Coldplay’s A Head Full of Dreams to be issued as 5.1 surround blu-ray


Coldplay‘s 2015 album A Head Full Of Dreams has been remixed for 5.1 surround sound and will be issued as a physical release later this week.

The album’s co-producer and co-mixer, Rik Simpson (who helped create the new mix) said: “The album was always conceived by the band as a dreamlike, kaleidoscopic sweep of music so it was fantastic to be able to take it to its furthest conclusion with a trip into a surround-sound dreamscape.”


The album is being issued on the lossless blu-ray audio format and comes with a download card for stereo mp3s. The format details are as follows:

  • • 5.1 24 bit 96 Khz DTS-HD Master Audio
  • • 5.1 16 bit 48Khz Dolby Digital Audio
  • • 2.0 24 Bit 192 Khz PCM Stereo

This release is being promoted as being available ‘exclusively at the Coldplay Store” except it isn’t! You can buy it for £5 cheaper than the band are charging on Amazon UK.

This surround mix of A Head Full Of Dreams will be released on 30 September 2016.


1. A Head Full Of Dreams
2. Birds
3. Hymn For The Weekend
4. Everglow
5. Adventure Of A Lifetime
6. Fun (feat. Tove Lo)
7. Kaleidoscope
8. Army Of One
9. Amazing Day
10. Colour Spectrum
11. Up & Up

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[…] had the recent surround sound blu-ray audio, and now Coldplay‘s seventh album is being issued as a 2CD Australian & New Zealand Tour […]


Anyone know where I could pick up a copy of this ? Seems to have vanished on Amazon UK and Coldplay website store being very uncooperative with respect to billing address ! Thanks


Back down to £15.82 on Anazon UK

William M

Really want this but the current price on amazon is a joke


For context into my previous question, I’m wondering if the reason a 5.1 Blu-ray audio mix didn’t get released at the same time as the album debuted (or, for that matter, other such 5.1 Blu-ray audio releases don’t get released, and we generally see those for catalog titles) is because the way the formats are counted at present would mean Blu-ray audio sales are deducted from, rather than added to, a new title’s album sales/album chart placement/album certification level.


Wow £29.26 now on amazon an increase of nearly £15.

Matthew Holbrook

Jeepers. On Amazon it’s just risen from £15.79 to £29.26!

Scott G

My copy arrived on Saturday.

The surround mix is very good. Surprising for Coldplay the bass needs turned down a few dBs IMHO. I don’t have a sub so can’t comment on the LFE (.1) but the bass through my Klimax 350A is very heavy when played at reasonable levels.

I also analysed the clipping on the stereo and it was a sea of red although it sounds ok.

@Neil. A bit confused by your comment. Yes it is a Blu-ray format and that was clear when I purchased. Are you suggesting that they are trying to deceive their fans?


Did the Holographic Stickers arrive in the same parcel? Mine are missing. Just the BD

Paul E.

No worries Manuel as the stickers should be available on Amazon separately for sale. The cost of those plus the BluRay should still be less on Amazon than the set on Coldplay’s site. They did mention it was “exclusive” not “inclusive”. Sorry about your stickers though.

Scott G

They arrived a couple of days before the BD.


I got a separate tracking number for that… those are still on their way


Not to deceive fans but to make out that people are idiots not knowing they need a 5.1 system to listen to the surround mix.


Jason (18:14, regarding lack of videos) I don’t know if its technically possible to combine Bluray Audio and Bluray Video on the same disc. It isn’t with DVD’s.


Are you sure about that chap? Pretty sure my two REM DVDA deluxe reissues have video on them as well as the audio.

+ Excerpt from Amazon listing for UP:
Disc: 2
  1. Entire Album in 5.1 Surround Sound
  2. Extracts from the film “Uptake”, using interview footage and the following songs:
  3. Day Sleeper
  4. Lotus
  5. At My Most Beautiful

CJ Feeney

“and a download card for stereo mp3s”

Wow, they’re spoiling us. How about the download matching the quality of physical format. Any fans will have downloaded or ripped the CD to mp3 9 months ago.

Matthew Collier

Indeed, though, at least, when you rip the 2.0 192/24 PCM track to 44.1/16 and convert to FLAC, you know for sure the resultant FLAC is a proper quality (presuming the 2.0 192k/24 source is indeed decent to start with! ; (it should be, that sounds like the Studio Master)) ).

I do this with all my audio BluRays, where they don’t provide a 2.0 44.1/16 version on the disc. I also then tend to rip the FLAC to MP3 as well, for my other lesser devices they don’t support FLAC, like the car….

