Crowded House / The Very Very Best of Crowded House due on 2LP vinyl

First time on vinyl for the 2010 compilation

Crowded House‘s compilation The Very Very Best of Crowded House looks set for a vinyl release in July.

The 2010 compilation was issued across a number of configurations at the time, including CD+DVD, 2CD+DVD, but was never released on vinyl. It seems that is about to change with Amazon UK listing a 2LP vinyl version for mid-July.

In terms of the track listing, this uses the 19-track single CD version (see below) for this double vinyl set. This includes tracks from all their studio albums except Intriguer (also issued later in 2010) as well as non-album singles Instinct and Not The Girl You Think You Are.

The Very Very Best of Crowded House should be issued as a double vinyl set on 12 July 2019.

LP 1:

  1. Something So Strong
  2. Weather With You
  3. It’s Only Natural
  4. Chocolate Cake
  5. Fall At Your Feet
  6. Distant Sun
  7. Better Be Home Soon
  8. Four Seasons In One Day
  9. Don’t Dream It’s Over
  10. Mean To Me

LP 2:

  1. Locked Out
  2. Don’t Stop Now
  3. Pineapple Head
  4. Instinct
  5. Fingers of Love
  6. Private Universe
  7. Not The Girl You Think You Are
  8. Nails In My Feet
  9. Pour le Monde

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David B

Neil has got the band back! Crowded House are playing next year in Australia. On the Festival website they’re playing it says: Neil and Nick have been energised and inspired to begin a new chapter in the Crowded House story. The new chapter begins with this exclusive headline appearance at Bluesfest next Easter and there’s only one place to be – front and centre!


Brian Scott

Just received my orange vinyl copy from The Sound of Vinyl and I have to say it’s a lovely package to compliment a superb collection of great songs. Only listened to LP1 so far but it’s a very clear and quiet pressing with good dynamic range


The orange vinyl has now turned up on The Sound of Vinyl store, so perhaps it’s not going to be exclusive to HMV after all. I’ve already received it from FNAC in France for a similar price.



FNAC in France have the orange vinyl if you don’t want to wait for HMV to get their act together.


Anyone know if the coloured vinyl is for sale in HMV/Fopp stores in the UK?

Paul H

Nottingham FOPP, HMV and Rough Trade had no idea it exists: it doesn’t show on their system as coloured. Can’t find an online seller either.


Has anyone heard when HMV will be making the orange vinyl available in the UK? I’ve asked them a couple of times and so far they’ve only had the standard black vinyl listed.


32 track double disc version is available at JBHIFI for GBP5.69

Wayne Klein

Here’s hoping it’s mastered better than the awful CD releases.

Jeremy Ansell

Test disc sounded wonderful. Dynamic with low surface noise.

Thomas H. Thomsen

Not good enough. I would’ve bought it, if they’d included “Into Temptation”, “I Feel Possessed” and “World Where You Live” instead of “Pour Le Monde”, “Mean To Me” and “Not The Girl You Think You Are”.


Seeing as a Canadian and an Australian chain are advertising the orange vinyl 2LP as exclsuive, there’s a probably a good chance that it’ll be part of the HMV vinyl week exclusive here in the UK too?

Jeremy Ansell

HMV will sell the orange vinyl in the UK.


Are they Jeremy?


My CD version of this is a 2CD plus DVD set https://www.discogs.com/Crowded-House-The-Very-Very-Best-Of-Crowded-House/release/2775799 , which was a much more worthwhile purchase even though I also have the 2CD Recurring Dream.

Steven Mclaren

I ordered this yesterday please note that Amazon have changed the way pre orders are paid. They now show up as a pending transaction until despatched then you are charged. This means however your amount available to spend reduces until despatch. In this case until July. On an expensive item this may make a difference to some people. Amazon assured me that an email will be sent out after I highlighted it when looking at my bank this morning. Cheers.

Paul Taylor

Thanks for this
I took issue with them over this matter and they kept spewing the line that they don’t charge the card until dispatch. However, as you say, you’ve effectively lost the use of the money as it hangs on your account until that time. They say it’s the bank’s fault but I’m not buying it. They actually put the charge through on one of my orders a full two weeks before release and then refunded after I cancelled. Other retailers like Townsend and Digital Stores’ preauthorisations drop after a week or less. Consequently I have cancelled any outstanding Amazon orders I have and put them in the Saved For Later box. I’ll take my chances nearer the time with the price, and more than one occasion I have actually ended up finding it cheaper elsewhere due to their unfathomable algorithms pushing prices up. Bit of an own goal by Amazon but there’s obviously something behind this change of practice

phillip caffrey

Town and Country Needs a release properly folks




Nice looking orange vinyl from JBHIFI.au. Should eventually be available in their NZ stores as well.


Interesting colour and I would like to order it for $22.89 delivery I think I’ll stick to black vinyl from amazon!

Antonio Hernandez Garcia

Where is ” Into Temptation? Recurring Dream is best compilation better than this!!


It was missing the excellent ‘Nails in my Feet’, so for that alone, it was not.

Paul Taylor

I’ve got the Recurring Dream Limited Edition CD with the live album, which I think merits a release of its own on vinyl
Apart from one track this doesn’t look any different and probably not worth parting with money for.


Yep that live album cemented what people were saying… They were a staggering live act. They were a pop band on record but were more of a rock band live. The bonus live album definitely deserves a stand alone release. There is talk of a box set live album down the track though.


I’d love a live album of the concert in London I went to around the time of Together Alone. Absolutely stunning concert with a full Maori choir doing backing vocals on a number of songs. Brilliant stuff.


Been waiting a while for this. the original greatest hits compilation is long out of print on vinyl and goes for big money. Thanks Paul!


Just on this comp for ‘Nails In My Feet’ which was sadly excluded from their previous ‘Recurring Dream’ compilation. Such a wonderful song.


Should read ‘justice’ above…not ‘just’


Paul, you can find the tracklisting and more information (2 x 180-gram vinyl LPs featuring printed inners & essay) on Sunrise Records website :

For those who don’t know them, Sunrise Records is a canadian record store, they purchased HMV’s canadian stores two years ago. They sell an exclusive orange vinyl version of that Very Very Best Of Crowded House.

As it’s a double 180-gram album with printed inner sleeves & an essay, it’s definitely a must-buy for me. Big fan of Crowded House.