Chris Wood set delayed again, but now available to pre-order on Amazon

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Hidden Masters’ Chris Wood deluxe set Evening Blue has been delayed until February 2017, although in a move that may please those across those further afield (USA, Australia) the box is now available to pre-order from Amazon UK.

The five-disc set has been subject to a “hiccup in manufacturing” and will now be available in early February. The reason the availability on Amazon UK is significant is because the shipping fee to the USA via Universal’s store was as high as $75 – but via Amazon UK it is much, much cheaper.

For example, with the VAT deducted, if you choose the cheapest shipping to the USA you can order this box ALL IN for just $100 from the UK site. GREAT price.

Evening Blue will be released on 3 February 2017.


Compare prices and pre-order

Chris Wood

Evening Blue



CD1 replicates the vinyl and includes 5 additional tracks.
Vinyl A
1. Song For Pete (2.56)
2. See No Man Girl (5.28)
3. Letter One (2.09)
4. Barbed Wire (3.56)
5. Don’t It (6.03)

Vinyl B 6. Jam In Butter (4.34)
7. Moon Child Vulcan (4.19)
8. Tone Blind Rhythm Deaf (3.29)
9. Birth In A Day (8.05)
10. No. 4 B Side (1.56)
11. Barbed Wire – take #3 Alt-R mix (3.59)
12. Birth In A Day – take #3 CW mix (5.13)
13. Song For Pete – studio rehearsal take #2 (4.23)
14. See No Man Floral Dance (7.25)

ALL tracks on Vinyl + CD1 are previously unreleased.

1. Piano #1 – Chris Wood (1.42)*
2. Love – Traffic (3.15)
3. Outside In – John Martyn (8.22)
4. Come Here Sweet Man – Martha Velez (5.11)
5. Flutered – Chris Wood (2.14)*
6. Early In The Morning (live at the Royal Albert Hall) – Airforce (11.33)
7. Song For Freedom – Gordon Jackson (4.50)
8. Automatic Reggae – Tyrone Downie (3.26)*
9. Sullen Moon (Sinewave take #1) – Chris Wood (3.06)*
10. Zagapam (take #2) – Rebop Kwaku Baah (3.53)*
11. Jarn 1 (take #3) – Mason, Capaldi, Wood and Frog (6.32)*
12. There In The Greenbriar (take #2) – Sky (4.12)*
13. Diggin’ On You (home demo) –Dr John, Jeanette Jacobs and Chris Wood (3.01)*
14. Just For You – Dave Mason (2.16)
15. The Fame Groove – Chris Wood (3.52)*
16. Lamb – Chris Wood and Stuart Carr (1.12)*
17. No Time To Live – Traffic (5.20)

1. Piano #2 – Chris Wood (2.12)*
2. On A Theme Of… Mason, Capaldi, Wood and Frog (6.44)*
3. Steph’s Tune – Tyrone Downie (5.05)*
4. 40,000 Headmen – Traffic (3.15)
5. So Much In Love With You – John Martyn (2.49)
6. Cinnamon Girl (first rehearsal/take #3) – Spiteri and Chris Wood (2.29)*
7. Tragic Magic – Traffic (6.39)
8. Polo No. 1 (sketch) – Chris Wood (1.36)*
9. Game Called Life – Bobby Whitlock (4.15)
10. Snakes And Ladders – Gordon Jackson (5.54)
11. Out Of Tune With The Universe (home demo) – Jeanette Jacobs, Dr John and Chris Wood (2.51)*
12. Meteorite – Remi Kabaka (4.12)*
13. Ley It Up – Chris Wood and Vinden Wylde (2.42)*
14. Sold On Down The Line – Crawler (3.50)
15. Waiting On You (live at the BBC) – Mason, Capaldi, Wood and Frog (3.36)*
16. For RFK, JFK, MLK – Shawn Phillips (5.50)
17. Sullen Moon (demo) – Chris Wood and Tyrone Downie (5.24)*
18. John Barleycorn – Traffic (6.27)
19. Zola – Chris Wood (1.28)*

