Chris Frantz / Remain in Love

Signed copies of the memoir available

Chris Frantz’ Talking Heads memoir Remain in Love was issued earlier this week and signed editions are available to order via Waterstones in the UK.

The book tells the story of the rise and fall of the Talking Heads, and what came after for drummer Frantz and bass player Tina Weymouth, including of course Tom Tom Club.(they married in 1977, although that shouldn’t be a spoiler!).

The book is getting great reviews so far, so looking forward to reading this myself!

Remain in Love is out now. Signed copies also available via Rough Trade in the UK, although they are a little bit more than Waterstones.

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Misses out online – just walked into local Waterstones and sat on front of centre and only £15 in-store – Looks great

kenneth tilley

Just heard the very sad news that Peter Green has died, another great gone.
Rest In Peace My Friend.
Thank You For All The Great Music.

Ben Williams

Thanks for the heads up Paul – just been to Waterstones and picked up my copy. Can’t wait to start reading it and very cool it’s signed!

David Bly

Got a copy from Rough Trade UK, and bought soem other stuff, including upcoming the
Julian Cope Autogeddon (25th Anniversary), Blue Vinyl Double LP, Limited Blue Vinyl 7″ and Book Boxset.

Meanwhile, since others are telling their Talking Heads stories…
First saw them in my home town of Ithaca, NY where they played at a now-defunct club on 14 Oct 1977 (my doctor’s office is among the offices in there now), and I was a roadie with a local band called the Sweaty Tools. There were two shows at 8 & 11 PM.

Now here’s the deal – even with a major university in town (Cornell), there was virtually NO punk/new wave scene in town at that time. I mention this as with 50 tickets each for the two shows, barely 3o people total show up for both shows! For no apparant reason that I can remember, I have all the unused tickets for that show.

As a result of being there the whole time, I met the TH, and they autographed my copy of “Talking Heads: 77” and the (non-album) single “Love → Building on Fire”, their only two releases at the time, except for a live track on the CBGB compialtion (damn! I forgot to bring that!). They were really nice and friendly, and I think just glad to be playing somewhere new, even if there weren’t too many people around.
Saw them twice later on, in NYC at a show that XTC opened for them on 31 Dec 1978, but my friends and I left early so we could run numerous blocks downtown to see DEVO at a show stated at 12:15 AM on 1 Jan 1979 (only times I ever saw XTC and DEVO love).
Last time I saw TH was at the Heatwave festival [link below for details] 23 Aug 1980 at Mosport Race Track in Ontario, which was the first time the expanded version of the band played live.

I nust mention that a poster was made of the Ithaca show, a copy of which is on my bedroom wall, which was designed by Michael Baum, who played bass in the Sweaty Tools (where he went by the name Jake Mofo), and was a well-known graphic designer and photographer in town (and a good friend), and who died of leukemia in the Spring 1985 at the age of 33.
Not having a way to take a pic of the poster he designed and printed, I found a link online, which shows images of the poster which looks grey but was actually pink.
There are people here who still miss him to this day…



Michael Bushell


I’ve just picked my copy up from Waterstones. I wish I’d known sooner!

john millington

cheers Paul i saw the talking heads at the electric ballroom i think 1978 or 9 it was for fear of music the great ENO


I’m sort of torn on this one…
While I think Talking Heads were one of the best things to come out of New Wave (and the first Tom Tom club album is not too shabby either), I got a bit fed up with Tina Weymouth harping on about Byrne at every opportunity even long after the band had split and TomTom club had established it’s own identity.
Don’t get me wrong – I think Weymouth and Frantz are both very talented. They made a fantastic rhythm section and were probably not given the credit they deserved.
However, there was definitely a whiff of dead horses being flogged at times.

I’ll probably end up going for it though as I loved the band so much!

Note: All views expressed above are the writers own.

Noel Fitzsimons

Thanks for the info Paul.

Collecting my discounted copy from Waterstones this weekend. There’s also another book that I would like…..Sal Maida – Four Strings, Phony Proof, and 300 45s: Adventures from Roxy Music, Sparks, & Milk N’ Cookies. Only available on Amazon US.


Brilliant! Cheers, Paul! Signed copy – no brainer! Thank you, ordered!


Recommend this interview about the book with Chris Frantz on the Slicing Up Eyeballs site:


John Lloyd

It’s not too badly written, with a rather naive style in its early chapters, and far too much forensic detail about a certain cross-Europe tour with the Ramones. Of course it’s only one side of things where David Byrne is concerned – but Jerry Harrison features so little you’re forced to wonder if there was beef in that direction, too.


I think Byrne and Harrison have a cordial relationship so maybe that has something to do with it?


Signed copies also available from Books-a-Million online in the USA.


Hi Paul, I can confirm that it is a great read. And I was lucky enough to get it at a bargain price for GBP 14 at Amazon.de.

Jim Breeds

Rough Trade are also doing signed copies. I ordered one yesterday. £20 plus postage.


Also monorail music in Glasgow for £20


a great store, just got my Jarv is vinyl w/ signed postcard from them, great packaging.


The greatest band that COULD reform as all members are alive and well, that sadly wont ?


Went for the click and collect Waterstones.

John McCann'

Dire straits also,but won’t!

CJ Feeney

Talking Heads have a definitive 4 member line up, like The Beatles or U2. Dire Straits is any bunch of guys that Mark Knopfler calls Dire Straits, like Ian Anderson and Jethro Tull or Mike Scott and The Waterboys.

Wayne K

Nah John Illsey has to be part of the line up.

Tim Abbott

They did reunite, in 2002, for their Rock n Roll Hall Of Fame induction. It was a decent enough performance, but watching the footage on YouTube at least one of them clearly had a cob on through the entire set.

Amplify that over many weeks/months and it’s clear why they won’t reunite. And as much as I love them, they’re senior citizens now and the rigours of touring and playing with the energy those songs deserve might be beyond them.

Anyway, book ordered, thanks Paul for the links!