David Bowie / Sound and Vision 40th anniversary seven-inch picture disc


The latest of the David Bowie 40th anniversary seven-inch picture discs will be Sound and Vision which is due to be released in early February.

Sound and Vision was of course the lead single from 1977’s Low and was an unlikely hit in the UK, reaching number three in the singles chart.


The A-side of this new picture disc features a brand new remaster of the song and it’s backed with the 2013 remix by Sonjay Prabhakar. This stripped back version was originally created for a Sony Experia advert and utilises the original lead vocals and Mary Hopkin’s backing vocal with a new piano part. This will be the first physical release for the remix.

Parlophone are issuing this on 10 February 2017.

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David Bowie

Sound and Vision (40th Anniversary Picture Disc) [7" VINYL]



A-Side Sound and Vision (2016 remaster)
(David Bowie)
Produced David Bowie & Tony Visconti

B-Side Sound and Vision (Sony Experia mix)
(David Bowie)
Produced David Bowie & Tony Visconti
Remixed by Sonjay Prabhakar

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[…] song was the second single from 1977’s Low and was issued in June of that year. Unlike Sound and Vision, Be My Wife wasn’t a hit. In fact, it failed to chart in the […]

Mic Smith

My copy arrived today. It was £4 cheaper Than the pre order price through Amazon but the clear sleeve was folded to fit the envelope and the bottom Seam was split as a result. Typical Amazon treatment. I’ll shop elsewhere next time. Played the AA side and didn’t notice any distortion to be honest. But overall not pleased with how the goods arrived. Anyone ever thought of putting a sticker on stuff that reads “Shopping at Amazon is Killing Music”?

Jim Edwards

Just received my Sound and Vision picture disc. The B-Side sounds horribly distorted. I expect background noise on a picture disc but this sounds like it’s been brickwalled. It’s really badly distorted. Has anyone else had this issue?


The B-side, Sound and Vision 2013, sounds wretched on my copy as well. It’s not the pressing, and I don’t believe it’s the mastering, rather the remix itself is brickwalled. This track is not terribly pleasant to listen to on Apple Music/iTunes either.

Thankfully, the A side sounds wonderful and quiet — which is surprising for a picture disc.

[…] David Bowie / Sound and Vision (seven-inch pic […]


Low is 40 this day. Time to release the 5.1 remix Visconti finished ages ago.

David EAves

The Lady Stardust Pic Disc hasnt appeared yet on the site for sale as it said it would from Sunday.
Anyone able to shed any light on this?


Hi Heinz

An alternativ is to keep the picture disc in a ” 7 inch inner sleeve (Diskeeper 45)”. Preferably anti-static high density polyethylne die-cut 7×7 inches.

I personally take care of the original plastic cover by using a “7 inch outer sleeve”.

The picture disc record in the inner sleeve can then be placed in the outer sleeve.

My method may seem expensive at first hand. But to protect the long time quality and colours in the record, its worthwhile.

The stickers sealing the record, can slowly be opened without breaking. And can be put back after taking out the record.

Try http://www.sleevecityusa.com for some of the products

Most important is that it is not plastic (PVC) or of some acid content.


THANK YOU very much, Jo!!


Unfortunately picture discs can get discoloured / faded when kept in plastic (PVC) or acid record covers. It doesn’t matter how careful you are, or even when the records are not exposed to sunlight.


Hello Jo!
Thanks for your information!

How would you suggest to store them?


Picture discs should be taken out off the plastic and put in a vinyl friendlier cover, that’s if you are serious about the future quality of the records. However, if it is your intention to sell in the near future, some pay more for unopened copies. If not, this is serious risk taking for trying to protect colour/picture discs that way.


Always wondered if picture discs get worn with playing. I mean visible wear, on the surface of the record, so to ruin the picture. Never had one and never will, to me they look just like collectables, suited for display but not to be played.


To all those that answered my original comment: I know that these picture discs have nothing to do with remastered studio albums, schedule-wise, I was reflecting on the fact that individual releases of studio albums are being delayed so much, while all other releases, including another pointless greatest hits, keep coming in. I’m glad to know that there’s rumors of a february release for ‘Diamond Dogs’, ‘Young Americans’ and ‘Station to Station’, but I clearly remember I bought the individual CDs from ‘Five Years’ box on Christmas 2015, so they were out sometime between september, when the box was released, and december, while the vinyl versions were released february 2016. That’s the reason I keep asking for the CDs, because following the scheme of the first box set they should have been already out.

David B

To confirm the individual cds from the “Five Years”! box set came out on 25 Sept 2015 .. ie when the box set came out. I bought them back then on release and was looking forward to a similar early release of “Diamond dogs” .. CDJapan gives a release date of 22nd Feb 2017 . .so why the delay in the individual releases this time around ??


Exactly. Maybe the individual CDs sold more than the box set in proportion, so they decided to delay them with the second one? I don’t know, but hopefully they’ll eventually come out next month. Then there will be another year of waiting for the Berlin trilogy.


