Clannad / In A Lifetime anthology

Next month, BMG will release In A Lifetime a new Clannad anthology available across various physical formats.

Compiled in conjunction with Clannad band members, In A Lifetime includes all the hits and two new songs ‘A Celtic Dream’ and ‘Who Knows (Where The Time Goes)’ both produced by Trevor Horn.

‘In A Lifetime’ super deluxe edition box set

This is available as a 2CD set, a 2LP coloured vinyl and a sizeable super deluxe edition box set that features four CDs, three vinyl LPs, a seven-inch record, a book, postcards and poster. The extra vinyl record in this set is a the 1985 album Macalla.

The release of this anthology coincides with Clannad’s farewell UK tour which will kicks off in York on 3 March and includes a St Patrick’s Day date at London’s Palladium.

In A Lifetime will be released on 13 March 2020.

In A Lifetime – 4CD+3LP+7″ + Book + postcards + postcard super deluxe

CD 1
1. Thíos Cois Na Trá Domh
2. Siúbhán Ní Dhuibhir
3. An Mhaighdean Mara
4. An tOileán Úr
5. Níl Sé Ina Lá
6. Eleanor Plunkett
7. Coinleach Ghlas An Fhómhair
8. Gaoth Barra Na dTonn
9. Teidhir Abhaile Riú
10. Dúlamán
11. Two Sisters
12. Éirigh Suas, a Stóirín
13. Siúil, a Rúin
14. dTigeas a Damhsa
15. Crúiscín Lán
16. Ar a Ghabháil ‘n a ‘Chuain Damh

CD 2
1. The Last Rose of Summer
2. Lá Coimhthíoch Fán dTuath (A Strange Day in the Countryside)
3. Crann Úll
4. Na Buachaillí Álainn
5. Mheall sí lena glórthai mé
6. Ni lá na gaoithe lá na scoilb?
7. Mhórag’s na horo Gheallaidh
8. Theme from Harry’s Game
9. I See Red
10. Newgrange
11. Tower Hill
12. Thíos Fá’n Chósta
13. Robin (The Hooded Man)
14. Herne
15. Together We
16. Lady Marian
17. Strange Land
18. Caislean Oir
19. Closer to Your Heart
20. In a Lifetime (with Bono)

CD 3
1. Almost Seems (Too Late to Turn)
2. Journey’s End
3. Second Nature
4. White Fool
5. Something to Believe In
6. Many Roads
7. Atlantic Realm
8. Ocean of Light
9. Voyager
10. A Dream in the Night (The Angel & the Soldier Boy)
11. Hourglass
12. Rí Na Cruinne
13. In Fortune’s Hand
14. Poison Glen
15. Why Worry?
16. Na Laethe Bhí
17. Mystery Game

CD 4
1. I Will Find You
2. Sunset Dreams
3. Crói Cróga
4. Seanchas
5. A Bridge (That Carries Us Over)
6. Farewell Love
7. An Gleann
8. Fadó
9. A Mhuirnin Ó
10. The Bridge of Tears
11. Down By the Sally Gardens
12. Vellum
13. Rhapsody na gCrann
14. Brave Enough
15. A Song in Your Heart
16. A Celtic Dream
17. Who Knows (where the time goes)


Side A
1. An Mhaighdean Mhara
2. Eleanor Plunkett
3. Dúlamán
4. The Last Rose of Summer
5. Crann Úll

Side B
1. Mheall sí lena glórthai mé
2. Theme from Harry’s Game
3. Robin (The Hooded Man)
4. In a Lifetime
5. Second Nature
6. Atlantic Realm

Side C
1. A Dream in the Night (The Angel & the Soldier Boy)
2. Hourglass
3. Poison Glen
4. I Will Find You

Side D
1. A Bridge (That Carries Us Over)
2. A Mhuirnin Ó
3. Rhapsody na gCrann
4. A Celtic Dream
5. Who Knows (where the time goes)

Macalla LP

Side A
1. Caislean Oir
2. The Wild Cry
3. Closer to Your Heart
4. In a Lifetime
5. Almost Seems (Too Late to Turn)

