Cream / Goodbye Tour 1968 / 4CD set

Cream / Goodbye Tour Live 1968

Universal Music will release a Cream live deluxe package in February. Goodbye Tour Live 1968 is a four-CD set.

Goodbye Tour Live 1968 shares cover art with Cream’s final album Goodbye, which featured just six tracks, three of which were recorded live at Los Angeles Forum in 1968.

This new set includes nine performances from that same LA Forum gig (on CD2) along with a disc of Oakland Coliseum (CD1), San Diego Sports Arena (CD3) and Cream’s final UK date at London’s Royal Albert Hall, on 26 November 1968.

In total, Goodbye Tour Live 1968 offers 36 tracks with 29 of them on CD for the first time, and 19 previously unreleased (the RAH show has only been on DVD).

David Fricke supplies sleeve notes, and this set comes in an attractive large format book style presentation.

Goodbye Tour Live 1968 will be issued on 6 March 2020 (was previously 7 February).

CD 1
1. White Room (Oakland Coliseum)
2. Politician (Oakland Coliseum)
3. Crossroads (Oakland Coliseum)
4. Sunshine Of Your Love (Oakland Coliseum)
5. Spoonful (Oakland Coliseum)
6. Deserted Cities Of The Heart (Oakland Coliseum)
7. Passing The Time (Oakland Coliseum)
8. I’m So Glad (Oakland Coliseum)

CD 2
1. Introduction by Buddy Miles (Los Angeles Forum)
2. White Room (Los Angeles Forum)
3. Politician (Los Angeles Forum)
4. I’m So Glad (Los Angeles Forum)
5. Sitting On Top Of The World (Los Angeles Forum)
6. Crossroads (Los Angeles Forum)
7. Sunshine Of Your Love (Los Angeles Forum)
8. Traintime (Los Angeles Forum)
9. Toad (Los Angeles Forum)
10. Spoonful (Los Angeles Forum)

CD 3
1. White Room (San Diego Sports Arena)
2. Politician (San Diego Sports Arena)
3. I’m So Glad (San Diego Sports Arena)
4. Sitting On Top Of The World (San Diego Sports Arena)
5. Sunshine of Your Love (San Diego Sports Arena)
6. Crossroads (San Diego Sports Arena)
7. Traintime (San Diego Sports Arena)
8. Toad (San Diego Sports Arena)
9. Spoonful (San Diego Sports Arena)

CD 4
1. White Room (Royal Albert Hall)
2. Politician (Royal Albert Hall)
3. I’m So Glad (Royal Albert Hall)
4. Sitting On Top Of The World (Royal Albert Hall)
5. Crossroads (Royal Albert Hall)
6. Toad (Royal Albert Hall)
7. Spoonful (Royal Albert Hall)
8. Sunshine Of Your Love (Royal Albert Hall)
9. Steppin’Out (Royal Albert Hall)

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Does anyone know if this is out of print already and if there’ll be a new print?
Prices seem to have gone up and I have two orders at different online retailers hoping at least one will ship. But no luck so far…

Philip John Birtwistle

Just got from HMV for £24.99. Don’t know is it’s still in stock though.


Does anyone have issues on disc 1 & 3 not playing through? Both discs have dropouts in the final track of the disc. I am wondering if I should return for another copy or if my players may be the issue. Thanks.

bruce s kelso

hi ed , no problem here, so I would use the cd cleaner and try both of them again at where you said they have dropouts. could you tell me the exact times when this happens. so I can check mine again. as I said I have only one gripe about this release is the the channels need to switched from left to right and right to left to get the proper stereo picture on the rah show. ill check back here once a day ok?

Ed Ptry

Hello Bruce,
Thanks for the help. The original issue was on D1T8 @ 6:34-6:38 and continued to the end of the disc.
Second issue was on D3T9 @ 12:40-12:45 continuing for 60 seconds and then disappearing. Last couple minutes played as expected.
I played the boxset through again using my PC’s DVD and Blu-ray players. Both players played all discs as expected without dropouts.
I cleaned the discs as you suggested.
My standard Oppo BRP-83 plays D1 as expected without dropouts.
My Oppo BRP-83 SE continues to have the issue on D1. Did not attempt D3.
Both Oppos have been serviced by Oppo factory repair in the past few years.
A true head-scratcher.
BTW, this is the English boxset, not the American. #UMC 779 529-9

bruce skelso

hi ed. is there a difference between the u.k. boxset and the one I have here in the u.s ? I got mine from amazon on the day of issue. discs pressed in e.u. box is from czech republic which is where my fresh cream box is from. curious to know?