Fabrice Dray

What a horrible album, that band is the disappointment of the decade. I thought they were the contenders for the U2 crown and now they compete with Beyonce and the others. .. they became a band for kids . I don t see any equivalent of that in history

Paul E.

Paul, about that download card: is the code really for lossy MP3 quality audio? Just an assumption here but most fans already bought the CD, know how to rip audio, AND (in my case) would rather have the FLAC 24/96 hi res files to download.

Paul E.

My fault for doubting you. Their site mentions MP3 also. Passing on the Blu ray and purchasing the Coldplay Chimps T-shirt (one down from this item in their store).


I’m curious how they “count” a Blu-ray release of an album. Would those fans who purchased a Blu version released concurrently with the CD/download debut not have been counted with respect to album sales figures and chart placement and Gold/Platinum certification, dissipating the impact over two charts (I’m presuming there’s a UK Blu-ray sales chart)?

Or, to the contrary, do they count it as twice or some such thing, the way I think I remember they used to do with 12″ singles being counted as two singles here in the states?


Well here’s hoping decent bands follow suite – Foals anyone?


Yes, please!


Not into Coldplay personally, but I hope it sells by the truckload – if only to give other artists the impetus to release more 5.1 titles….


PLEASE NOTE: This is a 5.1 Blu-Ray Audio disc, and will need a 5.1 Blu-Ray player in order to play lol do they think their fans are total idiots or what ?


There is a stereo version on the disc as well. And I think lots of people who own a Blu-Ray player do have some kind of 5.1 system attached to it.


To think i once used to like this band until they sold out to appeal to the kiddies. Trying to compare their first two albums which were excellent to the garbage they have put out recently is astonishing.


Finally a 5.1 release of a recent album that is not prog. On blu-ray none the less. Bought.

How did that happen? Who made that happen? It’s probably a miracle this didn’t get cancelled somewhere along the way.


I hope this won’t be the future for physical releases, I’d hate to display my music collection in those awful cases. And I’d like to keep listening to music on a normal stereo/CD player, mp3s on PC and mobile devices are already annoying for me.


Makes the Ting Tings sound like Godspeed You Black Emperor.


Great idea that a new recording is coming out on this format. It’s just a shame that it happens to Coldplay.


Will this be released in Canada on Amazon.ca as well?
Do not see it on any Canadian sites and we are part of the Commonwealth, what gives.
Does Coldplay record label not like Canadians?
After all we are the country that have lumberjacks who know how to cut down trees……


I would like to thank Coldplay for the exclusively at this store message. There was me believing that to actually be true and buying at their store! And a week later it’s also exclusive on Amazon for 10£ less (when postage included). Well at least It has some stickers! I will put them next to the marbles!


Not a classic album – neither is it live canon fodder.

Im gonna buy this for the tech aspects alone.
I predict a riot – the surrounds are surely in for a hammering?



A bit odd to release this nine months after the album. It wouldn’t have killed them to include the three videos from the singles…


I think this review for the band’s last album – Ghost Stories – sums up Coldplay perfectly!



Yet I actually prefer Ghost Stories RJ to Head Full of Dreams. To my ears it is musically more adventurous and sonically interesting. Shame they ruined it at the end with the bombastic trance nonsense that is’ A Sky Full of Stars’. Other than that I like it a lot.


So they are releasing this with no “short promotional films” (a.k.a.: “music videos”), no remixes, no special single or promo versions of songs, no unreleased songs, no demos, no outtakes, no instrumentals, no live tracks, no interviews. and no documentary, right? What’s the difference in this and Blu-Ray Audio? Is Blu-Ray Audio still made? That seems so 2015.


Just the album in 2.0 and 5.1 (DTS HD and Dolby Digital)


The coldplay store has some silly exclusive stickers or something trite like that Paul. Maybe that is what they are refering too.

Shame it’s such a lame album by the standards of their others. I have to confess that even as a big Coldplay fan I have only listened a few times to the CD copy I bought on release. I prefer all their other albums, even X&Y which at least had some interesting electronica going on in some songs.

As people may have heard Chris Martin said this may well be their last album, and that they put everything into it to make it the best album they possibly could. Well what went wrong Chris? Perhaps it is best to call it a day, if this is the best they can do. My opinion only, others may disagree.

Crazy fan syndrome here, but at £15 I might still buy this BDA! One born every minute….


It is presently £20.99 on the bands website Paul!


Some U.S. retailers are already shipping this one. Folks over on the QuadraphonicQuad forum are saying great things about the 5.1 mix.

Mark Hanson

Is there a region issue on Blu-rays between the UK and the US?


Coldplay??? You better check out that Bob Dylan 36 CD Box Set and more, Paul.


No, on the back of the case (got mine from the bands website last week), it’s showing regions A, B and C.