Coldplay / Parachutes on yellow vinyl

20th anniversary limited coloured vinyl

Coldplay‘s debut album Parachutes is being reissued by Parlophone on limited edition yellow vinyl for its 20th anniversary.

The album was issued on 10 July 2000 (20 years ago yesterday) and features the top ten hits ‘Yellow’ and ‘Trouble’. Parachutes started a sequence of eight consecutive UK number one albums, which is impressive in anyone’s books.

This is a heavyweight 180g pressing on translucent yellow vinyl. Before you ask, no I don’t know how limited it is and Parlophone aren’t saying.

This 20th anniversary coloured vinyl edition of Parachutes will be reissued on 20 November 2020.

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Parachutes - yellow vinyl


Side A.

1. Don’t Panic
2. Shiver
3. Spies
4. Sparks
5. Yellow 

Side B.

1. Trouble
2. Parachutes
3. High Speed
4. We Never Change
5. Everything’s Not Lost
6. Life Is For Living

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Similar to other people loved Parachutes but rapidly lost interest having bought the next two albums. I find them boring.
My original copy was quite noisy, i wonder if this will be better.

Keane’s first album was a very noisy pressing so I was made up to see they’d reissued it. I was going to buy it until I read a few reviews saying how bad a pressing it was. Probably explains why it was on offer for £9.99 at one stage.

Mike M

Adored his album when it dropped, me and my mates were really into it. First two albums were really good but I soon became tired of Chris’s pretentiousness and we “consciously uncoupled” by the third album. Haven’t listed to them since then but I will buy this album, nice to own it on wax.

Mike Vinnicombe

For all the haters, the album is 9x platinum in the UK alone, and also sold over 2 million in the U.S.A. not bad for a first album!


That doesn’t mean anything. Bat Out Of Hell sold lots of copies but I’d rather be eaten alive by ants than listen to it!


It means that a lot of people liked the music enough to buy it in bucket loads, and that Coldplay as young men earnt a lot of money. Good for them.

As for Bat Out Of Hell, I’d take my chances with the music over the ants.

What music do you like?



I like all sorts, but mostly stuff not written by Jim Steinman!

Favourite Coldplay track? Gravity by Embrace. Now that is one album that badly requires a remaster. It sounds terrible.


Wonder if this a remaster and if not, what master it will be sourced from. I’d never heard a really good one until I stumbled across the MQA version on Tidal which is the best version I’d ever heard and on a overall scale a 7.

Paul Taylor

I think it’s more frustrating when they DO state how many are being pressed, then gleefully announce they’re pressing more because the initial batch sold out quickly (Jarv Is ‘Beyond The Pale’ Record Store exclusive). It doesn’t bother me one way or the other if they don’t announce numbers, it wouldn’t be the difference between buying and not buying. I do like coloured vinyl, but if it’s an album I really want I’ll buy it anyway & the colour is irrelevant. Coloured vinyl would be a nice-to-have rather than a must-have


Decent album – Agree a bit overrated recently but this was the start of an excellent purple patch for them.

Alan B

Regarding all the comments about this release being “limited”. It’s the same as every vinyl release these days. They are all limited with a one off production run. The days of vinyl albums being in print and manufactured for years after release date are long gone. But you have to laugh at the description of the “Indies exclusive” (i.e. everyone except Amazon and Sainsbury’s) colour vinyl variant always being promoted as “limited” but the standard black vinyl never is, despite it also being limited and probably in smaller numbers.

Emma Rabbit

I would buy anything involving Chris Martin whether he sings on key or off. Please continue donating to the charity shops so I can collect them.

Mr. Savage

I’m hearing that this will be a one-off pressing…

Peter Muscutt

Have to say Parachutes is the only Coldplay album I can listen to the whole way through, so will be getting this. I loved it when they were in that “pre stadium” phase and the songs felt a bit more real and honest with that toned down acoustic feel rather than massive, commercial, rather overblown yet lifeless stuff they did later on when they looked like they’d been mucking about with the day-glo paints.

Might you be getting any copies in via the SDE store Paul?

Mike Vinnicombe

AROBTTH is better


Most over rated band of the last half century.

Russ T

I love this album, despite the fact Chris Martin is unable to sing even remotely in tune. If EMI won’t divulge numbers, I reckon that means this really isn’t very limited at all. Nice colour vinyl.

Peter J Lawrence

Was presenting a show on hospital radio here in Devon when someone bought in a pre-release copy of the single Yellow as it featured some guy from Exeter. We thought it was good and played on the show that evening. So probably one of the first people to play the track on any station.

Peter Muscutt

I remember a similar situation with Muse, who are from Teignmouth. Not on hospital radio, but I recall hearing stuff by them around 1998, before anyone who knew who they were and dismissed even as Radiohead wannabes…


20 years…still remember the day an EMI rep came into the store and handed over advanced promo copy of the album, gleeful that they had a massive album of their hands. Wasn’t my cup of tea, but as soon as ‘Yellow’ hit the speakers, customers started making a beeline to the counter.


Coldplay seem to stir the love / hate emotion more than most groups. It’s a shame the Parachutes release isn’t pink – that’d bring out the naysayers. Coldplay remind me of Queen in evolving from rock band origins to evolve into mainstream entertainers, with pop melody at the heart of their music.

Chris Martin is a top song writer who’s done well to stick around for twenty years ( which seems to have flown by in a blink of an eye). I loved that Coldplay gave room at Glastonbury in 2016 (just repeated on the BBC) to showcase and promote Viola Beach after the tragedy of their young deaths, and then follow up with Barry Gibb coming on to sing Stayinp’ Alive.

Coldplay’s most recent album Everyday Life is £13 for the double vinyl. We play the album a lot – it’s an improvement on A Headful Of Dreams.



coldplay need to release deluxe editions with live tracks. hoping for the future!


I have the Parlophone 2016 orange vinyl edition of Barnes & Noble that fits well with the sleeve. The sound is incredible but today the price is… phew! So this yellow vinyl edition is welcome and the price too! It is for sure a good investment. Profitez-en… ;-)

Neil Thompson

If the number of units isn’t known then they shouldn’t be able to call it limited. I think that’s really disingenuous of record companies when they do it. And they do it a lot.


Fully agree


If they get a million preorders it’ll probably be a limited edition of…??

Hmm, let me think.

Stan Butler

Bought this on CD back in the day, on the evidence of Yellow being such a god song.
Despite repeated plays, the rest of the album bored me to tears.
Gave it away to a charity shop a few years later.


I don’t necessarily agree with you here. Perhaps in the case of a numbered edition, but even in the heyday of the ‘limited edition’, the 1980s, there was rarely a mention of an amount that were produced – even now there remains conjecture about how many were actually produced of certain releases. Taken to it’s extreme, every release is in fact a ‘limited edition’ if it does not remain in constant supply – so that Nolans vinyl album from 1976 was in fact a ‘limited edition’ because it’s no longer pressed! Some physical releases by lesser known and obscure acts did and still do sell far less than mainstream artists’ so-called “limited editions”!

I strongly feel that the term ‘limited edition’ attached to any release is aimed squarely at securing the bragging rights of the ones who manage to obtain them. I for one like to own a ‘special edition’ not because I can be shut about having something that other people couldn’t obtain because it is ‘limited’, but because aurally and athletically, it’s worth having no matter how many were produced.


Who remembers the Renault Clio Williams? That was a limited edition that ended up being ‘reissued’ twice because it turned out to be rather popular. The buyers of the first edition weren’t very happy!


An orange edition issued by Barbes & Nobles goes now on Disgogs at about 200 eur and it isn’t numbered