Random question since there appear to be many Cream experts here. My favorite Cream song is “Those Were the Days.” Did they ever perform that live? I realize they were known for their long live jams, but to me, the main thing lacking from the set lists are a few more of the melodic songs that really are my preference, tracks like “TWTD,” “Tales of Brave Ulysses,” “Badge,” “We’re Going Wrong,” “World of Pain,” “SWLABR” etc.. I don’t know if they ever performed those live. At least we get one lone version of “Deserted Cities of the Heart” on disc 1.

bruce s kelso

hi geof, sadly they never performed that GREAT song live. check out the mono mix on wof. its my go version. just unreal . we’re going wrong was done in mid 67/early 68 but droped. world of pain was played once at the april 67 marque show that’s it.tobu was played in mid 67 into mid 68. there are no live versions of swlabr in concert. one big omission for the reunion shows was the song theme for a imaginary western. it was written in mid 68 and would of made a killer song on the goodbye lp and a total surprise on those reunion.shows. I never like the studio version of badge but live it was great( cream only). as for scrap yard and bringdown the less said the better.

Andrew Wild

They did in 2005 :)


CD four sounds worse than an average bootleg…
And then this. I hate paying for deluxe releases esp. with CDs THROWN in.
Those f*****g Record Companies STILL DON’T KNOW HOW TO PACK CDs.
Two discs arrived badly scratched cause the went out of there slits!
Yes the box is sealed and made of sturdy paper to save the photos and text,
ohh yeah… where hell do we leave the CDs???!!!
Photo’s and stories comes first the music additional.
Why not pack CD in a paper protection sleeves before sending it MUSIC lovers?!
Ever heard of shipping and shipping costs, or one word: hassle?
This goes back and I wait for a budget release in a jewel case.
Spotify for the time being, I’m so Glad, I’m so Glad.
I’m not Glad. Let’s hope it’s indeed a limited edition.
Still cherish Bruce, Ginger, and you & Eric but time is on my side.

bruce kelso

my discs were in the the slits. not scratched.took them out and placed them in paper cd sleeves.into my cdr collection. will never have a better sounding rah. dig it for what it is, no need to be p.o.now wheres that fillmore and winterland shows from march 68?


…my discs were in the the slits. not scratched.
took them out and placed them in paper cd sleeves…

Fine for you, bruce. Wish I could say that.

… will never have a better sounding rah.
dig it for what it is, no need to be p.o. …

I didn’t expect the RAH to sound anywhere near HiFi.
I fully understand John Mason and myself v.s.
you giving it 5 stars for sound and package.
I want others to know RAH (still) sounds bad.
I want others to know the CDs are not problem-free
stored while the box-set itself is sturdy, that they
never learn.

I don’t know how your thoughts but please may I
be still be not glad instead of p.o. by the anticlimax of two
skipping CREAM discs and the less anticipated one playing?
Have mercy.
Imagine you’re a Cream fan ;-) you’re having an
audio-*rgasm, then Ginger suddenly starts playing dull
fast house beats and Jack & Eric are trying to keep up,
a few seconds you’re alone in the room… it’s over.
That’s what’s what you paid for, waited so long for.

bruce S kelso

hi Arthur. along with early who(65 t0 68) jimi hendrix experience and the beatles (63 to 66) its cream for me. I have 29 live shows of them quality is for most 7 to 9. I waited for years to have these 4 shows out I had the underground issues for years. . if I would of had my discs damaged like yours I would of returned them . with out any moniters to hear from I think ginger does a incredible job of playing , a few missed beats in no big thing. with 2= 200 watt marshall stacks on on his left and right I am amazed at his playing. what I waited for I got nice box, super sound and many many years and hours of playing these. and yes I have had many audio *rgams when hearing these. amazing interplay by all concerned.return the box for another.


Hi bruce,
Don’t get me wrong I enjoy every beat Ginger plays, I was discribing the CD skkkippping error before the CD stopped playing! :-))

I wrote you: Imagine you’re a Cream fan ;-) … don’t miss my wink-smiley I know you are! I also have a lot more than their normal stuff.

