David Bowie / Conversation Piece box

5CD box set covering 1968-69 era • Demos & radio sessions • New mix of Space Oddity album (available separately) • Previously unreleased tracks

This year, Parlophone will not move into the 1990s and issue a fifth ‘eras’ box set in their continuing David Bowie reissue programme, but will instead release a five-CD box set called Conversation Piece that focuses on Bowie’s early development throughout 1968 and 1969. This set will feature home demos, BBC radio sessions, a new 2019 mix of the Space Oddity album and more…

The first thing to say is that everything on this year’s vinyl box sets – that’s Spying Through A Keyhole, Clareville Grove Demos and The ‘Mercury’ Demos – is featured on Conversation Piece. Parlophone did say at the time that these tracks would end up on CD.

Additionally, there’s 12 previously unreleased tracks/demos from the period, as well as the new mix of the Space Oddity, by the album’s original producer, Tony Visconti. This new mix features the song ‘Conversation Piece’ restored to the track listing in its initially intended position, before it was originally dropped due to time constraints of vinyl (the song wasn’t wasted, it ended up as the B-side to Space Oddity follow-up The Prettiest Star).

Visconti has this to say about his new 2019 mix of the Space Oddity album:

“It was so much fun to find hidden gems of musicianship with more time to mix the second time around, a guitar twiddle here, a trombone blast there, Marc Bolan’s voice in a group choir and more detail in general that we overlooked all those years ago when the label gave us a week at the most to mix this album. And in the details you will find 22 year old David Bowie, who would soon take the world by storm.”

This five-CD box also includes the 1969 mix of Space Oddity, although, interestingly, the label have opted for the 2009 remaster as opposed to the 2015 ‘Five Years’ version because that version was mastered to be as close to the 1969 vinyl as possible, whereas with the 2015 version that wasn’t the goal.

The discs are packaged within a 120 page hardcover book which features exclusive images of memorabilia from the personal collection of David’s former manager, the late Ken Pitt, as well as photos from David’s archive and others by Ray Stevenson, Vernon Dewhurst, David Bebbington, Ken Pitt, Alec Byrne, Tony Visconti and Jojanneke Claasen.

The Conversation Piece 5CD box set. Click image to enlarge.

Sleeve notes are by Mark Adams, Tris Penna and Kevin Cann and there are contributions from George Underwood, Tony Visconti, Vernon Dewhurst, Dana Gillespie and John ‘Hutch’ Hutchinson.

The 2019 mix of the Space Oddity album will be made available separately on CD and vinyl and both come in a special die-cut sleeve. Sadly, Parlophone is persisting with the ‘random’ vinyl concept (used for the CHANGESONEBOWIE and CHANGESTWOBOWIE reissues), since this new vinyl edition of Space Oddity will be pressed on silver, gold and black vinyl and there’s no way of knowing before you order, which one you are getting. How cool is that? (answer: not very).

The standalone Space Oddity 2019 mix comes in a die-cut sleeve (CD also)

The coloured vinyl features hand-numbered labels with silver numbered 1 to 1969 and gold 1970 to 2019. The black vinyl isn’t numbered. Such a blatant attempt to get fans to buy the same record more than once leaves a rather sour taste in the mouth. It also means Parlophone are creating unnecessary work for retailers (I am one!), who no doubt will have to process refunds as fans receive the colours they don’t want. They really need to ditch this concept.

The Conversation Piece five-CD box set will be issued on 15 November 2019. There is no vinyl version, for fairly obvious reasons. SDE understands that it’s not the end for the ‘eras’ box sets and fans can expect Tin Machine and the 1990s albums to be treated similarly to the 1970s and 1980s, at some point.

Conversation Piece 5CD box set

Titles marked * are unreleased and the two Decca tracks presented here are released in superior quality to that released on the Deluxe Edition of David’s self-titled debut album on Deram. There is also a rare appearance for the full length mono version of Feathers’ ‘Ching-a-Ling’.

