Culture Club / Live at Wembley 2LP vinyl

The Culture Club Live at Wembley release we told you about late last year, will be issued as a double coloured vinyl pressing next month.

As a reminder, this is a 2016 performance from the famous venue, with the original members – George, Roy, Mikey and Jon – all present and correct. A three-disc CD+Blu-ray+DVD package is already out.

The only slight problem is that there is a pink vinyl and purple vinyl edition and while US fans can select the colour of their choice via the Cleopatra website, Amazon in the UK only talks of it being a ‘coloured vinyl’ set, so if you’re happy with either then order away! Past experience querying the retailer about specifics, when it comes to coloured vinyl (I enquired about the True Romance soundtrack) wasn’t fruitful so I fear any enquiries will be a waste of time.

The 2LP coloured vinyl is due to be released on 23 February 2018.

Compare prices and pre-order

Culture Club

live at wembley 2LP coloured vinyl


Compare prices and pre-order

Culture Club

live at wembley CD+bluray+DVD


LP 1

Side 1
1. Church Of The Poison Mind
2. It’s A Miracle
3. I’ll Tumble 4 Ya
4. Move Away
5. Everything I Own

Side 2
6. Black Money
7. Time (Clock Of The Heart)
8. Like I Used To

LP 2

Side 3
1. Different Man
2. Miss Me Blind
3. Do You Really Want To Hurt Me
4. Victims (Tracks 1 – 4 on Side 3)

Side 4
5. The War Song
6. Karma Chameleon
7. Bang A Gong (Get It On)

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Nigel Quinless

I noticed on the Cleopatra site there are 3 options. Purple, Pink and Splatter


Just recieved my pink and my purple versions. My purple version is not like the picture at all. It is more like the pink with a few purple spots. It is a little darker than the pink but the two versions are very similar. Anyone else like me ?


I don’t know if it was this site or elsewhere, but I clicked on a link for a YouTube clip of this concert and Boy George’s vocals sounded absolutely awful.


He certainly sounds different than in the 80s


My post about not being impressed with this release wasn’t published after it went into moderation. Are comments censored for things other than language and political correctness?

Feel sad now…

Pick A Name

Oh dear, guilty here. To me, this site doesn’t feel as much like a proper forum as it does a place to comment on individual releases without a need for continuity or clear identification. But, I’ll pick a name and stick with it from here on…

Chopdog and Jules - One and the Same

Ha! Thanks Paul. Sorry. I was clearly having a ‘confused’ morning…..
I guess this is why sites use systems like Disqus (also to authenticate email addresses etc.. I would think).


I used to post here under my name until some troll came along and started using the same name to post stupid comments. I don’t know if he had a beef with me or what but I didn’t want his stupid remarks attributed to me. This person even figured out my new name and did it again. The online world has troll cancer like no one’s business, getting hard to do anything online without running into one.


Purchased the CD/DVD. I was aware of BG’s voice changes. It is definitely a much lower register than in the 80’s. He’s actually very good on some newer material. For example, “King of Everything” and “It’s Easy” from his 2013 solo album, This is What I Do, perfectly suit his voice to great effect.

Like Elton John, the voice has changed, but he also seems to have gained a level of measured control of his voice which wasn’t present in the past. Unfortunately, the Culture Club catalogue doesn’t have the depth of Elton John’s, or Kate Bush’s, as a previous commenter discussed. As a result, BG’s huskier, better controlled voice doesn’t really benefit the CC songs and I found the live album pretty disappointing.

Peas and L

It’s just a fact of life, singers voices change as they get older. You either adapt your act, maybe change the key, amend arrangements and instrumentation to suit your gruffer tones like Bob Dylan or get backing vocalists to do the heavy lifting like Brian Wilson.

The trouble with rock and pop stars is that unlike say footballers or models, you’re expected to look the same and perform the same as you did when you were 21, some 30,40 or 50 years after the fact. If you’re going to see a heritage act you really need to check your own expectations of what to expect, at least until they invent time travel.

I’m not a fan but had a quick spin through this on iTunes and think the fans are being a wee bit harsh, he’s lost a bit of his range but sounds alright.

elliott buckingham

after reading this I have cancelled.

Several different edits of the audio version of this title are available. The MP3 version from iTunes and Amazon feature an exact audio duplicate of the DVD & Blue Ray versions. The CD version has the crowd noise & on-stage banter slightly edited at various points throughout, and the vinyl version is edited even further, eliminating almost all of the non-musical portions of the recording and adding fade in and fade outs at various points. The songs themselves do not appear to have been edited in any way from one version to another.

Matt NYC

I’ll pass on this. Like some have commented, I agree they’re going through the motions here. What I want is a deluxe edition of From Luxury To Heartache. I have the 2003 reissue from Virgin with the 10+ min version of Sexuality – glorious! It’s their first flop album but my favorite.

