Culture Club / Kissing to be Clever on limited edition 180g yellow vinyl


Culture Club‘s 1982 debut album, Kissing To Be Clever will be reissued on limited edition yellow vinyl next month.

The album of course contains the band’s breakthrough hit Do You Really Want To Hurt Me, which was the third single issued. The 45 reached number one in the UK and was only kept off the top spot in the USA by Michael Jackson‘s Billie Jean. Further hits followed including Time (Clock of the Heart) – which appeared only on US configurations of the album – and I’ll Tumble 4 Ya.

The Music On Vinyl yellow vinyl edition is limited to 1000 copies and can be ordered online from JPC.de.  A non-limited black version will be widely available (see widget below). Both are released on 22 July 2016.




  • 1. White Boy (Dance Mix)
  • 2. You Know I’m Not Crazy
  • 3. I’ll Tumble 4 Ya
  • 4. Take Control
  • 5. Love Twist


  • 1. Boy, Boy (I’m The Boy)
  • 2. I’m Afraid Of Me (Remix)
  • 3. White Boys Can’t Control It
  • 4. Do You Really Want To Hurt Me

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Whenever I see these reissues like this one I always wonder… what kind of remastering job is done on this? There are many reissued and remastered albums that are “tweaked” and messed with from the original sounding album, take Depeche Mode’s reissued albums on vinyl for instance, and they messed with it so much it sounds no where as good as the original releases, and the Remastering is to blame. That’s why I tend to look for and buy the original pressing’s of vinyl from the 80’s of my favorite 80’s albums, because I find they sound the best, and closest to the original release, than many of these remasters. That;’s been my experience anyways. But I will add some, or many of the reissues and remasters are quite good and sound fine. Or even better, maybe. I just depends I guess. So I tend to be skeptical.

elliott buckingham

iv yet to but a mov release that doesn’t look or sound pre-owned do not rate gzvinyl pressings


Glad I caught this post while looking at something different and ordered this one just before it was gone. So keep them coming!

Chris Squires

I am loving the Vinyl renaissance *however* I think it will fade if the record companies just put out vinyl in a coloured limited edition or in the original packaging with nothing tempting. What they should be looking at, and Paul if you have access to a few ears, most re-issues should be doubles to mirror a single cd re-issue. Put this out, not in yellow, as was, but with a second LP of the rarest remixes or demos from the era. As an example the McCartney re-issues are good the Collins ones (bar some of the covers) are poor. The Japan re-issues a few years ago were excellent, shame they never got round to the Virgin era but that *IS* how to do it. Give me a red vinyl triple of an album I loved any day.

CJ Feeney

The Thompson Twin re-issues are a case in point. Whereas the Bowie catalogue is one where colured vinylitis has taken hold over the last few years.


Keep on reporting Paul! My original vinyl copy has been played to death and looks and sounds like it – the sleeve is dog-eared beyond belief so I welcome this re-issue – whatever shade of yellow n all. I’ve got the CD natch but it’s just not the same as a good ole LP. I guess vinyl is pricey as it’s not as mass produced as CDs but if we continue to buy, along with the re-increasing popularity the price may come down….

John Dean-Morton

I count on Paul reporting on all things of interest.


You could pick up an original vinyl copy at a car boot for 50p. Another ornament for completists with deep pockets.


true. but when I buy music I want it new. I don’t want a used/scuffed/scratched copy.
hence when buying a cd I buy that new and don’t look for someone selling there’s on
ebay. it’s no different for vinyl … it’s all good – keeping physical product in
people’s hands – and the horror of Digital only (deluxe) re-issues away from the door
for a bit longer: record companies seeing people like ACTUAL releases, be it cd/vinyl etc.
so I’m happy each time I see Paul talk about a new *physical release*

CJ Feeney


I wouldn’t normally comment on an item I have no interest in buying, but how routine do coloured vinyl issues have to become before you stop reporting on them?

CJ Feeney

I don’t mean to be rude, it is a classic album after all (and their TOTP debut is an iconic moment of the 80’s). I am also a vinyl lover, but there has been a deluge of coloured vinyl recently to the point where when a new one is reported, I tend to shrug.

The comment isn’t meant as a criticism of the site, more that the coloured vinyl market is getting to the point of overload and what once was once seen as special is now seen as yet another chance to but the same LP, but in a different colour.