Wayback I started my music collecting with Cream, Family, Jethro Tull (68-72), Kinks (64-71), Pink Floyd (66-77), Traffic, Soft Machine, Yardbirds and still have a weak spot for all of them… so after a good night sleep I decided to return the box -not for money back- but for another.

bruce kelso

got the cream on Friday. package is like the fresh cream from a few years ago. sound is a++ +not 3rd generation as the circulating tapes. albert hall not listed as what show it is from but channels need to be reversed. left to right, right to left. sounds like a nagra stereo tape machine not a (real) soundboard. david frickles liner notes are useless as usual. 3 photos have negative reversed. ( how did they miss that ).to bad that the powers that be missed out on the 50th anniversary deluxe editions of disraeli gears and wheels of fire. would like to seen what left from the march fillmore west and winterland shows for wheels and early ibc studio takes( white room no wah wah, and and complete demo tape pre new york sessions for gears and both fallstaff beer ads with complete bbc. in conclusion 5 stars for sound and package.

John Mason

I found RAH sound almost unlistenable….wonder if my fourth disc is faulty!?!?!

bruce kelso

its out next friday. YIPPEEEEEE

Terry Gray

Paul, any insight on why the release is delayed?


I read years ago that their version of CROSSROADS went on for 7 to 9 minutes but I have never heard a version that long. I think I read in Rolling Stone after WOF came out that the song on that LP spliced. If you listen closely about 3/4 through the song it does sound that way. Just wondering if anybody here knows of any about a longer version or were at any concerts where they played Crossroads longer than about 3:55 to 4:30. Thanks

bruce kelso

that was a rumor started by person unknown. no crossroads longer than 5 min anywhere, in fact on a bbc show from 67 its like 1.42. crossroads is played in 2 different ways , the early 68 march/ april shows is one and the oct 68 shows are another. it wasn’t played that often as many may think.

Joe Skocz

Crossroads was Not edited. Bill Graham’s house tape of that performance is available Bill Halverson who did the Wheels of Fire Crossroads live recording says it was not edited. It was pure Eric Jack and Ginger fire and inspiration. None of Cream’s official live recordings issued while they were together were edited, which demonstrates their brilliance as improvisors.

Roger Anker

I have an uncut bootleg of that concert and Crossroads is identical to the official WOF release.

Tom J

Yes, all Cream originals of Crossroads have same pace, tempo. Blind Faith slowed it down, (limitations of Grech, piano of Winwood being involved)? Derek version also slowed down. 2005 reunion played at faster tempo, but 60 year old men do not match the original for intensity. This should be fantastic, 3 young lions and fastest guns in the West, 1968; at the top of their game!

John Mason

Oakland version on new box is somewhat slower, albeit not so much as future ones…

Todd Money

Bob Harwell, there’s an audience recording of that show. Spoonful and Crossroads, a few others. It’s lesser quality but obviously the same performance. Crossroads is exactly the same. The really funny thing is, there are a couple terrible versions of Crossroads from other bootlegs. The band is not together and it sounds like a polka!

[…] other news, Universal Music’s Cream Goodbye Tour Live 1968 has been delayed. The four CD box set will now be released on 6 March rather than 7 Feb. If you […]


I don’t think the multitracks for these shows survived. There’s stereo 2 track tapes that were released on a Japan bootleg 4 CD box set. The exact same shows in the same order. I even heard one of the remastered songs and sound exactly like the 4 CD box set called The Long Goodbye. They sound like rough mixes in stereo but the sonics are like from 1968. I don’t think there’s going to be any remixing. There’s the Fillmore shows also that aren’t being released. Or are they on the box set from 1998.

Tom J

Appreciate all the great posts. In book, ‘Composing Himself’, (JB biography in 2010), there is a mysterious photo of Jack with the caption ‘As You Said’. Photo is Jack 1968 well lit, background all black; as if performing live in concert. Standing with Acoustic guitar, singing, and mike at mouth and at guitar . Was this song performed somewhere live in concert and never mentioned? Anyone know?

bruce kelso

yes that is jack playing as you said live somewhere in the u.s in late 68. venue unknown. I have 33 live cream shows and not one has that song being played. would love to hear that.

bruce kelso

hi tom , I know that jack did play this song on the 1970 tour with mitch,larry mike. so his hair does looks like 1970 so I conclude that that photo is from that tour not when he was in cream


Is it necessary to release on CD almost every single concert that was ever recorded? Chose their 1 or 2 best perfomaces. What a lazy approach.

bruce kelso

every thing in the vault should be released. its CREAM. essential.


