David Bowie / Bowie Legacy


A new David Bowie compilation, Bowie Legacy, will be released in November which includes all the familiar hits, one unreleased track and brings things up-to-date by including two singles from Blackstar.

Available on CD, 2CD deluxe and 2LP editions all versions of Bowie Legacy will include a previously unreleased version of one of David’s best loved songs Life On Mars, newly mixed by it’s original producer Ken Scott.

Bowie Legacy uses lots of single mixes, of interest to collectors will be the radio edits of both Lazarus and I Can’t Give Everything Away (the latter is 2CD only) neither of which have been commercially released on the CD format.

Bowie Legacy is released on both CD editions on 11 November, with the double vinyl edition coming later on 7 January 2017.



  • 1/ Let’s Dance (single version) (4.08)
  • 2/ Ashes To Ashes (single version) (3.35)
  • 3/ Under Pressure – Queen & David Bowie (4.04)
  • 4/ Life On Mars? (2016 mix) (3.37)
  • 5/ Changes (3.35)
  • 6/ Oh! You Pretty Things (3.11)
  • 7/ The Man Who Sold The World (3.58)
  • 8/ Space Oddity (5.12)
  • 9/ Starman (original single mix) (4.12)
  • 10/ Ziggy Stardust (3.12)
  • 11/ The Jean Genie (original single mix) (4.05)
  • 12/ Rebel Rebel (4.30)
  • 13/ Golden Years (single version) (3.27)
  • 14/ Dancing In The Street – David Bowie & Mick Jagger (3.11)
  • 15/ China Girl (single version) (4.15)
  • 16/ Fame (4.16)
  • 17/ Sound And Vision (3.03)
  • 18/ ‘Heroes’ (single version) (3.33)
  • 19/ Where Are We Now? (4.09)
  • 20/ Lazarus (radio edit) (4.05)



  • 1/ Space Oddity (5.12)
  • 2/ The Man Who Sold The World (3.58)
  • 3/ Changes (3.35)
  • 4/ Oh! You Pretty Things (3.11)
  • 5/ Life On Mars? (2016 mix) (3.37)
  • 6/ Starman (original single mix) (4.12)
  • 7/ Ziggy Stardust (3.12)
  • 8/ Moonage Daydream (4.40)
  • 9/ The Jean Genie (original single mix) (4.05)
  • 10/ All The Young Dudes (3.09)
  • 11/ Drive-In Saturday (4.29)
  • 12/ Sorrow (2.53)
  • 13/ Rebel Rebel (4.30)
  • 14/ Young Americans (original single edit) (3.14)
  • 15/ Fame (4.16)
  • 16/ Golden Years (single version) (3.27)
  • 17/ Sound And Vision (3.03)
  • 18/ ‘Heroes’ (single version) (3.33)
  • 19/ Boys Keep Swinging (3.17)
  • 20/ Ashes To Ashes (single version) (3.35)
  • 21/ Fashion (single version) (3.25)

CD 2:

  • 1/ Under Pressure – Queen & David Bowie (4.04)
  • 2/ Let’s Dance (single version) (4.08)
  • 3/ China Girl (single version) (4.15)
  • 4/ Modern Love (single version) (3.56)
  • 5/ Blue Jean (3.11)
  • 6/ This Is Not America – with The Pat Metheny Group (3.51)
  • 7/ Dancing In The Street – David Bowie & Mick Jagger (3.11)
  • 8/ Absolute Beginners (edit) (4.46)
  • 9/ Jump They Say (radio edit) (3.53)
  • 10/ Hallo Spaceboy (PSB Remix) – with The Pet Shop Boys (4.23)
  • 11/ Little Wonder (edit) (3.40)
  • 12/ I’m Afraid Of Americans (V1 edit) (4.25)
  • 13/ Thursday’s Child (radio edit) (4.25)
  • 14/ Slow Burn (radio edit) (3.57)
  • 15/ Everyone Says ‘Hi’ (edit) (3.29)
  • 16/ New Killer Star (radio edit) (3.42)
  • 17/ Where Are We Now? (4.09)
  • 18/ Lazarus (radio edit) (4.05)
  • 19/ I Cant Give Everything Away (radio edit) (4.25)