Daniel ( from Berlin )

They should organize a Deluxe Edition of “From Luxery To Heartache”
than any vinyl pressings of LP’s. It’s long overdue.
With all the 12″ remixes / u.s.12″ mixes and the officially unreleased material:
1. Heaven’s Children ( promo uk 12” extended mix 6:41 min )
2. Come Clean ( uk 10″ alternate version ) …and more
Also a complete 1983 tour DVD with the original version of “It’s a miracle”: “America”
Meanwhile: what is the current release date of the forthcoming CC album ?
It was announced for Spring 2015…. now we have Summer 2016.


I picked this LP up at a Charity shop recently for 99p.
(Admiitedly just plain ol’ black vinyl !)


Nice looking picture, a bright vibrant yellow. Don’t be surprised if your copy turns out to be a dull shade of brown.
Music on Vinyl just can’t seem to mix the colours correctly (see FGTH Rage Hard “purple” vinyl or even David Bowie Heathen “orange”).
Shame really, hopefully this one turns out as pictured.


Robert – I’ve been saying ti for some time. I grew up in the era of Vinyl, and know full well its advantages AND disadvantages. It’s not the solution moving forward, but is instead a grab by the record business to maintain sales of physical product into the future.

The real future is high-resolution digital – something that gets far too little attention these days, but is slowly picking up. They’re trying to demonize digital as though something is worse just by being digital – and that’s not factual.

If they want physical product then Blu-Ray is a better option than Vinyl. At the moment though people are paying silly money for Vinyl, and faux “Limited Editions” – and as long as that carries on, they’ll keep making them.

Me, I’m skipping this entirely.

dave c

Another lp which will cost AU$50- AU$60 just to get it here, and which I will not buy. Heaps of near new copies in the second hand bins, usually with Time – which was issued on the re-release when Culture Club toured here – and a bonus poster. Give me that issue anyday. Though I still would like it ;)



Thanks so much for heads-up on releases like this. I don’t know if you get a “cut” from companies when you provide such information, but here’s hoping you do.


Culture Club are one of my al-time favorite band from the 80’s. I LOVE this album. I was obsessed with it as a kid and teenager. I understand that this is the UK’s original version with the tracks in that Original order (Eventually they added ‘Time (Clock Of The Heart) to newer pressing’s and that song became a hit. In the U.S. here we all had “Time” on our vinyl copies. I am disappointed that they left “Time” off this vinyl Reissue. I think that doesn’t make any sense. Also I’m not sure I like the yellow color for this release. I think maybe Purple would have been better. It’s not a bad shade of Yellow, but just doesn’t go with the album sleeve very well, LOL, anyways, my other issue with this is my question on what is the sound quality on this? Is this taken from the Digital Remaster from a few years back? In the end I am happy to see this being released and hope the sound is good and I also hope they reissue their other albums from the 80’s on Vinyl as well.


Has anyone even thought that vinyl is being pushed by record companies because it can’t be put into your computer and copied? After years of profits on the slide, they have found their new(old) cash cow.

David M

Most come with free CDs or downloads …


I think it’s simpler than that. vinyl sells a lot now. for many reasons.
a lot of people are getting back into buying it. I know there are used copies of everything available – but people just like things new (I’m the same)


They’d find it difficult to justify £20+ for a CD, no matter what colour it was and that’s why it’s backed by record companies.

Stan Butler

Spot on. There’s money to be made. No need to look further.


Great day to announce it (Boy George bday!), but a complete reissue would have been better welcomed…

Dave Butterfield

Just one comment


Michael Roberts

Just one comment

Why Not?

Stan Butler

Just one comment. £21.61 for an LP!

Mr x

Still have the original picture disc lp of this – never played!

James Giraffe

That’s nice, but I wish they would just get a move on and release the new album, which was announced and went on sale on PledgeMusic goodness knows how long ago now.


About 2 years! A bit to long! Isn’t it?


would like this. not bothered about the vinyl colour. I just want good sleeve reproduction.
was in HMV yesterday, saw True Blue and Sinead’s (I do not want) horrified how bad they looked. wish record companies worried more about this as opposed to colour vinyl etc.
seeing how bad they were has made me wary of buying any re-isssues without seeing them
before in person.

elliott buckingham

don’t rate mov releases have a few and all sound used on the 1st play


The US edition also had a different running order:

Do You Really Want to Hurt Me
I’m Afraid of Me (remix)
You Know I’m Not Crazy
I’ll Tumble 4 Ya
Love Twist

Time (Clock of the Heart)
White Boy (dance mix)
Boy, Boy (I’m the Boy)
White Boys Can’t Control It
Take Control