1. Piano #3 – Chris Wood (3.45) *
2. What To Look For… with Maps and Chris Wood (7.01) *
3. Vulcan (the Aurora collaboration) – Chris Wood and Spiteri (4.34) *
4. Coloured Rain – Traffic (2.45)
5. Sing To Me Woman – Gordon Jackson (5.25)
6. Dealer – Traffic (3.12)
7. Barbed Wire (Take #2 Alt-W mix) – Chris Wood (4.25)
8. Mourning Sad Morning – Free (5.05)
9. Evening Blue – Traffic (5.18)
10. Feelin’ Alright? (live at the BBC) – Mason, Capaldi, Wood and Frog (3.44)*
11. All Black Festival – Remi Kabaka (3.24)*
12. Three Hours – Nick Drake (5.10)
13. Steph’s Dub – Tyrone Downie (3.49)*
14. Spring Too – Chris Wood and Stuart Carr (1.52)*
15. Rainmaker – Traffic (7.48)
16. Seagull – Jim Capaldi (4.20)
17. Sylvanæ – Chris Wood (0.37)*

ALL titles marked * are previously unreleased.

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Hi Neil. Thanks for your kind reply.

Listened to CD1 earlier on my iPod while out walking, excellent stuff.
Just sitting down to CD2 on home stereo now.

I got number 322 which was kind of weird because I got number 318 in the Jess Roden set!

I don’t care what number I get as long as The Distractions appears this year!!


Got my box set today.

A thing of beauty.

Now to listen to the music!

Neil Storey

Glad it landed safely and hope you enjoy the music!



Hello Philip, in comments above.

Just to let you know that my box set is on the way today!

Do you stiill not believe it will ever be released?


Good things come to those who wait!

Now for The Distractions box set please Neil!

Neil Storey

For anyone still following this – the CW sets are now with the distributors – we’ve not been told precisely when they’ll be despatched but it looks quite probable this’ll be upfront of the official release date of Feb 3.

Meantime, the sets for signature etc etc are here at HM HQ and Steph will be signing tomorrow.


[…] Chris Wood / Evening Blue (box […]

Simon Taylor

Nice discussion thread going on this box set over on the Steve Hoffman website:

Nice to see a 5 star review in Record Collector. Very much looking forward to this release. Not the perfect time of year financially but decided to cancel my Cream Fresh Cream super deluxe box and go for the Wood set instead. Notably this set is limited and has far more rarities. Plus that 10minute youtube clip sounds amazing.

Neil Storey

Thanks so much for posting the link to the Steve Hoffman forum – I wasn’t aware of that. Its absolutely fascinating reading and… am amazed at some of the comments and misinformation flying about – hilarious!!! A shame that people there haven’t migrated here ‘cos the factual inaccuracies they’re posting are… oh dear. Oh well, seems everyone else knows whats what!

Record Collector – that was a nice surprise. I know Kris Needs was a bit put out it didn’t get more space but… hey… to be awarded one of only 3 five star reviews this month is pretty cool..! For us, its just so amazing that people are enjoying what we’ve done. That said, the real response, the one that – for us – really counts is what everyone who buys in to this thinks. Fingers crossed.

Sets were due today to HM HQ… believe they’re landing first thing tomorrow instead. Ah well… after four years work, what difference does another day make?!

Rarities… oh yes, this really does… we haven’t gone overboard on whats what but the basic track listing should give quite a bit away..! Oh, and MCWF didn’t go into the studio? Really..? The doubters are going to be blown sideways when they hear those cuts! But… as much as those are fantastic, my money is on the Tyrone Downie and Rebop unreleased tunes and the Maps collaboration – all very special.


Simon Taylor

Hi Neil, i would suggest contributing the Hoffman boards. It is a great site and many producers and some artists do go on there to do as you suggest, correct misinformation. I post there (Almost Simon,) it would be worth your input if you have the time.

Its only misinformation if they aren’t corrected.

Thanks Simon

Philip Cohen

I’m wondering how “Record Collector” magazine could have reviewed a boxed set (and its’ book) which clearly did not exist at the time. (and may still not exist now)

Neil Storey

Philip – you’re back again!

Its very simple. Obviously the set exists otherwise how would publications review it?!

Putting your scepticism to one side for a moment, its exactly how Mojo, Shindig! and Prog Magazine reviewed (or previewed if you prefer) Evening Blue too.

Because the above are all long-lead-time magazines, and to enable those publications to review as near to the originally planned release date as possible, we arranged with the respective reviews editors for the actual reviewers to receive white label CDs of all the music a decent time upfront of relevant deadlines. The book aspect we supplied at the same time electronically as a lo-res PDF.