Side 1:

  • 1/ Let’s Dance (single version) (4.08)
  • 2/ Ashes To Ashes (single version) (3.35)
  • 3/ Under Pressure – Queen & David Bowie (4.04)
  • 4/ Life On Mars? (2016 mix) (3.37)
  • 5/ Changes (3.35)

Side 2:

  • 1/ Oh! You Pretty Things (3.11)
  • 2/ The Man Who Sold The World (3.58)
  • 3/ Space Oddity (5.21)
  • 4/ Starman (original single mix) (4.12)
  • 5/ Ziggy Stardust (3.12)

Side 3:

  • 1/ The Jean Genie (original single mix) (4.05)
  • 2/ Rebel Rebel (4.30)
  • 3/ Golden Years (single version) (3.27)
  • 4/ Dancing In The Street – David Bowie & Mick Jagger (3.11)
  • 5/ China Girl (single version) (4.15)

Side 4:

  • 1/ Fame (4.16)
  • 2/ Sound And Vision (3.03)
  • 3/ ‘Heroes’ (single version) (3.33)
  • 4/ Where Are We Now? (4.09)
  • 5/ Lazarus (radio edit) (4.05)

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[…] revealed some interesting sales figures. For example the seemingly superfluous Legacy compilation of 2016 (it had only been two years since Nothing Has Changed, after all) still sold 138,000 copies in […]

Andrew McMeekin

Welcome to My World says every Fan of Donna Summer, Roxy Music, Lou Reed/VU, etc etc ?
The reason for this release is more than obvious – It will $ELL !
Have a look at the 67th (!) Collection from Donna Summer-s Estate and count yourself lucky(geddit) ?
She recorded songs with Bruce Springsteen that neither sets of fans have ever heard a whiff of.
At least the Endless Bowie tat Looks well made most of the time.
I’m embarrassed to say how many times I tried to buy a vinyl version of hers as every inner sleeve was spilt & torn, yet some 40 year old sleeves are still genuinely Mint !
Just say no.

David Simon

Being unable to resist purchasing this, despite owning it all already, I have to say that I really like the artwork throughout the booklet. It uses chunks of, generally two, album covers to make a new image. Perhaps better than it sounds!


What a waste! Bowie Has so Many great Songs and they put Dancing in the streets in this thing!

elliott buckingham

life on mars 2016 mix has removed the drums and brought the strings to the front of the mix


Enough of this…BRING ON BERLIN!!


I just heard the 2016 mix of life on mars on spotify… the mix consists of removing guitars and drums, and the piano outro. Poorly done

Paul Murphy

Bowie Lethargy



Marcus André

Awful and poorly made cover. Maybe I’ll buy the 2cd edition.

Wayne Klein

Don’t believe this will be joining my collectin as its missing key soundtrack/single tracks.


Another greatest-hits compilation. There are already so many greatest-hits compilations of David Bowie. This one is unnecessary. I would recommend “The Singles Collection” (2cd / 1993) or “Nothing Has Changed” (3cd / 2014). Both compilations are better then this one.

Instead of this compilation, I would like to see a deluxe version of “Heroes” and “Low”.

Matteo Leoni

I don’t like the sleeve.
I’ll wait for the next useless “Best of”, probably in 2018 with a useless brand-new mix of something, and see.


How is the cover “dreadful”?

Stephen Davison

What dubious money-grabbing nonsense. The cover is dreadful, David would not approve I’m sure.

Derek Cornish

No US release?

Paul English

I’ll buy this for the couple of radio edits I don’t have.

I hate when compilations like these include album versions rather than single mixes. Can’t understand the hatred towards single mixes being compiled.


