David Bowie / Beauty and the Beast 40th anniversary seven-inch picture disc

Parlophone’s series of 40th-anniversary edition David Bowie seven-inch picture discs continue in January with Beauty and the Beast.

The song was the second single from Heroes in the UK, issued four months after the title track on on 6 January, 1978. It reached number 39 in the charts.

The B-side (they’re calling it the ‘AA-side’) of the picture disc is a previously unreleased live version of Blackout (also from Heroes) recorded on the 16 May, 1978 at the Deutschlandhalle, Berlin during the ISOLAR II tour.

Beauty and the Beast is released on 5 January 2018.

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David Bowie

Beauty and the Beast / Blackout (40th Anniversary Picture Disc) [7" VINYL]


A-Side BEAUTY AND THE BEAST (2017 remaster)
(David Bowie)
Produced David Bowie & Tony Visconti
Mixed by Tony Visconti at Hansa by the Wall

AA-Side BLACKOUT (Live In Berlin 1978)
(David Bowie)
Produced David Bowie
Previously unreleased
Recorded live at the Deutschlandhalle, Berlin on 16th May, 1978

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[…] David Bowie / Beauty and the Beast (7″ picture disc) […]


No worries Paul, it was 15 years ago now, without this blog I wouldn’t consider picking up new material on CD or HD digital.

David M

Some extremely rare vinyl that I owned was damaged in a flood at a storage unit. I was very annoyed, but one really shouldn’t buy records as an investment. Buy stuff you love and PLAY IT !!

Mic Smith

I sympathise – in 1984 I lost 300 7″ singles in a burglary at my parents house (I was working on a 12 month contract in Leicester at the time and had taken my records home a month before so I didn’t have to make several trips in my Ford Escort when the contract was over). Lost a lot of precious records that day – all the stuff I bought growing up, some Jap 7″ singles, an Aussie Zep 7″ EP, 30+ Strangers records, similar amount of Gabriel singles including mono/stereo promos etc……

Other than the full set of Zeppelin albums, the thieves left my album collection intact.

Insurance money came in useful though…..


Yep! I was burgled in 1995 – lots and lots of CDs (signed, promo, limited edition etc) nicked and even now, I find myself searching in my collection for something only to sadly realise that it was probably stolen back in the day…


FFS – I am not bitter about vinyl, I am bitter about loosing thousands of mint items in a disastrous flood, now you tell me that’s not heart breaking to say the least. I spent decades collecting vinyl to see it and my investment for the future all disappear in minutes. I dumped it cos it was useless, a waste of money and space in the end, all the card covers stuck together all the inners soaked into the grooves, yes it broke my heart.

What I am on about is the fixation of collecting to fleece, not collecting for the enjoyment of music. If you read posts instead of blind commenting then you can see I am against the surge of ripping off fans to make a few quid on Ebay, not collecting vinyl per se. £14 quid for a 7″ god that is steep and a huge rip off.

It took me 5 years to go back to thinking about listening to music because of the huge hole in my flat where the vinyl used to be.

Have a flood or fire yourself, watch your precious vinyl collection disappear then come back and comment.


I don’t agree with some of the comments here. These 7” are for playing, in the first place. Otherwise why would they put exclusive unreleased recordings on the b-side of most of them ?
So I’m buying them not for what they are, but for the unreleased content.
But I agree, they do sound atrocious, though. (Yes I do play them. I will never buy a record only to leave it sealed. ;) ).


“Why would they put exclusive unreleased recordings on the b-side of most of them?”

Easy. That’s because some of us will then buy two of it, one to keep sealed and to look at from time to time (or regularly, if you put it on display or hang it on the wall, see also => spare copy) and one for playing the exclusive flipside. ;-))

Andrew M

All this anger about cost and collecting and loving music and everything. Live and let live.

I spent £98 on news of the world last week. My partner could not understand it. She spent £134 on a pair of curtains this week, and another £30 on a curtain rail. I can’t get my head around that.

But I daren’t ever say it :D

In other words – if you wouldn’t say it in real life, dont say it here. Each to their own.


So this new live b-side makes 4. The free streaming promo EP “Live in Berlin 1978” that appeared a couple months ago had 3 others from the same show.

To my ears the “Live in Berlin 1978” EP sounded rough, as if no multitracks existed from which to eek out better sound quality.


Bloody hell. I didn’t know about this Live EP! Doesn’t appear to be streaming any more so I guess I shall have to poke around in the dark underbelly of the internet for a listen….


I don’t know about any other streaming services but on Napster you can still listen to the “Live In Berlin (1978)”-EP featuring the tracks Be My Wife, Sense Of Doubt and Breaking Glass, at least in Germany (don’t know about other countries, because legal reasons might prevent the availability there).


Thanks for bringing it to my attention nonetheless.


Oo-er, they do sound rough don’t they? Almost like someone had a cassette recorder with a phaser effect on the microphone and then put the mike in a bucket to record the show.

Mark Porter

How many of us won’t hear the b-side because we don’t break the seal?!
I would like download codes with these.


Just play it. Why not open it? I do not get this.


On a completely unrelated subject: can I just say that I received my Yardbirds ’68 double VINYL set a couple of days ago and it’s bloody wonderful. Beautifully packed gatefold sleeve housed inside a slipcase with a very colourful chunky book. Sound is excellent throughout and I am really delighted with the whole package. Thank you Jimmy Page and all others who worked on this set – a real tribute to the brilliance of the Yardbirds.


