Cyber-Monday Deals

Soundgarden / Badmotorfinger super deluxe edition

GERMANY: Soundgarden / Badmotorfinger super deluxe box – €99

Four CDs, two DVDs and a blu-ray audio with 5.1 mix.

GERMANY: Rush / A Farewell to Kings super deluxe box – €59

This set features new cover art, three CDs, a blu-ray audio (with a new 5.1 remix by Steven Wilson) and four vinyl LPs.

GERMANY: Steve Miller Band / Complete 9LP vinyl box – €80 €110

Queen / News Of The World: 40th anniversary 5-disc super deluxe edition

GERMANY: Queen / News of the World super deluxe – €69  €99

3CD+DVD+LP super deluxe. The vinyl is a “pure analogue” re-cut of the original “direct from the unmastered analogue master mix tapes”.

GERMANY: Steven Wilson / Home Invasion 2CD+blu-ray – €17  €23

2CD+DVD edition also available.

the SDE shop: Mansun / Attack of the Grey Lantern  2LP vinyl – £14  £25

2LP purple vinyl with exclusive CD single

UK: OMD/ Souvenir 5CD+2DVD – £62 £83

UK: Freddie Mercury / Never Better 3CD+DVD+Blu-ray – £59 £74

UK: Lol Creme & Kevin Godley / Consequences 5CD set – £14 £21

Liam Gallagher / Why Me? Why Not.

UK: Liam Gallagher / Why Me? Why Not. CD – £7.99 £9.99

UK: Madonna / Madame X 2CD deluxe – £7  £11

Now That's What I Call Music 4 / 2CD

UK: Various Artists / Now 4 2CD set – £5  £7.99

UK: Florence + the Machine / Lungs coloured vinyl LP – £14  £20

UK: Spice Girls / Greatest Hits  vinyl picture disc – £12  £21

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Larry Davis

I took advantage of some Cyber Monday deals, which are now long gone…Consequences box, Madonna 2CD, Now 4…most RSD titles sold out fast…did see the Liam as a picture disc, and I do feel bad for him as it’s a better record than the last one but it tanked in the US, didn’t even chart!! On a semi-related note, that Blur boxset 21, hard to find for good prices, just won a still-sealed copy in an ebay auction for like 80 GBP, but have to pay over $50US for shipping due to its weight…don’t mind, been trying to get it for a good price since a former friend stiffed me on his copy when he moved, the year it was released…


Mansun 2lp Purple Vinyl arrived today Paul,
thanks for the speedy service and bargain price.
Looks and sounds beautiful :)

Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five Star

Deacon Blue Raintown Deluxe 4 Disc Set only £7.99 at amazon UK

Thanks for the Raintown tip.

I’d recommend disc 2 of the Minnie Riperton Perfect Angel album in the German 3 for 2 deal. Stevie Wonder as producer is all over the previously unreleased 2nd disc, including a great duet, some harmonica and best of all a small snippet of Stevie talking to Minnie as he produces her performance. The extended and different versions (Loving You) of the songs are brilliant.

Nice, got, thanks.
Coincidentally I was at a Oscar Marzaroli opening tonight in Glasgow.
His pictures were used by the band.

Graham Gardner

Thanks for that. Great price. Cheers.

Stuart S

Seems Amazon UK are selling Fleetwood Mac’s – Tusk deluxe box for £63.06 at the moment! Stock due back in 16 Dec…



drat – all sold out by the time I spotted your post :(

Stuart S

My Tusk box actually arrived today, a week earlier than expected.

Well chuffed getting this for £63!


I finally bought Godley and Creme Consequences. Thanks for that.
It must have been reissued and I didn’t notice. I’ve seen it priced at over 100 quid before now.
Early Christmas present.


Just a headsup – it may not be Cyber Monday anymore, but David Bowie’s “A New Career In A New Town” boxset has miraculously dropped by £10 overnight.

I got an alert this morning saying it’s now £80 instead of the £90 it was yesterday.


it’s not Cyber Monday, but Bowie’s “A New Career In A New Town” boxset has miraculously dropped by £10 overnight. I got an alert saying it’s now £80 instead of the £90 it was yesterday. So, if you don’t have it and want it, might be a good time to jump.

dragon force

How many of us are buying the beatles white album for euro 89 at amazon during crazy friday 2019 ? It seems that price of euro 132 of euro 89 is still a big investment, so I am curious who wil say i am buying it, By the way I think its to much money especially euro 132 likes me a lot .

John Barleycorn

Someone mentioned Rhino below but it is worth reiterating that they have a 20% off deal until 8th December and free shipping on orders over £25. Bowie Conversation Piece showing at £68.79 there right now. And more too…

Marshall Gooch

Regarding Steve Miller Band, yesterday MusicVaultz.com had many of the reissues on colored vinyl for $12.99 Canadian, which at least here in America, is an amazing deal: $9.76 US… for colored vinyl. Picked up eight of the albums (Miller’s first 8, up through The Joker) for $78. AND with free shipping to USA. Done.

Captain Chivas

Brian Eno “Insteelations” CD box set is £28.99 now on Amazon UK. Not many left & it’s been over 50 for months. Bought mine last night.

David Bly

A couple of things here that interest me, and a couple that people have written in about – like The Cure – Mixed Up (Deluxe Edition)!
But I wanted to mention something that amused me.

