Chrissie Hynde / Valve Bone Woe

Chrissie hopes you like her new direction

Chrissie Hynde has announced a new album of covers for September with the Valve Bone Woe Ensemble. It’s called Valve Bone Woe and sees Hynde interpret songs by Frank Sinatra, John Coltrane, Nick Drake, Rodgers and Hammerstein, Charlie Mingus and others.

In what she’s calling a “jazz/dub” album, it was recorded at London’s AIR studios and produced by Marius de Vries and Eldad Guetta. A couple of examples are online now to give you a taste, such as this rendition of The Beach Boys’ ‘Caroline, No’.

Speaking directly to a press release, Hynde revealed “I’m not hugely interested in branching out into other musical genres, being a devout rock singer as such, but jazz is something I grew up around”

“Jazz got sidelined by rock & roll in the ‘60s, but now the demise of rock seems to be heralding in a newfound interest in it, the most creative and innovative musical forms of the 20th century. I’m happy to jump on the bandwagon.”

The signed CD from Amazon in the UK for less than £10 is hard to beat (sadly no longer available), but you can also browse the official online store for a seven-inch box set edition, or other bundles.

Valve Bone Woe is released on 6 September via BMG.

Valve Bone Woe CD

  1. How Glad I Am
  2. Caroline, No
  3. I’m a Fool to Want You
  4. I Get Along Without You Very Well (Except Sometimes)
  5. Meditation on a Pair of Wire Cutters
  6. Once I Loved
  7. Wild Is the Wind
  8. You Don’t Know What Love Is
  9. River Man
  10. Absent Minded Me
  11. Naima
  12. Hello, Young Lovers
  13. No Return
  14. Que reste-t-il de nos amours ?

Valve Bone Woe 2LP vinyl


1. How Glad I Am
2. Caroline, No
3. I’m a Fool to Want You
4. I Get Along Without You Very Well (Except Sometimes)


5. Meditation on a Pair of Wire Cutters
6. Once I Loved
7. Wild Is the Wind


8. You Don’t Know What Love Is
9. River Man
10. Absent Minded Me


11. Naima
12. Hello, Young Lovers
13. No Return
14. Que reste-t-il de nos amours ?

Valve Bone Woe seven-inch box set

Disc one

1. How Glad I Am
2. Caroline, No

Disc two

1. I’m a Fool to Want You
2. I Get Along Without You Very Well (Except Sometimes)

Disc three

1. Meditation on a Pair of Wire Cutters
2. Once I Loved

Disc four

1. Wild Is the Wind
2. You Don’t Know What Love Is

Disc five

1 River Man
2 Absent Minded Me

Disc six

1. Naima
2. Hello, Young Lovers

Disc seven

1. No Return
2. Que reste-t-il de nos amours ?

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70s Guy

Really love this album. Start to finish. What a truly smooth, beautiful presentation of Chrissie’s voice. Hope she does another one or two of these. Thanks for the heads up on the coolness that is the signed edition.


This sounds great. The quiet(er) setting really showcases Ms. Hynde’s voice and the nuances in her timbre, remindes me a bit of what she did years ago in the Pretenders, with the Isle of View album/show… with strings instead of bones…

Sid Ceaser

This could be the new style Trip Hop album I’ve been hoping for!
The sneak peak tracks are great!

Wax Monster X

Expected horror! Quite smitten with the 2 tracks heard. Thumbs down on the shipping costs to the US for the bundle I wanted. Sorry Chrissie, no can do.


Hello Young Lovers – from The King and I, I imagine. Brilliant! Why not eh?!


Given the ever changing line up of Pretenders behind her, and the amount of covers she’s given us over the last 25 years, I fail to see how a solo cover album is a new direction.


Given the amount of times I’ve watched This is Spinal Tap, I should have picked that up.

Cary Glover

Jazz/Dub…WHAT. Can’t wait to hear this. love you, Chrisie.

Paul Nolan

Chrissie Hynde has an excellent voice for Jazz music.. Looking forward to this.. Looks like she’s following Annie Lennox’s Jazz album Nostalgia

Shawn C.

I heard about this yesterday. I love Chrissie Hynde, but I have zero, no less than zero, interest in this. These types of releases are just desperate – consider Rod Stewarts terrible ongoing “standards” releases.

Electric Sydney

Hey Paul, I’m really wondering if the cd offered through Amazon UK will in fact be signed. She would have to sign a LOT of them at £10 a pop. Being that her site offers a “Limited Signed Album Print” with the cd/album package, I’m a bit skeptical that she is really going to sign all those cds. I guess I’ll hope to pleasantly surprised in September.