Its the exact same equivalent of sending out white label albums (or CDs as the technology changed) when I ran various record company press offices from decades ago.

No doubt it amuses you greatly to suggest the set *may still not exist now* although what evidence you have to suggest that defeats me. FYI, the sets ship in to the UK this week.

Finally, it really is a shame your cynicism isn’t based on Ancient Greek philosophy – if it were (look it up) you’d not be bogged down with this irrational and tedious self-aggrandising disbelief in the sincerity of others.


Philip Cohen

Then what I said was correct: The boxed set (as a finished product) didn’t exist at the time that “Record Collector” magazine reviewed it. “Record Collector” & other magazines received CD test pressings and an electronic approximation of the book.

Neil Storey


Since you obviously don’t understand what is standard practice, I’ll explain.

Music: reviewers received white label CDs; these are not, no matter what you may think, test pressing CDs. Test pressing CDs are exactly what it says on the tin – test pressings for approval. There is a wealth of difference between the two.

Reviewers were not sent white label copies of the vinyl – all opted for CDs only since the vinyl is replicated on CD1. I merely mention this so you don’t further misunderstand how the whole review process works.

Book: Reviewers did not receive *an electronic approximation of the book*. That is disrespectful because it suggest we haven’t done our job correctly by implying reviewers were sent a handful of sample pages or an incomplete version of the book. 100% wrong.

Reviewers received a final PDF of the book artwork, all 212 pages of it.

We spoke to all reviews editors and each was happy for this being run out lo-res – ie, not hi-res – because, IF we’d run it out at print-level, the file-size download could, potentially, have clogged up reviewers’ hard drives.

Only three releases were awarded 5* reviews in the current edition of Record Collector.

Evening Blue received one of them.


Neil Storey

For anyone still following this thread…

We heard late yesterday that finished copies of Evening Blue are being shipped into the UK by the manufacturers next Monday (9th). They are due to be with the distributors on the 11th. From then, it’ll be into ‘the system’ for onward despatch. I don’t have a date for when that’ll begin but we’re certainly on course for Feb 3rd being the official release date.

The enhanced editions are a separate consignment and due to land up here at HM HQ on Wednesday 11th; for those who’ve pre-ordered the ultra-deluxe leather case’d editions as well as any of the other enhanced editions, those should be ready for onward despatch week commencing 16 January.



“Unchartered cosmic jazz funk…”

A fine description that almost says it all… I would maybe add the word ‘pastoral’ in there too!


Neil – I think it’s safe enough to write “Amazon”. It’s just an online store. Not some fearsome e-God whose name thou shalt not take. Or anyway, like any serious god, certainly doesn’t give a toss what we humans do, or don’t. Happy New Year :-)


The ‘basic’ set is indeed what I’d preordered about a year ago. It’s the same set currently on preorder @Amazon. Deluxe versions exclusive to Hidden Masters /Digital Stores only add a leather case (sold out long ago) or a print. The set you see on Amazon is exactly the same as the one we’re gonna get (if ever). There is no ‘scaled down’ version of this one.

I’m not arguing about the cost of the actual set which I’m sure is a labour of love and worth every penny. But I’m a bit annoyed about the ridiculous €45.23 shipping I was charged at the time, because we were told HM/DS would be the only authorized seller etc. Now I find out I might have this for a tenth of that shipping fee. So – not a lot of transparency, not a great customer service in my opinion.


Hey Andrea, why don’t you cancel your order on the selller you don’t like and reorder it on the seller you do like? Or you could buy the set off the bloke who’s selling it for £645 on Amazon too?

Neil Storey

Hi Andrea – I’ve just seen your posts, so let me offer a little clarity here if I may.

The basic set + the enhanced editions were (as you’ve said), from day one of pre-ordering, only meant to be available from the one source. Why? It was not possible to offer the additions – enhancements if you prefer – we wanted to cost-effectively via any other route.

(Anyone reading this can disagree as much as they like and tell us we could have done this, that, the next thing. That’s fine, everyone is entitled to their opinion on this but, please do note, we spent a great deal of time investigating every angle we could think of to make the whole process as simple + cost-efficient for all parties as we could).

