Christine and the Queens / Chris

French and English language versions • six-disc box set

Christine and the Queens will release a new album, Chris, in September.

This is the follow-up to the brilliant Chaleur Humaine (issued in France in 2014 and the UK in 2016) and the new album is available in English and French language versions.

Girlfriend from the album was performed on BBC TV’s Later… with Jools Holland last month.

In terms of physical formats, a two CD set features both language variants, while there are two separate gatefold vinyl 2LP+CD sets in French and English. The final physical format is a limited and numbered box set which collects both 2LP vinyl sets and both CDs. This box comes with two posters and the vinyl records inside feature an exclusive alternate album cover.

Chris is released on 21 September 2018

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Christine And The Queens

Chris - numbered 4LP+2CD box set


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Christine And The Queens

Chris - 2LP+2CD english edition


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Christine And The Queens

Chris - 2LP+2CD french edition


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Christine and the Queens

Chris - 2CD edition


Chris – 2CD edition

CD1 – English version

1.            Comme si
2.            Girlfriend feat. Dâm-Funk
3.            The walker
4.            Doesn’t matter
5.            5 dollars
6.            Goya Soda
7.            Damn (what must a woman do)
8.            What’s-her-face
9.            Feel so good
10.          Make some sense
11.          The stranger

CD2 – French version

1.            Comme si on s’aimait
2.            Damn, dis-moi feat. Dâm-Funk
3.            La marcheuse
4.            Doesn’t matter (voleur de soleil)
5.            5 dols
6.            Goya ! Soda !
7.            Follarse
8.            Machin-chose
9.            Bruce est dans le brouillard
10.          Le G
11.          Les yeux mouillés
12.          L’étranger (voleur d’eau)

Chris 2LP+CD English Version

Side A

A1. Comme si
A2. Girlfriend feat. Dâm-Funk
A3. The walker

Side B

B1. Doesn’t matter
B2. 5 dollars
B3. Goya Soda

Side C

C1. Damn (what must a woman do)
C2. What’s-her-face

Side D

D1. Feel so good
D2. Make some sense
D3. The stranger

CD – English version

1. Comme si
2. Girlfriend feat. Dâm-Funk
3. The walker
4. Doesn’t matter
5. 5 dollars
6. Goya Soda
7. Damn (what must a woman do)
8. What’s-her-face
9. Feel so good
10. Make some sense
11. The stranger

Chris 2LP+CD French Version

Side A

A1. Comme si on s’aimait
A2. Damn, dis-moi feat. Dâm-Funk
A3. La marcheuse

Side B

B1. Doesn’t matter (voleur de soleil)
B2. 5 dols
B3. Goya ! Soda !

Side C

C1. Follarse
C2. Machin-chose
C3. Bruce est dans le brouillard

Side D

D1. Le G
D2. Les yeux mouillés
D3. L’étranger (voleur d’eau)

CD – French version

1. Comme si on s’aimait
2. Damn, dis-moi feat. Dâm-Funk
3. La marcheuse
4. Doesn’t matter (voleur de soleil)
5. 5 dols
6. Goya ! Soda !
7. Follarse
8. Machin-chose
9. Bruce est dans le brouillard
10. Le G
11. Les yeux mouillés
12. L’étranger (voleur d’eau)

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Stevie B

This was (and still is advertised as a LIMITED numbered edition… mine is 4296 of 10,000! Feel completely CHEATED!

10,000 box sets at £40 a pop and they have the cheek to call it ‘limited’? (and as of this week SAINSBURY’S has the 2CD set for a fiver).


I stood in the snow after her last Glasgow waiting to see her leave the gig, the last night of her world tour.
But after waiting another hour one her dancers finally came out to say, “She left an hour ago”.
They dragged a metal barrier and I said that’s her leaving, she can’t be arse with even a Hi, Bye, must go.
One guy was so furious he Eff’d & blinded as he disappeared up the road saying that he was off home to smash her records up !
Err, the audience was at least 70% female…what did she think was gonna happen ?
‘Live’ she was just about ok, at best but not worth all wall-to-wall press coverage she got.
Her fans seem to worship her every move so there no dissension in the ranks and this will probably sell too.
Funny though that some limited edition cd/dvd of the 1st album was selling for silly prices on-line while FOPP were selling them off for £15 !


