CSNY / Deja Vu 50th anniversary deluxe

4CD+LP deluxe offers masses of unreleased demos & outtakes

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Deja Vu box set / CSNY

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Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young’s 1970 album Déjà Vu will be reissued as a five-disc deluxe set in May.

The album features legendary songs ‘Carry On’, ‘Teach Your Children’, ‘Helpless’ and ‘Our House’ that still resonate today.

Rhino’s deluxe set is a 4CD+LP package that offers a “pristine version” of the original album on 180g vinyl and CD along with three further CDs packed with hours of rare and unreleased studio recordings that provide incredible insight into the making of the record.

This set includes 38 bonus tracks, delivering nearly two-and-a-half hours of music that includes demos, outtakes, and alternate takes – most of which (29 to be specific) are previously unreleased.

This includes ‘Know You Got To Run’, the first song the quartet recorded during its first session on 15 July at the house Stills was renting from Peter Tork in Studio City. Other unreleased highlights include the demo for Crosby’s ‘Almost Cut My Hair’; Stills’ outtake for ‘Bluebird Revisited’; and Young’s alternate version of ‘Helpless’ featuring harmonica. Also included is a version of ‘Our House’ that features Nash singing with the song’s inspiration, Joni Mitchell.

Like many of Rhino’s deluxe sets, this comes as a 12″ x 12″ hardcover book (with textured surface with gold foil stamp) with rare photos and sleeve notes by Cameron Crowe (through stories told by the people who were there, including David Crosby, Stephen Stills, Graham Nash, and Neil Young).

This 50th anniversary deluxe of Déjà Vu is released on 18 May 2021. A D2C (direct to consumer) vinyl version which adds five vinyl LPs and costs $250 will also be available.

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Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young

Deja Vu - 4CD+LP deluxe


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Deja Vu CSNY / 50th anniversary super deluxe edition

      1. Carry On”
      2. “Teach Your Children”
      3. “Almost Cut My Hair”
      4. “Helpless”
      5. “Woodstock”
      6. “Déjà Vu”
      7. “Our House”
      8. “4 + 20”
      9. “Country Girl”
        1. “Whiskey Boot Hill”
        2. “Down, Down, Down”
        3. “Country Girl” (I Think You’re Pretty)
      10. “Everybody I

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Spending that kind of money, I’ll go with the Mobile Fidelity half-speed mastered LO, or even the Classic Records 180gr. release.

Roscoe Brown

Correct me if I’m wrong, but this seems to be a digital remaster by an unknown engineer, and “the first run” of the 5 lp set is limited to 3500, which means there will be more ‘runs’ if there is demand. For $250.00. Pass.


Am I interpreting things correctly?: Is it true that the only way to get the high-resolution downloads is to buy either version of the box directly from rhino.com? If one buys from Amazon or anywhere else, the high-resolution download codes won’t be bundled in?

This looks to be a fantastic release. I wanted to get a nice copy of this of LP a few years ago but gave up because all ratings for all recent/affordable premium pressings were always being described as poor, and any highly rated pressings were scarce/unaffordable.

Steve Benson

What exactly does “pristine version” mean? No grubby fingerprints or spilled coffee on the vinyl?


Regardless of all the tedious “whataboutism”, I tell you what, that version of Birds is sensational! What a find.


Nash spoke of a “remix of Deva Vu” in his autobiography. He spoke of ‘wanting to hear the kicking jam at the end of Almost Cut my Hair”. Yet, there’s no remix and besides 2 NY unreleased versions (Birds in Demo form w/ Nash & an alternate mix of Helpless), there’s no alternate of County Girl…No alternate mix, take…or anything besides the LP version. That’s the best song on the whole LP!!! Is NY holding out for his own Archives which have so many holes you may feel like you’re in the “Sea of Holes” from the BEatles 1968 film Yellow Sub; or are they holding back for the 60th anniversary box which will have all of this and more??? No thanks for me. If they remixed the album and dropped the vinyl I would have bought it despite the flaws.


There’s 9-minute version on the 1991 “CSN” box set and the 2-CD of box set highlights called “Carry On”. It sounds like a complete version to me. Cheers.


