Cooking Vinyl 1986 – 2016 box set


UK label Cooking Vinyl are to release a ‘various artists’ four-CD box set in November in celebration of their 30 year history.

The label has been home to an eclectic and diverse range of artists over the years and the box set reflects this, starting in 1986 and working chronologically through selections from artists such as Cowboy Junkies, Ewan MacColl, Tom Robinson, Ron Sexsmith, Billy Bragg, Carter U.S.M., The Lilac Time, Echo and the Bunnymen, Richard Thompson, The Orb, Alison Moyet, Suzanne Vega, Embrace, The Prodigy and The Proclaimers! In total, 70-tracks across four CDs. A seven-LP vinyl box is also available.


Cooking Vinyl have also organised three anniversary shows on 5th, 6th and 7th December at the Lexington in London. Tickets are still available for two of them here. There is also a PledgeMusic page where you can order various items.

The Cooking Vinyl 1986-2016 box set will be issued on 25 November 2016.

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Various Artists

Cooking Vinyl 1986-2016 4CD box set


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Various Artists

Cooking Vinyl 1986-2016 7LP vinyl box




Disc One: 1986 – 1995
1. Oysterband – Hal An Tow (Step Outside 1986)
2. The Happy End – The Ballad Of John Henry (Resolution 1987)
3. Paul Kelly – Bradman (Under The Sun 1987)
4. S.E. Rogie – My Lovely Elizabeth (Palm Wine Guitar Music 1988)
5. Cowboy Junkies – Sweet Jane (The Trinity Revisited 2007)
6. Ewan MacColl – Dirty Old Town (Black and White 1990)
7. The Barely Works – Byker Hill (The Big Beat 1990)
8. Tom Robinson – War Baby (Living In A Boom Time 1992)
9. Goats Don’t Shave – Viva Las Vegas (The Rusty Razor 1992)
10. Bhundu Boys – Radio Africa (Friends On The Road 1993)
11. Jackie Leven – Call Mother A Lonely Field (The Mystery Of Love… 1994)
12. Poison Girls – Old Tarts Song (Statement Box Set 1995)
13. The Mekons – (Sometimes I Feel Like) Fletcher Christian (Heaven & Hell 2004)
14. Ron Sexsmith – Get In Line (Long Player, Late Bloomer 2011)
15. Billy Bragg – The Space Race Is Over (William Bloke 1996)

Disc Two: 1996 – 2005
1. Carter U.S.M. – And God Created Brixton (A World Without Dave 1997)
2. The Wedding Present – Montreal (Saturnalia 1996)
3. Ani DiFranco – Both Hands (Ani DiFranco 1997)
4. Chuck Prophet – New Year’s Day (Homemade Blood 1997)
5. Bert Jansch – Toy Balloon (Toy Balloon 1998)
6. Madder Rose – Overflow (Hello June Fool 1999)
7. Prolapse – fob.com (Ghosts of Dead Aeroplanes 1999)
8. The Lilac Time – Nursery Walls (Looking For A Day In The Night 1999)
9. Luke Vibert and B. J. Cole – Swing Lite – Alright (Stop The Panic 2000)
10. Frank Black – Robert Onion (Dog In The Sand 2001)
11. Echo and The Bunnymen – Make Me Shine (Flowers 2001)
12. The Church – Seen It Coming (After Everything Now This 2002)
13. Obi – Somewhere Nicer (Magic Land Of Radio 2002)
14. Richard Thompson – She Said It Was Destiny (The Old Kitbag 2003)
15. Hayseed Dixie – Ace of Spades (Let There Be Rockgrass 2004)
16. Camper Van Beethoven – Take The Skinheads Bowling (Telephone Free…2004)
17. American Music Club – Ladies and Gentlemen (Love Songs For Patriots)
18. Grant-Lee Phillips – Mona Lisa (Virginia Creeper)

Disc Three: 2006 – 2016 Part. 1
1. Underworld – Scribble (Barking 2010)
2. Audio Bullys – Only Man (Higher Than The Eiffel 2010)
3. Get Cape Wear Cape Fly – Collapsing Cities feat. Shy FX (Get Cape…2010)
4. Groove Armada – I Won’t Kneel (Black Light 2010)
5. Dropkick Murphy’s – Going Out In Style (Going Out In Style 2011)
6. City and Colour – Fragile Bird (Little Hell 2011)
7. Reverend and The Makers – Bassline (@Reverend_Makers 2012)
8. Amanda Palmer – Do It With A Rockstar (Theatre Is Evil 2012)
9. Madness – Never Knew Your Name (Oui Oui Si Si Ja Ja Da Da 2012)
10. The View – The Clock (Cheeky For A Reason 2012)
11. The Orb – Soulman (The Observer In The Soul House 2012)
12. The Enemy – Gimme The Sign (Streets In The Sky 2012)
13. The Cranberries – Tomorrow (Roses 2012)
14. HIM – All Lips Go Blue (Tears on Tape 2013)
15. Gary Numan – I Am Dust (Splinter 2013)
16. Alison Moyet – When I Was Your Girl (The Minutes 2013)
17. Suzanne Vega – I Never Wear White (Tales From The Realm… 2014)
18. Adam Cohen – We Go Home (We Go Home 2014)
19. Seth Lakeman – The Courier (Word Of Mouth 2014)

