David Bowie / Be My Wife picture disc

Parlophone continue their David Bowie 40th anniversary seven-inch picture discs, and will next month issue Be My Wife.

The song was the second single from 1977’s Low and was issued in June of that year. Unlike Sound and Vision, Be My Wife wasn’t a hit. In fact, it failed to chart in the UK.

The 2017 remaster of Be My Wife is backed with a previously unreleased live version of Art Decade, recorded in Perth, Australia in 1978 during the Isolar II tour.

This Be My Wife seven-inch picture disc will be issued on 16 June 2017.

A-Side:Be My Wife (2017 Remaster)
(David Bowie)
Produced by David Bowie & Tony Visconti
Mixed by Tony Visconti at Hansa by the Wall

AA-Side: Art Decade (Live Perth ’78)
(David Bowie)
Produced by David Bowie
Previously unreleased
Recorded live at Perth Entertainment Centre, Perth, Australia 15th November 1978

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[…] of the “Heroes” single, scheduled for release in September. The single followed up Be My Wife and was originally released in the UK on 23rd September 1977 and was the first single to be taken […]


The official David Bowie store has now sold out of this release.


Sorry, I knew it, but I asked because of this:


In the price box it says 12″


Is it 12″ or 7″?

Ciaran Beattie

Hi Paul,
I’m adding to the point made by “Mic Smith”.
I really should have said “Did anyone consider…
Sorry for the misunderstanding

Mic Smith

I have no evidence for saying this – but the idea that these exhibition records are pressed for the benefit of opportunists is ludicrous.
They don’t need passers by to fill these events. As I said the London event sold out without there being any such device. It’s possibly well meant but as usual – as with RSD – the fun is taken out of it by greedy exploitative people.

El Nino

Love Bowie but am I the only person who doesn’t like the images they choose for these discs?

Ciaran Beattie

Did you ever consider that the reason they sell special records at these exhibitions is to attract opportunists to attend who don’t really care for Bowie’s music, but who see a opportunity to make a quick buck, but to make that quick buck they have to attend.
Making sure each exhibition gets a good attendance.
I would guess that the people behind these releases and the RSD releases don’t care if Bowie fans get them as long as they sell out.
Didn’t the “Smiths ” have a song called “Paint A Vulgar Picture”.
If you don’t know it check it out.


“Did you ever consider that the reason they sell special records at these exhibitions is to attract opportunists to attend”

Your comment is more suited to SillyConspiracyTheories.com

Mic Smith

Those exhibition 7″ singles are an extreme example of why collecting records isn’t as fun as it used to be. Is there really a need to incentivise people to attend the exhibition. I went to the London event (before they came up with the idea of the exclusive 7″ singles) and every day sold out months before the event.
Bowie was still with us then of course, and I death the demand to attend has increased. All it does is rob the die hard collector with well earned “left over lolly” and put money in the pockets of opportunists who happen be go going to the event in person and then snap up multiple copies until they are sold out.


No mention of the new and exclusive “I’m Afraid Of Americans” red 7″ release ?
All these Bowie 7″ picture discs are overpriced and irritating – this coming from a HUGE fan.


It frustrates me that all the exclusive/previously unreleased b-sides never become available on CD (to my knowledge at least). I suppose cost-wise it wouldn’t that prohibitive for me to buy this…but as a complete-ist, if I start buying now I’ll want to buy them all – and that’s when the money adds up. Not to mention the faffing around of playing ‘Pokemon Bo(wie)’ trying to catch up…

They do make beautiful collector’s items and they have some really lovely photos of David, but the general consensus is that picture-discs look great but sound iffy. So is it too much to ask for a format that we can actually listen to?

And as for the earlier comments about Amazon packaging, they really outdid themselves (for me) this week – the parcel was so poorly sealed that I’m convinced two items FELL OUT in transit (to Australia)! The invoice-slip inside listed 5 items, but there were only 3. I contacted them about the missing items and they immediately sent replacements free-of-charge, but I’m still furious about it.

Ziv Barber

As always. 11 Euro to buy it when it’ll be released and much less after 1 year.
I’ll wait for the price to fall down.
Except for very few items that will be sold out (David Bowie Black Star Limited Edition), the price of most of the items fall down after.
I’m always buying 2-3 years after when the left over stock costs much less.