CD 1 – Home Demos

April’s Tooth Of Gold (2.29) *
The Reverend Raymond Brown (Attends the Garden Fête on Thatchwick Green) (2.15) *
When I’m Five (3.18) *
Mother Grey (3.00)
In The Heat Of The Morning (2.59)
Goodbye 3d (Threepenny) Joe (3.19)
Love All Around (2.49)
London Bye, Ta-Ta (3.31)
Angel Angel Grubby Face (version 1) (2.31)
Angel Angel Grubby Face (version 2) (2.37)
Animal Farm (2.21) *
Space Oddity (solo demo fragment) (2.39)
Space Oddity (version 1) with John ‘Hutch’ Hutchinson (4.02)
Space Oddity (version 2) with John ‘Hutch’ Hutchinson (5.00) *
Space Oddity (version 3) with John ‘Hutch’ Hutchinson (5.10)
Lover To The Dawn with John ‘Hutch’ Hutchinson (3.50)
Ching-a-Ling with John ‘Hutch’ Hutchinson (2.58)
An Occasional Dream with John ‘Hutch’ Hutchinson (2.49)
Let Me Sleep Beside You with John ‘Hutch’ Hutchinson (2.54)
Life Is A Circus with John ‘Hutch’ Hutchinson (4.50)
Conversation Piece (3.47) *
Jerusalem (4.19) *
Hole In The Ground with George Underwood (3.29) *

CD2 – The ‘Mercury’ Demos with John ‘Hutch’ Hutchinson

Space Oddity (5.28)
Janine (3.53)
An Occasional Dream (3.18)
Conversation Piece (3.31)
Ching-a-Ling (3.35)
I’m Not Quite (aka Letter To Hermione) (4.00)
Lover To The Dawn (5.01)
Love Song (4.08)
When I’m Five (3.13)
Life Is A Circus (5.33)

CD3 – Conversation Pieces (Mono)

In The Heat Of The Morning (Decca mono version) (2.51)
London Bye, Ta-Ta (Decca alternative version) (2.36)
BBC Top Gear radio session with the Tony Visconti Orchestra, recorded 13th May, 1968
– In The Heat Of The Morning (3.01)
– London Bye, Ta-Ta (2.39)
– Karma Man (3.07)
– When I’m Five (3.14)
– Silly Boy Blue (4.32)
Ching-a-Ling (2.51)
Space Oddity (Morgan Studios version – alternative take) (4.22)* with John ‘Hutch’ Hutchinson
Space Oddity (U.K. single edit) (4.42)
Wild Eyed Boy From Freecloud (single B-side – mono mix) (4.54)
Janine (mono mix) (3.23)
Conversation Piece (3.06)
BBC Dave Lee Travis Show radio session, recorded 20th October, 1969
– Let Me Sleep Beside You (3.20)
– Unwashed And Somewhat Slightly Dazed (4.03)
– Janine (3.03)

CD 4 – 1969 stereo mixes

The original David Bowie (aka Space Oddity) album (2009 remaster)

Space Oddity (5.14)
Unwashed and Somewhat Slightly Dazed (inc. Don’t Sit Down) (6.51)
Letter To Hermione (2.32)
Cygnet Committee (9.31)
Janine (3.21)
An Occasional Dream (2.54)
Wild Eyed Boy From Freecloud (4.46)
God Knows I’m Good (3.17)
Memory Of A Free Festival (7.09)

The Extras

Wild Eyed Boy From Freecloud (single B-side stereo mix) (4.56)
Letter To Hermione (early mix) (2.32) *
Janine (early mix) (3.23) *
An Occasional Dream (early mix) (2.54) *
Ragazzo Solo, Ragazza Sola (full length version) (5.14)

CD 5 – 2019 mixes (all previously unreleased)

The Space Oddity album

Space Oddity (5.20)
Unwashed and Somewhat Slightly Dazed (6.18)
Letter To Hermione (2.32)
Cygnet Committee (9.28)
Janine (3.21)
An Occasional Dream (2.57)
Wild Eyed Boy From Freecloud (4.50)
Conversation Piece (3.11)
God Knows I’m Good (3.16)
Memory Of A Free Festival (7.14)

The Extras

Wild Eyed Boy From Freecloud (single version) (4.59)
Ragazzo Solo, Ragazza Sola (5.20)

Spaced Oddity 2019 mix vinyl LP

Side 1
1. Space Oddity (2019 Mix)
2. Unwashed and Somewhat Slightly Dazed (2019 Mix)
3. Letter To Hermione (2019 Mix)
4. Cygnet Committee (2019 Mix)