I picked up some stuff on Record Store Day here in the US last Friday, and I accidentally got two copies of a single (Pylon’s “Cool”/”Dub”), so I went back to the store and was talking to the owner about what was left from the day.
So he showed me the box of the stragglers, and one of them was the limited RSD LP of Liam Gallagher’s “Why Me? Why Not” (at $25). I suggested I thought I knew why, to which the owner said “yeah, not in this country”.

Poor Liam – how the mighty has fallen in the States

Bob Dudek

Thanks for the heads up Paul . I finally got that elusive Consequences set . Now if only we could get Ronnie Lanes Just For A Moment box ….


I’m afraid that Ronnie Lane box is probably gone forever. I’ve been looking out for it for a few months now and it is simply nowhere to be found. Very annoyed with myself for not picking it up when it came out and was very reasonably priced!


I found a copy of the Ronnie Lane box a few weeks ago for £69 from keymailrecords (now priced on their website at £99 but don’t know if they actually have any more in stock) … Amazon UK had the box available again for £65/£70 for a couple of weeks in October, maybe UMC found a few left in the warehouse?
So worth it to keep looking and good luck!


Thanks KevinK! I won’t give up just yet!


Managed to pick up a copy of the Ronnie Lane box from keymailrecords so just wanted to say thanks to KevinK for the tip!

Roel Glas

For those in Oz, Amazon AU still have Whitesnake’s Unzipped deluxe box set for the crazy price of AUD@20.99 (about GPB 11). 9 left in stock

Alan Mitchell

One day I’d like to pick up the News of the World box. Brilliant album and my original copy despite looking vg+ has had a lot of play. I wasn’t sure what groove wear sounded like until i bought this ;)

Mark G

Always been tempted to get that “Consequences” full scale box, but not at that price.

Now, at *that* price…


Thank you PG for pointing out the Elton John Blue Moves 2LP, got it.


I was hoping Bowie’s Conversation Piece might have been in the sales, it’s drifted down to £74.63 on Amazon now.
Does anyone know how limited this edition might be? I feel about £60 is about right for me especially as disc 4 is fairly redundant ( 4 cd @ £10 ea plus £20 for book), on the other hand hate to miss out over £15.


Rhino had it for £68.97. I did message but it wasn’t released for some reason.

Andy P

Travis – The Man Who (20th anniversary 2 CD edition) is now £2.99 on Amazon

Bill Sykes

Thanks Andy P. Just bagged Travis ~ The Man Who (20th Anniversary 2 CD Edition) for £2.99 at amazon.co.uk Great Price!

Stephen Scott

Amazon have Simple Minds – Live in the City of Angels 4CD Deluxe edition for £9.99 and the 25th anniversary edition of Live – Throwing Copper (with 3 bonus tracks) for a steal at £2.99

Stevie B

Kate Bush Vinyl III. £70 in the U.K. €43 Amazon.de. P&P €5.90 or €6.10 if you add a CD (I got the Cure Mixed Up Triple for less than €5).

RSD was rubbish IMO. Rough Trade West/East had so little stock it was shameful. So glad to get at least a couple of music bargains over this weekend. Cheers.

Anthony Squires

Cheers for the heads up on Kate Bush Vinyl III. Been waiting for it to drop to that kind of price – will have a full set of sealed ‘spares’ now.


Elton John’s ‘Blue Moves’ double vinyl is only £9.99 on Amazon UK

Stan Butler

Paul, reading through the Amazon reviews for Now 4, it seems that album versions have been used for a number of tracks, rather than the single versions. Have you (or anyone else on here) had a chance to compare it with the original LP? I know you had serious reservations about it prior to release.

Stan Butler

That’s excellent. Thanks.

Billy D

This Now 4 reissue has to be the weakest of the bunch. A sad representation of the Golden Age of Pop.
The two missing tracks not withstanding. Is the Bob Marley Estate too good to be on a pop compilation? Or was it merely a matter of cash? As for the other track, well, that’s ok.
Why is it so difficult for record companies to locate/share the single versions? You’d think the masters were burned up in a fire.
If they are going to reissue this iconic series it ought to be done properly.

Alan Mitchell

There are loads of the original early Now albums every time i go crate-digging. They’re a lot cheaper than the new LPs.


Rolling Stones – From the vault – Live at the Tokyo Dome / 4 LPs + DVD set: € 29,97 at amazon.de

Martin Power

Thanks for the Mansun – Paul just snapped that one for Merry Christmas to me!!!
Had seen it before but never got round to it but at that price its a no brainer

Peter Muscutt

In the words of Alan Partridge – “lovely stuff!” – you are spoiling us with the offers this year…the purple Mansun vinyl will go nicely with the clear ‘Six’ LP reissue I already have! I hope my family aren’t expecting much conversation out of me this Xmas with all the albums I now have to listen to…”Daddy can’t hear you, he’s got his headphones on!”


Wasn’t it Shakin’Stevens who said ‘Lovely stuff’ about Alan’s book ‘Bouncing Back’?

Peter Muscutt

You could be right there – I was referring to the programme…it sounds like something Shaky would say.


Never Better? Is it referred to the deal? :-)


lol – the deals are Never Better but the box is Never Boring


The Cure – Mixed Up (Deluxe Edition) (3-CD) is now €4,97 on Amazon.de

Inner Space

And I thought 17,99 was a good deal when I bought it earlier this year…. :(

But looking at this closing at amazon.de…..

4,97E current discounted price and its still also part of the deal 3 for 25E……
Thats just plain silly……