Andrew Lindsay

‘Deja Vu’ is a seminal album. This reissue which could have been comprehensive appears mired in compromise. As usual I look back as to how Dylan does archives. Take ‘Another Self Portrait’ as an example. Two discs of outtakes, a complete live recording of a 1969 show, a remaster of the official release and a hardback book. Vinyl issued separately.
With the CSNY release there is much that is missing and it is not all NY’s fault. Find the Cost of Freedom and the stunning unedited (8:49) version of ‘Almost Cut My Hair’ which appeared on 1991’s ‘Carry On’ compilation are particularly glaring omissions. I’m glad that Rhino have rounded up the demos (or perhaps they really are previously unissued and did not appear on their 2009 release of ‘Demos’). To demonstrate he has a sense of humour Nash could have also included some studio banter – Crosby’s glorious pastiche of ‘Our Mouse’ and maybe ‘Come On In My Kitchen’. They may be hidden away on the release but I bet they are not.
Round all that off with a live 1969 show – Big Sur or even better a compilation of the six nights at the Greek Theatre and that would be something truly worth having.

Andrew Lindsay

Good to see Paul offering the 1974 Blu-Ray at decent price via the SDE Shop (£128 at Amazon!).

Availability of the 3 CD version seems erratic. I ordered this from rockandrolltshirts.com (allegedly ‘CSN’s Official Online Store’ ) in the USA months ago but it never showed up. Its still advertised on their site at $25. Any chance of you getting hold of the CD version, Paul, for the SDE Shop?


A great album. I hoped the stuff they did with Tom Jones would be on it too. A CD/vinyl and DVD/Bluray of the Crosby/Nash BBC In Concert show from 1970 would have been wonderful as well.

Danny Jones

this looks like everything a deluxe re-issue should be. almost Perfect. For me 5.1 blu ray etc is of no use, and i love my vinyl. But i can understand others who feel the opposite, so maybe a couple of options would’ve helped. But the price is so much better than a lot of other deluxe sets out there.

Mike from Buffalo

After Warner decided to release the 5th CD from the Wildflowers set as a standalone, I am willing to bet we will see a standalone release of both the Deja Vu vinyl and the CD set within the year.

The prompt release of the stripped down but more affordable NYS Archives 2 after the exclusive set sold out confirms these execs are not about to leave money on the table if some want one format or the other.



Thx Paul for the Breaking News !!!!

And thx Graham Nash who does tha Archive Job at CSNY.

One of the best Albums eher. Top 3 for me Personally !


And what about a 5.1 Version?


Graham did a great job with CSNY 1974, so I’m in.
My older sister got the original LP in 1970 (which I have) but my turntable is in the closet, so the reissue will go unplayed.

Pete Stevens

No Woodstock performance either…you can get this as a ‘out of copywrite” cd though

Tim Ohnemueller

This sounds like a dream coming true for any CSNY fan as all four seem not to be on speaking terms at least with Mr Crosby at the moment! Ordered it already weeks ago on JPC who were first to offer as far as I know (for 70€ at the moment !). In comparison to the pricey NY Archives Vol. 2 box (even as “retail edition”) this boxset seems to be reasonably priced given the fact that it not only includes 4 CDs with 3 CDs of almost complete unreleased material PLUS vinyl but also an intensive booklet. So let’s buy this beauty and save Croz’s pension as he seems to need the money to pay his mortgage and feed his family! Long may they run…


Crosby has already said he won’t see anything from this – he’s sold the rights to his catalogue.


On the fence with this one. Amazon USA is selling it for $99.98. This is more I than I like to pay for a single item, but expect I will eventually decide to purchase it. I am a completist also. My original vinyl copy has gotten lost during moves over the years.


Can someone please clarify are the high-res downloads included with the four-cd plus vinyl set? Additionally if they are are they downloads of all of the tracks or just the main album plus those few mentioned? Lastly are the downloads exclusive via ordering the product from the Rhino website


Steve Benson

Crazy to have left off Ohio but maybe that was another ornery Neil intervention

Barry Gutman

Wish they had included the September 69 Fillmore show with an epic-length “Down by the River” — know that show was recorded cuz its version of “Sea of Madness” was used on the original Woodstock soundtrack lp (the version actually played at Woodstock was a train wreck).