Side 2
1. Janine (2019 Mix)
2. An Occasional Dream (2019 Mix)
3. Wild Eyed Boy From Freecloud (2019 Mix)
4. Conversation Piece (2019 Mix)
5. God Knows I’m Good (2019 Mix)
6. Memory of a Free Festival (2019 Mix)

Space Oddity 2019 mix CD edition

1. Space Oddity (2019 Mix)
2. Unwashed and Somewhat Slightly Dazed (2019 Mix)
3. Letter To Hermione (2019 Mix)
4. Cygnet Committee (2019 Mix)
5. Janine (2019 Mix)
6. An Occasional Dream (2019 Mix)
7. Wild Eyed Boy From Freecloud (2019 Mix)
8. Conversation Piece (2019 Mix)
9. God Knows I’m Good (2019 Mix)
10. Memory of a Free Festival (2019 Mix)

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Aleks Spectre

A great boxset, a perfect voyage into the SPACE ODDITY era. I’m so glad this edition comes out. Even the new 2019 mix is really interesting, a new approach without denatured the original Now I waiting the same treatment for “THE MAN WHO SOLD THE WORLD”.
Hope in the wind?

Dave H

Since HD Tracks has all the recent David Bowie remasters in Hi-Def quality, why is it the music buyers who purchase “the box sets for fans who love holding the music in their hands” have to be left with CD quality audio and having to fork out again if they want to listen to music in HD.

Since a single layer blu-ray can hold 25gb of data, why can’t these box sets add a bonus disc with everything in HD for those who want to hear the best possible available version and have it on a disc rather than having to download it and add value for money to these box sets.


Just opened the CD version and haven’t had a listen, but the box set itself is amazing.

I’m sure there’s going to be an unboxing video from Paul soon enough.

This is the box set this album deserves.

Tim Barton

Just got mine and went straight to the 2019 mix of Space Oddity after listening to the track on the 1969 mix. Now giving the former a full listen, and I can say that my reservations about yet another pricey box and having Space Oddity again so soon after the previous anniversary edition have given way to pleasant shivers of approval!

Tony has done a fine bit of work on this-there is depth in this mix that certainly tops previous remasters. Space Oddity itself is something new, yet familiar. The spectacular fizzlin out fade is almost 3-dimensional, and the sense of floating David was likely after is more successful in this mix than in any I have heard to date.

Most importantly, this is an album that has earned an update, and now sits above a couple of my other early Bowie favourites. I’ve not got to the other discs yet, but I am looking forward to that-and the hard-bound volume of info with loads of period photos is beautiful.

I will still hold onto to my Ryko remasters, my EMI and Toshiba-EMI reissues, but this one! This does the album justice!

Can we now get a Man Who Sold the World box? That would be a nice addition to these celebratory Bowie reissues.


Thanks Tim – was totally curious about the sound quality of this latest release so glad to find your impressions here. This site has great updates and details of upcoming releases but it’s great to also see reviews of actual product like this as well. Much appreciated!


Just realizing that the gold variant is going to be a super rare collectors item since there will be only 49 copies (1970-2019) wow!!!!


1970-2019 is 50.


To be honest,I am not really into colored vinyl. Bought two now and was wondering if there is a way to tell which color the vinyl has without opening it? Thanks in advance!

george c

Nearly £90 for an album I bought in 1970 for 50p. It was residing in the bargain bin of a local record shop in Durham. Brand new too! Probably no chance of finding this box set at a bargain bin price in 12 months time.

Tom M

“Space Oddity will be pressed on silver, gold and black vinyl and there’s no way of knowing before you order, which one you are getting. ”
Not a problem for me. Gold and silver are my least favorite vinyl colors, not very gold or silver looking.


Gareth, Somebody has to say it … “Parlophone must be laughing all the way gnome!”

Gareth Jones

I don’t mind the idea of a random coloured vinyl, if you know you’ll either be getting silver or gold. In America the vinyl version of the Monkees Christmas album was available in independent record stores as random red or green vinyl, and black was sold in non-independent shops like HMV.