Lots of Bowie albums on sale from HMV at the moment priced at £2.99 and £3.99 starting with 2015 remaster of Hunky Dory right through to Never Let Me Down.

martin farnworth

the 3rd box set with geniune unreleased material (i.e not remixed or edited stuff) would be a no brainer. sadly i fear it will go the way of the previous box sets. why would it be any different? as far as the gouster, after the headlines of “unreleased bowie album” goes i couldn’t have felt more underwhelmed when taking into account having to part with a considerable amount of cash- a fair chunk of that for 5(!) lps of David Live just to obtain slight variations from Young Americans.


I agree Martin, I cannot see why they would change the format and the inclusion of so many ‘mixes’ compared to original and unreleased material seems like a daft creative decision. I can picture Parlophone executives rubbing their hands together with this cunning plan to include the same thing over and over again. However, I do not own any of these vinyl albums, I guess I’m the target market for these kind of things. Having bought the excellent Five Years, I wanted to complete the set if you like. I’ll no doubt buy the next one and the one after that, as, this will all be unique to me on vinyl. It sure has divided a lot of people on forums though, some people aggressively angry over it, but it seems, they are the ones who own nine different pressings of the same record.
The 40th anniversary pressings seem no different to the box sets in my eyes, nothing rare on offer but they do look great. For every person that hates something, another loves it, unless you are Bush (the band) everyone seems to hate them yet I don’t mind them!!! Go figure…


Glad to see the 40th anniversary pic discs are still coming! I have a complete (alas..*unopened*) set already. This will make a nice addition.

Jim Edwards

Count me in for this. What a lovely release. Though to be honest, I’d give my left tit for the Japanese only ★ 12″ single. Please people, release it worldwide. Please!

Jay Kranz

I bet we get it for record store day in a different color. the 7″ though will likely remain exclusive sadly…


Saw that Lady Stardust vinyl, looks good. Anyone going to Tokyo????

Mic Smith

Glad to see the pic disc series continuing. It’s a pity they have made the Exhibition singles so exclusive though. They would make a nice box set once the exhibition comes to an end, although there’s no sign of that. It’s developed a life of its own.

Jay Kranz

I know these are kinda silly but glad to see they are keeping them up. after they skipped stay(I know US single but they did 1984 so precendent was there) and suffragette city I was wondering if they were gonna give up. this is one of the more interesting B-sides as well don’t think I ever saw that advert.


Suffragette was only released as a single to promote the Changesonebowie comp, though, so that might be a bit different of a situation. “Stay” was not released very widely as a single and I don’t think it was ever a single in the UK.


There is another such 7″ pic disc soon to be released: “Lady Stardust (4-track demo – stereo) / Crystal Japan”.

The disc will be sold exclusively at the “DAVID BOWIE is” official shop during the exhibition run from 8 January to 9 April, 2017… in Tokyo.

See the link here: http://www.davidbowie.com/news/limited-edition-japanese-picture-disc-details-56556

Start saving for crazy eBay prices ;-)


Oooops… my English… I meant I was “looking forward to” the box set… :)


“Sound And Vision” being my favourite Bowie single, I’ll buy this.

But what I’m really looking for is the third box set of the series, which will begin with “Low” and could include up to “Lodger” or even “Scary Monsters”. It’s my favourite Bowie period. The previous ones were published on September 2015 and September 2016, so let’s hope the next one is out after summer!

And let’s hope some Berlin outtakes are included! The fact is, the deluxe versions of his albums began with “Space Oddity” and reached “Station To Station” (ignoring “The Man Who Sold The World” and “Hunky Dory”), so here’s hoping some extra material will be included in the next box set.


Following the planned format, I doubt we’ll see much in the way of unreleased stuff in the next box set… and the songs that came out from the Ryko reissues will likely sadly be left out, too. They’ve said that the plan was only to release things that were out officially already (but the Gouster tracks deviated from that plan, it seems, so who knows exactly?)


Five Years was released in Sep ’15, the individual albums were made available in Feb ’16. That’s six months after the box set, so not being too cynical, these were released only a month after that horrible event !

Surely it would take more than a few weeks to logically plan such a volume of releases ??

So expect WCIBN individual releases in the next few months ???


I don’t expect that they will release the individual studio albums from WCIBN this year. I think that there will be another box-set with his albums from the 80’s and 90’s.

Maybe they will start in 2018 with the releases of individual albums from his box-sets.


The individual albums will come out early 2017, just like they did last year from the Five Years box. And I would expect that the autumn 3rd box will follow chronologically with Low to Scary Monsters or Baal.

Paul Smart

The priority is that it was released in February 1977 so it has to be released February 2017 to be a 40th anniversary release. The studio albums from WCIBN can be released at anytime but I wouldn’t expect it to be this soon as there are box sets to sell.


And was Sound & Vision such an unlikely hit? It sounds commercial (great commercial!).


Individual releases (CD and vinyl) of the three studio albums from WCIBN? box set aren’t Parlophone priority, I guess. Bring another picture disc instead. Oh well.


Those individual releases are slated for Feb according to other music forums.

Nick Preece

It’s listed on his UK Palophone Store £12.99 and astronomical £7.99 shipping!

Nick Preece

Or even Parlophone!


The schedule for the anniversary singles follows approximately the anniversary of original release and has nothing to do with the LP schedule. BTW, look for the albums in March.