David Bowie / Boys Keep Swinging 40th anniversary 7″ picture disc

Parlophone’s series of David Bowie 40th anniversary seven-inch picture discs continues with a reissue of his 1979 single ‘Boys Keep Swinging’.

The single was the first from 1979’s Lodger album and saw the musicians in the studio swapping instruments after a deck of Brian Eno’s ‘Oblique Strategies’ cards had suggested ‘reverse roles’. So guitarist Carlos Alomar played drums and drummer Dennis Davis played bass.

The A-side features Tony Visconti’s rather good 2017 stereo remix of the song, which was previously only available in the A New Career In A New Town box set.

The AA side features I Pray, Ole which was a bonus track on the original 1991 Rykodisc reissue of the album. This hasn’t been issued on anything else since then and didn’t feature in the 2017 box set (and there we were thinking the label had forgotten all about the existence of those bonus tracks!).

‘Boys Keep Swinging’ will be released on 17 May 2019. ‘DJ’ is next.

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David Bowie

Boys Keep Swinging (40th Anniversary Picture Disc) [7" VINYL]



Side A

Boys Keep Swinging (2017 Tony Visconti mix)

(David Bowie, Brian Eno)

Produced by David Bowie & Tony Visconti

Mixed by Tony Visconti at Human Studios, NYC, 2017


Side AA

I Pray, Ole

(David Bowie)

Produced by David Bowie & Tony Visconti

Mixed by David Bowie & David Richards, 1991


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[…] released on 28 June 2019. The price in the UK should come down to £9.99 before the release date. ‘Boys Keep Swinging’ is due before this and is released on 17 […]


Lovely – When are we going to get something ‘new’ by him ?

No Plan

I love these releases. I’m the first to complain about prices and cash grabs, granted – but for a tenner these are lovely collectibles and make terrific gifts.
I have put clock mechanisms in a few of these picture discs and they always impress.
The No Plan vinyl makes for an excellent clock.
Of course one can always play the disc as intended?

Paul I’m intrigued, which artist has refused to release CD’s?

Antonio Cunha

Truly wonder who really are going to buy these? If Bowie was still alive these kind of editions wouldn’t be released. Endless boxes and editions, all very ugly and massproduction materials lacking any sort of soul. Tood bad. I wouldn’t accept these for free even.


I am hopeful that at some point, these 40th anniversary disc AA sides get their release on a CD set. I’m not alone in hoping for that. There is a lot of good stuff here already, with lots of wonderful stuff still to come. Plus there are 4-5 of the early ones I don’t have.

I buy about 70% Cd / 30% Vinyl. I buy all the Bowie stuff on both formats, whatever is released, including the annual mammoth box sets, plus the Glastonbury sets (which sounds amazing). I’ll probably buy Diamond Dogs on red vinyl, although it is a bit superfluous. Part of me is starting to think why do I need it all? I’ve got enough to keep me satisfied and entertained for the rest of my life. Part of it is the thrill of the acquisition. The first listen, even if it’s repackaged old stuff. It’s fun to handle new product!

Jim Brown

Having read all the comments below, I’m surprised that no one has mentioned the elephant in the room. These single sound awful. What is the point of putting out rare mixes and hard to get tracks on picture discs? They are noisy and intended purely for decoration. I have every one of the releases with the exception of the first two and I think I have played perhaps two of them all the way through. I love the idea as much as the next vinyl collector but it might be nice to have a link to a download file or even as has been mentioned a CD version made available.

Sean Tanner

Well said that man


Why not spend your £10 on something by a contemporary artist who needs the exposure?


Just sayin’, Paul. I’m a big Bowie fan and a collector myself. And i’m not saying “thou shalt not” but suggesting an alternative. These endless reissues of stuff people already have in superfluous formats? A 7″ single for £9.99? Leave me out


You know as well as i do that Parlophone (only a label of the vast conglomerate Universal) are only ‘committed’ for as long as they continue to sell. There’s little justification for selling a 7″ picture disc for ten quid even with today’s economics. I’m sure this point has been brought up before but i didn’t realise it was a pre-requisite to plough through comments on previous reissues before expressing an opinion


Yeah another vinyl only edition i wont buy. They could Add CD single to IT and i could buy IT for sure…


Love the image but the Visconti remix is lousy and isn’t 40 years old


Fair point! Still don’t like the mix though…

Tom Walsh

Wow, cheaper in the UK than in other territories….there’s a first.


Isn’t there a day goes by without another Bowie or Neil Young re-release ?
Just a comment because I know how many fans of both are out there.
Just personally can’t see what all the fuss is about !
Ouch, waiting for the backlash of die hard comments….


“I pray, Ole” for the first time on vinyl ? Bring it on ! ;)

Ian Skelton

I Pray Ole is a bizarre choice for b-side as it’s generally accepted that little, if any of it originates from the Lodger sessions at all!