P. Chang

Paul, it’s not clear to me if the D2C vinyl set contains all the same tracks as the 4CD/Vinyl set. Can you confirm if you know.

Derek Langsford

I could have been tempted with a CD or 2CD + 5.1 mix but an album CD plus 3 CDs of Demos, Outtakes, and Alternative Versions without a 5.1 mix is a much harder sell. Including vinyl, something I would never use, and having to pay an extra for it, kills any interest I might have had.

Really appreciating the Beatles album treatments with separate analog and digital content with varying numbers of discs serving the largest number of potential buyers.


I’m sure this has been out before……

[Come on, I’m amazed no-one else has said it! I’m here all week..]


I could have sworn somebody posted that earlier.

Mark Lawton

Took me a while…

Jimmy Arnett

They should have included a blu-ray audio on the cd set instead of vinyl. 5.1 and hi-def stereo for the album and hi-def stereo for the demos and outs.

Phil Cohen

There’s been a change of plans. The costly mail order version will be strictly vinyl + book + download coupon. There will be no Compact Discs in that version.
I feel bad for people who preordered that version expecting CD’s to be included. Warners decision has finalized my decision. I’m buying the less expensive 4-CD + 1-L.P. version.

Carl Jacobs

I’ll probably go for the standard deluxe version, again from my favourite bricks and mortar store Badlands.
Good luck to all those that dive into the super deluxe Rhino or CSNY store (s) version. It seems a reasonable price at $250 green plus postage so likely $280. So that’s reasonable value to me.
At £70 from Badlands in this case I’ll stick with the std deluxe edition.
I was never a big CSNY fan.
Saving up for the NY&CH RG box instead.
Plus guys we’ve got RSD to look forward to.

James Kane

Superb album ordered. Thanks Paul for the heads up. Boy this year is an expensive one so far – Neil Young Volume 2; The Who Sell Out; John Lennon POB and now CSNY. And of course Let it Be and ATMP still to come. What a great year for SDE music.


Agreed! What a great year fro releases!

Phil Cohen

I’m torn between buying and not buying. I’m a completist, yes, but Neil Young didn’t cooperate with the release and David Crosby gets nothing from this release. “I sold my piece” he said, meaning that he not only sold off his song publishing, but also his artist royalties.

Mark Lawton

A remaster, but no remix, sadly. This is another one of those albums from that 69-71 period that could do with an overhaul.


I understand that the CSNY logo/font was designed by comedian Phil Hartman (of American TV’s “Saturday Night Live”) fame in his earlier years as a graphic designer.


“If a cow ever got the chance, he’d eat you and everyone you care about.”

Paul Taylor

“You may remember me from such movies as ‘The Erotic Adventures of Hercules’ and self help films ‘Smoke Yourself Thin’ and ‘Be Confident, Stupid!’”

Matthew Breach

Troy McClure was indeed brilliant. “I thought you said he was dead?” “No, I said he sleeps with the fishes …” :) A great comedian and I used to watch his US shows on TV when I was working out in Abu Dhabi many years ago. In two minds with this release; good album and I’m a huge Neil Young fan, but no HD version included doesn’t seem right or make this attractive enough.

Paul Taylor

He was the prison tour guide in So I Married An Axe Murderer too

Tim Abbott

The CSN logo on the front cover of their last trio album from 1994 After The Storm is Hartman’s. I don’t believe he did any others.

Paul Wren

Great tip off, Paul. OK, hang the cost, this is great music and I’ve gone for the D2C vinyl version from Rhino:https://store.rhino.com/artist/crosby-stills-nash-young/deja-vu-50th-anniversary-deluxe-d2c-edition-1.html


The CSNY website for this album states:

‘Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young’s immensely
popular second album, DÉJÀ VU has been
newly remastered for this 4CD/1 LP
set, and features three discs of outtakes, demos
and alternates from the original recording sessions,
largely previously unissued.’

‘…second album…’?? Am I missing something?




Confusing yes.

I presume they mean Crosby, Stills and Nash (the “couch album”) was the first one?

Arthur O'Brien

Definitely “in” on this one. Never liked the sound of the original CD and my original vinyl I acquired from a friend is full of ticks, pops, and crackles.