I feel that is fair and a good way of keeping Indie shops alive. Also the average colour vinyl lover probably wouldn’t be too angry whether they get red or green, or in Bowie’s case silver or gold. But standard black vinyl certainly should not be amongst the random choices when you order a copy. Parlophone must be laughing (gnome) all the way to the bank.


Awesome set! Let’s hope HUNKY DORY and LOW also get the same treatment. I would love to hear demos, rough mixes, and the original Subterraneans recorded for the TMWFTE soundtrack as well as Wheels and anything unreleased that was recorded at the Chateau and Hansa in 1976

Goodie Andrews

Why couldn’t the record company release the box set in the same format as the other David Bowie box sets? I think this new format is kind of cumbersome.


I do not recall any other Bowie album yet getting a more than 2cd deluxe treatment… apart from the live album stuck with Station to Station. So this is a first of sorts.


Also looking forward to a “Low’ super deluxe edition (2027?) hopefully featuring the rough mixes Bowie got from Tony Visconti before heading to Berlin.


@Mark – Low was recorded in France, do you mean mixes recorded there but taken away to Bowie’s flat in Berlin?

Silvio Farquhar

So where da gnome song thag maka my papa laff so much in 1973, besta song by Ziggy Stardust, he sing so bootiful on gnome song, maka mi cry.
Where da Joe Dolce boxa set?
Shudd uppa ur face classic song ina my countree, musta bee soo much moor ina volt, iffa Joe Dolce masta tappa not burn wiv uvva in fyre in Loz Angles.
Joe Dolce & Dayvid Bowie maka unreleesed elpee in 1981, calleda shudd uppa ur face u didactic despot.

Makka da boxset or shudd uppa ur face.


Please tell me Silvio is a real person LOL

Timm Davison

I’m with you! I want every comment to be from Silvio.


A Tin Machine live album Live at La Cigale, Paris 1989 has been released on September, 1. Digital only. Where is the logic in that?


Hey, Paul. With the intel you have, would you be able to elaborate on the dimensions of the book/packaging? From that photo, it looks like it could be ‘White Album’-sized. As far as you know, is it likely to be that big?


I really dont Want to say IT aloud, but i’m afraid that long postponed Low super deluxe edition gonna be released in 2027 then…and of course i was waiting for next box covering Bowies 90s album but it wont happen too. Im kinda sad


Hmm… For me, this is interesting-ish at best. I am curious to know if the BBC sessions included are complete ones. Any Bowiephiles have any insight on that?

Neil Wilkes

They are both indeed complete – see details at the illustrated discography (which even includes the bootleg releases) where it states the following:
Top Gear (13-05-68)
Aired on 26-05-68 and repeated on 20-06-68. Performed by David Bowie and the 14 piece “Tony Visconti Orchestra”, including Herbie Flowers: bass; Barry Morgan: drums; John Mclaughlin: guitar; David Bowie: vocals and guitar; David Bowie, Tony Visconti, Steve Peregrine-Took: backing vocals; unknown string players. Produced by Tony Visconti. Recorded were:

In The Heat Of The Morning
London Bye Ta-Ta
Karma Man
When I’m Five
Silly Boy Blue
but the last song was not broadcast. ‘When I’m Five’ was released in 1982 as B-side of the ‘Love You Till Tuesday’ outtake on the DREAM DM 100 bootleg single. As it was used in 1969 for the “Love You Till Tuesday” film, the song in 1984 officially appeared on its soundtrack and ultimately on the Deluxe Edition of David Bowie. The other songs appeared for the first time on Bowie At The Beeb.

Dave Lee Travis Show (20-10-69)
Broadcast on 26-10-69. Performed by David Bowie and Junior’s Eyes: David Bowie: vocals and guitar; Mick Wayne: guitar; Tim Renwick: guitar; John Lodge: bass; John Cambridge: drums. Produced by Paul Williams. This session featured:
Unwashed And Somewhat Slightly Dazed
Let Me Sleep Beside You
‘Let Me Sleep Beside You’ and an accompanying short interview with Brian Mathew (both featured on the “Bowie At The Beeb” broadcast) have been issued on the BBC Sessions 1969-1972 Sampler. The complete session, taken from the unreleased NMC BBC 3CD set, has appeared on Kiss The Viper’s Fang (EDB 002).
The official Bowie At The Beeb CD has the same interview plus ‘Let Me Sleep Beside You’ and ‘Janine’. In 2009, the entire session was included on the 40th Anniversary Edition of Space Oddity.