Yeah, oin this one I agree. I would like to see a condensed cd or 2cd set with just one version of each song played. I don´t have much of a budget right now…

John McCann

I wonder if anybody here can help me, about 1982or3,4.i watched a TV show, maybe a play for today,I can’t remember much about it,but remember really enjoying it,it was about some crazed loner guy,he was wearing a white Mac and had a beard looked a bit like yosser hughes and their was a cricket match involved,,,,now wot i can remember was the soundtrack was badge by cream, does this ring any bells to people as i would like to see it again,but don’t know the title,might have been a play for today,have searched Google but can’t come up with anything,,hope someone can help, thanks in advance, John.

graeme ewan

Could be this John,

Good and Bad at Games. 1983. think it was one of the first channel 4 productions. Hope that helps!

John McCann

Fantastic Graeme,wot a man,been searching for years 1post and within a hour have found it, need to c if its out on DVD or on you tube,at work at moment check later, can’t thank you enough,sde not a music site but a wealth of information about other things as well,cheers Paul for posting it and once again g thanks

graeme ewan

no worries John, I seem to have a memory from when i was v young when channel 4 started. as soon as you mentioned the “yosser hughes looking bloke” ….ping!!

John McCann

Watched it u tube, brilliant badge plays a few times thru it,having listened to badge i presume that they never played it live because of th two guitars,thanks again g,

bruce kelso

badge was played at the london albert hall shows as well at msg. one guitar to.


you should find the book School Ties by William Boyd. It’s what the tv was based on.

Andrew Wild

Good and Bad at Games.

Not Cream’s original but a very close copy.


bruce kelso

the recent clapton retrospective has spoonful from the l.a forum show. the quality on that blows away the mid valley boot. correct pitch control ,not 3 or 4 generations from the source tape etc. also the dvd albert hall is in mono so this must be in stereo as it is not mentioned be otherwise.

Neil Wilkes

What is the source of these live recordings please?
1 – Radio Broadcast Tapes?
2 – Desk Tapes?
3 – Official multitracks mixed properly?
4 – Audience recorded bootlegs?
Just saying “original analogue tapes” is meaningless, as I have a box full of old original analogue cassette tapes from audience bootlegs. In that case, they ain’t original of course but dubbed generational copies but you get my point I think.

Probably worth buying for the RAH show alone – the DVD version, whilst being a case of “thanks for the broadcast & extended versions” is in piss poor AC3 only and close to unlistenable in terms of quality as some muppet did the AC3 with -27 dialnorm & standard dolby metadata that included “production information” that brings the hammer down and limits all the dynamics out, not to mention reduces a 24-bit 48k source at 2304kbps to a pitiful 192kbps by the time it has finished throwing away data, and you cannot toss out that much & still expect it to sound the same – and indeed it doesn’t.
So I will probably buy this anyway but would prefer a high res version, always assuming these are proper recordings & not just cleaned up bootlegs.

John Mason

RAH sound is abominable, so much so, I am reticent to compare with DVD?!?


Why “Badge” and others studios tracks are not here to have a complete Boxset ?????


Maybe a separate box, combined with the studio Wheels of Fire?

Tom Tom

”Those were the days”..Box set of all Creams Released albums (Including Wheels of Fire), and some Live tracks never before released,,,,Put out in 1998 I believe.

John Mason

Out in ’97 included many recordings from Fillmore and Winterland shows from March ’68.


What? No ‘Pressed Rat and Warthog?’ I’m out.

Chris S

While I was at the San Diego concert, other then having that concert alone, I am happy with the amount of Cream Live material already released, so it will come down to price. I just picket up Fresh Cream 3 CD (sealed) for $30, so this would need to come in at a similar price point for me to pick up.


If the sound quality of the RAH show has been deemed CD-worthy (presumably from the mixing desk?), how about they marry it to the film footage, the existing sound of which is shocking.

Walter H Goldstein

The sound quality of the RAH material is horrible and noisy on this new box set. Very disappointing

Not Available

How many different ways can three people play three albums’ worth of material, all of which is too loud?