Back to your points…

The leather-case edition did, as you say, sell out rapidly – hardly a surprise as each is unique and hand-made by Steph (the ones I’ve seen look exquisite); the poster-editions haven’t sold so fast (still available at the end of the Digital Stores corridor in the cubby-hole marked HiddenMasters) but they too are very special and including them was our way of offering something more to the no-frills edition. We’ve done this with other sets and many of our customers seem to like this part of what we do.

I don’t know where you’re based but it has to be outside the UK since I know the internal-UK delivery of a basic set is 6GBP.

I can understand your frustration at the delivery charges you’ve already stumped up for but, I am sorry to say, we have absolutely zero control over these.

That said, there is one thing which counted for this and that was delivery being made by courier – berate us as much as you like but, we plumped for this for the package-safety aspect just as much as it was the most cost-efficient option all round. ie, far safer and significantly less expensive to using conventional mail services. Why?

Please do bear in mind Evening Blue isn’t exactly a lightweight item – a 212page hardback book printed on decent paper stock + cds + a 180gsm vinyl inclusion comes in at approx. 2.4kilos. Take two and a half bags of sugar down to your local PO and you’ll soon see how much it really costs to send to… say… Australia. I honestly don’t mean to sound facetious here but in a sense we’re caught between the devil and the deep blue sea – all along, we’ve wanted to create something that properly celebrates Chris’s life in music and make it as amazing as we possibly could yet get sideswiped by delivery charges whichever route one chooses. Hardly seems fair, does it?

You’ve mentioned ‘not a lot of transparency, not a great customer service in my opinion’ – sorry if you feel that’s the case, but I can assure you we try as hard as we know how to do our best for each and every customer we have; you’re the lifeblood of all we do.

As to why it looks like we reneged on the original statement of DS being the only authorized seller for the pre-ordering period? Well, there is only the one way to answer that. Honestly. That button was pressed earlier than originally planned. Please note, our dealings with all retailers are through a third party and, as much as things have to be put in place a good way upfront, it only takes one miniscule slip to derail the best laid plans. As a consequence, we now have to deal with the fall-out such as it is.

Lastly, if you fancy a bit of light relief, we’ve just spotted on both French and UK Ama*on that Evening Blue is category listed as *traditional British and Celtic Folk*. Personally, I prefer Kris Needs’ description in his just-published 5* review in the newest edition of Record Collector – unchartered cosmic jazz funk. But, I suppose Ama*on don’t yet have that as a category listing.

Happy New Year and all the best,


If there is a CD only box I’ll get this

Have zero interest in vinyl

Neil Storey

Sorry to tell you, we won’t be issuing this as a CD only set; the vinyl is there for those who prefer that format because, since finding the original 1/4″ reels that made up both sides of Chris’s long-thought-lost solo LP it seemed heartless not to issue that in the form he’d originally sequenced and proposed to Island back in ’78.

In any event, CD1 replicates the vinyl we’ve added in 5 extra tracks which work to make that CD an expanded edition of his own album. We’ve used that format as opposed to offering a download card with the vinyl because that saves second guessing which format people really want as a download – simply burn it off however you wish and… you’re done!

Happy New Year


Honestly, I don’t know what to make of this new Amazon option.
I preordered from Hidden Masters on February 18, 2016 (!) , paying £140 shp included. At the time, we were told that was going to be the only buying option available.

Well If I hadn’t already given in to the mermaids, now I could purchase this set from Amazon UK for less than £100, shiping included.

I guess it serves me right for supporting small labels’ quality products by paying with great advance (and through the nose).
As much as I appreciate HM… For the Robert Palmer set, when and IF that is ready… and assuming I’m still alive by then… I’m going to wait for the Amazon link… no doubt about it!
Happy New Year everybody…


Andrea, Neil has said that the Amazon version is `the basic set`. I have the Jess Roden HM `box set` and it is great. It is one of the best box sets I have and I have many. This Chris Wood `box` looks superb and well worth the wait, I also ordered as soon as HM put this up for sale early `16. To be truthful I have once or twice forgotten about it, there`s been so much released in `16 so it`s been quite pleasant realising I`ve ordered it and paid also.

Philip Cohen

I guess if the set is released in 2018, then that’s “a matter of weeks” too…..54 weeks!


Great job Neil, can’t wait for this. Delays happen, it’s a part of life… thanks for your words and please ignore the moaner(s).


I pre ordered from Hidden Masters in February 2016.
I am prepared to wait a bit longer as I believe this will be worth the wait.