Me too, on both counts – the single versions are usually how most people first came across those tracks. At one time most Hits/Best ofs did stick to the singles, these days its rather more hit and miss – excuse the pun! – and to my mind absolutely shouldn’t be. The album versions will always live on their place of origin, the single versions deserve a home too ;)

Dennis Cattell

Still no Laughing Gnome? Why am I not surprised? I think those early years ought to be represented, if no Gnome then at least by songs of the calibre of London Boys or Love You Till Tuesday.


The 2010 reissue of ‘David Bowie’ was marketed by UMG, Bowie’s present deal is with Parlophone. Maybe they don’t have the rights to all first album related material? I don’t know.


Ok, just checked, there’s ‘Silly Boy Blue’ on ‘Nothing Has Changed’. So they probably don’t want anything earlier than ‘Space Oddity’ on such type of compilations. That’s why ‘Nothing Has Changed’ is superior for me.


No one forces anyone to buy this so I don’t mind the potential money-grabbing thought behind this compilation, but as others have pointed out I just don’t understand why John I’m only dancing was left off once again.


I’d like to see a compilation of all hus soundtrack songs. Theres probably enough for 2 cds.


Not sure how I feel about this compilation. I was mighty disappointed when I noticed some of the really poor editing on Nothing Has Changed, so maybe this compilation will rectify that issue. I didn’t even know there was a radio edit of Lazarus, although I assumed there was one made for I Can’t Give Everything Away as the video version is shorter.

I was really hoping for a deluxe edition of Blackstar to round off the year, but it seems we have this instead. Oh well, there’s still a few months left….

Mr X

So they want me to buy an inferior collection that anyone could compile themselves? No thanks, I’ll stick with a playlist I pulled together of the same in 10 minutes (and not the single edits)


I LIKE THE COVER! I don’t understand the title though! Is it “Bowie Legacy” or “Legacy”?! I think it is interchangeable and I think intentional BECAUSE there seem to be many releases for many years now that just focus on his last name because it is his stage name. Kind of going for the one name thing, Madonna, Prince, Tina, Cher…John Cougar Mellencamp. Maybe not the last one so much, eh. Plus I would say the one word title is more the standard title as to not only utilize that idea and concept (of a one word title) but also because having the name “Bowie” in it is not so important to its concept as the “ChangesBowie” compilations.

So what is the point of this outside of making money and encouraging the public to buy the studio l.p.s and whatever other product? Believe it or not if you want to step into the madness with me I can explain this as well as certain other artists’ compilations that SOMETIMES seem endless (and are) and unnecessary (and are) but in truth (at least on SOME level) can and do meet a purpose sometimes (and have some reasoning and logic to them). Sometimes they do fill a vacuum, demand, and concept) that is not currently being met (or to be more exact at their time of release even) BUT to be more specific I would say in this case with Bowie it was decided to come up with a compilation that utilizes the two c.d. format and concept that covered his hits from throughout all of his lifetime. While not complete of ALL of his hits as that would be impossible on two c.d.s for him it does do what previous compilations did not. For example while people may (and justifiably so) point out “Nothing Has Changed: The Very Best Of Bowie” was only two years ago and only one studio l.p. has been released since then the purpose of the two c.d. version of that was that the more extensive a compilation is the less it will sell…in theory. Or is so understood in the industry. Hence why while “Nothing Has Changed: The Very Best Of Bowie” was a three c.d. set it also received a two c.d. version. That annoyed me both at the time and since then BUT I have come to realize it (the two c.d. version) did and does (again on some level) serve a purpose. I do think the two c.d. version will hopefully go out of print at some point down the road…I think. Then again it does serve some purpose and on some level does promote the more extensive three c.d. version.

I have also realized some interesting things concerning compilations…especially generic and budget ones. That is that they can and do go out of print over time. In that case some and certain compilations I would say on SOME level are justified for their releases. As it is again on some level does not everything go out of print over time?! Remember the physical music stores are GONE for the most part in comparison to just a few years ago so some things are by default are at least not as accessible as they one were in some ways…at least for those who do not have the internet or are not reliant on it as much as other people.