Johnny Spasm

11 tracks, just live in different venues. I dunno, as long as we’re expanding to 4 discs, how about a live take on “Anyone for Tennis”, “Strange Brew” or “Tales of Brave Ulysses.” Instead, we get 4 live versions of “White Room,” but with different people clapping. Call me underwhelmed.

John McCann

Different people clapping, very funny made me laugh.

John Kelman

Sure, there!s repetition, but most tracks – especially the longer ones – will vary significantly from show to show. And even the more literal tunes will be interpreted differently, night after night. So for someone who loves to hear different interpretations and collective improvisations?

I am most certainly IN. No rock band, at that time, was bringing such a jazz-informed sense of improv to their shows as Cream.

Stuart Ansell

With all due respect, why are you disappointed?

They didn’t play “anyone for tennis” in 1968. They only played strange brew once in 1968, Leeds Jan 20th. They played tales of brave Ulysses 12 times in 1968, but most importantly NOT AT ANY OF THE SHOWS ON THIS RELEASE (according to setlist.fm).

I mean, fair enough of you go to see your favourite band and they don’t play your favourite song have a (very) little grumble, but if they didn’t play it 52 years ago, then they release it and you’re still grumbling that they didn’t play it that night (I have no idea if the recordings four the nights they did play it even exist, or exist in a releasable form…) seems a bit… after the event possibly?

Also, with a band who are famed for improvisation, surely hearing different, and in some cases WILDLY different versions of the same song is part of the fun, I’d have thought.

If this were a Floyd box from 1989, then fair enough – they played the same songs in pretty much the same order with the same arrangements night after night, with only slight variations in the solos… Had to, because of the light show and theatrics. So listening to 3 in a row is potentially a bit unrewarding (I speak from experience, I saw them 3 nights in a row at London arena Docklands. Great band, live them dearly, bored by third night).

Anyway, that’s my 2 penn’arth. Personally, what I’m trying to say, is that I disagree. But I’m interested in your point of view.

Sorry to ramble, I’m really excited for this release but fascinated to hear opposing views.

Bill D

Johnny Spasm: precisely.

Phil Cohen

“Anyone For Tennis” was never performed at any Cream concert, and “Strange Brew” could not be reproduced live in a trio format (I.E. with one guitar). “Tales of Brave Ulysses” was performed live at Cream’s March 1968 shows, but not on the October 1968 farewell tour. If Universal ever releases the March 1968 Winterland Ballroom shows (which they hold), then you’ll get a live version of “Tales of Brave Ulysses”. It was perfomed on the night when the live tracks from “Wheels of Fire” were recorded. In the 1960’s, fans were told that the live tracks on “Wheels of Fire” were recorded at The Fillmore West, but actually, they were recorded at Winterland, another San Francisco venue helmed by Fillmore owner Bill Graham.

Tom Tom

The Live tracks from ”Wheels of Fire”ARE on this 4 CD set Phil…(No Tales of Brave Ulysses on it thou)….

Tim Schroeder

Cream did not perform your requested songs during their farewell tour

Johnny Spasm

The particular tracks named are irrelevant to my point. It’s the same tracks on all 4 discs. A little variety might have been nice.

Stuart Ansell

Will, if that’s the problem, and at the risk of being snippy, may I suggest you locate your time machine, go back 52 years and tell them that?

It’s a box of shows from the 1968 farewell tour – they didn’t vary the setlist much because (as has been rightly pointed out) the set list was just a jumping on point for improvisation. So, that being the case, I fail to see the substance of your point – it isn’t ‘the same songs on each disc’, it’s different versions of the same basic material on each disc, which is clearly of interest to a lot of people. Not to you, clearly, and that’s fine – but the record company can only choose from the setlist that was played on the tour.

What would you like them to put out – stuff that wasn’t played on the tour or stuff that was?

Johnny Spasm

Stuart, snippy is putting it eloquently. I was thinking a far less eloquent word that starts with the letter A.
Of the 22 tracks on Joe Jackson’s Live 1980/86 release there are 3 versions of “Is She Really Going Out With Him?” that genuinely differ from each other. I doubt that Cream’s “Jazz improvisation” skills on these 11 tracks differ enough to make it worth my $50. That’s all.

Alan Blevin

You need to go back in time,find the always charming Mr Baker and put your suggestion to him.Get back to us.
Looking forward to this a lot.