Much less after a year??
Rock’n’Roll Suicide (2014) € 82,55, John I’m Only Dancing (2014) € 99,20, The Jean Genie (2013) € 99,99, Diamond Dogs (2014) € 65, Space Oddity (2015) 42,99 – all randomly picked from Ebay today, and the list goes on and on – you’ll be lucky to find any of the pre-2015 pic discs for less than € 25! I bought them all when they came out at € 10 – 15 each, and I certainly don’t regret it!


I wonder if those remasters for the boxsets are actually done each year or they’ve been done all at the same time. I mean, we have a 2015 remaster for ‘Hunky Dory’, a 2016 remaster for ‘Young Americans’ and we’ll get a 2017 remaster for ‘Low’, but couldn’t they be remastered all back in 2014/15, when the project started? Maybe the year only indicates when they are released.


They could have remastered them a few years ago but it makes sense to label them with the year of release and let the fans think that they’re hot off the press remasters. If they did label them 2014 I could imagine some people moaning about getting out of date remasters!


The limited part is meaningless. Any, why does it matter? You’re buying the item because you like it, not because it’s limited.


nope, you’re completely wrong there mate

adam shaw

There’s so much in the vault that trickles out on b sides and record store days ( Cracked Actor) but not put into the box sets .
I hope the next set has something we would all love to own .


At the time of release ‘Be My Wife’ was listed in the ‘breakers’ chart just outside the top 50 UK Single chart [In May of the following year according to Wikipedia it expanded from a top 50 to 75]and even a letter printed in the readers column from myself,raving about the single couldn’t chart it.Always thought ‘What In The World’ would have made a great choice for 7″ or the extended ‘Breaking Glass’ that Australia got.


Letter in NME,,,,


The Breakers chart was published in Record Mirror and was the next 10 singles climbing the charts below Number 50. I recall Motorhead’s “Motorhead” being effectively Number 51 for several weeks during the summer of 1977. In fact many great singles failed to rise above the Breakers Chart and those that did often took 3 or 4 weeks to do so. Does any one know if there is a website that lists the Breakers Chart or expanded UK singles charts prior to April/May 1978 when Record Collector started to print a Top 75?


You could just play the LP version of Breaking Glass twice. Much the same effect.


How “limited” is this release going to be, anybody know?. I ordered mine a few days ago from the Bowie website for 16 Euros plus postage! Grrrrr.


I’m afraid of Americans is also being reissued on 7 ” with a live stripped down version of Heroes on the b side. The single will only be available from the David Bowie Is exhibition in Barcelona.


Looks great , £10 is pretty standard for a 7 inch record these days


if vinyl wasn’t so expensive, I’d buy a lot more actually!

Alan B

There is apparently a gold vinyl issue of Hunky Dory to be released soon but no pre-order links available yet.

Pete C T

I saw this 7″ on The Vinyl Store (tmstores) website via an email they sent me. Also included on this email was the chance to pre order Hunky Dory limited gold vinyl (stated release date 26-05-2017). I duly did this and got an order confirmation email back. The original email from The Vinyl Store indicated that Ziggy Stardust will also be released on gold vinyl (but there was no preorder option for this). I’ve not seen these versions anywhere else to buy so am somewhat sceptical. Does anybody else have any information regarding these 2 lp versions?

Alan B

I got this email too a few days but when I clicked on the pre-order link for Hunky Dory it took me to their vinyl for sale page and not a specific link to Hunky Dory. Searched all the items they had for sale and no sign of it.


Amazon UK have pre-orders up for HD as you say on May 26th and Ziggy on 16th June ! No mention of Gold but assume this will be confirmed.

Mic Smith

Yeah I suspect it might be a hint at a new live album to strengthen the box in terms of no of discs. Stage is my favourite live album from Bowie – I even liked the chronological track order of the original – so be good to have more from the same period. Good to see the pic disc series continuing although after the last one came creased inside an envelope too small for the single I’ll not be shopping with our friends at Amazon.


Totally agree re Amazon. My copy of Sound and Vision arrived inside a huge box which meant that the single itself had been flopping around inside during its journey in the post. By the time it arrived at my place the see-through jacket was creased and the sides had split.
Never again!

Neil Wilkes

Expensive. A tenner for a single?
Wonder if the b sode is indicative of this years box set?


What is a B-Sode? LOL


Could the b-side be a hint as to extra content in the next box set?

Auntie Sabrina

Nice picture disk and nice price, should it be that shape..?