This looks like a really nice package. I’ve got two original copies of Deja Vu, so I am not really sure if I need a third, but the extras are very enticing. Deja Vu @ 50 really puts Neil’s $100 After the Gold Rush 50 year edition to shame. He gave you an extra single with some shiny artwork. Here you get 2.5 hours of extra music and it looks like it is less than $100.


I am really looking forward to this – each band member was firing on all cylinders, and was pushing themselves and each other to deliver amazing music – the amalgam of C, S, N and Y was an amazing bit of alchemy. My slight disappointment is that the four sets to date (Crosby’s ‘Voyager’, Nash’s ‘Reflections’, Stills’ ‘Carry On’ and the CSNY ’74’ box set) were all the asme size/format and it would have been nice (and not unimportantly saved me some superdeluxe space!) had they used the same format for this 50th anniversary release of ‘Deja Vu’. That aside, can’t wait …


no 5.1 mix?

Chuck Legg

I have wasted 20 years of my life waiting for the 5.1 mix to be released.

Pete Auseklis

Chuck, as a former customer of DLD, I would never call the previous 20 years of your life “wasted”. Yeah, it’s disappointing that there was no 5.1 mix for this classic album, but since that didn’t happen for the first CSN album, I held out little hope for Deja Vu. Good to see you’re still out there.
–Pete (formerly from Portland, now living in New Mexico)

Hans Lindskog

Hello, I choose to order this from a local Swedish retailer (ginza.se). Perhaps more expensive than Amazon fr yet with a high sence of customer service an reliability when it comes to actually deliver the record to me.
As for the content, I am really looking forward to the alternates,, let us hear the differences?
Please Graham Nash visit the Wind on the water album (one of my absolute top 10 albums) out of several thousands) and rerelase with outtakes and live concerts,,
Best regards Hans


Given that there is a vinyl only option being stiffed to buy a vinyl to get the CDs smacks totally of cash grab and we’ll they don’t need my money


Seems like a good package but the Ohio/Find the Cost single should have been included as well. These were released only 2 months after Deja Vu and would have made the set more comprehensive. Of course more input from Neil Young would have also made this set seem more balanced.


Absolute tragedy that they have bundled the vinyl and CD together a no sale for me.

Also missing in action the much rumoured surround mix. So no sale again.

At least that’s money saved this time round


Ugh. Paul, perhaps you should stop posting these emails complaining about vinyl being included with cds and vice versa. Seems like every time one of these sorts of sets gets released, every other post is a complaint. As if you have anything to do with the product! I’m not thrilled about the combination releases either, but it’s my choice to buy or not to buy. In the end, it’s really not a big deal, and I”ve happily purchased Doors, Ramones, Kinks, Replacements sets in this format without much of a second thought.

Alan Blevin

The fact that there are numerous complaints about this both here and elsewhere every time Rhino does this-and that 1 label is responsible for most of these hybrid releases-shows that it is an issue.When they don’t even release a 2 CD highlights version or a stand alone vinyl of the album shows contempt for their customers.
In an interview 2 months ago Graham Nash spoke about this as a 4 CD box.He compiled it and even he wasn’t aware Rhino was going to do this.When the first layout of the book was done it was compiled in CD sized format like the book in CSNY1974.
You are right.I have chosen not to buy.If enough people do that Rhino will not continue with this format on future releases.If people buy it regardless every other company will start doing this as a means of charging exorbitant prices because of that vinyl premium surcharge.


The problem is that enough people buy them so that initial print runs usually sell out. People can moan all they want, but if there is profit to be made, what do the record companies care? I’m pretty sure that consumers are being pushed toward vinyl because of a higher margin of profit. Fewer people are buying CDs, so why not lead the general public to what seems to be selling more and more? I’d rather there be CD only packages, but companies are in the business to make money. What do they care if a few of us complain? If we take a “stand” and not buy, there are many who will scoop these offerings up regardless. Physical product is becoming a niche area fast. If one is under, oh, say 40 years old and has been downloading or streaming since the advent of one’s interest in music, these complaints mean nothing. Yes, I’m generalizing quite a bit, but I don’t think that those of us who want a certain product just the way we want it make up the majority of consumers. All I ask is to come on this site and not see the same old repetitive complaints that have little to do with the actual music. We are fast becoming musical dinosaurs in our tastes and interests. Let’s be as happy as we can be with what we are offered. And, perhaps people can take their complaints directly to the record companies instead of airing their grievances here.