Then there is the situation of why not re-release what ever in an extended form? For one that may, probably, and I hope will still happen with Bowie’s compilations BUT this again exemplifies and fulfills the idea and concept of this being a compilation that covers a more wide array (in theory I guess and think) than others previously done in the two c.d. format and again still offering a single version for those who cannot or are not as willing to purchase the more extended two c.d. version. As I’ve said before I imagine that there are lawyers and whatever forces and powers that be that would like a product that has already been sold to continue to sell as much as possible before resorting to other means such as unreleased and or new material. At least concerning original recordings or versions similar to them I suppose.

With all of that said I think some exciting compilations can still be done with Bowie in the future concerning the concepts of “best of’s” and “hits” compilations! I think a latter years one could be done that is two c.d.s covering 1995-2016 and even a different one c.d. set (not an abridged version; or maybe an abridged one c.d. version would meet that purpose perhaps). I also think a far more extensive program of hits could be done from only the years he was alive as a series of two c.d. sets that are non sequenced in release order and hopefully would have maybe three new songs on each…

Before all of that I think that a box set of “ChangesBowie” should be done that covers only the years that the 1990 compilation did. I think it should have within it “ChangesOneBowie”, “ChangesTwoBowie”, “ChangesThreeBowie”, AND “ChangesFourBowie” with each one being two c.d.s long! I think that “ChangesThreeBowie” could be released individually at some point down the line years later and “ChangesFourBowie” could be only available and remain in just the “ChangesBowie” box set! In this case I think if there could be three unreleased songs in each one of those sets that would be great as well! I would say that I think having “ChangesOneBowie” and “ChangesTwoBowie” cover the same track listings before extra tracks are added onto them from only the time periods they cover. “ChangesThreeBowie” and “ChangesFourBowie” could simply cover the year after those releases. I do not think that Tin Machine songs (from” Tin Machine I”) should be included in this though. Probably including the classics “Time Will Crawl” and “Never Let Me Down” would be a great idea since nothing from that studio l.p. was included initially anyway. There was probably some reasoning behind that at the time besides time space and any sort of dislike for that project. This probably goes with some sort of idea of not including too much material that was from a recent period at that point of time. This would also be in order to entice the customer to still have to resort to purchasing those products individually and probably to continue pushing the sales of those items as much as possible without tapping into them any more than they had to since they were more recent than the others.

With reference to a sequel to “Nothing Has Changed: The Very Best Of Bowie” in particular being the idea and concept of “Everything Has Changed” I think that that is a bad idea BECAUSE the idea and concept of that title is already used within the compilation’s (“N.H.C.”) artwork. That was the point and jist of the title and concept of the project AND David’s life, artwork, career, and what have you already contained within it. The main thing I would say that “N.H.C.” could have done differently is give fifty thousand more pictures (even artwork) and more liner notes that are not so tiny. As well as an extensive essay or two or few. (Again that would not have such tiny print.) Otherwise I think it serves its purpose for what it was at the time. I can’t believe someone such as David Bowie who has probably been photographed more than most any other human beings had virtually nothing in terms of photos and images contained in the inserts for that release. I mean that compilation by those standards allow the questioning of it being a generic and or budget compilation on some level I would say. I would imagine all re-releases in the future could and should contain at the very least a more extensive booklet with TONS of photos, some degree of artwork, as well as information (liner notes, essays). If not a hardcover book to be honest. I am prejudice against paperback books personally and would a thousand times over prefer a hardcover book. On top of that a hardcover slipcase if the concept of the box set was based off of it being a hardcover book. Much like the massive box set for Freddie Mercury released in the year 2000 entitled “The Solo Collection”.


