreed on Dorie and the Saturday Morning Music Club was a great idea


I find it very weird that their highest charting album in the UK and the US Babylon And On has never been remastered apart from in Japan which is expensive as hell to track down.


Could you please enlighten me om the hidden (?) CD pun of the boxed set title that’s mentioned in the comments here ? I don’t get it but that’s perhaps as I’m writing from Germany anf Krauts usually….

John Lloyd

Uwe, it’s Chris deliberately mis-pronouncing ‘grist to the mill’. Grist is the corn that you would take to the mill and grind for flour, and so leads to profit. ‘More grist to the mill’ means making even more money – and if you have the same sense of humour about yourself as Gifford and the re-use of old records, then it would mean ‘money for nothing’, or ‘money for old rope’ as we say here.


Thanks for laying this out to not-native English speakers.

Rare Glam

Are the bonus tracks to ‘I Didn’t Get Where I Am’ really a separate disc when the other two albums have their attendant bonus tracks on the same CD as the albums?

Paul H

also notice on Amazon hardback book released in August 2017….Some Fantastic Place written by Chris Difford, hopefully the autobiography he has also been working on…


I’m old. LOL

A box set of rarities from someone I’ve never even heard of. :-)


Four of Squeeze (east side, frank, ridiculous, sweets) were rereleased when the reformation happened i recollect and then there were the box of six reissues prior to that. Much under reissued though i agree. Agree with above, I Didnt Get Where I Am is a work of utter genius.


Yup still waiting for the ”Half A Dozen Of The Others” box set to follow up their ‘Six Of One’


Actually “Half a dozen of the Other” (being pedantic) but yes indeed I was really looking forward to this at the time and it never happened.

Argy Bargy got the Deluxe treatment out of the blue a few years back but since then nothing.
Maybe it’s their best selling album (although I would have thought that would have gone to Cool for Cats or Eastside Story – actually just checked and Argy Bargy was their biggest seller so there you go..).

I’d love to see their back catalogue get some much-needed attention.

Rare Glam

I’ll be grabbing this one for sure. Like someone wrote above, why no Squeeze SD set? Their albums were all re-released as Japanese mini LP CDs some years back and expensive to buy or find nowadays. There ony seems to be a pretty old (1990s) long box jewel cased ‘Best Of’ on the secondary market in UK. In this day and age, I’d have thought the Squeeze’s back catalogue was ripe for a complete albums re-issue. A modest but sleek card sleeves in a clam box set like this one would be great. I mean Dutch national treasures Golden Earring have a 29 CD box set coming out next month of all 26 studio albums + non-album tracks – another set I’m up for, could not our own national treasures Squeeze get a similar treatment? Or is it disagreements about money, who owns what rights and ‘he’s not talking to him’ sort of thing? I’d hate to think it was just plain indifference!

Paul H

Amazon release date 3rd March

Paul H

BTW …the title should be “Chris to…the Mill” , no?

Paul H

Typical CD pun :)

Paul H

What is the target market for this? I love each of these albums but anyone who would have been interested would (or should) have bought them by now. I don’t see £25 attracting many of either people only casually interested in this work or completists needing demos.


I`m in the market for this Paul, I`ve always loved Squeeze but I don`t have any of Chris`s solo output, so this box set is perfect for me and many others I suspect, like me. Glen Tilbrook was also an absentee in my album collection until recently, I`ve managed to get the 5 Demo Tape CDs and the `incomplete` double CD.

What exactly the problem with any Squeeze S.E. releases or a box set? It is a pity that their back ctalogue is so neglected.


I have Last Temptation of Chris which I played only last week and still sounds great. I will probably take a punt on these – intrigued about the Boo Hewerdine attributed songs – are they duets or co-writes does anyone know?

Paul H

Ok @ Richie and SteveT, good luck, I should have added that for me personally, I Didn’t Get Where I Am is amongst his best work, and the other two not far behind, so yes please do go ahead and take a chance, I shouldn’t have been so mean spirited. It really deserves to be heard.

Boo Hewerdine co wrote and played on most of the second album and also joined CD on the recent Fancy Pants pledge music issue. First album was co written with Frances Dunnery of It Bites. Last album has contributions from Kathryn Williams and Green Gartside. It’s a decent body of work. The Glenn Tilbrook solo albums ditto….

Phil Morris

Boo Hewerdine fans..


One of our best lyricists of recent years I think. Loved his work with Squeeze…

Unfortunately I have all these albums already so not sure if it’s worth it for the B-sides. Quite interested in the track by track annotations.

Decisions, decisions…

Murray Passarieu

With Squeeze, Difford was the lyricist. It’s interesting to hear Glenn write his own lyrics since he didn’t for any of the stuff he’s most well known for.


I always thought it was just “I Didn’t Get Where I Am”, full stop…