I know Neil Storey from Hidden Masters has commented on here before re the box set.
I would like to know if it is available from Amazon or not Neil?

The delivery charge from Universal is a ripoff in comparison.
I would consider pre-ordering from the Behemoth aka Amazon if it is the case.

Like granata above, I really want The Distractions box set to come out in 2017!

Neil Storey

Colm, greetings

Working backwards – The Distractions is now set for approx early June ’17. We’re working hand in glove with Occultation who’ll be issuing the new Distractions album and it makes most sense to us all if we come second in the sequence as it were. Latest I have on the D’s new LP is it’ll be early Spring (it sounds fab too!).

Yes, sorry for the newest delay for Evening Blue. A manufacturing hiccup / blip / call it what you will which I’ve referred to elsewhere here. All adds up to the fact we lost our ‘slot’ and newest date we’ve been given is Feb 3 altho’ (again as elsewhere on here) I suspect we should see finished copies a bit before that. Fingers crossed!

The basic set is now available to pre-order via Amazon, the enhanced sets are only available via our corner of the Digital Stores site and those will *only* remain available ’til approx 3rd week of Jan.

As to your thoughts on delivery costs, sorry, I can’t comment – we don’t set these. I guess (and it really is a guess) that Ama*on can offer attractive delivery terms simply because they can absorb things like that due to the fact they’re a multi-gazillion $ industry.

Wishing you and yours a wonderful New Year,


As someone who’s been lucky enough to have some involvement in The Distractions project, I know the music’s pretty much done & dusted. Detailed bookset (re)design is still being tweaked but 2017 – manufacturing permitting – is definitely on. The two new records (new LP and the 10″ EP as part of the deluxe version) will be out a good few months before.

Philip Cohen

Now that it can be purchased without Hidden Masters’ insane “courier delivery” fee, I’ve ordered the set from Amazon.co.uk
I still don’t believe that the set will ever be released, but I have nothing to lose by ordering from Amazon.co.uk, since, if it is never released, I won’t be charged. If it isn’t released on the next proposed release date, then Hidden Masters’ credibility is irreparably, permanently damaged.
If it is released, I’ve just saved $100 over Hidden Masters’ bottom line price. Amazon.co.uk charges the same (very reasonable) delivery fee whether an album contains one Disc or twenty.

Simon Taylor

Do we know what issues may further hold this one up? Has been in the works for many years.

I just foolishly listened to that youtube intro, i had heard before but just skimmed it as a listen. Now just played the full 10 mins and is very good. I like the look of the book also. Pricey as noted but then if you want these limited edition releases then you need to get in there quick.

Just pre-ordered. Made several notes in my calendar for the new year to double check which releases i want to go ahead with or cancel before release date. Thank god Amazon doesnt take any money until dispatch date.

Neil Storey

Thanks Simon… glad you liked the intro – was a fun one to put together!

There is nothing, so far as we can see or know of, that’ll hold the CW set up any further; unfortunately and due entirely to circumstances beyond our control, we lost our late November/v early December manufacturing ‘slot’ which, in turn, shunted delivery of finished copies into the UK to January 2017. Hence being given a new release date of Feb 3 altho’ I strongly suspect that anyone who has pre-ordered will be seeing their copy arrive in late-January.

Pricey..? I see this comment a good deal (and not just relating to any set we’ve worked on). Which leads me to wonder on what basis a calculation such as that is made?

Yes – obviously (!) we all like a bargain and certainly no one wants to think they’ve been ripped off by unscrupulous company X or Y. The latter category into which I sincerely hope we have not fallen.

To begin with, our own costs are particularly high for this set – in fact, it is *probably* only a tiny little enterprise such as ours that would undertake something like this since a larger organisation would not deem it time- or cost-efficient.

Logically, that begs the question – if it’s neither time- or cost-efficient, then why bother? Well… to start with, we never imagined it’d take as long as it has done. 4+ years? If someone had told any of us it’d take that long I rather think we may well have had second thoughts. But we didn’t.

But… why bother..? We bothered ‘cos its Chris (someone I used to see quite a bit of during my own Island days + liked a good deal and who’s music / contributions to others’ music besides Traffic, I’d always loved) and, since his life in music had never been properly celebrated before, thats what we set out – in very close collaboration with Steph – to do.