So thanks for the sessions, but these are nothing new to fans.
Where this set scores is as follows:
1 – the remix of the album by Tony Visconti. What I have heard fills me with hope.
2 – it drops the dreadful Ray Staff remaster, which tries too add a modern bass heavy sound on a folk album. Madness.
3 – the recent 7″ vinyl sets are all included, although how badly it has been mastered remains to be seen. That said, I have of course pre ordered in all formats, mug that I am (and even more so when you consider I also have the various vinyl releases too).


Here’s what I have read from Steve Pafford website (he wrote Bowie Style) about what’s next from the Bowie estate & why Tin Machine box is not next.

With Tin Machine at least one other member wants 25% of royalties.

Estate is focusing on releasing box sets of the 5 individual albums up to Diamond Dogs.

Sound & Vision is also being reissued. Plus concerts from 1990.

Neil Wilkes

So another cash grab, but I will doubtless buy them all.
Doubtless the 1990 shows will be the much bootlegged Milton Keynes Bowl from August 5th and the 15/16 May Tokyo Dome show as both of these have known video shoots as well (again, much bootlegged)

Personally, I just woosh the Estate would do this properly and give us High Rez Blu-ray editions, including surround mixes. Where is Ziggy at Hammersmith? it was filmed, so exists in 24fps which is globally playable and sounds great turned up load with Tony’s 5.1 mix in a cinema so get it on a disc instead of the truly ghastly AC3 version we have on the DVD.


And here we go again… I recently picked up the beautiful Paul Smith splatter vinyl edition of Space Oddity and now I have to buy yet another copy – probably my 9th or 10th! It’s a different mix with (slightly) different track listing so that’s not too bad but the coloured vinyl wheeze is bloody annoying. I took a risk on Changes1 and got lucky but felt it safer to buy Changes2 on eBay at an inflated price to get a coloured LP pressing… which I guess I will do this time. No wonder the Mrs despairs of me!

As for the demos although I bought them all on vinyl they did indeed say they would be on CD too which is great because they are fantastic – I can play them in the car now since I haven’t got an in-car record deck like Keith Moon…yet. Do such things exist?

Chris Squires

indeed they do, it was on these very pages a year or so ago (longer than I imagine – maybe three years ago) where the subject came up and someone posted a youtube link to this, there are a couple of videos that highlight the phenomenon of in-car record decks.


Are you watching Rega? No, didn’t think so.

John McCann

Eh, David as youv probably got it nine or ten times already then you dont have to buy yet another copy,youv got enough my friend,go and buy a Captain sensible cd instead (the collection is a good place to start) the cap needs your cash a lot more than Bowie’s estate,love and peace your old pal John.


I think this is great for the right person who is amassing a complete collection. It is wonderful that Parlaphone is emptying the vaults for hardcore fans. To bad that other artists don’t do the same (Are you listening to us Rolling Stones?). This is a bit overpriced & I have not bought any of the Bowies Boxes since exclusive content is minimal. I have 188 Bowie discs as it is & this is not my fave record so I will pass. For completists try collecting promo Ryko cassettes if you are up to it. They sound great but 6 years into it I only have 7. Cheers!!

Steve W

My initial raction to this was anoyance that it meant no Years boxset this year (probably) and irritation that they were releasing more early stuff.

However, after thinking about it I like the fact that it includes the eary Hitch stuff anf would like to hear the new Space Oddity mix so… Yet that price is still a BIT too high so will need to work until it becomes a bit cheaper. Not quite the ripoff I initially though then.

Duncan Day

I’m rather happy with this as I avoided all those 7” single boxes as I had a suspicion that a release like this would appear at some point, so this is a no brainer and early Christmas present for me. Helps that I’ve a fondness for this period in Bowie’s career so it should be a blast going through the disks. Yeah, very happy here :)

Brice B

Same here Duncan Day, agree with you !


How is it “obvious” as to why this new box set is not being released on vinyl?! I don’t get it. That would be great if it were. What’s the deal?

Martin Kilroy

Beginning to feel so milked, I’m growing udders!


