Culture Club / Live at Wembley

Culture Club Live at Wembley will be issued next month, a three disc set that features their 2016 performance at the famous venue.

The show featured all original members –  George, Roy, Mikey and Jon – and this CD+Blu-ray+DVD set includes all the familiar hits such as Karma Chameleon, It’s A Miracle and Do You Really Want To Hurt Me. The show ends with a performance of T. Rex‘s Get It On.

The video discs are multi-region and they have some bonus special features which consists of interviews with the band members.

Live at Wembley will be issued by Wienerworld in the UK/Europe and Cleopatra in the USA. There will be a 2LP vinyl released as well in February 2018.

Church Of The Poison Mind
It’s A Miracle
I’ll Tumble For Ya
Move Away
Everything I Own
Black Money
Time (Clock Of The Heart)
Like I Used To
Different Man
Miss Me Blind
Do You Really Want To Hurt Me
The War Song
Karma Chameleon
Bang A Gong

Exclusive interviews with the band members as they discuss their illustrious career and the significance of this iconic live performance

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[…] Culture Club Live at Wembley release we told you about late last year, will be issued as a double coloured vinyl pressing next month. As a reminder, this is a 2016 […]


I’m really looking forward to getting the live version of the War Song. It was slowed down to a ballad in the show that I saw in Virginia recently.


George was interviewed on Australian television this week and it was mentioned that ‘Tribes’ has been retitled ‘Out’, with a release scheduled for early next year. No other details were given.


Sorry but he can’t sing anymore :-(


Most compilation albums by an artist must go to T.Rex, there have been hundreds of them over the years, some great most appalling.
The best Culture Club compilation is the 2cd one that Paul reviewed on here some years back.
I love the band in the early days but George’s voice is now dreadful.


There are 20 different Culture Club compilations just on the first two pages of Amazon.

J Challender

Seen Culture Club at Haydock Races! Fantastic! My Christmas present sorted! X

Phil Fogel

They were my first concert back in 1984, I’m a huge fan. I saw them 2 years ago in Vancouver and they sounded great, too bad we didn’t get the War Song :( I have to admit the whole Tribes album not being released was annoying but nothing compare to Boy George overreacting to one of my tweets and blocking me on twitter. I still don’t get why he did it, it kind of soured the group for me :(


Don’t take it personally, George blocks everyone who doesn’t agree with him.


I’ll pass on this one. Still hopeful for new material, sooner than later. I’m typically disappointed in anything from Cleopatra, anyway, and vinyl from this company seems like a quality control mishap to begin with.

Matthew McKinnon

Worst album cover ever?


Great pop band… George is a fine DJ in his own right..


Weinerworld! Blimey, there’s a name from the past. Think they put out Suede’s Introducing The Band VHS in the 90’s.

Daniel ( from Berlin )

i would prefer a release of the early CC concerts with
“it’s america” ( first live version of “it’s a miracle” ).
meanwhile: what is with the re-release of “from luxury to heartache” ?
incl. never officially released 12” mix of “heaven’s children” and a few
bootlegged demos ( “come clean” with different lyrics, “ghusto blusto” demo… )


‘Bang A Gong” or ‘Get It On’??

(‘Get It On’ stated in the text, ‘Bang A Gong’ in the track listing)

David M

Same song


So wish they didn’t cancel their shows with Alison Moyet a while ago – had tickets and was gutted!


Biggest no. of Greatest Hits albums? Paul Simon’s got to be up there…

David M

11, actually. The Who have 26 and The Beach Boys have 55! Culture Club have a mere 10.


There is way more than 10 Culture Club compilations, there has been a whole heap of cheapo ones on different labels over the years. .

Paul Jaymes

If this was released 10 years ago I would’ve snapped it up.
That was before George’s voice had deteriorated into the rasping growley state it is today. I was at that Wembley show and it was sad to hear all of the sweet soul vocal tones had disappeared.

Michael Khalsa

I agree. His voice has deteriorated badly. I bought his records for years. Music is patchy is say the least. A 2 CD chronological anthology of Culture Club & Boy George songs would be welcome though. I bought his book ‘King Of Queens’ earlier in the year. Some great photographs in it.


I saw them play this set live at a tiny casino in the middle of nowhere in freezing Minnesota last winter. It was brilliant!


I was supposed to see them live for the first time in Iceland next weekend but the concert was cancelled. A real shame – Nik Kershaw was going to support them and I was really looking forward to the whole thing. No explanation for why the show got cancelled, maybe they just didn’t sell enough tickets… I guess I will have to make do with this release instead…


Waiting for December 8, you can enjoy the concert in Switzerland, on Arte Concert channel :

Same tracklist, plus “The Crying Game” ! <3


It still amazes me that they have kept their original lineup together for this long knowing their history, and they look better in their late 50’s than many 30 year olds.

That said I’m getting this for sure, I’ve never heard a bad live concert by them when George was sober. It’s also nice to get a live show from them in a large venue with more crowd noise and reaction. Sold!

elliott buckingham

nice to see the war song get an airing as George is said to hate it


I was thinking the same thing. I know it’s a really cheesy song, but it’s one of my favorites–mostly because of childhood memories. I’m excited to hear a live version.
They’re touring right now, and I want very badly to go see them in New Jersey in a couple weeks, but it’s the weekend before Thanksgiving, and I already have other travel planned and would also need to drive back from the concert and then go to work the next morning. Ten years ago, I wouldn’t have thought twice about that. Now, I get tired.


The 2x pink LP set is very tempting!
But the Cleopatra web site charges USD35 shipping costs to EU orders…
So I’ll wait for a better option.


I don’t think there is a band with more greatest hits albums than Culture Club. I wish they would come with something new. “Don’t Mind If I Do” wasn’t half bad.

Colin Harper

I think the Who could give them a run for their money on the number of Greatest Hits albums!


There sure is. Ever heard of the Beach Boys?

Matthew McKinnon

The Human League must surely equal them there.

Neil Kelly

Madness beat them all !!
In fact another due this month.
Compilation album number 29 i believe


Excelent! but.. what about Tribes studio album?


was cancelled 2 year ago.. now waiting for new album. they signed with BMG


Yeah. I had ordered a copy on Pledgemusic and they kept my money for over a year and never delivered on the album.

Kinda soured me on the band. Shame, as they used to be good.

George can keep this album.


I hear ya. I did the Pledgemusic preorder/wait/cancel dance as well. Still, I’ll get the new album when it comes out, but i wont preorder. I’ll wait until its actually in a warehouse somewhere.

Gregg Mitchell

Exactly! We want TRIBES, not another live album rehash repackacked cash grab of the old hits.