And its the adjective *properly* which is the key here. We could, very easily, have trotted out a 2CDset filled with obvious tracks nicely presented in a clam-shell slip case in which would be included a booklet with an essay on his life in music plus a handful of images.

We chose not to – because we believed that’d short change those who, like us, love the music he made. We wanted to do this… properly.

Thats why the hard-back book began life as 96pp but grew to become 212+pages; thats why we’ve included over 400 images – many of which have never been seen previously (right on deadline we added in two more pages. Why? We’d just been sent two pictures we’d never seen before and were faced with a choice. Do we replace or add in? We choose the latter. Why? ‘cos we wanted Evening Blue to look as spectacular as possible); its why over half the music has never been heard before – the hunting down of certain titles (and clearing them once they’d been found) took not months but… years in certain cases; its why Jayne indulged in a total re-design 12 months back – why? ‘cos she believed it could look better… and it really does, that time was well spent; its why there are over 20 exclusive interviews (to which we could easily have added). I could go on and on…

The point being… yes, Evening Blue is pricey but… then… if (for example) you choose to have lunch / dinner at a fine-dining establishment you walk in the front door, knowing you’ll not be dining for the same ticket a meal at McDonalds does.

Evening Blue is priced as consumer-friendly as we possibly can while ensuring we don’t go under – trust me, thats a tricky tightrope to walk and, from where I sit, there’s no safety net.

No matter the reviews which have run thus far are fantastic, its only you guys out there in consumer-land who’ll ultimately be the judge of whether we fell off or not.

Best wishes for a wonderful New Year


Thanks for the info Neil and a very happy & healthy New Year to you, your family and everyone involved at Hidden Masters.

May I also take this chance to wish you Paul S. and your family and all at SDE good health and happiness in the New Year. Thank you.


What’s your beef with this label FFS? The Jess Roden set was great, and I know with certainty that the forthcoming Distractions box is going to be worth the wait.

Philip Cohen

Whether your question was being asked to me or to Simon Taylor, I will point out that Hidden Masters’ owner/compiler assured SDE readers that his company would receive the finished product from the factory in Late December 2016. Now, there’s a further two month postponement, so obviously manufacture never began. Can we believe any further promises that this set will be released (whether in February 2017 or any time in 2017) ? Your guess is as good as mine.
I pre-ordered it from amazon.co.uk . If it gets released, fine. If it doesn’t get released, I’m O.K. with that too. Perhaps without the book and the vinyl L.P., there would have been a better chance to successfully manufacture and release this set.

Neil Storey

Philip – a second response since I’ve just seen your other note.

Yes, I did tell everyone that Evening Blue would be issued before Christmas and that we were due to receive stock just upfront of that period. Because that is what we’d been told.

Unfortunately – due to circumstances which were completely out of our control and no matter how hard we tried to rectify the particular situation we found ourselves in – we missed our manufacturing ‘slot’ and, consequently, the set has been delayed.

There has *not* been a ‘further two month postponement – given the Christmas / New Year holidays the delay is actually a matter of weeks as opposed to months.

To your other points:

“Can we believe any further promises that this set will be released (whether in February 2017 or any time in 2017) ? Your guess is as good as mine.”

Answered elsewhere but I’ll repeat – why would we spend / invest so much time in this if it wasn’t going to be issued? D’you really think we’re making this all up?!

“Perhaps without the book and the vinyl L.P., there would have been a better chance to successfully manufacture and release this set.”

The vinyl test pressings were approved in the first quarter of 2016 and if the book element had been only 10 pages it still wouldn’t have made a difference to the latest issue we encountered in the manufacture of this set.



Look how many major label launches end up being delayed due to manufacturing/pressing issues. Small (1/2-(wo)man-band) labels are not exempt from this. This month’s 5-star review in ‘Record Collector’ may allay your fears about this never seeing the light of day.


Moan, moan, moan, moan, moan, moan, moan and another billion moans and it would still not enough for the professional moaners that blight sites like SDE.

The thing is they feed of criticism such as mine, however someone has to tell the children to behave. Like children they start to to make statements that lack credibility, hmm, 2017, same old, same old.

Philip Cohen

Maybe we “Professional Moaners” have legitimate reason to moan. We shouldn’t have to go through protracted bulls#*t to buy a piece of music.

Neil Storey

Ahhh… Philip. Good morning. I hope you’re enjoying a wonderful festive break.