I wouldn’t mind the vinyl edition, but UK price is DOUBLE to that in the States. Rip off.

Paul Taylor

Once you add shipping and import fees deposit it comes to nearly $33, so not much different. I’d probably rather pay slightly more for the convenience of ordering in the uk for returns and the like

Neil Wilkes

Sad sod that I am I will buy this both on CD as well as the HD download versions as I am a completist & need for the collection.
Where are the Blu-ray editions though?


Looks fine but I’m not interested in this issue. It’s not worth the money. I’m still waiting for the next “Era” Box Set in 2020. No Bowie this year. So I have a better argument for the Pink Floyd box with my wife. ;-)


Love Bowie, love Space Oddity and would love to have this but not at this price. I’ve no interest in the book and its a shame they saw fit to include something that not a lot of fans want. As has been mentioned before they should take a leaf out of the Prince book and sell this at a reasonable price. Instead Ill be monitoring my future SDE emails for a decent offer on this set, until then I’d be happy to stream this.


Whilst not my favourite Bowie album I do love the Hutch stuff so will definitely be getting this since it’s on Cd. Too expensive though and that vinyl is way too much.
I was hoping for a proper sde for the 50th but feel this should have a DVD. Love you till Tuesday, for instance, is an important part of this period and is oop and minimum £25 used. Plus there are a few other performances too.

Julian Hancock

Whether or not the set is good value and/or worth having is for individual purchasers to decide. I suspect the reality is that unless there is sufficient margin, it simply isn’t worth the bother producing these sets. In that sense it’s no different to any other business.

That said it does seem ironic that nowadays people pay top dollar for what are often cast-off recordings. Forty years ago, if these things ever got an official release, it was usually at a ‘special price, i.e. cheap since it was considered of lesser value.


All I can say is Bowie fans should be grateful they are getting so many boxes! Sure theyre not cheap but hey. Just be glad.
*cut to me complaining tomorrow

graham cooksley

Strange that the vinyl / cd version is being rebranded as Space Oddity once again rather than ‘David Bowie’ yet the box version is a different title altogether, if they were / are planning a run of similar for the early albums it would make more sense to do it by official album title and make it a SDE


A self titled album is a bit rubbish when searching the net or any site for a purchase.
David Bowie- David Bowie is not as specific a search as David Bowie “Space Oddity”.
Calling “Conversation Piece” “Space Oddity” too would be confusing as well, so I understand why they’ve chosen this new way to title it.


I’m looking forward to this – I wanted the demos, but had no interest in vinyl so I passed on the box sets. Happy that they’re finally collected in a CD set.

I would like to see a price drop, but I’ll be waiting a long time. Even if there’s a great deal on Amazon UK or Germany, it never translates to Amazon Australia. On the rare occasions there is a great deal on AmAu, the original prices are so horrendous that a ‘bargain’ price is still eye-watering.

(p.s. The ‘S080s’ CDs arrived safely, many thanks Paul!)


A surround mix of Space Oddity would’ve been nice.


One other thought. Do we really need another Space Oddity mix? How many is that since the original release? Can’t Tony Visconti get it right?

Neil Wilkes

That’s not fair at all – back when this was originally mixed they had (if I recall correctly) either a week or 8 days to mix the whole album, and TV is on the record as saying he always felt it was rushed & could benefit from reworking. From what I have heard so far I am in agreement.
Tony should know – he was there originally, after all.

Mike Fairclough

I thought I had read somewhere that Gus Dudgeon produced the track ” Space Oddity” with arrangement by Paul Buckmaster and Tony Visconti did the rest of the album.


Hey Paul, loads of great new stuff recently. Thanks for keeping us up to date!

Bowie-adjacent question for you… what’s up with the recent T Rex seven inch releases? Two last month and 20th Century Boy (blue vinyl & pic disc) announced. Is this a formal campaign that will continue or just a few one offs?

Michael Fortin

Not my favorite Bowie album. Not even sure if it’s in my top 10 Bowie albums. I will still check out the one disc Tony Visconti remix. I was blown away by his Lodger remix. The demos are OK, I checked them out on streaming and I think I can do without a physical copy, especially at $100 as the price is now.

