David Bowie / Breaking Glass Live EP / 40th anniversary 7″ picture disc

Parlophone’s 40th anniversary David Bowie seven-inch picture discs will continue in November with a Breaking Glass Live EP that features four previously unreleased tracks.

This new version of the EP features three previously unreleased live versions of the original EP tracks (‘Breaking Glass’, ‘Art Decade’ and ‘Ziggy Stardust’) plus the addition of an unreleased live version of ‘Hang On To Yourself’.

All the songs were recorded at Earls Court in London during the Isolar II tour of 1978 but aren’t the same as those on Welcome To The Blackout (Live London ’78) album – they are alternative performances.

This Breaking Glass EP is released on 16 November 2018.


Side A
1. Breaking Glass (live) (3.22)
(David Bowie, George Murray & Dennis Davis)
2. Art Decade (live) (3.12)
(David Bowie)

Side AA
1. Hang On To Yourself (live) (2.38)
(David Bowie)
2. Ziggy Stardust (live) (3.35)
(David Bowie)

+ – + – + – + – + – + – + – + – + – + – + – + – + – + – +

All tracks previously unreleased.

Produced by David Bowie
Recorded live by Tony Visconti with The Manor Mobile
Mixed by David Bowie and David Richards at Mountain Studios, Montreux 17th-22nd January, 1979.
Recorded Live at Earls Court, London, 30th June and 1st July, 1978

The images used on the picture disc are by Masayoshi Sukita (A-Side) and Andrew Kent (AA-Side) taken during the Isolar II tour of 1978.

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Ian Hartley

Does anyone have a link/ list of all the releases so far in the series? I am sure I have missed a couple and the Discogs listing looks annoyingly incomplete. Many thanks.

Steve W

Hmm.. not for me but thanks for letting me know.

Annabel Lecter

Just imagine if the back catalogue was left alone, with no new titles or no box sets, compilations or deluxe editions of past, loved recordings.

There’d be a lot of grumbling about neglecting an artist with such a legacy. But no – we have a new four track EP, celebrating forty years since the original release debuted and there are complaints.

Honestly. It seems like some folk go looking for things they can get cross about, instead of focusing on the things they like.

If I read a review from Paul on an item that I’m not that keen on, I just don’t purchase it. I can also move on with my day without leaving a cutting review of the record I won’t be indulging in.

Please remember that everything you write is read by the site owner/moderator – Paul – and how depressing it could be, on occasions, to see nitpickers going on and on about stuff that should really be a speck of dust in your day, not a plank of wood.


Delighted with this release. No nitpicking from me! Keep up the good work Paul.


Wow. I can’t believe it’s a legit release. It looks like a bootleg.

Carsten Schaefer

I love the Bowie pic disc series. And honestly: I can’t understand the complaints here about those versions not being the same as originally released. So now we get 4 NEW-ish songs. We can all listen to our original versions and rejoice in these 4. Okay, prying the record out of a plastic sleeve CAN prove difficult. We’ll have to see how this pans out. But other than that: brilliant release – and image. Thanks, Paul, falettin’ us know about it. I just have one question (not having read all the comments yet): will these tracks also be released on CD? Or maybe the show they come from? That would be extra-special.

Michael McA

If the 4 tracks are all different from the original 1978 release (which had 3 tracks) then it’s not a ‘40th anniversary’ release – it’s a different ‘EP’.

And while I’m here – could they really not have included ‘Welcome To The Blackout’ in the ANCIANT box set? (2 versions of ‘Stage’? yeah – cheers for that!)

Michael McA

Is that not what this section of your site is for?


The 40th anniversary singles have never been beholden to replicating original b-sides. most of the b-sides have been newly released or previously rare content. Only a few have replicated the original b-sides (which were usually just album tracks, anyhow), but it is a bit different to have a different version for the a side. But whatever. I doubt it is much different from the Stage version, anyhow. If it is, even better then.

Mic Smith

Great news! The 1978 Live material in my view was Bowie’s peak as a live performer. I did wonder if they’d give us more from the Perth show but a different Earls Court show is fine by me.


Stage still stands up to Blackout though. Especially the DVD-A version.

Jim Breeds

Thanks Paul. Basketed! (Well, I can’t say “Bagged!” for an online purchase, can I?


I wish that all of these picture discs would also be released on CD.

Euan Shanks

Thanks for coming up trumps again Paul. Really love bowie. The photos of the ep look fabulous. Can’t wait for this to come in the post. Really appreciate your hard work.

Steve Redford

First tour I saw him on.


There is old wave
There is new wave
And there is DAVID BOWIE

Keep the Faith

Richard Simpson

7″ with 4 tracks on it … that will sound terrible. Not that you’ll be able to play it cos you can’t remove it from the sleeve without breaking the sticker. And those lovely people at Parlophone don’t seem to feel the need to provide a download for these things. I must admit though, these are some nice looking picture discs. Sigh!


@Richard Simpson:
They are all short tracks. The longest I’ve seen on a 7″ was New York City Serenade from Springsteen clocking in around 10 minutes. 6.5 minutes on a side won’t degrade the quality much – if any.


Hopefully it will run at 33 rpm


The sticker confirms it’s 33⅓ RPM


How can lower RPM improve sound quality?

adam shaw

This is a nice addition to the Blackout album from earlier this year . It suppases Stage by a mile . The version of Station to Station from Blackout is stunning.


Agreed – Welcome To The Blackout renders Stage completely redundant.



Kevin Wollenweber

This sounds real good for David Bowie vinyl fans. I hope these are identical cuts to those already on CD, although this says previously unreleased. This certainly sounds like a collectors item that I wish I could have. Kevin Wollenweber
Hike in Wollenweber

Mr P

ooh, gotta have it! my favourite Bowie tour.