Disc Four: 2006 – 2016 Part. 2
1. The Rifles – Minute Mile (None The Wiser 2014)
2. Embrace – In The End (Embrace 2014)
3. James – Gone Baby Gone (La Petite Mort 2014)
4. Royksopp – Monument (The Inevitable End 2014)
5. The Prodigy – The Day Is My Enemy (The Day Is My Enemy 2015)
6. Marilyn Manson – Deep Six (The Pale Emperor 2015)
7. Carl Barat And The Jackals – Glory Days (Let It Reign 2015)
8. The Fratellis – Me And The Devil (Eyes Wide, Tongue Tied 2015)
9. Kate Miller-Heidke – Share Your Air (O’Vertigo 2015)
10. Jack Steadman and Jamie MacColl – The Young Birds (Joy Of Living 2015)
11. Stornoway – Get Low (Bonxie 2015)
12. The Proclaimers – What School? (Let’s Hear It For The Dogs 2015)
13. Teddy Thompson & Kelly Jones – You Can’t Call Me Baby (Little Windows 2016)
14. Turin Brakes – Keep Me Around (Lost Property 2016)
15. Lissie – Daughters (My Wild West 2016)
16. The Cult – Hinterland (Hidden City 2016)
17. Deap Vally – Smile More (Femejism 2016)
18. Richard Ashcroft – Hold On (These People 2016)

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If this crept over the £20 on Amazon to give free postage it would be worth it……..


There would be 90 per cent less replies to whatever release is featured on this site if People wouldn’t Keep on complaining that this track is missing or that mix should have been included or what track they should have Chosen instead of this one they put on the Album.
Can’t you People just enjoy the fact that there ARE These Releases? Not every one has the same taste, and there is really no Point in arguing that one’s favourite mix is missing (the rare one only released as a b-side on a nigerian test pressing lost in turmoils of a civil war) while another one doesn’t give a shit about this one mix.
So, there you have it.


The whole point is to discuss these things, hence why we have the ability to comment! I would rather hear people’s honest opinions on each release than pointless platitudes or people like yourself complaining all the time about others comments.
As for this release most people are pointing out that it is a somewhat flawed and redundant release which is entirely valid and necessary point of view, if there is an important artist or mix missing I want to hear about it!


But who says that an Artist you find important is also important for others? Although I think that Gary Numan is an important Artist I wouldn’t complain if they hadn’t included him. The track is irrelevant, but that’s only my personal view. The same goes for the “important” mix. When is it important? Why is it important? This is all completely subjective and pointless. I would understand if someone adds a list of things left out, just for statistical use. But importance is only in the ear of the listener.


I don’t anyone is particularly important on this compilation nor would I buy it but I do value people’s opinions to point out who they think are and who they would and wouldn’t like to see on it. It’s totally subjective and opinionated , that’s the point, and the point of forums altogether, maybe forums just aren’t for you.

Jay Kranz

didn’t we just learn that complaints about a track list caused the track list to be improved on the donna summer set? criticism of tracklists I think is perfectly valid and generally constructive.


Trying to replacate the recent C86 and Creation boxes but failing miserably.

Mark T.

Is there anyone out there that is going to buy this? I’m all for seeing more and more material re-issued and released. But this one makes little sense. The artists are so varied and dis-similar (Ron Sexsmith to Marylin Manson). What’s the appeal – That they’re on the same label? Who cares.

The book and packaging look nice, but at nearly $100 US for a 4 cd set?! I’ll pass.

CJ Feeney

Tickets seem to be all but gone on the pledge site. I don’t know if they will be available elsewhere, but the Teddy Thompson/Alison Moyet night on the 5th Dec looked good.

However £30 + p&p for an art print of the cover pic is outrageous. This is the sort of thing that Brain Eno or the Late Night Tales people include for free with their LPs. It’s not even signed by anyone.

This is really ill thought out. This should be an attempt to raise the profile of a good niche label, but they’re campaigning like it’s a super deluxe of a classic album or legendary artist.

Chris Brown

I suppose in some ways it’s good that they’re not trying to make people shell out for a big expensive box just to get three or four rarities but this does look more like a Spotify playlist than an album.

Also, why is a Ron Sexsmith song from 2011 on a 1986-95 disc?


Over £50 for a various artists set. No way!

£15 is more like it and the only price I`m prepared to pay.

Cooking Vinyl, Cooking Robbers more like.


A lot of this just makes me say “Who cares?”. I mean, a compilation with tracks by The Fratellis or The Enemy are the kind of acts I’d expect to find on a free CD with the NME (when it wasn’t a free rag). I would just want to hit ‘skip’ when such bands came on. And with no exclusive or rare tracks by artists I associate more with the label, such as Billy Bragg, it seems to serve little purpose, other than to demonstrate what a variety of artists have graced the label over the years. But I could discover that for myself just by looking up their roster on Wikipedia!


Amazing. I would never have thought Cooking Vinyl as a label had a fanbase that warranted £50+ for a compilation set. A disc of unreleased tracks would’ve snagged the completist collector of artists featured especially if they were available only on this set and nowhere else but it seems too much of a ragbag to make people fork out £53/£78. That’s a lot of money for a lengthy mix-tape!


Some great stuff on this box. Surprised at the absence of any David Thomas or Pere Ubu, but good to see the inclusion of the late great Jackie Leven.


No David Thomas, Pere Ubu, or Bauhaus.
What a shambles of a release. Did they want no part of it? Don’t blame them.

CJ Feeney

No new content, so they are asking over £50.00 for a label sampler of previously released material. I don’t get the attraction of this set. The book looks nice, but I’m not keen on splashing out on a set that is so “eclectic” I’m likely to not like half the content.

Oh, and Michelle Shocked and Bruce Cockburn are missing from the artists. I guess I already have the Copking Vinyl releases that I want.