Side B
1. Indoor
2. Buachaill Ón Éirne
3. Blackstairs
4. Journey’s End
5. Northern Skyline

7’’ Single

Side A
Dhéanainn Súgradh

Side B
Eleanor Plunkett

In A Lifetime – 2CD set

1. Thíos Cois Na Trá Domh
2. An Mhaighdean Mhara
3. Eleanor Plunkett
4. Coinleach Ghlas An Fhómhair
5. Dúlamán
6. Two Sisters
7. dTigeas a Damhsa
8. The Last Rose Of Summer
9. Ar a Ghabháil ‘n a ‘Chuain Damh
10. Crann Úl
11. Mheall Sí Lena Glórthaí Mé
12. Mhórag‘s Na Horo Gheallaidh
13. Theme From Harry’s Game
14. Newgrange
15. Robin (The Hooded Man)
16. Strange Land
17. Closer To Your Heart
18. In A Lifetime (with Bono)
19. Almost Seems (Too Late To Turn)
20. White Fool
21. Something To Believe In

CD 2
1. Atlantic Realm
2. Voyager
3. A Dream In The Night (The Angel & The Soldier Boy)
4. Hourglass
5. Rí Na Cruinne
6. Poison Glen
7. Na Laethe Bhí
8. I Will Find You (Theme From “The Last Of The Mohicans”)
9. Croí Cróga
10. A Bridge (That Carries Us Over)
11. A Mhuirnín Ó
12. The Bridge Of Tears
13. Vellum
14. Brave Enough
15. A Celtic Dream
16. Who Knows (where the time goes)

In A Lifetime 2LP coloured vinyl

Side 1
1. An Mhaighdean Mhara
2. Eleanor Plunkett
3. Dulaman
4. The Last Rose of Summer
5. Crann Úll

Side 2
1. Mheall si lena glorthai me
2. Theme from Harry’s Game (2003 – Remaster)
3. Robin (The Hooded Man) [2003 – Remaster]
4. In A Lifetime (2003 – Remaster) – Clannad & Bono
5. Second Nature (2003 Remastered Version)
6. Atlantic Realm

Side 3
1. A Dream in the Night (The Angel & the Soldier Boy)
2. Hourglass
3. Poison Glen (2003 – Remaster)
4. I Will Find You (Theme from “The Last of the Mohicans”)

Side 4
1. A Bridge (That Carries Us Over) [2004 – Remaster]
2. A Mhuirnin Ó (2004 – Remaster)
3. Rhapsody na gCrann
4. A Celtic Dream
5. Who Knows (Where The Time Goes)

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Hi folks.
The sticker on the Amazon Super Deluxe Box set states that the postcards are hand written and personalized.
So, in effect they are hand signed, am I right?

Is this also the case for the box set on Clannads website (the one with the additional disc of rarities) ?

[…] that history is still being made. When Clannad announced new anthology In A Lifetime through one of the world’s biggest music companies BMG, multiple generations of music fans […]

Jeff T

I received my limited edition deluxe set with the rarities disc yesterday and finished listening to it today, or at least the CD portion. I have no use for the vinyl. I bought my last LP in 1986, not counting the occasional one-off purchase like this, where it’s mixed in with CDs. But really, I don’t mind. Because they included vinyl, we get a bigger package with larger, more enjoyable photos. There’s also a nostalgia factor—Macalla was my very first Clannad purchase, and it was on LP. So it’s kind of cool to have a Macalla LP again. Finally, if this is what it takes to get a lavish box set like this in these, the final days of physical media, count me in. Actually, lavish box sets seemed to have become a rarity even before physical media were in their death spiral, or at least lavish box sets from groups I like.

There are a few negatives associated with the set. First, obviously, is the price. Not only was it 20 USD more expensive through the band’s website, I had to pay around 67 USD to have it shipped to the US, compared to free shipping, had I bought it from Amazon. So I ended up paying a total of 238 USD for this. That’s an awful lot for a 5-disc box, 95% of the songs in which I already have. But I’m an avid collector music collector, and I like to mark milestones in my collection with special titles—this was my 2500th CD title purchased. Also, I like to show support to beloved bands and to physical media.