Priced to sell , others should take note.

Larry Davis

Loved the first album immensely…happy it came out in the US…on Atlantic… And I love the ‘Gitlfriend’ single…she performed it on US TV…late night with Jimmy Fallon a month or so ago…as for the formats, I was going to just settle for the 2CD edition…happy both versions are being released in the same package…last prime I saw that was with Tokio Hotel…English and German versions in same release…anyhoo I was going to just settle for the 2CD…BUT if the boxset is cheap enough, i may go for the full box!! Will see.

Frenchy Eric

French hype for young people between 14 and 35
Knows no one around me, friends/collegues/family, listening to her music
Will probably not stay in memories


Why comment if you don’t like? You are probably still in love with Johnny.


Love Christine and the Queens, odd comments above relating to her name, she is introduced on French tv as Christine and the Queens, this is the artistic name and often when interviewed her own name is used. Nothing odd in that at all. She is very popular here in France, simply because she is brilliant, witty, intelligent, artistic and creative. Personally, I am not a fan of the new single, it focuses too much on the dance routines but I’ve yet to listen to on the hi fi, yes folks I still have a hi fi.

Rob Deighton

Love the 80s vibe on ‘Girlfriend’

Auntie Sabrina

Yes, reminds me of Fake by Alexander O’Neal which is no bad thing…


I thought the same. Same drum sound!

Shaun Hey

Thanks Paul, box set ordered. For anyone else thinking of ordering the Amazon price is starting to creep up its now £34.99.


Never been a fan of Christine & The Queens but she’s pretty huge in France. She’s called Christine or Chris on french television but her real name is Héloïse Letissier and she’s 30.

She’s scheduled to play at Accor Hotels Arena (equivalent to London’s O2 arena) in Paris in december. The first gig is already sold out (capacity : 20,300) so they added another date. She’s that succesful in France.


Same here –
Currently living in Paris although my home is London and it seems to be impossible to escape Heloise/Chris/Christine and the Queens (what’s up with all the names?) here in France.

Definitely would not have considered myself a fan (in fact I find her videos irritating for some reason – I really don’t know why) BUT BUT BUT the single Girlfriend is an excellent piece of pp and I will have to (begrudgingly) give her new album a listen – I’m prepared to be persuaded :-)


PS…just ordered the ltd box from Amz UK… after VAT is removed and postage is added, total was 31.70 GBP to the US!!!


looks like Johnny Depp!


The 2 songs released are great! Going to see the US tour in Nov!!!!!!


Chris or Michelle Jackson?


I love her new song Girlfriend. I’ve ordered the box set from amazon, it’s much cheaper than I saw it on record store.co.uk the other day.

elliott buckingham

a great bargain if you are into this band. im a great believer that for the price we pay for vinyl a cd copy rather than a mp3 code should always be included

Craig B

Just an observation but I can never understand why you Vinylites want a CD and / or an MP3 included at all. I thought the whole point was to appreciate the supposed superior quality of said Vinyl.

Frenchy Eric

Yes Paul for people of our age we prefer the CD sound too
I even like cassettes better for the dynamic sound
But all new cars like mine do not have cd players
I hate USB keys for the flat and compressed sound and blutooth because you always have to reconnect your cellular therefore in my car i listen now to the radio…


Unfortunately as much as I love vinyl it is not very convenient for listening to music on the tube. Hence needing to rip stuff to my iPod classic. Ripping from CD is easier than from vinyl….


@Paul Sinclair:

Too manny boxsets bought to afford a new car, is it?

Rob Puricelli

So Craig, I assume that you only play your CDs at home, and buy a digital version, or stream it when you’re out and about? Of course not… you rip the CD like any normal person would.

Therefore, a download code, or CD allows vinyl users to experience the music in all the same ways as a CD user :-)

And vinyl audio quality isn’t ‘superior’, it is different in a pleasing way :-)


Isn’t it a good thing that people embrace multiple formats? They all have their pros and cons.