Brooks Reed

Johnny, that was the setlist for the goodbye tour… no tales (replaced by white room) anyone for tennis was mimed on TV once, and strange brew was maybe performed once live back in 1967.
It’s the farewell tour hence the album name “Goodbye Tour Live 1968” it’s only from shows during Aug. 1968- Nov. 26, 1968

Al Duchaney

I’d buy 4 discs of Toad!!!!!

george c

This is exactly the same as the Mid Valley 4cd Bootleg ‘The Last Goodbye’ from 2016. Both sets correspond as regards the venues & dates and although the bootleg has good sound, I’m sure this official set will have great sound quality. Look forward to hearing this.

Phil Cohen

Well, discs 1,2 & 3 on the unofficial set do sound great, but the bootleg’s “Disc Four” is horrific, with severe pitch flutter. Early reports (from reviewers who received files of the upcoming official release) say that the official “Disc Four” sounds much improved. That’s why I preordered the official boxed set.

Bill Halverson

I engineered/ recorded the 3 USA shows. Felix P. asked for roughs. I made him cassettes. The new CD’s are from my 52 year old cassettes recently digitally remastered. Enjoy

Tom Tom

Thanks Bill….Great Job….

Rett Russell

This is a long overdue and welcome release.
Paul, can we look forward to Disraeli Gears and Wheels of Fire multi-disc releases?
Can I get my hopes up for a bluray disc if they’re released?
Please keep up the good work…..it has meaning for a lot of music-heads like me!

Phil Cohen

The 2-CD “Disraeli Gears” has everything that still exists. The multitracks for “Disraeli Gears” (and any other Cream studio tracks recorded at Atlantic Studios in NYC) were destroyed in a warehouse fire at an Atlantic Records storage facility in the early 1970’s.

Rett Russell

Thanks for the info…..disappointing as it is.

David Bly

While the multitracks for “Disraeli Gears” that Atlantic held may be gone, considering the rights to Cream laid only with Atlantic in the US and Canada, I would think that Robert Stigwood, first through his Reaction label, and later re-releases on Polydor and RSO, being the savvy music industry businessman that he was, would’ve had copies of the multitracks made and taken to the UK.

Of course an irony is that a trove of tapes owned by or kept by Universal Music were also destroyed several years ago by at fire at Universal Studios in California, a slight irony of which being when they were stored the two companies were together, but Universal Pictures had sold Universal Music to Vivendi of France years earlier.
I bring this up because, as many here know, there were numerous articles about what artists’ music was lost. But I never did ever hear Cream or Eric Clapton mentioned (nor Bruce or Baker either), and I imagine they would be mentioned if those tapes were lost.

So perhaps some multitracks still exist in the UK? We can hope…


Do you know if they are working on releasing the other albums after the first one a couple of years ago? Thanks

Peter Stanton

I actually went to the Albert Hall Farewell Gig, early show.
Sat outside as they each arrived, Clapton in what was apparently George Harrison’s psychedelic Mini, Ginger in a Ferrari, can’t remember Jack’s.
So, I will be buying this although, in my advanced years, I’m not sure how much Toad I can take.



Great stuff. Can’t wait to get it.


Curious… does anyone know if the Oakland Coliseum versions of White Room, Politician, and Deserted Cities of the Heart are the same as the versions on Live Cream Volume II?

Always loved Live Cream Volume II, partly because it is concise. Made my own edit of Steppin’ Out to eliminate the lengthy solo & jam at the end. The first four minutes of the song is great by itself.

Four discs of nearly the same setlist seems a bit excessive. A single-CD summary of the best (previously unreleased) versions of each song would have been fine with me.

Lee Realgone

Yes, they’re the same versions from ‘Live Cream II’. We’ve detailed where the previously released tracks were originally available in a piece over at Real Gone.

This still looks like a fabulous set.

Phil Cohen

The versions of the 3 songs that MFG mentioned (on “Live Cream Vol.2”) are indeed the Oakland versions.

bruce kelso

hi mfg, those were the days has a new vocal on live cream 2. the mixes on goodbye were done by felix. these are new mixes I presume done by bill levenson? have gold cds of live cream vol 1 , vol 2 but I will still keep them. never liked the 3 studio tracks on goodbye ,should of been a 2 lp live set, along with the band of gypsys recent release and this coming I am in heaven .