I’m never going to shoot down people’s joy over vinyl, even if I don’t share it. But as a CD buyer, it’s beginning to feel a bit like we’re being forgotten by the record companies when it comes to collectibles. Record Store Day didn’t seem to offer ANYTHING for CD buyers this year, even though previous years have featured exclusive albums, demo collections, live sets, etc.

I realize that this is much like what the companies did to vinyl buyers at the beginning of the CD era–CD-only bonus tracks, non-vinyl releases, etc. I don’t think that was any more fair then than the reverse model is now.

The thing is, I’m pretty sure there’s still a viable market for physical media, even in a download age. But much of what used to drive my purchase of physical media either is disappearing or has disappeared. Other than Pet Shop Boys, I don’t thing a single act of the literally thousands I collect has released a CD single for at least five, if not ten, years. Artists who I used to be absolutely rabid about–like Tori Amos–because in addition to their albums there were singles with three, four, even five new songs on them, now drop a new album and then seem to disappear on tour. No single remixes, no b-sides, no maxi singles, no EPs–everything has gone download, and when it comes to downloads, if it’s the only way I can get the music, I totally cherry pick. If I don’t like a version, I don’t buy it. When there were discs, I didn’t care if there was the potential that I might dislike every mix on it, I still bought it.

I agree with Tippy, if we’re–for whatever ridiculous reason–not going to get the Rhino tracks even on the lavish five-year box sets, then someone ought to round them up and put them out either as a collected set or even EPs. It would also be a good way to solve the issue for some fans that we didn’t get “Too Dizzy” in any form in Loving the Alien.

Dear record companies–there are still plenty of us out here who are completists, but if you aren’t going to give us everything, we’re going to continue to complain. Ill-will is the last thing an industry that claims to be “struggling” should be fostering in its prime clients at this point.

Nigel D Day

Depeche Mode still release CD singles and rather nice double 12”s. I’m not completely bowled over by the material but at least they’re still releasing these formats!

Think New Order might release singles still as well.


OMD and Erasure as well (still release CD singles)


CJ I fully understand anybody’ s frustration at being deprived without justification of a product they are interested in. And I appreciate very much your fairness in remembering how vinyl lovers were treated some thirty years ago at the beginning of the CD era.
But just so as I understand better: do you actually like the CD as an object? Or is it a format you require because that is the way you play records at home or in the car or with a portable?
In other words are your reasons more practical or more passionate/sentimental?

Because I personally am crazy for the vinyl as an object (I am no audiophile, for instance) which contains my favourite music, and I find it hard to see any charm in the CD…
In any case, I read you.


Wonderful comments. I couldn’t have said it better myself. This is not the time to be playing record-collectors and CD-collectors off against eachother – they should be one and the same on a team battling against the download market. Release everything on CD as a vinyl and everything on vinyl as a CD and watch the physical market flourish again!


So many new vinyl pressings are just CDs in wax today. They are not analogue heaven by any stretch. I still buy CDs because in a decent system the sound better and for me the sound is all , original release for vinyl only is the way to go. A lot of reissues are frankly little more than eye candy.


Hey Paul

I’m going to double down on CJ’s comments.

It is beyond ridiculous that one of my all time favorite artists, Elton John, has released two spectacular live releases from the vaults the last two years, (expanded 11/17/70 and Moscow this year), but because I’m not a vinyl guy, I can’t have access to them?

This is completely insane. Completely.

If they want to honor record shops with special limited releases, have at it! All day long. All week long. All year long. I’m just as big a nerd collector as you’re going to find so I can appreciate the exclusive mature of some of this stuff.

But I don’t do vinyl. Not 33 1/3. 45. 78. I also don’t do reel to reel, nor cassette, nor 8 track. And I’m old enough to lived through all of those formats.

All I want is a CD or BLU RAY audio. But for some reason, now we are the dinosaurs that are excluded from some of this stuff….

Not sure if there’s any “tractionable” point to this rant. But since this is the web site I spend most of my time on, and you are a fellow physical media nerd, I figured I’d add my two cents to the pot in case you care to add perspective.



Sounds like a former member of The Smiths… (am I close??)

Sean Tanner

Well said that man


I want to cry too. 40 years!. The first Bowie record bought after watching the Kenny Everett show on TV.
“I pray,Ole” is a very worthy B side, but “Fantastic Voyage” on the original 7″made my 11 year old jaw drop, and I’ve been hooked since.


What would really impress me is if the label made some proper effort. All of the ‘bonus tracks’ from that campaign which were unavailable elsewhere should be rounded up and put out as an album (of however many discs)… Some of that stuff is essential.


Ouch. I Pray Ole. Not one of the better Ryko offerings. Should’ve had a shot of Bowie & Kenny Everett’s Angry of Mayfair on one side.
Forty years. I want to cry.

Wayne Klein

Actually I feel I Pray Ole is a pretty good song but I think it had significant overdubs finishing it for the Rykodisc release.