I’d have preferred more colorful packaging. I guess I was thinking Emerald Isle, it should be packaged in green. But since they apparently used Anton Corbijn, who’s famous for his black and white photography, we ended up with a mostly black package. Since I’m washing my hands about a million times a day during the pandemic, and accordingly using a lot of hand lotion, this makes the package about impossible to handle without smudging it up.

As with any anthology, I could quibble about the songs they chose, and the ones they didn’t chose. As several folks have pointed it, it would’ve been nice to have more actual rarities. I think the only rarities in this set (not counting things like radio edits, which are unattractive to me) that I didn’t already have were the live version of Gaothbearra , the Native American language version of I Will Find You, and Forces of Nature. I’m also surprised, given that the rarities disc is apparently only included in the version from the band’s website, that the website makes no mention of its exclusivity.

Speaking about the selection of songs leads into the positives. They did a good job choosing and sequencing songs that present pleasing variety in mood and color, showing many facets of the band. Sometimes that’s more important than having all the songs you want and none of the ones you don’t. Also, even though I don’t think any of the older material was specifically remastered for this set (actually, I think none of the pre-Magical Ring songs have ever been remastered), I found the sound quality overall very good and there were no noticeable variations in sound quality. (Note that I did not listen on headphones).

In the final analysis, I’m super-happy to have this very nice set. I also hope (perhaps naively) that I’ll still be able to see their farewell tour this fall (I have tickets for two shows).

Jonathan Riley

I got my copy today of the super deluxe set. Its a beautiful set. The records seem well packaged as well

Simon Webster

I meant would the box set be available to buy during the Farewell tour shows?

Simon Webster

Will the box set be available to our base on tour?


4 cd set would have been excellent! Personally no need for the vinyl in this box set, would have sold more if they had separated them I think!


Clannad.ie website lists an additional cd of rarities that comes with the boxset. It does not appear in the tracklisting on this site. Do we know if it’s exclusive to Clannad website?


I would hardly call them rarities but i suppose at least the The Hunter is on that disc.


Interesting. I don’t see the extra disc in the pictures..must either be a late addition or an incentive to purchase at the higher rate from their website! I’d quite like to hear some of the edits/mixes so hope it finds it way on to the edition I ordered.


yes, the Clannad website has got an exclusive 1CD of rarities


Would love to see some surround mixes of their stuff one day.


Wait, the box includes 4 CDs and 3 LPs, but the tracks do not overlap.
So the included tracks are spread across two different format just at random? Or is there a concept?

Phillip Walch

It is a really odd way to compile a deluxe set. Why not chuck in a minidisc and cassette too just to add to the baffling choices here.


What? No remixes? :-)

Mark Franklin

Shame “The Hunter” isn’t included. I know it only reached number 91 in 1989 but it’s beautiful.


Strange omission. I bought this on 7″ at the time, clearly didn’t help its chart position…


Totally agree bizarre decision. Also missing is their duet with Paul Young Both Sides Now. There are a lot better compilations out there than this one and that price on Amazon for the box set defies belief.


Was hoping for a deluxe version of ‘Legend’. With the music done for the third series of Robin of Sherwood that has never been released. There are bits of it on the DVD releases, but a reissue spanning the whole Robin soundtrack is long overdue.

What? Bono? Worry!

Sadly not gonna happen unless the master tapes are found. Which so far they haven’t been found


Agree on this – a comprehensive collection of the RoS series including a lot of the music not featured on “Legend” is way overdue. Could add possible remixes along the lines of the Cantoma Mix of “Together We” and extended versions too. Spiteful Puppet have already got the old team together and released some audio plays maybe they could run a similar campaign to get the all the old music released!


Is it true the DVDs of that series have a “music only” audio track? I.e. you can play the episodes with the background music only, no dialogue or sounds. That would be a cool feature…


just checked … the “music only” track is only on selected episodes in the DVD box.

Richard N

The music only tracks fade volume when there’s dialogue in the episode. There are probably tech savvy people that can deal with that sort of thing, but I’m not one of them.


The 2CD won’t add much to what I already have; the 4CD is a much more tempting idea, but not at a 100€+ price including some useless (to me) vinyls. Too bad.