Daniel ( from Berlin )

if you have time matt check the only white label released 12′ version of “heaven’s children” on youtube. it’s in the same remix style like “move away” and “sexuality” – it’s great !!
also the demo versions of “heaven’s children” and “come clean” ( with alternate lyrics )
you can hear there. …and don’t forget the fantastic album cover !


It reminds me of when people use to defend Whitney Houston’s vocal issues a few years back. Sometimes when it’s gone it’s gone. And no amount of therapy will bring it back. And that’s life. To each his own I suppose. One thing I will say is I was happy to see George cleaned up and got sober and dropped a few lbs. He seems much happier which I am happy to see. But I just can’t get past his singing now. His voice is trashed. It’s from Years of not taking care of his health. It happens unfortunately.

elliott buckingham

pre-ordered but if its doesn’t drop to a decent price it will be cancelled


I may be in the minority, but I like George’s voice these days. It’s certainly aged, rougher, and the result of a life experienced. Culture Club’s songs would benefit from arrangements better suited for his voice, making him sound better, as well. Most singers as they age adapt their catalogue to suit the current state of their voices and lower registers. My issue with this release is the thin sounding production. My reluctance to make this purchase was its association with Cleopatra and this release proves no different than the countless inferior before it. No way would I make a vinyl purchase from this company. If CC releases a studio album through Cleopatra expect the standard of production values to be very low.

Chris Squires

Most 70s and 80s artists have the same problem.

The one I would have most affinity for is Kate Bush (obvs) and when creating the Before the Dawn concert she made the decision to not sing anything before 1985’s The Hounds of Love ignoring the first 7 years of her output altogether. It’s only ever speculation with Kate but one could come to the conclusion that the register has dropped beyond what something like Wuthering Heights or Wow would need. Fortunately for her there is enough in the locker to do a pretty Sterling concert based on 1985 onwards. Although on the train home on the opening night I sat behind a couple who were bemoaning that they didn’t recognize anything. In Culture Club’s case the longevity was never really there to do a concert based around modern or 90s material suiting George’s current voice. Who would go to a CC concert and not expect to hear the hits? I can’t think of a single artist who could still get to the heights they got after 35 to 40 years. Jeff Lynne gets as close to anyone but even he needs the help of the backing singers on the highest highs. Kate’s last three studio albums are getting progressively lower as would befit a dedicated smoker or 40-odd years. They are damned if they do and damned if they don’t. Best to stay home and eat choccy digestives.

David M

She gave up smoking at least 20 years ago.

Chris Squires

Ha, did she? Good for her.
Before the Dawn must have pushed her close to going back on the fags. If, as they say quitting adds 7 years to your life that should be good for one extra album then. C’mon Kate.


Dear Boy George,

If you are reading this. Just know I am a huge fan, since 1982, as a teenager I was obsessed. I still listen to your albums from the 80’s and solo stuff. Culture Club is one of my favorite bands. But I am being honest she I say that the drugs have taken their toll over the Years on your voice. May I suggest a water and fruit juice fast
.. To heal your vocal cords… take some time off and rest and heal your body. Cleanse and detox. And then make an effort to stop smoking. I’m being sincere when I say I miss your lovely voice. But these days it’s sadly not the same. I personally find it hard to enjoy hearing you sing now, especially over the past few years…


I disagree with reviews posted on here! Remember that this is a live recording. It’s become a prized addition to my collection. I have also got it on DVD/CD but it is so great to have an up to date vinyl album of culture clubs classic hits and some new songs as well. Boy George sings beautifully throughout–he’s still got it! His voice has matured elegantly. The updated version of ‘The War Song’ is great!!


I listened to this – thought it sounded dreadful. Each song starts with a stiff ‘and now, this song’ and then the drum sticks count in. A band going through the motions. Nothing magical. Sadly.

Helen Terry Eyes

I don’t really know who’s rushing to buy this, especially at its current price. Surely there are some good recordings of live performances during their imperial phase when George didn’t sound like a dying duck.

Sean L

After the Pledge debacle he’s not getting a penny from me !


The Pledge debacle?


I have the CD/DVD and it’s hideous. Boy George’s voice is shot and the music sounds terribly dull, like the band is just going thru the motions. It’s nice to hear “War Song” live but no thanks. I am a huge BG/CC fan and this is a travesty.

David M

Never nice to hear “The War Song”!


boy George sounds creepy on this one.

Daniel ( from Berlin )

i heard the cd version and must say i was shocked about the voice of boy george
and the whole music live quality. too bad i.m.o.
i would prefer a “deluxe edition” of “from luxery to heartache” than new material
with that voice.
p.s. i am a fan of culture club and most of the boy george pop solo material, but his voice was never so bad as on that concert – sometimes i thought he cannot find the right note… sorry.

Kevin Barrett

Too expensive, might wait until it comes down, if it does.

Chris Squires

Will the bar codes be able to differentiate? Last years Labyrinth soundtrack also had different coloured variants (Lavender and Lime?) on the same barcode as did Paris,Texas. It makes discogs a nightmare….

Not at £30 though.