Spot on…l think the logical concept of multiple volumes of CHANGES as double cds would be great. I like your suggestion that post 1990 the CHANGES concept be dropped and another double cd or so be developed. There’s also room for a well curated Tin Machine comp. Maybe l am a product of a middle-class(ness) but l am a firm believer of the educate/ cultivate ethos.
There are many facets to Bowie’s extensive back catalogue and now is the time to seriously educated and cultivate.


They should have called it “Always Cashing-In The Same Star”…


Looks more like a budget compilation, to be honest.

elliott buckingham

the dbl vinyl is released on my birthday so a prezzy for me


Well, all the obvious “Why is yet another Bowie compilation necessary?” comments have been made, so I’ll just sign my name, and move on.


Unbelievable… what a farce


keeerching, keeerching


What the hell ? And an awful cover too boot !
Where’s a complete multi volume comp in chronilogical order of all his singles and greatest hits. This is just lazy arse shit put together by record company number crunchers.

Ian B

I suppose it’ll appeal to who it appeals to; we’re all alleged adults who can make our own minds up as to whether a particular item is worth purchasing or not. I don’t especially need four separate versions of Sgt. Pepper (German picture disc, Canadian marble vinyl, 70s stereo black vinyl and 80s CD) and yet there they all are in my collection. Why? Because I wanted them when I saw them. I’ve got Bowie’s output from David Bowie (Space Oddity) to Scary Monsters, mostly on the bog standard CD remasters from 1999 and don’t feel the need for any more. Well, maybe deluxe releases of Low and Heroes, should they occur. If other need to chase down every single release as if they were so many leaping, ginger-haired, pirate-patched Pokemon, then that’s their business.

Anyway, some kid might receive Legacy as a Chrimbo present; could be life changing for them.


It’s aimed squarely at casual music listeners, the sort of people who buy a few CDs from supermarkets every year. But good point, it could indeed be a life changing present if some kid gets a copy for Christmas.


Wile it’s not very tempting, I will probably buy it, but wait until I can get it used.

Couldn’t they have pulled together a collection of non-album stuff? Soundtrack cuts, b-sides, alternate mixes? Maybe they could have done a live compilation of singles from various tours like Eurythmics and Erasure have done.

Better yet (in my opinion), how about a compilation of original 12″ versions?

THOSE are sets I would be preordering no matter the price.

Richard Allen

I’m really disappointed to see Bowie’s estate to allow this to happen.

They could have just about got away with this by updating/revamping the Nothing Has Changed best of(s) by retitling it “Everything Has Changed” (to reflect the lyrics of “Sunday” from the Heathen” album), and adding the additional newer tracks, and maybe switching in & out a few of the tracks on the previous compilation, by bringing in the likes of “John I’m Only Dancing”; “Beauty & The Beast”; “Cat People”; etc.

But this just seems tacky Elvis Presley unsatisfactory cash in territory. At this rate in 20 years time there will be a duets album, with a bunch of acts the equivalent of Radio 6 Music & Pitchfork are raving about; etc reworking Bowie’s output with his voice duetting with them; etc.

…. still at least there is the potentially (still to be confirmed) positive news with it looking like December 2nd will be magic again for Kate Bush fans and the long awaited release of “Before The Dawn” …..


Actually the Kate Bush album is due for release on 25 th November. Great news finally.

TJ the DJ


Johnny Feathers

Oh man, a companion/sequel set called “Everything Has Changed” is a pretty brilliant idea. Even I might have gone for something like that, just based on the title/concept.

Jay Kranz

ya I think that could have worked. swap radio edits with album versions swap out some album tracks with others you could probably almost make a completely different (at least different versions) tracklist which could be interesting. make the art a bit more classy and as a sort of memoriam type release.

Mic Smith

Given the recent releases of a revamped S+V box set, the 3CD Nothing Has Changed compilation and the previous attempts at chronicling Bowie’s career in what are on the whole excellent collections (Singles, Platinum Collection and Best of Bowie) this looks like a very underwhelming compilation offering very little exclusive material unless they have sorted out the clumsy edits that plagued Nothing Has Changed. I think I’ll see how marketplace prices stand on release……

Jim Edwards

Never have I seen such a depressing release. As a BowieBoy I will be keeping well away.