Richard N

Disappointed that a deluxe edition contains 70s tech, yet again. Also, I’ve never seen a digital release of the Season 3 variation of Robin (Hooded Man). I wonder if the masters got lost, as it has only ever had a vinyl release

Steve W

FWIW you can also get the sets from the band’s own website.

I’m torn because I used to love the band but their live set has changed very little over the last few tours and I have most of this stuff on cd anyway. I’ll probably buy the 2CD set for the extra tracks but I’d love to be able to support them more. There is, for instance, a wealth of extra unreleased material from the Robin Hood era which would be very desirable on an offical release.


Is the big set the full collection of stuff already available on vinyl plus a few b-sides? Or is it 4 cd’s of someone’s favorite tracks? I can’t tell especially with half the songs noted in celtic language…thanks Paul et al.!


Clannad started as a folk band, playing traditional Irish songs. The music is very different from their later “hits”. By the time they got to Macalla they’re a kinda-sorta Fleetwood Mac. The early stuff, for fans of the “hits”, is pretty hard going, if not pleasant enough.

It’s pretty brave to have a full box like that, because it seems to me you’d have to be a hardcore fan to want both the early traditional music, AND the later pop material. But then, I suppose that’s what a big box like this is for.

MC Miker G

Not a whole lot of new content… now what I’d LOVE to see is an expanded release for “Legend” with loads of unreleased extra tracks / outtakes (and the same treatment for some of their other albums as well, I suppose…)


I’m glad they included ‘Hourglass’, which I only have on the VHS PastPresent video. I’ve never gotten around to finding the CD single that it was on. Hourglass plus the two new songs makes this worth picking up.

Colin Harper

I interviewed Ciaran and Maire in the 90s and Ciaran mentioned that ‘In A Lifetime’ came, at least as a title, from listening to ‘Emergency!’ by the Tony Williams Lifetime with John McLaughlin – which is fascinating. It’s about as far from the soft-focus Clannad sound as one can get. Good luck to them – though it seems to me that the lyrics to the new song ‘A Celtic Dream’ are among the worst I’ve heard.


Wonderful stuff, super deluxe here we come.

Jonathan Riley

Im the same
Have no use for vinyl but wanted the 4 cd book set so went for deluxe. The difference in price between germany and everywhere else is crazy


Same comment as Jonathan Riley – the 4CD as a standalone would have made tempting sense


Agree with this and others. Can’t justify the expense of buying boxes with vinyl in them, utterly pointless for me.

Given that a lot of their albums are out of print, a set similar to the recently announced Donna Summer one would suit me a lot better.

Derek Langsford

Another release where the Super Deluxe is mixed format pleasing what I suspect is a minority of buyers. Would get the 4 CD set with book and postcards in a box and pay £40-£60 but the presence of a lot of vinyl and the price being asked is way too much with so much that I would not use. I am dispirited that labels think mixing formats is a good thing. Can’t believe the disparity between Amazon Germany and UK. I trust that will shrink.

I may get the 2 CD to update my current “Best of,” but I can safely say this is another boxed set I won’t need to get. My wallet thanks BMG. I hold up the The Beatles anniversary boxes as prime examples of how to release a boxed set: you can pretty much get as much as you want or as little as you need. Have to say the Dolby Atmos mix of Abbey Road is stunning.

Richie G

100% agree, why mix crappy old vinyl with CDs, what’s the point? They should of done a stand alone CD issue & a vinyl one for those still stuck in 1970. I’d like the CDs but no way am I paying that price for something I threw away 30 years ago!£


Thanks Paul – 2 cd set ordered. Seen them many times over the years.I’d have loved a deluxe cd set but again it’s down to the vinyl – surely they could have released separate 4 cd and 3 vinyl lp super deluxe editionS to satisfy both formats – there’s still time to get it right.


One box set ordered from Germany! Hope the exchange rate doesn’t worsen by March. Thanks Paul.


Wonder if Bono will join them for their last show?

Woodsey Niles

The 2 CD set is a must buy for me. I’ve always loved the timeless beauty of Celtic folk music and the way some acts lend a contemporary spin to it while respecting hundreds of years of tradition. It is very important music – a historical document which helps to define a culture.