Dear andyB.
Surely the point of posting such comments here on SDE is to reflect sincerely held views?
Paul’s posts are read and acted upon by industry deciders. I reckon that the large number of comments about incredibly expensive and unwanted format combos are being read and noted too.
There’s a bit of a gold rush going on at the moment with vinyl. A few years back I could get an incredible beach boys 4 (5?)cd box for £30. Containing outtakes/development tracks that repay lifelong repeated listening. Nowadays I see album anniversary editions being celebrated in expensive multiformat boxes. The accompanying music is of variable interest to me (not all artists will have all the incredible music tracks that went into the creation of their album that the beach boys have) of along with previously unreleased live stuff.
Paul McCartney got a lot of stick in the comments which I didn’t agree with. Yet I don’t want to end up feeling that SDE comments all have to be hagiographies of the artists and the products.
For what it’s worth (not much I’d say), my most bizarre comments reading fun was the recent critical comments re the new Van Morrison cd. Even the titles were cause for people to register disappointment…. :-)
Me, I love Van and shall wait to hear the music. I’m glad to read that he’ll be “on sale again” soon.

Oh, and this looks like a great box, not for me, but as a great fan of the album I can say that this SDE does the album proud. I look forward to the SDE comments section driven cd only release in about seven months. ;-)

Paul Gray

Disappointing that there isn’t a 2 cd version of this as I’m not really interested in numerous non Neil (particularly Graham Nash) outtakes. Will give this a miss.


I agree!

Tim Abbott

One of my favourite ever albums. But not enough for me to spend that much on a few demos (and I’m pretty sure the Song With No Words demo has been released twice before in different mixes, once on the first album reissue and before that on the CSN box set from the early 90s) and some outtakes of unknown quality. And no 5.1 is a massive oversight.

Each member of the law firm have had multi-disc anthologies of archive stuff, so I’m not sure how much quality material will be left for this.


I’m no a big fan of theirs, but always appreciate a good amount of unreleased tracks. Will buy!


Paul, are you absolutely sure there won’t be import charges if I order the set from Amazon.fr?
I read you saying that about the McCartney lyrics book.
But there is some contrasting info about imported goods on the government website.
I had heard that marketplaces should charge these fees at checkout but I don’t think Amazon does.
Instead eBay is now charging 20% import fee automatically on every order (including purchases from the US so it’s not only a Brexit thing).
If this is not done, then customs can do it on arrival here in UK and that also means the added dreaded and absurd handling fee by Royal Mail.
Could you kindly clarify this once and for all?

Sean Ryan

Hi Paul,
Does this work the same way from UK to EU? (Based in Ireland here).
Not asking for this purchase specifically but have been hesitant to purchase from the UK because of the Brexit confusion.


Just orderd from Amazon France for delivery to the UK and was charged VAT so it should sail through.


Will there be a way to buy this with hi-res downloads like the NYA website does? I wonder if Neil Young’s own site can sell it? Anyone know if this likely?
As Archives 2 had no blu-ray or dvd version, I bit the bullet and put a lot of time, research and money into how best to linkmy pc and hard drives to my hifi system in order to play the hi-res download of Archives 2 in appropriate high quality and now want to continue with this way when I can. So many vinyl purchases come with hi-res downloads now (Peter Gabriel, Eurythmics for example) that it made sense to invest!


Answering my own question! Yes there is a hi-res download free with both versions if you buy direct from csny.com. The download is supplied via NYA same as the Archives 2 download. Cost wise will be £80+ when shipped from the US plus the risk of import duty ( though I didn’t have to pay any with Archives 2). Is the hires download worth the extra £30? Hmm.

Mark Murley

This and the first CSN album are my absolute desert island go-to discs. Can’t wait for this comprehensive release! Oh, and a big congrats, Paul, on SDE’s 10th! As the former co-editor / publisher of a Moody Blues fan mag for nearly 25 years, I can well appreciate your quality efforts!