Amazon emailed me and they said it’s only signed by Valve Bone Woe and no mention of Chrissie!!


That’s what the reply said when I asked if it was signed by Chrissie or VBW! Hopefully they’re wrong…

“Upon checking item as below on amazon.co.uk, Yes this item is CD signed by Valve Bone Woe”

Mike Williams

Semi-related: I’ve run into this one in used CD stores: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stormy_Weather_(AT%26T_album)

Charles Christopher

Further, I’m curious about some of the titles I do recognize. At least a couple of them are, I thought, largely instrumental pieces, so I’m really curious what Hynde will do with them.

Whether intentional or not, “speaking directly to a press release…”is the kind of droll comment that keeps me coming back to this blog even when I’m not particularly interested in the artist or release!

Charles Christopher

I’m always skeptical when aging rockers turn into their (grand)parents and release albums of pre-rock standards- or in the case of Michael Buble and singing show contestants, recreate that era for people to young to have experienced it – but this one was clearly done with a lot more class and creativity than any such project I can remember. The cover, even if it is a total Brubeck homage, is a nice stylistic touch. Love the previewed song, I’m going to have to get this one!

Is the song “I Get Along Without You Very Well (Except Sometimes)” by the Pet Shop Boys? They recorded one with that (or a similar) title awhile back, but it might be a standard I’m just not familiar with. Hynde seems to be a fan of the PSB.

Gareth Pugh

No, you’re remembering the PSB’s 2001
single ‘I Get Along’ which was an original composition of theirs. The chorus lyric does indeed go ‘I get along/without you very well/get along/very well’ but I don’t think it’s a jazz standard as such. It was written as an imaginary tirade from Peter Mandelson to then-PM Tony Blair after being sacked from the government by him.

Glenn Roger

WOW, this is like a detour down a spiritual jazz avenue for Chrissie Hynde. I would love to bend her hear to find out exactly how this all came about. I love that she is reinventing herself and exploring other avenues. I saw the set list and I am excited to see the old Nancy Wilson song “How Glad I Am” listed, this is a fabulous song and it should be really cool to hear Chrissie’s version of it. I noticed a lot of these songs are very vintage and reach back far. I must have this and already sent off for the signed copy.

Robert Laversuch

You cannot go wrong with Ms Hynde. Ordered! Ta for heads up!


The Dave Brubeck Quartet “Time Out” look-alike album cover artwork alone makes this Chrissie Hynde album worth getting! What a fascinating space-age-jazz interpretation Chrissie does on the Beach Boys “Caroline, No.” It’s so different, but still sounds perfectly authentic with Chrissie’s more mature, smoky intonation, which works perfectly for this musical style. Thanks, Paul for bringing this to our attention. How delectable :-)

70s Guy

I have been wearing out Learning to Crawl lately. This seems like a nice progression. Bought. Thanks Paul, I likely would not have run into this gem in my daily perusions.

Romain Delgrange

Thanks Paul,
I hadn’t heard about it yet and I have to say, wow, the song you posted sounds really good to me. It seems Chrissie had a great idea here, I can’t wait to listen to it. I’ve ordered two signed copies, for me and as a gift. Thanks!


Cheers for the heads up…just ordered. Always liked Chrissie. Signed Keifer has just been delivered, so that’s the evening sorted!

Wayne Olsen

Looking at the track list, this album should be GORGEOUS. Thanks,Paul!


I’ve only gone and ordered the signed cd + the vinyl! I heard the two clips on Amazon, and I was instantly sold. Who would have thought?


I remember fondly a french TV show from 1999 around Iggy Pop’s ‘ “Avenue B”.

It was a really laidback affair, mostly jazzy versions of Pop’s slowest songs from that album, with a couple of duets with both Vanessa Paradis (“You Go to My Head», and “Don’t Smoke in Bed) and, more to the point, Chrissie Hynde for “I`m A Fool To Want You” and “I Wish You Love” (Listed here as “Que reste-t-il de nos amours”).

Can’t wait to Hear the new “20-years-later-and-Pop-less” takes!

Chris Squires

I liked the track you have put up Paul, the beginning and mid-section instrumental break reminded me a bit of “Green Wing” just for a moment.
Interesting that Chrissie has chosen River Man by Nick Drake, a very important song to me, so I look forward to hearing that.

If the rest is as interesting as Caroline, No then this warrants further investigation.

As others said on the Madonna thread, it’s a direction that is more suited to many older artists, rather than trying to remain current by tossing around with 20 year olds.