Good to see you commenting (again) tho’ I do have to factually correct you on a couple of things.

First, HiddenMasters *insane “courier delivery” fee* wasn’t / has never been set by HiddenMasters – what you’re referring to is Digital Stores courier delivery over which we have no control whatsoever.

Second, any form of comparison between Digital Stores and Amazon should be taken up with either or – once again, delivery charges are nothing to do with us. Sorry, but thats the facts.

Third – IF you genuinely believe Evening Blue will not be released then i) why bother ordering in the first instance and ii) do you honestly believe we’d work on / invest this amount of time in a project like this if it wasn’t going to be released?

With the set now in manufacturing, any delays are completely out of our control.

Four – its strange that you believe our *credibility is irreparably, permanently damaged.* if the set is not issued on / by the newest release date given. Perhaps you’d note the following:

i) we do NOT set the release date. We are told the release date and we pass that information on.

ii) if circumstances change – for whatever reason – we’re told a new date and we pass that on.

iii) suppose (and heaven forbid) a fire breaks out at the manufacturing plant over the Christmas holidays and ALL their stock – not just Evening Blue – is destroyed. That’d involve the set being newly manufactured and a new date set. Would you then berate us for a situation thats clearly way beyond our control?

Lastly, I’ve no inkling of any further delays and altho’ I was the recipient of some very generous Christmas gifts, a Crystal Ball was not amongst them. Consequently, I can see no further into the future than you can.

Oh… and on the subject of our (HM’s) credibility – don’t you think that is more bound up in the quality of the work we do than tied to dates?

With all best wishes for a fabulous New Year

Eric W

This is certainly not likely for repress. Makes me wish they’d do a box for Nicky Hopkins. I fully intend on picking this up.

Neil Storey

No plans for a re-press Eric…

A Nicky Hopkins set… hmmm… now there’s an interesting thought! Undoubtedly, highly complicated but… could be fascinating. Nor would it be a quick turn around either.

Philip Cohen

But if you are looking for another possible boxed set subject, one whose work was, in part, for Island Records (like Jess Roden or Chris Wood), then why not the late Andy Fraser? Such a set would only involve licensing from 3 sources: Universal Music, Sony Music and Fraser’s estate.
Such a box could include selections by “Free”(including unreleased studio jams), the unreleased 1970-71 album by the group “Toby”(Universal Music has the multitracks. two-thirds of the songs were ready to be mixed; the others are in an unknown state of completion.), songs by “Sharks”, selections from his two CBS solo albums, his one Island Records solo album(“Fine Fine Line”, which has never been offered on CD), his 21st century solo recordings(which he released on his own label), and examples of his songwriting efforts for other artists (his estate may have demos performed by Fraser himself)

Simon Taylor

I’ve thought about this one for a long time but very pricey. Already looking at Dylan Bootleg 13 on vinyl and the Fresh Cream super deluxe in Jan/Feb. If the box sets keep being released so frequently I’m going to have to be far more choosey in 2017, plus there’s storage to consider also. This does look very good, perhaps even more interesting than the Cream set and I’ve bought every Clapton super deluxe since Crossroads box in ’88.

Wishing I was young again with a disposable income!

I guess the one thing with this is its limited edition and unlikely to get a re-press.

Think with that last statement I’ve just answered the question currently being asked by my head :o)

Roman Pawlyshyn

Thanks! A new shipping option was just what I needed. Ordered.


I had an email from Hidden Masters about 2-3 weeks ago regarding the delay, no probs.


This trailer is stunning! It really is. Some of the most gorgeous music I have ever heard. And the packaging looks tremendous… this is what Super Deluxe Editions are all about! Just amazing <3

Neil Storey

Thanks Will, it was a fun one to do but, obviously, completed for when we had a different release date!

Glad you like what you heard; concentrated mainly on some of the music no one will have heard before – shame in a way I could only include snippets ‘cos the full version of the Maps collaboration is fantastic, all seven minutes of it. Its wrong to pick out individual pieces but the other I keep returning to is the dub of Steph’s Tune – we didn’t even know that existed until we found the Tyrone Downie reels and Steph hadn’t a clue a song had been written with her in mind… it completely floored when she first heard it! The Dub was the most fun Richard and I had mixing in years.

Packaging – you’ve Jayne to thank on that, she’s done an extraordinary and exemplary job on the design.

Best wishes for a wonderful 2017