Tom Tom

Disagree Amigo…Those 3 studio tracks on Goodbye Cream were all EXCELLENT…Too bad they didn’t stay together a few more years ..The Studio recordings we’re all great on Creams 3 Albums….

Norman Garriock

Paul, any chance you could indicate which tracks were previously released and where?


Spoonful from Los Angeles (disc 2) has been released last year on EC’s Life In 12 Bars comp.


White Room, Politician, Deserted Cities (Oakland) previously on Live Cream II
Politcian, I’m So Glad, Sitting on Top of the World (Los Angeles) previously on Goodbye

Woodsey Niles

This is one that I will pick up although that’s a lot of “Toad”. I saw Cream on their farewell tour and had never seen a performance at that level before. From what I had seen and heard at the time, this was the dawn of musical virtuosity in a rock context – especially Jack Bruce’s bass. IMO he and John Entwistle were the greatest rock bass players of their generation. I hope they had time to include a tribute to Ginger, as well as Jack.

George Steven Cleere

I’m with Woodsey — might just check only one ‘Toad’ in the old iTunes but will enjoy everything else!!! Jack and John (and Paul) masters of the R&R Bass!!


Does the set come with bonus hearing aids? Gonna need them after listening!


I don’t understand how a headliner could get away with playing what is essentially an hour of material and walk off the stage. Those shows are incredibly short. And what, no vinyl?


I guess it depends what you look for from a gig. I personally prefer a smaller set. An hour with an encore is perfect for me. Even for a band like Cream. I saw Macca at the Millennium stadium a few years ago and i was more than ready for home by the 3rd encore!


Remember the era. The Beatles gigs were usually about 30-35 minutes. It was just after Cream’s time that longer shows became a thing outside of one-off all-nighters and off-beat clubs. An hour was probably more than decent in 1968.

Phil Cohen

Beatles & Rolling Stones performances circa 1963-1966 were typically only 27 minutes. as George Harrison once said “We were down (signed) for 25 minutes, but could get off (The stage) after 15”


That was typical then. Look at The Beatles in the last live tour or even Hendrix in his recent box set. Most of the latter fits on 1 CD or not much more.
Rolling Bones in Hyde Park [original show] wasn’t lengthy either.

Phil Cohen

The “Stones in The Park” film is 50 minutes, but that wasn’t the complete show. Two further songs were filmed, but the entire show was audio-recorded. The veesion released on DVD & Blu-ray by Rolling Stones Records is the first video release with stereo sound (mixed from the multitracks), but it lacks the bonus film content seen on the 2006 “Network/Granada Ventures” label UK DVD release.

Andrew Wild

In 1968? The Beatles were playing 25 minutes in 1966…

Tony Robinson

Great , another fantastic Cream release after the “Fresh Cream” deluxe set a couple of years ago . Although these recordings have been out on bootleg over the years I think the quality of official releases such as these are far superior and in most cases less expensive . Already pre-ordered . I’ve been waiting so long .


Any idea why Sitting On Top Of The World on CD 3 and White room on CD 4 are listed twice? Different takes?


As Ed Driscoll noted, most of this has been on bootlegs (which I have) so I’m undecided at this point. If there’s a decent price drop I would reconsider.

Paul, CD’s 2-4 all have one track duplicated. Is that supposed to be the case?

bruce kelso

since they missed/forgot or didn’t care to issue a 50th deluxe edition of wheels of fire this a bonefide WINNER. wonder what show the albert hall is? the video is from the 2nd show while the audio is from the 1st.already pre ordered.


How about a single best of the Goodbye tour cd?

Ed driscoll

Lovely…but im afraid most of it has been out on HIGH QUALITY BOOTLEGS…im still gonna get it though…..

Andrew R

What an unexpected treat . Good price and seemingly no vinyl option ? Which is a surprise are they single handedly attempting to keep cd alive ?


Probably $200+ on vinyl if it shows up.


Oh you know that CDs still easily outsell over-priced vinyl?

Pete Stevens

Wonderful,and at a decent price as well.

Electric Sydney

Not such a good price for the US.

Mark H.

If there’s more than about a 10% difference, it is cost-effective to order from AmUK rather than AmUS. Longer wait but fewer bucks.


I always order from AmazonUK for the US. Don’t get the free prime shipping but the cost savings more than make up for it.


@Electric Sydney – importcds.com has it for $20 cheaper than AmUS.

Electric Sydney

I’ll check that out! Thanks.