Bowie’s catalog is turning into Elvis Presleys- more compilations than actual releases.

Jamil Ahmad

Well said, Dean… I totally agree with you!


I never bought Nothing Has Changed, but for me the 2CD version of Legacy is better than the 2CD version of that.
I really like Slow Burn and Lazarus which are both on this and I absolutely loathe that boring Sue track. If this included John I’m Only Dancing and Buddha Of Suburbia and had great artwork/packaging this would be a perfect compilation for me.
And why do they keep including All The Young Dudes? We all know that Bowie wrote the song, but the Mott The Hoople version is far superior and a solid gold classic Glam anthem.
Lets wait and see. The cover is crap but maybe the rest of the packaging will be great..


Of course his catalogue is not too wide for such a project, just look at the Bob Dylan box set.
Live albums are a different beast to studio albums. A complete studio albums box set should be just that, even if split between two boxes. Does anybody really need 4 CDs of David Live as part of the latest box? And the 5 years box had 5 CDs of of the Ziggy album one way or another, remixed, two different live shows of the album etc.
There is far too much filer in those boxes. All of the live albums could have been released in their own box set, but they knew full well that they wouldn’t have sold.


And the ridiculous decisions about Bowie’s catalog continues.

I mean seriously, WTF?

As a huge Bowie fan I guess it hits me harder, but with so many excellent releases coming from other artists, this mismanagement of Bowie’s discography just beggars belief. It was sad enough to lose the man, but to be subjected to a slooooowly released set of boxes which are pretty much useless, and now this….

Over the years I have bought every Bowie release as it came out, buying and rebuying titles over and over again. But at this time, after we lose the man, I’m drawing the line. I won’t pay good money for this. I’ll invest more cash into Bowie’s legacy when the creators of this content appear to actually put some thought into it, rather than giving the impression they’re sitting around the boardroom table figuring out how to milk his audience. Hell, the even got the cover art wrong on this one, they should have cropped the Ziggy shot to show the left hand side of the face, the later shot on the right. Whatever……..


I agree, I usually buy most things Bowie but stopped a couple of years ago as I just had so much of pretty much the same thing.
I decided to give the new boxes a miss, far too much filler and padding out with useless live albums. I will maybe buy them once they dip below the £50 mark, which they surely will do.
Like someone mentioned earlier I would like a complete studio albums box set, the Roxy Music one is fantastic, I wish they would just copy this.


It is what they are doing with the box set series. Roxy Music have just 8 studio albums, hence they’ve put out a single box.


The Roxy Music box is called complete studio recordings, and that is exactly what it is, all of their studio albums + 2 CDs of non album singles etc. The Bowie box sets are nothing like that, there are 5 CDs of live material on the latest box alone.


Bowie catalogue is too wide for such a project, Roxy could do that because they only have 8 albums and a handful of extras, they struggled to fill two discs with all single edits and alternate mixes. Also Bowie live records have a status of regular albums in his discography, ‘David Live’ has no less importance than its contemporary studio albums, so it’s hard to imagine a Bowie definitive collection without them. In fact I think the better option with Bowie is to get the single studio albums remastered, and leave stuff like the Ziggy 2003 mix or ‘The Gouster’ to rich completists.


I can’t possibly imagine who this is aimed at,sad collectors [like myself [lol] that have a physiological need to get everything] because surely the casual record buyer would have brought ‘The Best Of Bowie’ or ‘Changesone’ or ‘Nothing Has Changed’ or…..ha ha ‘Shilling the Rubes’.And this crap about an unreleased track,not another mix of ‘Life On Mars’ when they could have included the original demo,but i suppose that’s being saved for a future release.And why aren’t the single mixes of ‘Fame’ & ‘Rebel Rebel’ included?Now where’s that order link?