Wow! “Deja vu” SDE was on top of my wish list. Definitely getting this, but as others have said here, 5.1 mix (especially with the CSN&Y vocal harmonies) would have been ‘the cherry on the cake.’

Still, a cleaner, more spatial mix of this album will be most welcomed, as the original “Deja vu” always sounded compressed and a bit muddy to me. I can see (or at least hope) a standalone Blu-ray 5.1 with some concert video, or SACD 5.1 edition coming out later, since this album is so beloved and iconic to those of us who were alive during the Woodstock era of great music. Paul, I guess this makes me possibly your eldest SDE website fan :-|


You don’t say how old you are, Michael!

I think I was just 19 when Woodstock happened!

Saw CSNY, The Band & Joni at Wembley, in the mid-70s…etched.in.the.memory!



Paul, I was 11 years old in the summer of 1969. I was in the car with my parents and siblings coming back from a family holiday in Canada, when we got stuck in the heavy Woodstock festival traffic while driving back into upstate New York. Since my father couldn’t move his car, my sister and I decided to climb up onto the roof of the car so we could better hear Jefferson Airplane performing in the distance early that morning. My parents were so angry at the whole event, and kept shouting “Look at all those dirty hippies!” Ah, memories :-)

I envy your seeing CSNY, The Band, and Joni Mitchell live. At the time, my parents would never give me permission to attend a live rock concert — ‘dirty hippies’ you know (LOL)! But, I’m glad you were able to have those memorable experiences at Wembley.

Russ Cole

Many of the CSN vocal blends were recorded around one mic, so there may not be a way to do a proper surround mix of the vocals. I’m sure all the instruments were on different tracks


This looks pretty good to me! I’m in.

Some very funny quotes from Crosby in the Rolling Stone feature about it today, they still can’t stop knocking each other after all these years.


A 50th anniversary a few months late…clutch-at-straws at other half/quarter century landmark lp’s that were missed in 2020…?

Dave Beaney

A fair price for this but no 5.1 so may give it a miss

Mark S

Wasn’t the “Almost Cut My Hair” demo on the CSN demos cd from 2009?
Is this a diff demo as it’s marked as unreleased?


Thanks Paul, when and where is the D2C 5LP version to be issued? K


On Rolling Stone it mentions Neil contributed several more bonus tracks but removed them .Leaving only two tracks Birds and a harmonica version of Helpless which they describe as stunning . Wonder if he is keeping those tracks back for his own Archives project . It’s a good album shame there isn’t more Neil outtakes on this box set but I will still buy it .


Archives have already gone past that era, so I would be surprised if that was that was the reason.


The only two Neil tracks on this release were already released on Archives 2. Birds (demo) and Helpless (harmonica). And if you notice, there are no other takes of his only other song contribution on this album, Country Girl.



They were on Archives 1 rather than Archives 2.


Sorry, I meant Archives 1. But I was also wrong in that this demo of Birds with Nash was not on that release. Only a solo demo cut during the Neil Young sessions and then one done with Crazy Horse was on Archives 1, so this lovely take is new. Still, I will simply buy it by itself and leave the rest. I personally don’t mind that Neil protects his songs as he is one of the few old timers taking good care of all his archival music, even if he does screw up their releases often. At least we eventually get it. Can’t wait for his Bootleg Series to come out.

Rich G

That price is pretty reasonable for the content, especially the amazon.fr price and these rhino boxes with the 12″ folder look great and are sensible to store in regular LP racks. Loads of unreleased stuff, so I’d say essential for fans. I’m guessing the thing that Graham Nash was threatening, to release each song in a mix that didn’t fade and went right through to Dallas Taylor downing sticks hasn’t come to pass. The essential 8′ 51″ full version of Almost Cut My Hair we already have on the Carry On set. At this price, even those who don’t like mixed media hopefully will feel it represents a reasonable deal.

Scott McGrew

I will purchase this reissued box set primarily for the remastered sound quality followed by the additional content that was previously not available. This iconic album also deserves a 5.1 hybrid SACD surround sound release and a MQA release. I would purchase all of them. Hopefully the same considerations will be given to their first ( debut) album.


Sadly no surround mix (and there was one rumoured years ago), so much as I love this album I’m not that sure I’ll get this