David Bowie / Clareville Grove Demos

The David Bowie Clareville Grove Demos seven-inch vinyl box set, which contains home demos recorded in 1969, is now up for pre-order.

These demos were recorded in 1969 in David’s flat in Clareville Grove, London and the recordings feature David performing as a duo with John ‘Hutch’ Hutchinson.

Songs include a demo of ‘Space Oddity’ (which was previously on the 2CD deluxe of the Space Oddity/David Bowie album), ‘Lover to the Dawn’ (an early version of the same album’s ‘Cygnet Committee’) and a demo of ‘An Occasional Dream’.

Worth jumping on a decent UK pre-order price of £26, which is a more palatable than the £40 Spying Through A Keyhole set, although of course the Clareville Grove set contains only three seven-inch records, not four. Still, £14 cheaper!

Clareville Grove Demos will be issued on 17 May 2019.

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David Bowie

Clareville Grove Demos [VINYL]


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David Bowie

Spying Through a Keyhole [VINYL]


Single 1

Side A

Space Oddity

Now featuring the final lyrics, this version of the demo first appeared on the long deleted Space Oddity 40th Anniversary 2 CD release, and is now making its debut on vinyl. It predates the 2nd February Morgan Studios recording that featured in the Love You Till Tuesday television film.

Side B

Lover To The Dawn

This song aimed at a former lover would eventually morph into Cygnet Committee recorded for the David Bowie (aka Space Oddity) album later in the year.


Single 2

Side A


Previously recorded in October 1968 by the trio Turquoise featuring David, Hermione and Tony Hill (who became Feathers when Hutch replaced Hill). David and Hutch continued to perform the song as a duo following Hermione’s departure.

Side B

An Occasional Dream

Slightly different lyrically to the later album version, this version of the demo also first appeared on the deleted Space Oddity 40th Anniversary release.


Single 3

Side A

Let Me Sleep Beside You

A studio version was first recorded in September 1967 but remained unreleased until The World Of David Bowie album in 1970. The song was later recorded in session for the BBC in October 1969 and was a song David clearly believed in, recording it once more for the unreleased Toy album 30 years later. That version finally saw the light of day on the Nothing Has Changed 3 CD set in 2014.

Side B

Life Is A Circus

A cover of an obscure song written by Roger Bunn recorded by vocal/instrumental quartet Djinn. Vocals are shared Simon and Garfunkel style by David and Hutch.


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Really enjoying this boxset of 45’s, much more so than STAK simply because of the sound quality. Highlights of this set for me are “Ching-A-Ling”, “Let Me Sleep Beside You” and “Life Is a Circus”. Really great to have this period of Bowie on an official release.
Now if Parlophone could onlyplease follow suit and release “The Mercury Demos”on a boxet of 5 45’s I’ll happily give you £40!

[…] ‘Life Is A Circus’ (an earlier version of which is also on the not-yet-released Clareville Grove Demos set) and the Lesley Duncan composition ‘Love Song,’ (later recorded by Elton John for […]


An answer for Brian, concerning the RSD: The only DB related item listed in the brick & mortar record shop not far from where I live, is a reissue of “The world of David Bowie” compilation.

Dave H

I didn’t see Holy Holy at the Palladium but I went to see them at the De La Warr Pavilion, Bexhill On Sea on Sunday night. For those who don’t know this is the band named after the Bowie single ‘Holy Holy’ featuring Tony Visconti on bass and Mick ‘Woody’ Woodmansey on drums. It also has Glenn Gregory of Heaven 17 doing the vocal duties (I look forward to hearing the interview as well).

The evening was a great celebration of David Bowie’s early 70’s years and featured the band playing in sequence two albums back to back, The Man Who Sold The World followed by The Rise And Fall Of Ziggy Stardust.

The musicianship was excellent, three guitarists to capture the sound of the albums with Tony Visconti’s talented daughter playing acoustic guitar and Saxophone. Glenn Gregory didn’t attempt to mimic Bowie’s vocal style but only on the odd occasion did he sound like Steve Coogan doing a Bowie impression.

Anyone who wants to see the last remaining living member of the Ziggy era band plus Tony Visconti on bass, I fully recommend going to see them while they’re still touring.

As for the encore there was a suprise selection as the band played Where Are We Now? from The Next Day, a quite emotional choice. It was followed up by three Bowie classics Life on Mars, Changes and Rebel Rebel.

Martin Dudley

Speaking of Bowie, did I see you Paul at last night’s Holy Holy show at the Palladium?

Martin Dudley

Review to follow?

Martin Dudley

Hope you enjoyed it… (I’m working on the tour)

Mic Smith

Have preordered on Amazon because my preferred online retailer isn’t yet listing this. However with concerns over Amazon packaging I may cancel and move my order to the other retailer.


Still no word about what’s up for RSD releases. Surely a few more Bowie gems within that!


Listening to Bring Me the Disco king the other day one line leaped out as a prescient comment ,”soon there ll be nothing left of me,nothing left to release”-except the MWFTE soundtrack perchance?!

Chris Lancaster

Ordered, and quite happy with £26 for three 7”s, even if they will no doubt get a CD release at some stage. I for one am happy to see these early demos getting an official release.


Funny how The Laughing Gnome gets so much bad press when Ching-A-Ling exists.


or Over The Wall We Go…!!!!

Noel Fitzsimons


My comments are not appearing, what’s to do?

Keith P Young

Many thanks Paul pre ordered

Jorje Chica

No US preorder yet. Hmmm

Noel Fitzsimons

Any news on this years box set 1989 onwards?


Only that these boxes are normally announced in July…

Phil H

Just preordered on Amazon France. Thanks for the info. ;)


Are any of these releases due to be released on cd? Are they even “official” releases? Looking at the large number of cheap, “unofficial” Bowie releases flooding the online market, maybe the company behind this release is finding it more profitable to sell as an overpriced “novelty” vinyl set than a single cd?


To be honest, looking at the artwork and tracklisting, it would never have guessed it was actually a parlophone release! Is it something to do with 50 year copyright limits or whatever?


Sorry Paul! I was reading it whilst skiving at work so wasn’t giving it my full attention. My fault!


None. Right?

Sean L

Plenty of bootleg sites out there Adey, this definitely isn’t one of them !


Sean, I wasn’t in any way implying that this was a “bootleg” site in any way, shape or form. There are so many “semi- official” Bowie releases being sold by reputable companies such as amazon, and even my local hmv, the lines really do seem to be blurred and these “semi- official” releases must be legal, otherwise they wouldn’t be in hmv or legal online stores. I used to work at hmv years ago and know how strict their guidelines are!


When using the term “unofficial”, i meant it in the sense of being a legal release but not released by Bowie’s “official” record company. I own the “early days” cd on the rhino label, and “love you till tuesday” cd on the pickwick label, both could be considered by some people as “unofficial” in the sense that they weren’t released by Emi or whoever was his label at the time of their releases on cd, but imho neither would even be considered to be “bootlegs”

Sean L

Well said Paul ! The continuous criticism of these re-issues really isn’t warranted on multiple pages of the site, if your interested buy if not just pass. If it wasn’t for Paul keeping me up to date about releases I would have missed out on some spectacular box sets at great prices.


Ordered, but will see if it is cheaper on Amazon.ca before it is released, but I have to have this. Love this period.

Andrew Fall

Another ‘wesawyoucoming.com’ production.