Jay Kranz

so compared with the 2 cd nothing has changed it is all the same except different life on mars young americans may be the original mix, slow burn instead of boys keep swinging (interesting that it would shift focus ever so slightly to latter days bowie) and the two new singles instead of love is lost and sue.

interesting that the single disc has the same first 3 tracks as the nothing has changed single disc guess they like that sequence. also starman to rebel rebel is same sequence.

on the plus side I never bought the 2 disc version of nothing has changed so I suppose when this thing is in the bargain section I might grab it. but pretty blah.


Boys Keep Swinging is on both compilations…

Jay Kranz

and just noticed I misread it does include boys keep swinging… also why is ashes to ashes put in front of fashion surely ashes to ashes closing the first cd is about the best thing a bowie compilation can do?

Jay Kranz

nothing has changed 2 disc was ostensibly chronological as well and had it that way. guess it at least shows the new set isn’t a total clone but seems a little swap like that for the artistic reasoning is a good thing.


I know that Bowie reissues and stuff will be plenty in the years to come, but I wonder who’s in charge for something like this compilation to be released. Bowie owned his back catalogue, but now who decides to put out another greatest hits, and even commissioning a new mix of an old song? Is it all up to label’s management or is Bowie’s representatives decision? I just wonder who gave green light to this.


There seems to be nothing “Deluxe” about the 2xCD edition.
It appears to be as cheap looking and lazily compiled as the 1xCD edition.

Toni Hernandez

In my opinion the best and most complete compilation of bowie still is ” The Singles collection” of 1993!

Paul Murphy

I always liked [and still do] the Sound & Vision set. A nice mix of the good, the live and the rare. Really one is looking at something aimed to the ‘Xmas present for Mum/Dad’ market here. The previously unreleased ‘Life On Mars?’ is presumably the version that was shortlisted for ‘Hunky Dory’ until the timeless “that’s the one” became the one [an acetate of the alternate sold at auction in about 1998 I think it was]. Opinions are like bellybuttons – we all have one but few hold much water – but for my two shillings, I think that ‘Drive In Saturday’ is one of Bowie’s best, I have to agree with R Winchester [never thought I’d type those words], the single version of ‘Young Americans’ is an edit of the bridge too far, and I can’t help gnashing my teeth that the live TOTP ‘Jean Genie’ hasn’t been included here.


I liked the Best of Bowie more, although the fact that some racks only appeared in certain regions of the world made it more of a pain to buy (yes, I have three different ones!), but kept the US Ryko one for the continually overlooked 7″ edit of DJ. Hopefully that will make the next – presumably Berlin-era – box set at last.


Never mind this…where are the individual remasters from the WCIBN set??!!

Owen Concannon

I’ve been searching it for weeks and still haven’t seen a thing about it. They’ll have even more of my money when the Berlin boxset comes out anyway…

Steve W

Why would anyone want the single edits only. And as to a remix of Life On Mare – what is the point? Bizarre.


Why could they of not just updated ‘Nothing Has Changed’? seems too soon to do another best of especially when we’ve already had a re-issue of changesone bowie….

Johnny Feathers

I can’t blame them for cranking out a compilation this year. I’m sure this will appeal to someone–just not me. I picked up Nothing Has Changed soon after his death, and other than some really bad song edits, it’s probably the last career retrospective of his I need. It at least had several songs I didn’t have yet, some really nice packaging, and as artistic a tracklist and concept as I’ve seen in one of those.

And heck, I still have the Ryko ChangesBowie one, which was my introduction to him.

Brian Kelly

What no Little Drummer Boy/Peace On Earth?
Sorry had to say it.

CJ Feeney

Now that Bowie has gone and his discography is effectively complete we can have a definitive career overview, but I don’t think this is it. It looks like a rush job compared to Nothing Has Changed with it’s well selected cover shots. The edits of the Blackstar singles are tempting, but I think I’ll pass on this.