Get lost Parlophone.
Where are the fixed Heroes and Lodger (original mix) CDs and LPs for unhappy expensive box set customers?


They’re not going to issue a “fix” for Lodger – why would they?


They’ll be out early next year, most likely. Although the fixing on “Heroes” that people demanded might delay the release a bit, I would guess spring or early summer.


Yes, out of all complaints they will only fix the title track on “Heroes”, cause honestly all the other bitching about “Low” and “Lodger” remasters was just audiophile non-sense.


Bassel and Ben…count me in! I would love a full Isolar II show on CD too!


I really Love Bowie, but what is the fixation on vinyl, I dumped my vinyl years ago (sadly after I lost all my original mint hardly played Bowie/Beatles LP’s and thousands of others in a flood) and decided to upgrade to HD digital format and (super) deluxe CD’s. Yeah I get the handling experience but come on………it may look pretty but a waste of money in my opinion. I guess you can buy this and other over inflated vinyl prices from the usual ‘We Saw You Coming’ music emporium.


These Bowie 7 inch picture discs are a waste of money yes, the sound quality is atrocious. No idea who they are intended for.


We live in an era where people buy Vinyl as an object – not because they necessarily like the music, or even want it. You hear terms such as “an investment” ascribed to it, or the more common “I’ll make money on it later.”

As a music lover, I consider it a bit of a disease, and if anything I feel sorry for these people. They reflect the society we live in, where pleasure for its own sake isn’t enough, everyone is chasing the pennies.

These discs are “collectables”. I don’t think they’re for playing. Looking at the price at the time I write this, it’s £14. It’s outrageous, but the “collectors” won’t mind. On that basis I guess it’s fine.

However, to the “why the anger[y]?” people – the anger comes from a) Inflated prices which fleece fans; b) Some people who want this won’t be able to get it because these “investors” will snap them up and flog them at inflated prices on Ebay; c) It sends a message to the music business that they can charge an arm and a leg for very little.

I prefer a world where music lovers can get the things that bring them pleasure, where they’re not looking for the angles where they can fleece other music fans. But that’s just me.


Agree on everything, but this very blog isn’t about enjoying music in the first place, it’s about collecting music media.


I didn’t mean that people who buy deluxe sets and stuff like that does not enjoy music, I only said that the purpose of this blog is guide people in collecting music. Otherwise you wouldn’t need to advertise reissues of the same again and again. It is perfectly fine to collect music media, but it is a whole different thing than enjoying music, and the two don’t necessarily always match.

Chris Squires

What a load of ill-informed biased crap. DO NOT assume that you know what everybody else does and why they do it. You only have one decision, whether you want to buy it or not. Please do not feel sorry for me or anyone else, I have a lovely Rega deck, it sounds better to me than my lovely Naim CD player. I listen to Vinyl every single day, new and old as I also do with CD.
You might have what you believe to be true but it is nothing more than negative speculation. If you do not buy vinyl how do you know why EVERYBODY else does or what they do with it.
And Paolo below – utter nonsense, are you saying we don’t enjoy music! Don’t be daft.

I take it you believe that a good value deluxe set like, oooh I don’t know, Hotel California at £80? This is better to own because it is not vinyl than, hmmm, Live in Pompeii 4LP set which I picked up (and love to bits) for £42.
I know which is more desirable and better value irrespective of the musical preference.

Why can’t people just live and let live rather than pushing their own agenda down people’s throats and blanket-insulting them at the same time.

Chris Squires

My post is aimed at Dean, that point might get lost in the way the posts align.


Why so angry? If you want to buy it, buy it – if you don’t, don’t! There’s plenty of stuff out there that would be a waste of money for me but I don’t have a problem with other people spending theirs on it.

Also, I must say that gripes about a vinyl fixation sound a little strange coming from someone who once owned “thousands” of LPs – or must we all “upgrade” now because you’ve decided to??

Steve Rickard

They are angry because they probably missed out on buying the first few releases (which now go for silly money). I bought Starman for £12 at time of release, and the follow ups from HMV for around £6 each. The price rises with each release, are they worth it ? No, but I will still buy them to complete the collection. I thought I would never pay more than £5 for a 7″ single, I have every release of this series, and like other collectors, the record companies know we will pay.

Paul H

Why do I buy them?
As someone who missed the first one (and the American “1984”) it’s not the money, they are barely worth much more than I paid. (set of 15 recently went for £192.00 at a reputable Auction house).
I will also never sell them. They will probably go to the kids who will have no interest / idea what they have and dump them.
Not to play them. Have you tried listening to a picture disc?
I buy picture discs to enjoy looking at from time to time and the pleasure of knowing I own them. They are still sealed and sat in a flight case out of the way.
My only concern is that if they carry on until Lazarus I will by then be in my 90’s (if I last that long) so may not complete the set.
Hope this explains another point of view.

Mike the Fish

Picture discs can sound fine – there’s often some surface noise/rumble where there’s no music, but the sound of the actual music can be (and often is, in my experience) nice.

David |S

It sounds like you are a tad bitter after prematurely dumping your vinyl. That might not be the case, but that is what it reads like.

Mr x

How about the isolar II footage David hemmings shot at earls court?
(I was seated right next to where the desk was set up – added an extra dimension to the whole experience!!)

Bassel Hassouna

yay!!!! ISOLAR II limited vinyl for RSD 2018 followed by a CD release two months later (I’m just guessing!!!)

Ben Williams

And I bet you’re bang on right as well! And I hope it happens too! Would love a complete Live In Berlin on CD.