David Bowie ‘Mercury Demos’ price-drop

The David Bowie ‘Mercury Demos’ release, which caused outrage thanks to an almost laughable retail price tag has dropped in price on Amazon in the UK by almost 25%.

This set – which features ten early Bowie recordings from 1969 pressed on one single vinyl record – is now £66, down from £86. Far from a great ‘deal’ I think you’ll agree, but at least UK pricing is now a bit closer to the USA price.

The vinyl record comes in a lift-off lid box whose contents also include a print, two photo contact sheets and sleeve notes by Mark Adams.

Talking of this ‘Mercury Demos set’, Jeff Rougvie, who worked with David on the Rykodisc reissues back in the early 1990s, recently, gave his views on this year’s splurge of Bowie vinyl box sets. Well worth a read.

The Mercury Demos is due to be released on 28 June 2019.

Side One
“Space Oddity”
“An Occasional Dream”
“Conversation Piece”
“I’m Not Quite (aka Letter To Hermione)”

Side Two
“Lover To The Dawn”
“Love Song”
“When I’m Five”
“Life Is A Circus”

David Bowie – vocals, guitar and Stylophone
John ‘Hutch’ Hutchinson – vocals and guitar

The LP is mono and plays at 33 1/3 r.p.m.

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Folks, please calm down. We are in the lucky position that somebody takes care of David’s legacy and allows us to encounter material that we all dreamed of while the Master himself was still with us. It’s only money and what else would be worth spending it for if not for David’s brilliant artistic heritage? Of course, the record companies need to make money, that is a matter of fact and it is legitimate as long as the content of the releases is exciting (other than 7″ pictures discs). These issues help to relieve the pain of his early death. That is all that counts.
Thomas from Germany, a faithful follower of Paul’s excellent website.

Freakiest fan

Keep coming with unreleased material, the same people would pay little fortunes to have Outside colored lp’s.Real fans want something more than colored vinyls or even 7″ pictures discs


Why must we be so anal about these releases? Sure, they’re overpriced, but I for one love the packaging and design that goes into them as they aren’t meant to be proper albums. No, I don’t have a lot of love for 7″ at all (prefer the 12″ format instead) but I’m okay with it. I’d prefer that they stick with one format for the sake of it being consistency. Is the estate/record company doing it all with ill intent? That’s questionable, but I’d like to believe they aren’t.

At the end of the day, I can’t help but wonder if whoever decides to release this stuff must be sitting there thinking that there’s no way to please the most vocal part of the fanbase that decides to cry foul the loudest: damned if you don’t release this stuff that fans have been asking for, and damned if you do.


No, “not damned” for “release this stuff” but damned for release this stuff to this exceeded price. You see the difference?!


What? It’s needlessly only available in a format a lot of people don’t care for. It’s over-priced in the extreme. And finally, the pricing in the UK was even WORSE.

Yet you think people are being “anal”? For what, wanting a Bowie release on CD, the prevalent format even today? For good value for their money? For not being ripped off because you happen to live in Bowie’s birthplace?

I don’t know what the person behind the scenes is thinking, but the word “sucker” comes to mind. They need to give their head a shake and stop this ridiculous campaign that alienates a large chunk of Bowie fans for no other reason than that of creating a collectable.


If fans kept on complaining, and refused to pre order it, backsides would start twitching at record company hq, and the price would keep on reducing.
If people are stupid enough to pay ridiculously high prices, greedy record companies will take advantage of them, and charge any rip off price they can get away with.
Its common sense really.

thomas solimine

What will they sell next? Some of Bowie’s hair? Every week I visit this site to see new releases and invariably there is a new Bowie product. Emphasis on the word product because that is all it is. They will drain that catalog for every penny. And the suckers will keep buying it.


No surprise there. Even hardcore fans could see this as mutton dressed as lamb.

Wayne Olsen

This will sell in the dozens now!

Kevin M

Come on Sony Legacy, or somebody: try to get the Bowie rights before we’re all six feet under and before the 1970 era gets this grubby.


Waste of money.
You buy that for a 3LP or 4LP set at a minimum – not a single LP and some junk.


I payed 55$ for the new 4-LP Box Set (Keep on Keepin’ on 1970-1974) by Curtis Mayfield.
The price for the Bowie “Box” is just ridiculous and outrageous


Still 40£ too expensive. 26£ for a single LP and 3 photos is more than enough. How much are the production costs? 10£? Or less?


£29 should be the correct price for this. It’s just an Lp (£19) with a fancy packaging (hence the £10 extra). I won’t be buying until it drops below the £30 limit. (which it will definitely do one day or another).


Below a tenner would about right…


still about £40 over priced, if it came down to below £30 Im sure people wouldnt begrudge that


That’s much better. I’ll take 6.

(NB – not really)


Still not worth the purchase,

Chris Squires

What a brilliant read.
“The Stones are shitting out vintage live shows at a steady pace without asking outsized amounts for them, for instance.”

The man can write.

stephen king

Not hugely surprised that there was a drop as the first recent 7″ box dropped just before release date. The £66 is now a little under some of the other online shops so seems to be the right sort of level of marked up figure based on all having the same dealer price to pay for the stock.
Very interesting Jeff Rougvie article too, so thanks for that.