Wayne Klein

I would mind just the remix album but I’m concerned about how his albums have been mastered by and for Tony Visconti. I’m really interested in the demos but not enough to pay that price for an album I’ve purchased multiple times.


I’d have posted re. my ambivalence to this release earlier if I could have stopped yawning long enough.
Huge Bowie fan but SO is one of his least inspiring albums… It simply isn’t that good. Endless demos of the same few tracks don’t make them better songs.
No problem with this now coming out on CD as it was always said the content would at some point. If you’ve got your vinyl boxes and you’re happy, great. If you feel ripped off as there is yet more content in this box set I’m sorry for you… But did you expect things would pan out radically differently? Honestly?


Wonderful, amazing, looking very much forward to this! I don’t get all the negativity. Yes, the price is a bit steep, but for me this is far more interesting than a box set containing the Tin Machine era stuff. Well, tastes are different…

Wayne Olsen

When are they releasing the unedited all-kazoo version of “Letter to Hermione” recorded at the Glasgow Festival of Art and Peace?

David Bly

I believe that Glasgow are holding the tapes hostage until Parlophone agrees that all copies will come with their own Bowie clan kilt and his family recipe for haggis dominating the front cover, and also a ¼ size silver, gold, or black replica of the Paisley Cenotaph…


I am not really a Bowie fan of such but I am really hoping this general boxset nonsense stops soon. I am someone who DOES buy boxsets (The Beatles recent releases) but am extremely cautious with what I purchase. Its such a shame The Beatles Abbey Road wasn’t released as a triple gatefold vinyl like the Anthology series was? What was wrong with those??? NOTHING AT ALL!!
One of the best was when WB Issued the Van Morrison Moondance sessions, correct in that Van did NOT want this stuff release but what I loved about it other than the historic interest, the actual music and the superb clear mixing was that there was no fanfare, no guff, no badges caps & whistles just a fab little (little being the appropriate word in this day and age of over sized boxsets) 5 CD package in a thick card CD sized pack which did NOT take up precious room on my limited shelf space. I think this was also available as a simple 2 vinyl set also…wonderful, simple and knock out killer stuff.

We won’t get into a discussion here about the recent Pink Floyd sets, the Early Years being an oversized monstrous oaf BUT great content…the Later years just not matching anything near the content and hopefully not the size!

I guess this Bowie set is really a book with 5 CD’s so not too bad but I’d rather just have the CD’s with a smaller booklet. I think the boxset generation will start to die out soon and we can hopefully get back to basics and what actually matters…the music! Coloured vinyl? Blimey do me a favour! Plus limited should be no more than 500 as a matter of law :)


*laughs* £85.99 *laughs some more*

Not on yr nelly.

(PS – “The Laughing Gnome” is a great record and cheer yourself up if you think otherwise)


When the day comes that there is no more physical product this will be the cost of the download with no prospect of a reduction in price. Still we can always pay £2oo to see our favourite artist on a screen from the back of a field.


I’ll just download it and make my own cds. Back to the old days!! I’ll get the vinyl album though…now where are my weighing scales??

Steinar Wulfsberg-Gamre

I resisted the vinylboxes earlier this year, and really looking forward to this release!
I really like the new 2019-mix, at least the two released tracks. It’s as good as the Beatles new mixes. I expect similar releases to all the coming 50th anniversary albums!

Nelson Lee

Ha Ha Ha Hee hee hee. I’m a boring box set and you won’t buy me.


They could have fitted it all onto three CDs but that would have involved halving the price! Space Oddity is a fairly unspectacular album and, as is normally the case with most demos and unreleased tracks, hardly anything, if anything at all, will be better than what was originally released. Money for old rope. Like all of the Bowie reissues, repackages, remasters, remixes, etc, I’ll be giving this a miss.


Am I the only one completely underwhelmed by this announcement? Old demos and stuff we already have? I didn’t much care for the previous demo releases either. In fact, I’d much prefer if demos and unreleased stuff post the 80s was released instead.

Later days David is so much more interesting than late 60s stuff, to my ears. Bring on Outside outtakes, Buddha bringings, Tin Machine tangles. Unearth Earthling, show us the minutes of Hours. Let’s see the next next day, the Blackstar universe!

Something new, ffs, not another remastered demo!